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Conversations With Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow 2014


Link to the full episode - (1:29:06)

You are in for a treat. Author, teacher and astrologer Barbara Hand Clow not only understands a wide range of information important to the ascension process, but she also knows how to organize and present this information in ways that amaze. This special episode marks the fourth time Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow share their guidance, insights, and perspectives on:

*The planetary and personal impact of the upcoming fifth of seven astrological alignments between Pluto and Uranus, which occurs on April 20-22

*How the previous alignments offer a compelling backdrop for what we can expect as this fifth alignment occurs

*How all that is hidden is coming to the surface

*Returning to balance in all ways

*The effects the shift is having on your physicality, and how to make a smoother transition

*Moving beyond the energetic limitations of 3D time and space

*Why the position of these planets will bring the "Shift" into dramatic awareness for each person on the Planet

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Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf : I AM WITHOUT PREJUDICE


Former Systems, thank you for your service to I AM so that I AM could experience not BE’ing I AM. 

WHO claimed I AM “Lost at sea”? WHO claimed I AM a “thing” to “salvage”? 

WHO do you think could have possibly created and implemented a series of systems that could effectively limit I AM and “hide it in plain sight”…hhhmmmm?…and, better yet, hide the KEYS to undo it all… “in plain sight”?   LOL!  

WHO do you sense donned the roles and costumes… in every perceived reality… knowing, yet still choosing to play them out?

WHO do you imagine is inforcing the BE’ing and DO’ing I AM? Love, WHO do you sense the “former systems” is? 

WHO do you sense is “undoing” those “former systems”?

I AM ALL THAT IS. All is perfect and perfectly done…by all the inbodyments I AM. The “former systems”, in all its guises, shapes and forms since the beginning IS I AM experiencing “not being I AM”…in particular frequency, and that has completed the service intended, willed and worded by I AM. The allusion has successfully served its purpose. 


All the perceived “hard work” is DONE!  The KEYS “hidden in plain sight” within the “former systems” by I AM, for this NOW moment:

~ I AM

 ~ WITHOUT PREJUDICE is that simple ;)....I AM takes care of"the rest"...all ways, always. ~ I AM

I AM: The "former systems" I AM were pre-frequencied by I AM to respond to The Will and The Word of I AM and the original currency I AM~ I AM

DO you recognize each of the "former system" functions reconciled in pure love within the above I AM Documents...? In pure love and original currency...I AM.  Wait 'till you see the affect...LOL!!!

If ONE has identified Value within numerous depositories, and decides to transfer or reconfigure the identified Value within ONE's own depositories...are functions of the "former systems" even applicable?  ...hhhhhmmmmmmm? ;)

WITHOUT PREJUDICE: The "former systems" I AM were pre-frequencied by I AM to respond to the signature of I AM without prejudice ~ I AM

Howard Freeman did a beautiful explanation of "without prejudice" during the era of the UCC:  "When you see 'Without Prejudice' UCC 1-308 in connection with your signature, you are saying: 'I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract, commercial agreement or bankruptcy that I did not enter knowingly , voluntarily , and intentionally . And furthermore, I do not and will not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement or bankruptcy.'"  ~ absolute context can be found here.  (Oh my gosh!  I am getting so much better at this website thing!!!  I just did like Dani does!!!  Btw, Love, did you know that "Ego" is Latin for I AM?....Seriously! Tee hee!  Ok...focus now!)

The numerous investigations of the "former systems" done around the globe are filled with many funny, and not funny, stories of the "without prejudice".  As I was wrapping up the last case of the investigations and readying to go to Morocco and then on to Europe, a sheriff put his hand on his gun hoping it would stop me or influence me not to write my signature "without prejudice Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf"....I signed with my signature while explaining to the (court bailiff), Audrey, and the judge that a signature is mark or writing I intend to use to authenticate the document....the next (court hearing) the sheriff was not present and Audrey handed me the document and told me to sign any way that I chose....I giggled and asked her "so someone talked to you about that law? I notice the sheriff and his gun aren't here..." She giggled and winked. (I AM gives a "shout out" to Jack Nevin and the boys at the Pentagon!  I loved DO'ing the Absolute Plan!!)

For more absolute context, you can read here or here, or better yet...."google it!" (See Dani! I did it again! LOL!!):  "Signatures also form the legal basis of negotiable instruments. Section 3-401(2) of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) provides that "[n]o person is liable on an instrument unless his signature appears thereon." The UCC defines the term signature as any name, Trade Name, assumed name, word, or other identifying mark used in lieu of a signature (§ 3-401(2)). The term signed is defined by the UCC as any symbol executed or adopted by a party with the "present intention of authenticating a writing" (§ 1-201(39)).

Thus, commercial instruments, such as checks and promissory notes, may be signed by affixing any symbol that an individual intends to represent his signature. Consequently, courts will enforce commercial contracts signed with an X without regard to an individual's mental or physical ability to sign her full name, though mental or physical incapacity may be relevant if a particular contract is alleged to be the product of overreaching, Undue Influence, or coercion."

NOW, in the era of IS, I AM without prejudice, gets real fun:  Regardless of any particular inbodyment's "reaction" to an inbodyment of I AM signing "without prejudice, I AM, [enter given name]", I AM does the rest....and all the inbodyments I AM, visibly know and experience I AM, in absolute context.  For the Apa Gnosis example in the I AM Documents, above, we also lawfully and intentionally created an application for using the "former system" bank application, without prejudice, for devices (The Value is I AM, BE'ing and DO'ing...and devices can be used in that BE'ing and DO'ing for as long as devices exist....but they are only devices. All devices, regardless of the identity of the device is always 1 unit...10,000USD is 10,000 units of device, 10,000Euro is 10,000 units of another device, 10,000Yen is 10,000 units of yet another device, and so on...).  

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"SOUL JOURNEYING" is one of the most complex channellings given yet about the soul of the Human Being - 2 Parts

KRYON AUSTRALIA - NEW ZEALAND 2014 Saturday Main channelling

KRYON AUSTRALIA - NEW ZEALAND 2014 Sunday Main channelling


Every month, Jim Self "takes the pulse" of the energies currently affecting us and the planet.

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Extremes of Experience Accompany Higher Cosmic Aligned Nova Gaia Energetic Grids 4.16.2014

Nothing escapes Illumination at this time.

Most strongly illumined, and most strongly affected, are dormant revert energetic structures within human individuals, communities, and so-called governmental bodies.

After initial flarings, conscious individuals, communities, and so-called governmental bodies, learn to accept such, and release the revert structures.

Predominance of heart connections becomes apparent.

Transparency in Aouchtam and Morocco 4.15.2014

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things......

Most specifically what's going on in Aouchtam, and Morocco in general.

.... lots of interesting things going on right now my friends. Lots and lots.   So let's lay it all out transparently, and let the cards fall where they may, ok?    I'm going to lay out all the information that I have, all that I've been told, all that I've seen, and let's look at it all, globally and individually and see what resonates.  And see what is hidden and what they've tried to hide.

First and most interesting:  The village/valley of Aouchtam was completely without communications- no phone, no cellphone and no internet- for now 6 days.  Most of us use Maroc Telecome cel phones or internet sticks.  Two days ago a few people went to Teteuan and got Meditel sticks and sim cards and "sometimes" they work.....  This communications black out is ONLY in Aouchtam.  If we drive up the hills into the valleys on either side of us, we have perfect internet and cell signals.  Stranger still is that the signals on the internet sticks (Meditel) that we have many times show that we have upload and download signal.... and yet neither Skype, PXIII, or any website will load.  I know that there have been a whole lot of people wondering where we've all disappeared to, well.... we're all right here and all DOing very very well- we just can't communicate with the outside world, lol. ** I've just been informed that the apartments up the hill on the coast might have internet signal..... so hopefully I can post this without having to drive to the next town! **** edited to add that nope, no internet, so today I will make the trek to the next town to get this posted. 

The past two weeks has been a flurry of activity here in the village.  There have been people arriving almost daily- some to see the community, some to help prepare for the QEG,  some to help work on the community "clubhouse", and some to spy..... yep, we've got a few agents here along with the awesome engineers, builders, painters and DO'ers of all shapes and sizes!!  The "Agents" have made themselves very visible *giggle*. All agendas are very clearly seen when you have a group of people who can SEE the energetics and sense the "ulterior motives" that are laid out bare for all to view.  Some of the "agents" have tried to mingle with the community groups, but there are many more who are just quietly wandering through the village pretending to be local (PS guys: if you're going to send in the military and police undercover, you might want to tell them to change their boots.  Just sayin')

There have been reports of several very VERY interesting things happening in Morocco for the past two weeks or so.  Here is a run down of what we've been told and what different people here in the Aouchtam community have seen. I will give you the information that I have and have had reported to me- In point form. 

- a British friend of mine returned to Meknez to visit for a few days and witnessed 24 fighter jets flying in formation over the city on Friday April 11, and was told that Obama was in Meknez to meet with the Moroccan King.  This was common knowledge to the people of Meknez who were all discussing this meeting between Obama and Mohammed VI .  Interesting fact: that the meeting was taking place in the very first Moroccan Royal City and Palace.

- At the same time, the Royal guards were outside the palace in Teteuan AND in Midiq (that we know of). This indicates that the King is in residence at those locations.

- Several people in their travels to Aouchtam have witnessed massive troop movement in Morocco- entire train loads of troops and convoys of trucks, buses and armored cars moving around Morocco.  Heather witnessed large troop movements in Tangier two weeks ago  when she saw  a massive bivouac of troops in the area usually reserved (and empty) for immigration detention.  On Thursday April 10th Heather and another group of British friends saw troops and heavy equipment moving in Teteuan.  One rather large piece of equipment, mounted on an armored vehicle and covered with a tarp was seen and SEEN by Heather.  (PS guys:  how did that work out for ya?  EMPs are soooo passe eh?  But I strongly suspect that you didn't have much luck with your frequency toy either, didja? ..... you can't  zone in on a frequency that is always changing, and you can't change a frequency that is shielded. I AM sure that you had fun trying though *giggle*)

- Another good friend, who is ex-British Military, was at Tangier airport and saw two men from British military intelligence arrive- dressed in plain clothes. (PS guys: when playing dressup, you might want to not have flack jackets on under your shirts and desert combat boots on... again, just sayin')

- Since Friday night there has been a (I'm saying singular, but there might be more than one) high powered ship/boat patrolling the coastline back and forth. 

- Friday afternoon a Moroccan Police van showed up and parked in front of the side street that the club house is on, approx 100 ft from the clubhouse, and 4 Moroccan police officers stood and watched the main road and the side road for 4 hours.   Saturday and Sunday there were police parked and watching the road for most of the day-  taking pictures.  Yesterday the police stationed there spoke perfect english. 

-There are Moroccan police on all the roads leading to and from Aouchtam and in the outlying areas, up in and around Teteuan, Martil, and Mediq.  This is not extremely unusual, but suddenly all these road stops now have english speaking officers in them.   No one has had any problems with them at all, but it IS notable that suddenly in the past 2-3 days they all have english speaking officers there.

- The house on the very front of the beach, which has been completely quiet until this point (and is also owned by the local drug lord who is currently in prison), has suddenly become very very busy, with cars constantly coming in Sunday.  Nick and I took a walk down the beach and noted at least 15 cars on the beach in front of the house and a large amount of men all along the shore out "fishing".... I'm using airquotes as all I  witnessed was poles planted in the sand with their lines out in the water, while groups of men stood around and talked quietly. (PS Guys: If you're going to send in Military ops undercover, you might want to tell them to ditch the hairdos and at least make some sort of attempt to hide the earpieces.... again, just sayin')

- Sunday night two men pounded on Heather's front gate until she came out to answer the door.  They handed her a business card and told her to contact the person named on the card- there was a hand written cell phone number on the card.  Heather told me that what immediately "swung into focus" was the agents that had approached her husband a few years ago and tried to recruit him to work undercover for the Arab Spring Uprising.  The card was for a  purported "manpower" company, but is actually a front for the military recruitment/ops.   She just came over a few minutes ago to tell me that she had called the number on the card twice and that the call wouldn't go through.  Then she called Brian and in the middle of the call, the line went dead.  Then in a few seconds her phone rang and it was from the number that she had been calling.  As soon as she answered, there was a sharp sound and the phone went dead... and now she cannot get it to work at all.

- two nights ago a man was caught on the roof of the Clubhouse and fled over a wall and through some fields.  He's going to get a shock if he appears again though as Nick has been gleefully planning all sorts of .... surprizes.  (PS guys, you might not want to fuck with the guy who carries a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook in his back pack)

- oh here is a good one for ya!!!   Yesterday Heather's well went dry.  The wells all around her house are all full.... except for hers.  She asked one of local men who speaks english and helps us out with certain things and he told her it's "demons" - seriously.

- On the weather front, we've had some really strange stuff going on.  We've had fog that lasts all day- it starts to blow out to sea.... then tries to blow back inland, then tries to seep down into the valley, only to blow back up into the mountains.  Heavy cloud cover that just sits on the top of the hills that surround the village. (it's now Tuesday morning and we awoke again to heavy clouds sitting on the tops of the surrounding mountains and hills). One of the Most interesting though was the wall of fog that sat out over the water that was literally a wall from the surface of the water up to at least a couple of hundred meters high.... that sat there for 6 hours without moving- about a 1/2 kilometer out from the shore.  Interestingly though, while two weeks ago we were getting hosed down big time with Chemtrails, this weekend they haven't had any luck with them, as  as soon as they lay the trail, it just seemingly gets rubbed out.... they gave up after about the 6th attempt, lol.

-We've also witnessed some very unusual things in the Mediterranean Sea along the coast here- strange tides, coloured "streams" that constantly change and run along the coastline- white, grey, green, turquoise, red and brown lines and streaks and "pools".... areas of the water where the currents are completely dead or moving in different directions.   A week ago Heather and Lisa S and I were driving along the coast and witnessed RED tides and streams moving in different areas of the coast.  Then as we got to the highest point on the cliffs over looking the Sea, we stopped the car and stared in amazement when we saw  literally huge circular and oval spots in the sea that were not only a completely different colour, but the surface of these "circles" was literally concave!!!  As if someone had scooped out shallow pools in the waters surface.  Some of the indents/depressions were smallish, but a few were at least a kilometer long. ..... and we've continuously had HUGE pods of dolphins being seen along the coast... they've been here for almost 5 months now and don't seem to be leaving like they're "suppose to" .  When we flew over the straight between Gibralter and Morocco, my family saw an incredible site of literally thousands of dolphins along the coast- but mixed in with the dolphins were also very large grey shadows that we assume were whales!!

I am putting all of this information out there for the public to SEE and to GET.  We all know what arrives this week in Aouchtam.  So I am shining the spot light on everything happening here so that it IS seen.  Transparency is the key to making everything clear.

To our friends the watchers and their controllers: it's not working, and it's not going to work- regardless of "who" is "incharge". It's not going to turn out the way you want it to and it's definitely NOT going to be as you expect- Just like your "RV" and your "new" financial system. ..... have the banks begun yelling for their money yet?  All this crap is done now.  OVER.  So why prolong the mess?  You are making it even more difficult for yourselves and your fear of being "seen" is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy by your own actions.   You have the documents now, so use them.  THAT is the only way forward.  We all kNOW that the well is completely dry, (and it's not demons that did it. lol) and the banks now know it too.  You've run out of magic tricks and slight of hand moves, and the transpicuous truth is being SEEN in ALL levels of banking and "governments".  When the tellers begin asking why the vaults are empty, what will you tell them? 

I know that a certain group of bankers think that they're all smarty pants when they SWIFTly changed their system to use a different information transfer method, but that has already been SEEN and giggled at. You know it's only information, right?  That it doesn't actually mean that the money is there, OR that it is being transferred? It doesn't matter how many zeros you type onto the end, it still adds up to ZERO! You can send a gazillion zeros anywhere you want.... but it's still just a big fat 0 on a computer screen. (Which is a perfect mirror to what is in your vaults).

Every "scenario" you've run has failed.  You may want to think about that very very  carefully. 

It doesn't have to be this way. If you don't want to be the villain that at the end of the movie ends up sitting in the mud, covered with rotten eggs and horse shit, while everyone stands around and points at you and laughs, then stop pushing the story in that direction. Rewrite the ending with us, and everyone lives happily ever after.

The big party will happen regardless of your choice, but only YOU can choose if you want to show up wearing mud and snot with a black eye and a split lip, or wearing a beautiful smile, kNOWing that we all played our parts perfectly.

Saturday, April 12, 2014




This time now brings with it direction.  Like a weather vane, you’ve been turning with each shift of energy.  These winds are slowing down now, and you find yourself focused or at the very least starting to focus on one place.

All of the preparations and “upgrades” if you will, have changed both you and your life.  You are not the same you that you were prior to 12-21-12 and probably not thinking about the same things.  This evolution taking place for so many has and is altering the course of the planet.  You are One.

So where are you headed?  As you participate in each day you will be shown your answer.  Whatever it is you seek more of – focus there.  You pretty much command the weather vane and always have.  With consciousness now, your direction and arrival is not a surprise.

Creation is not magic, it is how life works.  The timing and appearance of things depends on the clarity of your intent and that of the universe.  It works every time.  Consistency and perseverance speed up the process.  Keeping your weather vane steady guarantees you’ll arrive precisely where you intend.

The thing that slows down the process is doubt.  Disbelief is something we are all familiar with.  My son wrote a comic when he was 12 years old.  It had 3 panels. In the first was a man jumping off a roof.  In the second was the same man flying through the air with these words in a speech bubble “I’m flying!  I can’t believe it!”  In the third panel, he falls to the ground.

Faith may have gotten a bad rap.  It’s been used to manipulate us and asked us to assign it to things we can’t see but were told were true.  Having faith in a book or an invisible God is not the same.  What is necessary now is faith in you, in the act of creation and the law of attraction.  These ideas may have felt counter to “reality” when you believed all that you were told by your institutions and their mouthpiece – the media. You have other information now and can decide for yourself what is real. Believe in your dreams and watch them play out.

This is as much doing as it is self talk.  This physical plane requires action as well as faith.  There’s a difference between doing something you’ve been told to do and doing something as a means to an end you’ve picked out yourself.  Thoughts and to a greater extent, feelings determine the effect our actions have.  It has to feel good in order for it to have the desired effect.  This means you have to feel good.  Happiness is not frivolous, it is imperative.

Ideas of a “work ethic” and “dedication” and “productivity” have been force fed to you for generations.  These fictitious attitudes are seen as necessary ingredients to “earn a living”.  Each is presented as a “good” quality to have, inspiring trust and dependence.  These are not “bad” qualities to possess, yet they are not able to be accurately determined by anyone else.  That is, without using their own agenda as a marker. When judged from the outside, they are indications of reaching someone else’s goals, not your own. Thus they stand as opinions, not truths.

It is not possible to earn what you have.  This is difficult to wrap your head around; this lack of necessity to “earn”.  Yet “earn a living” is an intentional idea placed in the populace to pave the way for servitude.  If you “earn” something like a living, it means you are dependent on someone else to give it to you.  It also means it can be taken away.  You are living.  No earning necessary.

Words have been played with and placed in our dialogue.  This, so that we’d proceed, without hesitation, and follow the plan.  You can’t help but be dedicated or productive; everything you do is a means to an end.  Be clear on where your weather vane is pointed so that you get to the place you’ve consciously chosen.

This is not to say that you are somehow failing if you keep your job.  It is asking you to re-think any judgments you hold about alternative options.  All judgments are separators and this particular judgment only keeps the current system of slavery in place.  Ultimately, we all thrive without any ideas of “earning a living”.

If you harbor beliefs around laziness, or a welfare state, understand that you’ve been fed them.  Each of us is equally worthy of food, clothing and shelter regardless of circumstance.

A lust for “more” is prevalent in man today.  It is seen not because of any inborn trait, but because he was created to serve and then surrounded in opulence he could never have.  He was then told he could work for it - if he made himself favorable to the one in power. Having “more” became the carrot on the stick.  A 14 carat carrot.

Man’s true nature is found internally.  Reaching deep within you’ll find that freedom, comfort and health is in truth what you seek, as opposed to “more”.  Today on earth these things come with wealth. They don’t have to.

So choose, focus, and intend. Have faith in you.  Trust the process. By these means you’ll arrive wherever you have pointed that weather vane.  Do so without opinion as to the directions of others, and the freedom to direct our own lives, unimpeded, will lead all of us to sovereignty.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.


April 11th on Double Dutch Radio there is an interview with Lucas and I!  

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KEEPIN IT REAL 4.07.14 - Join Paul, Kami & Cindy for a surely informative & inspiring discussion!

This weeks show will appeal to All OPPTers, Sovereigns, Lightworkers & Newly Awakened alike as our guest is The Lovely & Amazing Cindy Kay Currier- Author, Psychologist AND FORMIDABLE FREEDOM FIGHTER SUPERHERO!  Some of you may know her from the many popular fb groups she has pioneered through the years and/or her extraordinarily impressive blog,, where she has not only developed a platform to educate and inspire people but has also tirelessly worked to facilitate further progress towards humanities freedom by creating the lawful documents needed to repossess the unlawfully obtained corporate and government assets that where lawfully foreclosed upon by the One People's Public Trust back in 2012.  While everyone else was busy asking "where's our stuff then?," she was taking the next necessary steps to retrieval. has the Armistice & Accord and the Letters Patent which are documents that can help us lawfully acquire our stuff back (the necessary repossession step after OPPT foreclosure made it possible to collapse the system) while the site has all the docs.... The warrants, repossessions (replevins), etc..we will be speaking about this, the Common Law Court of Ages established to enforce these actions, as well as, the adventures she has been on for the past year following her soul around the country!!