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DOLORES CANNON: I see miracles happen. I witness them manifest sometimes immediately right before my eyes. Sometimes I hear about them later. Each miracle is a reason to celebrate and have profound gratitude. When I witness restored hearing, cancer eliminated, birth defects reversed, surgeries averted, marriages saved, prayers to God/Source fully answered, I often ask if the client would be willing to share their story so that others may also learn what is possible for themselves and also what is possible for all of humankind… ~Laura Casto Shared Her Amazing Miracle~

Published on 9/27/2013

Laura’s QHHT Miracle

What you are about to read is a very special testimonial about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) from a very special woman. This is a testimonial from a woman who was talking with her family about entering hospice, but did not. This is a testimonial from a woman who regained her health completely and with it created a wonderful new life.

Laura Casto is a woman who was, not very long ago, given very little hope of survival. She is a woman who, through the amazing process of QHHT, came to understand her soul’s powerful connection to Source/God and how through that connection, was able to complete manifest multiple miracles to deliver her from death’s door to complete and total health. But let me back up a bit.

This is probably a good place to share some basic information about ‘results’ of Quantum Healing Hypnosis that might surprise you. I know it surprised me.

I see miracles happen. I do not see them every session, but I do see them. I witness them manifest sometimes immediately right before my eyes. Sometimes I hear about them later. Each miracle is a reason to celebrate and have profound gratitude.

When I witness restored hearing, cancer eliminated, birth defects reversed, surgeries averted, marriages saved, prayers to God/Source fully answered, I often ask if the client would be willing to share their story so that others may also learn what is possible for themselves and also what is possible for all of humankind. Nearly all of them decline.

Or else they promise to write a testimonial later, and then just don’t. I spent years wondering about this. Questioning. How is it if a person can access such wondrous things, health, healing, peace, connection to God/Source, why would they not want to share that? If their lives have been utterly turned around after a single session with QHHT why would they not tell the entire world? I would. Or would I?

I know now why most do not tell their story. There are many reasons, but two stand out. One has to do with family stories. Shame still often accompanies forgiveness, at least cultural shame, and most of these stories revolve around deeply hidden family secrets or tightly held anger and resentments. Even if the client moves into total accpetance and forgiveness, others around them, might not.

The second reason is also a deeply held cultural concept. We as a society mostly frown upon and deny the idea that an individual has the power to contact God/Source directly or manifest their own miracle. And to announce that a miracle has happened is often an invitation to judgement and ridicule.

Many religions profess the only way one can access God/Source and anything deemed miraculous is through their own narrowly specific doctrines, most of which rely upon dependency on others or certainly upon a power that is outside of the self. Most people are unwilling to offer themselves up to religious ridicule. Who needs that? Especially if you have just been given a new life!

These are two of the main reasons there are not more public testimonials on QHHT.

Hopefully someday that will change.

I used to wish or hope at least some of these people would change their minds and tell their story to the public, but you know what? I’ve come to believe that most of them are very wise to keep their miracles private and precious. They know that having friends, family, co-workers judge their lives or belittle their miracles or worse, cast doubt or even fear about how their improvements manifested might compromise them and they are right. They could.

So they keep quiet about their healings, their relationship miracles, the other improvements in their world in order to protect them. I completely understand that and I support them. Almost everyone who has these life changing sessions keep the details safely to themselves. Who can blame them?

But every once in a while one of our clients bravely comes forward with their story, confident enough in their life to share the details in the hopes that others might benefit. Laura Casto is one of these people. She was a client of Dolores Cannon herself in June of 2012. She tells her story in her own words below.

May the Creator of All That Is continue to bless your life and your family, Laura, and thank you. You are one very special woman.

Laura Casto of Moore, Oklahoma, delivered the following speech to The Oklahoma Psychic Research and Education Association Fair on September 7, 2013:

I am so happy to be here today, to share my story and my experience with Quantum Healing Hypnosis. June 20, 2012, changed my life forever! At that time I was using a walker and was oxygen dependent, with no hope or time. I was struggling to stay alive! I had arthritis so severe in my cervical vertebrae; it had flattened the spinal cord in my neck. This area of the cord regulates the heart and lungs, so my physician prescribed a walker to prevent a fatal fall.

I am also a silicone breast implant survivor from 1984. It was protocol at that time to remove the breast tissue and place silicone implants behind the pectoralis, chest muscles for women with severe fibrocystic disease. I trusted western medicine and was told the implants were harmless. Six months after the implant surgery, I developed asthma and also pneumonia.

I had the implants for seven years. They leaked into my lungs and throughout my body, causing multiple health problems. The silicone had compromised my immune system. The damage was done! For twenty seven years, I was in and out of hospitals with uncontrollable, severe asthma and sometimes even pneumonia. My health had become so compromised, on three different occasions, various physicians advised me to medically retire, but I would not give up!

I feared each time I was admitted to the hospital was my last! There were times when the physician told my daughters not to leave my bedside, fearing the end was near.

The years of having both severe asthma and the aggressive treatment, damaged my heart and lungs, causing Pulmonary Hypertension. Pulmonary Hypertension is a progressive, terminal disease, with a life expectancy of two to five years. 2012 was year number six. I was living on borrowed time. Both lower lobes of my lungs had deflated, making it difficult to breathe, even with oxygen. My body was starting to shut down.

I was homebound for seven years. Leaving the confines of my home became dangerous, as it could exacerbate my asthma. I had a home health nurse and was counseled about hospice. At times I wondered how my family would be without me. I became depressed and felt alone. I felt no one really understood what I was going through.

Over the years, the silicone affected my pancreas. I developed Chronic Pancreatitis in 2011, forcing me to be on a liquid diet. An MRI revealed multiple cysts in my liver, a cyst on my kidney, and one in my pancreas. Fifteen months ago I was on multiple oral medications; breathing treatments several times a day, and three inhalers. One inhaler was so expensive I purchased it from Canada. I was using increasing amounts of oxygen, and using a walker.

Time was running out! I turned within daily, asking for guidance and healing. I asked for a miracle! Then I met Dolores Cannon!

I met Dolores at a UFO Conference in April 2012. She was the keynote speaker. I spoke with her as she autographed her books I had purchased. We talked about my condition and she asked her assistant to put me on the waiting list. The waiting list was five years at that time. It has now grown to eight years! I told her assistant, Sara, I had the money, I had a ride, and I lived in Oklahoma City, so it was a short drive. I had everything, but time. I had children and grandchildren; I needed time!

In May, I received an email from Dolores’ assistant notifying me of a cancellation for June 20th. My miracle had happened! I had hope! I felt so blessed! Dolores teaches Quantum Healing Hypnosis all over the world. She is rarely home. She had returned for two weeks. On her free time, she does one session a week. A client, the week prior to my session, flew in from China. My heart was filled with gratitude!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is not a gimmick. It transforms lives! It is a technique of personal empowerment and realization of our own wisdom. It helps one find their individual power to manifest and connect to the source of answers that are inside us.

Sometimes we need the experience shown to us of another life to bring awareness and insight to our present life. Once issues are identified, the transformation begins and the issues are resolved: If one surrenders, accepts and believes. In other words: ASK, BELIEVE, ALLOW and RECEIVE!

My big lesson in this life was to “ask for help” and to “allow and receive.” During my session, I learned it had taken me several lifetimes to “ask for help.” In this lifetime it took me losing; my career, my health, my home and all my possessions. I remember Dolores saying, “It’s okay to share the burden, it gives others a chance to learn their lessons! Then I finally “got it!”

During the past life I experienced in my session I was shown PRIDE kept me from learning the lesson of “asking for help.” I also learned it was UNWORTHINESS, in this life! I did not feel worthy to “ask for help!” During my session, the causes of unworthiness were identified. As I resolved the issues and understood the lessons presented to me, the transformation began.

Those clients who avoid resolving their issues will not transform. Everyone has issues, some deal with them, heal and move on, while others deny the issues exist and no change occurs. We are given free will on this 3-Dimensional earth. Those who choose to go through life and ignore their issues become stuck and struggle. The success is strictly up to the client and how much they want to change! WE MUST FIX OURSELVES!

An interview is conducted with the client before the session. The interview gives the client an opportunity to communicate with the practitioner about their concerns, significant events, health or personal issues and expectations. It also gives the client an opportunity to share their history and experiences that can help bring insight and awareness to their present life.

The day of my session, I was with Dolores for seven hours. She asked me to share my life history, from childhood to present. She observed, asked questions and interjected information, some of which I did not want to hear, but was imperative for any changes to occur! She gave me insight and tools to help me navigate my life. She gave me wisdom and a future.

She explained how the past can affect the present. She taught me the importance of letting go and living in the present! She taught me the importance of manifestation and positive thoughts! She taught me to speak my truth and not worry about other’s reactions! She stressed the importance of surrounding myself with positive beings, beings that serve me and my purpose! She gave me permission to live my life on my terms, not others!

I knew all of this but had not applied it to my own life. She explained that fear was an illusion and the only real thing in life was love! She explained how love is an action, not just a word. She spoke and I listened! I applied my awareness and insight to my life! My new life! The transformation was beginning!

The next part of the session was powerful. Ironically, halfway through my session, the electricity went off. The timing was impeccable. I had learned lessons, ingested information and gained awareness! As Dolores and I were in the dark, listening to the constant loud squealing of my oxygen concentrator, Source told her: “Shut off the machine, because Laura doesn’t need it anymore!” Message received! As the session continued, the two lower lobes of my lungs were inflated. My silicone damaged and infected lungs felt different now! I could actually take a deep breath. I could breathe on my own and there was no pain!

I was told during the session my asthma was a “carryover” from the death in the past life I experience in the session. I had died in a dust storm! Once the “carryover” was identified, my asthma improved significantly. The silicone also contributed to my asthma. Once the transformation began the silicone was removed. Presently I’m off all asthma medications and oxygen! Upon my return home, I asked my physician to x-ray my lungs. Both lower lobes were inflated and moving air!

The cervical vertebrae in my neck had been transformed by the use of light and energy. I could turn my head with no pain! I have fallen twice since my session with Dolores. I’ve had MRIs after both falls verifying the cervical vertebrae are normal now!

The transformation continued by dissolving the cyst in my thyroid. I had my Endocrinologist check my thyroid a few weeks after my session. He could not find the cyst with the ultrasound. He also did labs, and a week later, his nurse called to inform me my test results were normal! The multiple cysts in my liver were addressed, as well as the cyst on my kidney, and in my pancreas. I no longer have Chronic Pancreatitis!

My heart and lungs were also transformed. I was told the arteries in my lungs had hardened and were not functioning properly, putting a strain on my heart. A few weeks ago, my cardiologist checked my heart and for the first time in years I had a normal EKG. He told me my Pulmonary Hypertension was not progressing. Great news!

I taught Physical Education for over 30 years. Most of those years were outside, under the sun, in the wind, with the earth beneath my feet. I loved the sweet essence and sounds of Mother Earth. I grieved for Mother Earth and my old life, when I was homebound those seven years. I often sat looking out the window, trying to remember what it was like to be close to nature.

Now, I walk under the sun, in the wind, with the earth beneath my feet. I hear the loving sounds of nature once again. I enjoy the clouds, the stars and the moon. I feel so blessed! I have been given a second chance. I know everything happens on a higher level and know I have been guided on my new life.

Dolores Cannon took my hand, I trusted her and Quantum Healing Hypnosis….she led me on this new journey and there is no way I can possibly ever repay her for the transformation of my life.

Now, I am a Dedicated Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and want to help others. It was a promise I made to myself, and Dolores. One must remember Quantum Healing Hypnosis not only transforms the client’s life, but also the lives of their family and of others!

When I arrived home from my session with Dolores, a few days had passed before I visited my oldest daughter. As I walked through the door she said, “Mom you look different.” I shared my experience with Quantum Healing Hypnosis. She hugged me tightly, with tears in her eyes and said, “I have my mother back!” With my daughter in my arms and a lump in my throat I told her I loved her and said, “Yes, I am back!” My youngest daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first baby. When I told her I had planned to attend the Quantum Healing Practitioner’s reunion in July, she said, “Mom, I want you to get a tune up and come home with everything working, so you can be ready for the baby!” With a lump in my throat and a smile on my face I said, “Will do!”

Thanks to Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I have a new life. My heart is filled with gratitude and love. I cherish every minute I spend with my family and friends! I have found the joy in life again. I can go outside and enjoy all of nature’s beauty. I feel connected and know we are one. I don’t feel alone anymore! I am living a full life at last! I believe in this technique! Now I ASK, BELIEVE, ALLOW and RECEIVE! Thank you for allowing me to share the transformation of my life!

Laura Casto

For more information about QHHT and Dolores Cannon’s body of work, see my website or Dolores’s website

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DOLORES CANNON: Creation - The Origins of the Human Soul and Transformation - Choosing Consciousness

Published on 8/01/2013

Creation: The Origins of the Human Soul

Everything in creation has a beginning, but in my work, I’ve found there are no endings. When I began learning about past life regression and reincarnation back in the late ‘60s, there wasn’t much information available; the term New Age hadn’t even been coined yet.
That said, my late husband Johnny and I embarked on a breathtaking journey by initiating an experiment in a past life regression that led our first subject, Anita, through five past lives all the way to the creation of her spirit by the Source.

All of Anita’s past lives were fascinating in their own way, but when we communicated with her spirit before it had incarnated in a human body on Earth, we were given a glimpse into the incomprehensible dynamic of creation itself.

During countless past life regression sessions, I have been told that the Source exists in such a vast way that our limited minds could never comprehend it. Creation stories from ancient cultures around the world reveal the same concept: God is and ever will be.

In the case of Anita, we discovered that her first incarnation as a human took place in Germany in the 14th Century as a fierce young woman named Gretchen. After Anita had relived that traumatic life and death in vivid detail, we took her even further back in

What we discovered was a soul who had yet to inhabit a body, which we called the Perfect Spirit. We had spoken to Anita before in spirit form when she was in between lifetimes, but from the moment this spirit began to speak, we realized something very unusual was happening. The Perfect Spirit spoke to us in a rarified tone and seemed to possess knowledge about creation that we never even dreamed existed.

Anita’s exalted spirit described creation: “The Creator can materialize anything it wills. The Creator can touch something, and it is what he says. This is how I was created. He took a bit of goodness, and I was created. I am all good, and I please him. He created the Earth. He created everything that is on Earth. He created our sun. He created our moon. He created all the planets. Each has its own form of life, its own spirits.”

Speaking of the creation and the plight of the human soul, the Perfect Spirit explained: “Only Earth is so troubled that he has asked us to go and help the people there. He knew they would not do as he asked, but he felt compelled, in his kindness, the most beautiful of all planets, to give it people. An animal with knowledge which he knew would not use the knowledge correctly. Though he tries to help them, people reject the belief.”

In our present lives, the vastness of creation may escape us, but it is wonderful to know that our spirits will reunite with the Source when our work here on Earth is done.

Dolores Cannon

Published on 7/09/2013

Transformation: Choosing Consciousness

When I have lectured about Earth and the people who inhabit it attaining transformation and moving to a higher dimension, there is one thing that bothered me: the people who were “left behind” on the Old Earth, and those who evolved and moved to the New Earth.

I have talked and written about transformation and the theory of parallel universes and lives that are created by our thoughts and decisions. One theory I have raised is any time an individual has to make a decision, they usually have more than once choice or option. They have to decide one way or another. This is what I call “coming to a crossroad.”

Each time we make a decision another universe or dimension is instantly created, so the other choice can also become a reality, and another “you” can come into existence. We are not aware of these other parts of “us,” but nonetheless, transformation is taking place. These newly created selves are all just as real as the present lives we are focused on.

It is up to the people of Earth, both the Old Earth that is driven by karma, and the New Earth, which is free of attachments, to make a choice. One Earth will go in one direction, and the other Earth in another. Choosing higher consciousness empowers a single individual’s transformation and has the power to change entire worlds for the better.

The energy to inspire transformation is growing stronger. It is physically affecting our bodies. Our frequency and vibration is being altered. I believe it is ultimately up to us what we choose and decide, and which Earth we gravitate toward by using our free will.

The choice for transformation is ours, and all possible worlds are waiting to be explored.

Dolores Cannon