Quan (Kwan) Yin: Homosexuality

Good afternoon, I am Quan Yin and today I would like to speak about homosexuality.
There is much confusion about sexuality on our planet.  I say “our planet” because I have lived upon and within Mother Earth for many, many lifetimes and am a Regent Master in the area.

Religions and past conquerers of Earth have placed sexual restrictions upon mankind and called them Laws, laws that perhaps served a purpose in the past, but no longer need play a role in the lives of ascending humans.  Conquerers were concerned with the multiplying of slaves and religions are interested in multiplying their followers and therefore their income from those followers.

So, you see, those in control always have their own agenda and this has little or NOTHING to do with truth or what is “for the good of the whole”.

To me that which is “for the good of the whole” means that which will bring you to Oneness and aid your continuing ascension.  TRUTH will do this and the truth is, sex doesn’t matter at all.

It matters not if one is considered male or female or both or neither.  The only important thing to consider is that each individual is an expression of Soul… that which is a part of God.

In the past it has been beneficial to conquerers and religious leaders to keep their slaves and money producers in check and under control, so that no one would start thinking for themselves, but be held in place by tradition or the customs of their created society.  In that way, the controllers could just appear as if they were doing “God’s Will” when they told you, you were “going to Hell” if you did this or that.

Now, I know they WERE NOT doing “God’s Will” and hopefully by the end of this discourse, you will also.  They knew all along that if you were ever allowed to think “outside of the box” that one day you would figure out that all they were doing, rather what they were mainly doing, was creating yet another way to keep people separated.

They didn’t want harmony and Oneness of thoughts or actions.  They have wanted all along for each and everyone of you to argue amongst yourselves about who is right about the varied and many subjects put before you.  Their intent was to keep you fighting and separate.

Many of you are in a major ascension right now, so if you have any attitudes about what is right or wrong about sex or the sexual habits or preferences of anyone, it is time for you to face your prejudices and resolve all of these issues, because they are going to be in your face in the higher worlds and upon other worlds.  You won’t need to change your preferences, only your attitude about allowing everyone else to have their preferences too.

You of Earth have been living in a world of duality for so long that many of you have totally forgotten what it is like to live 24/7 in LOVE.

When one loves, and I mean loves everything all of the time, judgment and criticism drop easily by the wayside and all one then sees is LOVE.

True love and the effects of that love upon your life and everyone around you will soon prove to you how restricting and actually “loveless” your relationships with the rest of mankind on Earth has been for the past 10,000 years or more.

It is time to change that archaic attitude of thinking you know it all and especially that you know what is best for anyone else.  If you don’t you are going to be very uncomfortable in the new world, because while everyone else radiates love for each and everyone of God’s creations, you will be filled with fear, doubt and anger.

Of course, you will find those who think as you do and will gather with them to tell each other that you are right and everyone else is wrong.

Ladies and Gentlemen and Others… I am here to tell you that there is no “Right” or “Wrong”.  It just IS.  What is, IS.  It is all just a choice that the God within you makes so that you can have a different experience.  That’s ALL.  That’s IT.  You have been brainwashed into thinking one way for so long that you are now programmed to program your children!

Of course, you are allowed to do this, but like I said, one day very soon you are going to be very uncomfortable if you insist on maintaining such small minded attitudes about the Universe around you.

There are many, many inhabited planets where their main population is neuter.  Now, these individuals are not clones or robotoids, they are creations that carry the same spark of God that you carry.  “How do they reproduce,”  you might ask.  They just “intend” to reproduce themselves and they do.  They don’t even need a partner unless they choose to have one.

Now, when one talks about loving everything and everyone, it is much easier to understand individuals of the same “sex” loving each other.  In fact, it is as natural as individuals of the opposite sex loving each other, and individuals of totally different sexual orientation loving each other.

Many of you love your animal friends.  Is that so different than loving a rock, a tree or another individual of a totally different species?

It is true that in some lower dimensions one cannot successfully merge with one of such a different species and produce off-spring, but this has more to do with God’s Divine Plan for the Universe than it does to create an impossible dream for those who love.

You are love.  The Universe is love.  Everything and everyone was created in love, with love, by love.  And, living within such love is the most wonderful experience that anyone can ever have.
This is what I am asking of you today.

Love.  Just love.  Be love.  Know love.  Give love… to everything and everyone.
I am Quan Yin and I thank you for your consideration of my words.

By Dhyana Markley 

I recently received a question about sex from a subscriber and when I went to answer it to the best of my ability, it suddenly became obvious to me, with a little prompting from Saint Germain, that probably many people might be interested in yet another point of view about sex and spirituality. 

This individual read in a rare book called: The Golden Book Of St. Germain that S.G. states that one will achieve full consciousness spiritually when one decides to stop having sex, because sex has been the problem of wasting useful energies.  Since the book had been translated into Spanish, this individual wondered if I felt it had been interpreted correctly.  I ask Saint Germain for a response and he suggested that I write the article.  My response you can read below.  ~Dhyana~  July 2008

There are a great many misunderstandings about sex and its place in our society and in spirituality.  In my early Earth life, I believed ALL of these lies of ignorance and misinformation.  It was only in my mature years that I realized almost all of the concepts and beliefs about sex in our "Christian society" were incorrect.  These beliefs were and still are, promoted by those who either didn't know any better, because they have not been properly educated in a more total truth about sex and were ignorant, or they had their own agenda.  Those with their own agenda didn't want others to know what they know, because of the Consciousness, Power and Self-knowledge that Kundalini activation, the balancing of the male and female sides of the brain, will bring.   

Even athletic coaches discourage their athletes from having sex before a ball game because they don't want their players to be relaxed and totally in touch with their higher selves.  Perhaps they fear the athlete will daydream or be distracted during the big game thinking about their girlfriend or higher things.  Personally, I think if they would just teach the players to deep breathe and envision the ball going into the basket, over the net, way out into center field, through the goal posts, etc. that that would do more to win games than abstaining from sex. 

However, you don't need to have sex to activate your Kundalini or merge with GOD. [Please see my Kundalini Activation - Brain Integration Technique at:  http://www.ascendedmastersspeak.com/techniques.htm ] 

One thing I have learned is that as I became more spiritually oriented, with a focus upon resolving old patterns so I could be happier, I became much more discerning about those individuals I took to bed.  Some people are just TROUBLE and unless you are just trying to punish yourself for some reason, known only to you, these are people you want to stay away from because they will suck out your energy and distract you from your goal of a happy, self-empowered life and GOD-Realization. 

I have spent several decades of my 67 years abstaining from sex.   One of the reasons might have been that in 1971 when I was 30 years old, I was shown my future by Paul Twitchell (Peddar Zaskq) and told that I would one day marry a Master.  For a long time I was unable to recall much of that Dream/Vision of my what my life is to be after retirement, but I always remembered that I was to marry a Master.  I just figured it would probably take a Master to be able to put up with me.  I have always been stubborn about what I want, what I know, how I feel and I know that I am a person who needs total freedom.  So, I guess I compared every man I met with my "Dream" Master and who can compete with that? 

However, there are good, loving relationships that people have and they support each other without draining the other person's life energy or demanding so much attention that the partner has no time alone to just BE.  Every person needs time alone from the demands of others to figure out how THEY feel and what THEY want to do with their life to be happy.  True partnership of mutual love and respect are great relationships and when you love somebody, sex together can bring about a closeness that is not obtainable in very many other ways. 

Your partner may or may not be your Twin Flame or Twin Ray, but you can bet they are in your life because the two of you agreed to be together for awhile before either or both of you were born.  When the time comes, if another person seduces your partner from you, let them go with love and gratitude for the wonderful times and learning experiences you had together.  That will then leave a void in your life so your next loving partner can come to you.   

There is a song that goes something like: "It's a shame to belong to someone else when the right one comes along." 

This is so true.  There must be a void before Spirit can fill that void with the next situation which will benefit you and your spiritual growth.  The same goes for the loss of a job, loss of your house, or the loss of anything dear to you. 

But specifically to answer the question about Saint Germain: It is well known in many circles that one of Saint Germain's recent lifetimes was that of Sir Francis Bacon, rightful heir to the Throne of England, a position he was never allowed to hold because his mother, Elizabeth I, refused to recognize him as her son.  This action was agreed upon by their higher selves before either one of them was born.  However, at the time this lack of recognition of his place as next on the throne created great hurt and anger in Francis.  Understandably he took his resentment out upon females as a group since he couldn't openly fight his powerful, greatly loved and respected mother.  If he had insisted in public that he was her son, she would have denied it and he would have been greatly embarrassed. 

Sir Francis was a brilliant man and an extremely busy one.  He realized that should he ever fall in love, marry and parent children that so much energy would be given by him in those pursuits that he might never accomplish the many things he wanted to do with his life and for which he is now famous. 

I cannot speak for Saint Germain, however I can tell you that he no longer holds any negative attitudes towards females that I am aware of.  He is loving and respectful of all individuals, male and female alike. He also has finally forgiven his mother Elizabeth I, now that he can more clearly see his destiny for that lifetime was not to be distracted by the pomp and circumstance of royalty while pursuing his more important life goals. The life of Sir Francis Bacon included ascension while still in his physical body.  After faking his own death and ascension, he became known as Saint Germain.  It is my understanding that he is currently a sexually active individual and no longer has any "hang ups" about sex.  So, as Sir Francis Bacon, abstaining from sex for most or all of his life worked for him, my reasons for abstaining have worked for me. 

Regarding The Golden Book of Saint Germain, I am not familiar with this book but I am currently trying to locate a copy of it on the Internet.  Therefore I do not know if it is considered written by Saint Germain while in a physical body or channeled by someone else.  As you may know, words whether channeled or spoken directly are interpreted by the receiver who is often influenced by their own experiences and prejudices.  Perhaps if channeled information, the channel was putting some of his or her own prejudices into their interpretation of Saint Germain's words. 

I can tell you though that abstaining from sex or only having sex when you are married to your sexual partner is a concept that religions came up with so that they could have more power and control over people and to create guilt so that people would have to come to them and give them money to find their way back into God's good graces.  Of course all of this is a total lie and it has not worked.  People have always made their own choices about their sexuality, only now they have been made to feel ashamed or guilty about it via laws, rules and religious dogma. GOD would never chose this unhappiness for ITs children.  Man has chosen this. 

GOD is within each individual and never needs a priest to make contact with you or you with GOD.  GOD is love.  GOD wants His/Her/ITs children to be happy and to have fulfilling lives.  GOD gave everyone free will, which some accept, some abuse and some refuse... giving their power to others.  It is all a individual chosen experience. 

Another thing that the religions tried to hide from their followers is the fact that when the Kundalini is activated and both sides of the brain are filled with cerebral spinal fluid and fully energized, THAT is when consciousness is truly expanded and a person comes to realize that they no longer need anyone of any religion or dogma telling them what to do. 

A person can activate their Kundalini with or without a sexual partner.  Once activated a person will realize that all questions as well as all answers are within them... within each and every individual!  High priests knew this and kept this information hidden from the masses of people.  Thorough research into the sexual activity of the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church on the Internet, for example, will show you that they ALL were sexually active. This was well known by "insiders".  Church leaders only created the "celebacy" rule for their priestcraft so they would have more power over them too.  The creative power of sex and/or the activation of the Kundalini is also known by the group called the Illuminati.   Another example of hippocracy by the clergy are the several evangelists in America which were caught sexually compromised with prostitutes after stating that "sex is bad" to their flocks.

There is an article on my www.AscendedMastersSpeak.com website by Drunvalo Melchizedek entitled:  The Ancient Egyptian Sexual Ankhing which explains a technique to recycle energy which may be lost while climaxing without control.  He suggests at the moment of climax to create an ANKH [think of a vertical line with a circle on top] of energy which flows from the pelvis up to the heart area, then out of the back, circles over head to then reenter the heart in the front of the body.  This keeps all of that sexual energy in the body and one feels more energized rather than depleted after sex. 

You will also note that in Kata Daki's Ascension Lesson of December 2007 at:
that she does not recommend NOT having sex, she only agrees that sex with violent men leads to more violence and problems.  We will never have peace on our planet until we have peace in our hearts and we will never have peace in our hearts if we are always fighting or being abused or abusive.   

I too believe that it is mostly up to the women to raise males that respect women and treat them gently.  We must insist upon respect and gentle handling from all males as well as all females.  That means all females have to get our acts together and stop pretending that we don't deserve anyone better than the bully down the street or insecure macho man.  That sort of thinking is the reflection of a very immature and insecure woman.   

I would tell all women to stop looking to others to validate your life and just learn to love and respect yourself.  The rest of your life will take care of itself.  After all, each and every one of us have a Life Plan.  And happiness is a state of mind. 

Now, I do agree "somewhat" with what the subscriber stated Saint Germain said in The Golden Book of Saint Germain and that is that sex with the wrong person can be very hard on you, deplete your energy and lower your consciousness if you are not careful.  By that I mean that not only considering the social and emotional problems of having sex with a married person, or freely passing your most precious gift around indiscriminately... which below the 5th Dimension can get you a disease or even death... there is another problem:  When you are truly on a spiritual path, and progressing nicely upon it, then have sex with someone who has a lot of dark, emotional problems to work out, they will often dump this darkness energetically upon you.  The same goes especially for energy healers.   

If an energy healer works on a client OR has sex with a person who has had or is still having sex with a lot of other people, the one with less spiritual consciousness or a lower vibration will often unconsciously "dump" on the energy healer or their partner.  This partner will retain this dark energy, until they can resolve it or "dump" it onto someone of higher consciousness than they are.  Now physically you could think of it as a venereal disease but etherically and energetically you can become sick as well. 

Remember, whenever you have sex with anyone you are merging and blending your energies with theirs and if your energy is of a higher vibrating rate than theirs, you can either bring them up to your vibration or they can bring you down to theirs.  The level of your mutual vibrating rate will greatly influence the outcome of your sexual experience.

In the higher worlds sex is considered as natural as bathing and since love permeates these "heavens", it is an accepted practice to "merge" and rest awhile in the bliss of the Heart of GOD.  It also does not carry the "complications" I have mentioned above.  In the higher worlds almost all individuals are balanced in their male and female aspects.  Love is all that matters there and your closest associates are often Twin Mates, Twin Souls, Twin Flames or even Twin Rays, so to say you don't love them deeply enough to want to be close to them and merge would be ridiculous.  However, sexual loyalty can also be found there, especially when Twin Flames and Twin Rays finally find each other. 

I am grateful that you chose to spend this time with me and hopeful that you will carefully consider my words.  I am Dhyana.

By Dhyana Markley
[This technique by Dhyana was first published in Lady Master Mother Mary's Ascension Lesson of January 31, 2008.]
This technique is best done while sitting comfortably in a straight-back chair with your feet flat on the floor.  It is important that the head, neck and back be straight, with no restrictions to the flow of energy from your lower pelvic area to the top of your head.
I use three words to let my body know what I expect it to do to create the energy and then, once it is ready, to release it. 
These words are:  SQUEEZE, RISE and FILL.
Now I'm going to get a little medical here with my terms.
First, direct your attention to the base of your spine, beyond your coccyx (tail bone) to the acupuncture point midway between the anus and the vagina in women and between the anus and testicles in men.  You may psychically view this from inside your body or outside, but it is important that you KNOW this is the area where the energy is to be first manifested.
At this point your job is to instruct your physical body to repeatedly SQUEEZE that area by either repeatedly tightening and releasing your buttocks  for men or repeatedly squeezing and releasing your vagina and buttocks for women.
[This is very similar to a technique that some OB-GYN doctors teach their new mothers, to restrengthen the muscles in that area that have been drastically stretched during child birth.]
 This repeated squeezing might cause you to rise up a bit in your chair, so you probably won't want to do this in public. 
Squeeze repeatedly until you feel a powerful energy building up in your lower pelvic area. 
When you feel the energy is BIG and ready to be released, mentally instruct the energy to RISE up your spine and SPILL into both sides of your brain.  [You cannot overfill your brain with this energy.]  Many of you will be able to watch this energy move.  If you can see this action, you will probably find that one side of your brain is more filled with this liquid energy than the other side and will take less of the new energy to totally fill.
Once you have sent the first energetic "ball" from your pelvis up your spine and into both sides of your brain in your head, you then start a rhythm of SQUEEZE, RISE, FILL... SQUEEZE, RISE, FILL... SQUEEZE, RISE, FILL...
Visualize this.  Know this is really happening and keep going until you "see", 'feel" or "know" that both sides of your brain are full.  It usually won't take very long unless your life force is very weak.
Once both sides are filled to the brim or top of your head, then instruct both sides of your brain to INTEGRATE.  It knows what it is suppose to do.  Integration is its natural state.
You want this Kundalini energy to gently continue to flow from your pelvis to your spine, but I have found, that once you take your attention off of the action, it tends to slow down or stop and must be consciously and actively reactivated with intent.  So, you should not have any adverse effects with this technique, like you might from other methods of Kundalini activation.  I have been teaching this method for years and never heard of any adverse effects.  If you do, please call on Masters Sananda or Saint Germain to help you resolve any ill effects.
I recommend that this technique be done at least once daily, better if twice daily, for about a month.  By that time your body will be used to keeping it full and you will only need to do it once every three or four days or even once a week until you feel that you are pretty much always activated.  (I just checked mine and was down a pint on my left side.) ;-)
Dhyana Markley - www.AscendedMastersSpeak.com