Monday, December 23, 2013

Musical Tuning And Cosmic Resonance


by Iam Saums - April 5th, 2013

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine introduced me, through conversations and articles, to the use of diverse frequencies of tuning in music other than the standard 440 hz frequency.  At the time, she brought up that it was a glaring difference when it came to hearing it and experiencing it on an energetic level, as well as the natural healing and conscious-raising properties of the sound and music itself.

Having sent me a few articles about it, I had read that at some point between the first World War and the second World War, there were a lot of military marches that were being written to set the tenor of the times? It was during this time that the standard tuning of instruments was decreased to 440 hz? Having read a bit about this transposition of frequency, it inspired me to go out and purchase a chromatic tuner that I could tune to different hz frequencies.

The one recommended the most, for the range that I write, sing and play instruments in was 444 hz?For those adept to pitch modulation, it is less than a half a step sharper than 440 hz, or 15 sens in technical terms.? It didn’t take me long to adjust to the frequency alteration, as most people that play music can naturally transpose their voice and instrumentation almost instantaneously.

Though it may not seem much of a difference in frequency modulation to inspire me to write a note about it, it is!? When they altered the standard tuning to 440 hz, it “deadened” the sound to give it a more “earnest” “urgency” and almost “dire” and “anxious” tonality.  In other words, the frequency of 440 hz is kind of an “edge of your seat” provoking, stimuli-laden, expression of discomfort and unease, i.e. the sound of wartime.

Of course, most people who listen to music may never experience or be conscious of the effects that the frequency to which the music is adjusted may have upon them, as perhaps most musicians or artists may not as well.  Yet, having written, arranged, recorded and performed music in this frequency for a few years? I can attest to the fact that it does indeed make a massive difference in its energetic expression.? 444 hz is a very organic, alive, bright, brilliant, or sharper (literally) sound that provides a natural? energy and frequency of life, growth, progression, consciousness, awareness and my personal favorite, truth.

Perhaps 444 hz may not just be recognized as the “frequency of love,” as categorized by “forward-being” artists, musicians and sound technicians.  Perhaps it is also a frequency that grants direct access to our natural abilities and tendencies toward our consciousness, awareness, relativity, connectedness, intuition, insight, communication, evolution, and transcendence, which ultimately may be the best word to describe the difference between 440 hz and 444 hz?

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