Marilyn Raffaele: Discernment

Marilyn Raffaele discusses how a channeled message can be “colored.”

At some point in the spiritual journey, the importance of discernment becomes apparent. Why?

Discernment is the ability to recognize the truth or untruth of information we may be reading, experiencing, seeing, or hearing. The dictionary describes discernment as an ability to detect or perceive something concealed.

The energy of earth is rapidly moving into new and higher vibration. The veils that kept humans from seeing and hearing other dimensional energies have now thinned and even disappeared for many. Because of this, some are beginning to channel and/or see energies that are not yet visible to others.

Frequently people believe that the word psychic is interchangeable with the word spiritual. This is not true. Psychic does not mean spiritual and it is of vital importance that we develop discernment with regard to what we accept as truth. Many, after finding themselves with the ability to channel, start giving messages through the internet, in classes and in books.

The third dimension carries an energy of duality and separation which is why you will always see pairs of opposites; it is all mankind has ever known throughout hundreds of lifetimes. The vibrational energy of the fifth dimension and higher does not support duality and separation. If a channel brings through a message while still fully vibrating in the old energy, it will color the channeled message, interspersing it with duality and separation.

Channeled messages flow through the state of consciousness of the channeler. If we read messages of darkness and fear, with predictions of doom, we can be assured that the consciousness, through which the channeled message is flowing is vibrating with energy of duality and separation.

New channelers are often ignorant of how this works, and so even with the best of intentions, do not keep themselves on a high vibrational level. They do not realize why it is imperative to keep their energy field clear and filled with light while doing this sacred work, nor do they understand how important it is that they declare that they are open only to Beings of Light.

Beings of Light from higher dimensions are incapable of bringing through messages below their energy level. This is not to say that they are unaware of what is taking place on earth or cannot comment on it. However, even those making contact with Beings of Light can bring through distorted messages if they have not first cleared their energy field and filled it with Light. Pet peeves, anger, and old negativity held by the channeler can color the message. Joel S. Goldsmith, the western mystic once said; “Any old programming can gum up the works.” This is not to say that a channeler doing his best to stay clear will not occasionally bring in something that may be “colored”– this is where discernment comes in.

Religious bias or a strict dogmatic background will result in messages that are filled with references to right and wrong, sin, and good vs. evil. The channeler’s state of consciousness is the interpreter of the message being channeled. USE YOUR INTUITION. If you read a message, attend a class, or read a book that does not resonate with you, trust that. Let it go, it isn’t for you. This is not saying we should not be informed. Yes, be informed, but also be guided from within as to what resonates as true and what does not. This way you do not feed energy (which is power), to ideas that are old and negative. It is energy that maintains and sustains the appearances.

It is vital for all who would channel, to understand that there are many un-evolved beings from the other side who would love the opportunity to channel through someone; to create chaos and negative energy which they in turn can feed upon. This is why it is so important that a person seeking to do this work declare themselves open only to Beings of Light. They can ask; “Are you of the Light?” Any hedging on the part of the information source is to be considered a “no”. Alcoholics and drug addicts bring with them an entourage of un-evolved beings seeking nothing more than to create havoc through these people. Chaos is an energy source for them. People who see energy will tell you that bars are filled with these spirits who need to be moving forth on their own journey of evolution.

Discernment is not just for spiritual issues; it is necessary to cultivate discernment in all facets of life. News, media, rumors, and even the thoughts floating into awareness from the universal mind all need to be interpreted with discernment. Humans must give up believing that something is true simply because someone claiming to be the expert says it is. Power is given away when one allows others to validate them—usually others holding concepts and beliefs of limited, personal, three dimensional and rigid standards.

Without question many (not all) simply accept whatever the government, church leaders, experts, friends, family, news, doctors, etc. etc. tell them. It is time for men and women of all ages to take back their God ordained power and start using discernment– trusting in their own innate ability to determine what is true and what is not, and then having the courage to act upon it.

There are many that enjoy being told what to do because it is easier that way. Some [who] have had past lives as slaves often still carry an energy of obedience and lack of self-confidence. However it is at the sacrifice of one’s true nature and spiritual evolution to remain in what is old, outgrown, and now irrelevant. There comes a time in everyone’s evolutionary journey when that which is finished must be let go of, and then taking reins in hand, one must stand firm in discernment and intuition.

It is past time for mankind to release all beliefs still holding them in bondage to the few. There will always be those ready to grab power if it is handed to them. Give long hard consideration before giving away your power by asking yourself; “Why would I choose to be less than what I am”? This does not mean that you must never consult an expert, go to church if you like that, or listen to the advice of your doctor or someone who is working to help you in some way. It does mean that after these consultations, you use your intuition, trust it, and allow the final choices to be yours.

Habits are hard to break, and the realization and acceptance of individual power is not for the faint of heart because there will always be resistance and interference from those who do not like change, who prefer you stay weak and dependent. It is vitally important if mankind is to move into the new and higher energies of the fifth dimension, that they release all that is obsolete and three dimensional, including freely giving permission to others to determine who we are and what is best for us- but as with everything, always it is our choice.

 April 1, 2011