Saturday, May 24, 2014

Past-Present-Future happening at the same time - Mira Kelley

Comment by Sandy Becker: Loved this interview.  I AM so onboard with all she said about simultaneous time, and the miracle healing capabilities of this work.  I AM a student of Delores Cannon, a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, and have witnessed many miraculous healings using this process.  I also have Mira's "Healing With Past-Life Regression and love it.   I would recommend it to anyone. 

In a skilled and gentle manner, Mira Kelley guides you to experience past lives you have lived. Connecting with your past lives, allows you to receive emotional and physical healing, discover your life’s purpose, understand your relationships and receive guidance from your Higher Self.

The CD set also has a meditation that guides you into restoring the health and vitality of your body, awakening your beautiful essence, experiencing the unconditional love that Source has for you, recognizing that you deserve to express yourself to the fullest and manifesting your best life yet.