Saturday, May 10, 2014

This is inspiring story by Mira Kelley, regression and past life therapist, who tells her personal success story with regression therapy and how it cured her TMJ condition. Instead of undergoing a drastic operation, Mira miraculously cured her TMJ with two regression therapy sessions, in which she directly connected her physical ailment with lessons her body was conveying and more...

As she explains in her lecture, the body is deeply reflective of our minds, "What I learned is that the body is such a kind partner that we have, because when there are issues they usually start on an emotional level or are the result of issues we haven't faced, and sometimes when we aren't really looking at those things and we let them be under the carpet, our body gives us aches and pains to let us know to pay attention."

Watch and share this video, wherein Mira helps you begin to tap into the amazing phenomenon of experiencing other lives you have lived. From this knowledge, you can receive emotional and physical healing, discover your life's purpose, understand your relationships, and receive guidance from your Higher Self.

"I realized that i can speak up and stand up for myself, and being equal comes from within me, not from somebody else's understanding of what is. Being powerful does not come from an authority figure granting you that power, it really comes from within yourself and you feeling equal to everybody else, despite the circumstances. It was really very liberating, and just like that the pain in my jaw was gone."

Mira Kelley is a guest on Angels Are Near Us with Linda Torres. This interview is unlike any others. Mira and Linda share their own personal experiences with regression. Linda gives Mira an angel reading and you can listen to the moving messages Linda gave Mira.