I Am University: Masters of Light

From left to right:
Commander Ashtar (representing all Spirit-attuned Extraterrestrial Races)
Isis (representing the Egyptian as well as all ancient schools of thought)
Kuthumi/Pythagoras (representing all the philosophies of life), Krishna (representing Hinduism)
Sai Baba (representing all religions), Buddha (representing the masculine energy of Buddhism)
Melchizedek (Universal Logos - responsible for the evolution of our entire Melchizedek Universe)
YHWH (Yod Hay Wod Hay - Jewish Name for God/Judaism)
OM symbol (Hindu Name for God), ALI (New Age Name for Allah/Islam)
Jesus/Sananda and Mother Mary (representing the masculine and feminine energy in Christianity)
Babaji (representing Hinduism and the eternity of life)
Saint Germain/Mahachohan (representing the Ascended Masters and transcendence & unity of all religions) Djwhal Khul (representing Taoism)
Kuan Yin (representing the Goddess energy of Buddhism)
Mother Earth at the bottom (representing the Feminine Face of God)
Stars & planets at the top (representing the Infinity of the Divine)


To incorporate darkness is to say you want suffering. As Lord Buddha said, “All suffering comes from your attachments!” Attachments come from faulty thinking. Buddha also said that all suffering is caused by clinging or grasping to wrong points of view. Always remember this: God is light without needing darkness as a reference point. You want to balance and integrate yin and yang, feminine and masculine energies, Heaven and Earth, left and right brain, etc… but the one thing you do NOT want to integrate is darkness.

All darkness is created by the negative ego, not God! Darkness is just another word for negative ego. If you integrate darkness or negative ego, you will end up suffering. Since everything in God’s universe works for the good, suffering can be looked at as God’s gift to humanity. If people didn’t suffer, they would be lost forever. The suffering eventually inspires people to search for a better way, to search for the Light, to search for God… So if you want to stop suffering, stop incorporating darkness and start living the Light that you are born to shine into the world…

So let it be written. So let it be done.