Monday, April 7, 2014

KEEPIN IT REAL 4.07.14 - Join Paul, Kami & Cindy for a surely informative & inspiring discussion!

This weeks show will appeal to All OPPTers, Sovereigns, Lightworkers & Newly Awakened alike as our guest is The Lovely & Amazing Cindy Kay Currier- Author, Psychologist AND FORMIDABLE FREEDOM FIGHTER SUPERHERO!  Some of you may know her from the many popular fb groups she has pioneered through the years and/or her extraordinarily impressive blog,, where she has not only developed a platform to educate and inspire people but has also tirelessly worked to facilitate further progress towards humanities freedom by creating the lawful documents needed to repossess the unlawfully obtained corporate and government assets that where lawfully foreclosed upon by the One People's Public Trust back in 2012.  While everyone else was busy asking "where's our stuff then?," she was taking the next necessary steps to retrieval. has the Armistice & Accord and the Letters Patent which are documents that can help us lawfully acquire our stuff back (the necessary repossession step after OPPT foreclosure made it possible to collapse the system) while the site has all the docs.... The warrants, repossessions (replevins), etc..we will be speaking about this, the Common Law Court of Ages established to enforce these actions, as well as, the adventures she has been on for the past year following her soul around the country!!