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According to international teacher, speaker and author Jim Self, what once seemed unthinkable is now a looming reality—America’s star is rapidly waning, the world’s global power structure is tilting to the East, China is no longer buying US debt, and the future of oil, gold, and petro dollars is becoming more and more uncertain.  If that fills you with anxiety or panic, be aware that, actually, all is very much in order. For the long-awaited “shift of the ages” is now well and truly in progress, and while its erosion of every facet of life that we used to believe in and rely on is unnerving for many, the truth is that the only foundations that are shaking, are those that have become so unbalanced as to be completely out of kilter with where we are heading.

As we continue our transition from the 3rd to the 5th dimension the old 3-D world of inequality, competition, restriction, entitlement, reaction and fear that we have all experienced will give way to a 5th dimensional state of wellbeing, cooperation, respect and freedom.  2014 is the year of the “great unraveling”—the fall of the American Empire will bring about the demise of domination as well as the rise of human consciousness, and life on planet Earth will never be the same again.

But those in control are far from happy.  The pendulum has swung too far, the scales have over-balanced, and now the snowball is gathering the weight of all their misdeeds as it hurtles down the mountain.   And while the transition we are experiencing will lead us into a brilliant future, it’s important to remember that change is rarely accomplished overnight.

So how do you prepare yourself for what’s to come when you can’t trust what the media tells you, and it’s not in the interests of the money men or the politicians to tell you the truth? What will you do when the collective consciousness starts to panic?  How deep does your spiritual training really go?  When push comes to shove, how certain are you that you’ll still be able to walk your talk?

In this special Winter Solstice edition of Keeping Pace with the Shift, Jim Self  and Sandie will discuss:

•The fall of the American Empire, the demise of domination, and the rise of human consciousness

•What the media doesn’t want you to know about Chase bank, oil, gold manipulations, petro dollars and fracking

•The facts about US reserve currencies and alternative currencies  such as Bitcoin

•What you need to know about quantitative easing, and the Federal Reserve Bank’s wanton printing of money

•China no longer buying US debt, and Japan’s 25 years of deflation

•Wall Street, and the “City” inside London that even the Queen has to have permission to enter

•Social Security, housing insurance companies, and the healthcare situation

According to Jim Self, everything that is out of balance will unravel over the next two years. The choices and decisions you make now will do much to ease your experience of the inevitable challenges most will be facing. 

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Conversations With Jim Self and Steve Rother
Published on Feb 27, 2013

With this rapidly unfolding Shift in Conscious Awareness, you may have a feeling of 'The Past' - Your Past - slipping away and Time no longer existing as you have known it. With the past no longer being used to create the future and the future no longer being used to worry about past successes and failures, the opportunity to create and experience yourself in the Present Time Moment holds unlimited possibilities.

In this episode, Steve and Jim talk about the Unlimited Possibilities of the Present Time Moment.

Jim Self Answers Shift Questions
Uploaded on Dec 9, 2011

Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy answers questions about the Shift:
- 1) What do you mean by "losing our memories"?
- 2) How can we best experience the Shift and help others?
- 3) Have all experienced the Shift and will all progress at the same rate?