Sunday, November 17, 2013

Excerpts from the BWWEE UPDATES: People Going to the Bank with their New Documents that Heather Released. More Data on Foreign Deposits. Data on contacting Secret Service. Heather’s SKYPE Conversations and BZ’s Exciting Information at the Very End of this Article… Enjoy!!!

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First Eternal Essence to share her journey (Katherine) into the bank today, Nov. 4 Click here to see video

A skype conversation Katherine had a few days later with Heather:
[06.11.13 16:14:06] Kathrine Jelstad: Hi Heather, So I was at the bank on Monday, had a freakin awesome time!! My best 2 minutes of my TOP life so far (chuckle)
They havent responded to me in the time frame I gave them, so I called secret service today, and got no help… So I am guessing its supposed to just BE like this right now? Or am I missing something here? (heart)

[06.11.13 17:58:03] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: you are missing NO THING!!!!!!!!! (heart)

[06.11.13 17:58:59] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..I am beginning to imagine how many calls secret service has gotten over the last few days. (heart)

[06.11.13 18:37:47] Kathrine Jelstad: (heart)
One question, that comes up alot lately:
Why is secret service the people to call, and is there any documentation or something we can give the banks re this?

[06.11.13 18:47:33] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: ……they already know “why”, Love……and they are now very aware that you are about to get it too.

[06.11.13 18:47:37] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: (flex)

More Data on “Foreign Deposits”

Heather Answers question why its a foreign deposit:
every inbodyment is foreign to the former systems…YOU BE THE VALUE….THAT VALUE IS FOREIGN IN A SYSTEM THAT DID NOT CREATE IT…THEREFORE, IT IS A FOREIGN DEPOSIT WITHIN ANY SYSTEM IT DID NOT ORIGINATE FROM….. and  by perpetuity, any and all former systems were required to preserve that perpetuity…. any and all fomer system’s codes/statutes that you look through…. all of them have sections that preserve the perpetuity…— HeatherAnnTucciJarraf ., Today 10:25 AM 

Thomas shared this in the BWWEE room

Foreign deposit….
Funds placed into US banks located beyond country borders. Do not require reserves or deposit insurance designed to ascertain access to funds in case of debtor default.

The Secret Service exercises broad investigative jurisdiction over a variety of financial crimes. As the original guardian of the nation’s financial payment systems, the Secret Service has a long history of protecting American consumers and industries from financial fraud. In addition to its original mandate of combating the counterfeiting of U.S. currency, the passage of federal laws in 1982 and 1984 gave the Secret Service primary authority for the investigation of access device fraud, including credit and debit card fraud, and parallel authority with other federal law enforcement agencies in identity crime cases. The Secret Service also was given primary authority for the investigation of fraud as it relates to computers.

In the early 1990s, the Secret Service’s investigative mission expanded to include concurrent jurisdiction with the United States Department of Justice regarding Financial Institution Fraud. Also during this time, the Internet and use of personal computers became commonplace and expanded worldwide. The combination of the information revolution and the effects of globalization caused the investigative mission of the Secret Service to expand dramatically. As a result, the Secret Service has evolved into an agency that is recognized worldwide for its investigative expertise and for its aggressive and innovative approach to the detection, investigation and prevention of financial crimes.

[12:47:53 PM] Wolff Coulombe: found this on wells fargo page. may be helpful:  Can Wells Fargo accept foreign checks for deposit, and if so, how long does it take to credit my account?

Yes. Wells Fargo accepts deposits of foreign checks for many countries. Foreign checks are credited to your account in a matter of days. With our Global Check Clearing service, foreign check deposits can be prepared in your office and mailed to our processing centers. You no longer need to visit the bank or wait weeks for your checks to clear. After you sign up for this service, you will need to stamp the front of the check and include a deposit slip. Then, send everything via overnight mail to Wells Fargo’s Global Check Clearing Operations Center. To get started, contact a Foreign Exchange Specialist at 1-877-201-9639.

Data on contacting Secret Service: 

Recruitment Division
U.S. Secret Service
Recruitment Division
245 Murray Drive,
Building 410,
Washington, DC 20223
Public Affairs
U.S. Secret Service
Office of Government and Public Affairs
245 Murray Drive,
Building 410,
Washington, DC 20223
Procurement (for vendors)
U.S. Secret Service
Procurement Division
245 Murray Drive,
Building 410,
Washington, DC 20223

Field Offices
Find the nearest field office in your state.
Applicant Information and Assistance Hotline
U.S. Secret Service
Human Capital Division

For those asking what one might say to the secret service and or to the bank personnel before calling the secret service here is a suggestion Arthur K put forward in the BWWEE room:

My thinking going in would BE….
I AM not wishing to cause any man or woman in the employ of this corporate banking institution any harm nor injury of any sort, however, that said, as a man or woman BEing eternal essence imbodied, neither will I allow any man or woman acting as agent , officer or any other designated title within this organization, to deny me access to my birthright. The documentation provided will be sufficient to expedite the instructions within.

My intention IS to access $ insert figure …. in negotiable instruments to facilitate this endeavor. Any agent , officer or director, also BEing a man or a woman whether conscious , or unconscious of their eternal essence that abrogates,denies or in any other way interferes with my DOing so, shall face the full penalty of fraud, and shall BE held under arrest in my presence until the secret service agents, sworn by oath to protect the creditors of the nation are summoned to facilitate the proper arrest and detainment of each individual that defrauds this imbodiment of eternal essence.

The institution shall be ORDERED by ME, to have all its assets frozen, all its records seized and all its employees investigated for crimes against humanity , operating a debt slavery system and any number of other charges that the arresting agents may discover during the execution of their duties…..such as breach of a fiduciary duty, breach of a duty of a care, breach of faithful execution of the duties of your office and failure to competently exercise due diligence and dissent within the corporation,
GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY….. or words to that effect
[7:04:27 PM] Arthur K: ONE way to approach…. there are many… BE CREATIVE

Oliver’s conversation with Heather about Secret Service:
[08:50:44 | Redigerat 08:51:28] Oliver Troll: Good morning Heather and TY for the docs released yesterday! If wanting to play with regional banks i.e. in Sweden and they would’nt want to play. Who would I turn to since the Secret Service is an US based entity? (heart) (think) (chuckle)

[09:10:32] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: are they? sure about that?  ;)

[09:10:47] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: go within……what do you see?

[09:18:14] Oliver Troll: Haha god I love your answers!! I just realized that my question was irrelevant since you stated that the docs will not be neccessary ones released (facepalm) (heart) Love U darlin (hug)

[09:19:08] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: I LOVE YOU, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[09:20:06] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …….when you BE within…..ask if they are Universal…or any other “identification” you can imagine…….the data will swing into focus… all ways have ALL DATA, LOVE.


[09:21:30] Oliver Troll: Am getting used to that yay… (rofl) (chuckle)

[09:29:50] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: I LOVE YOU, OLIVER!

[10:19:09] Oliver Troll: I love u 2 Heather and the absolute plan!!! This doc release means youv’e found a bank to play with thus not giving away which one since each individual needs to find their own way. This has been the setting and learning from the start of the OPPT/TOP adventure. To guide and not to lead people. “Guiding the horse to water but it needs to drink by itself” HEATHER THIS IS SOOO FEEKING BRILLIANT SO WORDS FAIL ME! LOVE IS ALL THERE IS IN UNITY….weeeeeeee TY TY TY your wonderful expression of soul family showing us how to remember who we truly are…. ;( of joy… :* (inlove) (heart)


[10:26:03] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: …..if they don’t, they cease to operate and exist…that is what the Universal inforcers, “secret service”, were for….that was just asecret” (chuckle)

Update :
Posted in BWWEE room on Sunday Nov 3, 2013

[ 5:00:03 ] BZ Riger:
(*) Giving you a little exciting hint of great things to come
I just got the ok to let the cat peek its head out of the bag so to speak…

For a bit of time behind the scenes there has been work going on between a beautiful being EE, a bank CEO, Heather, Caleb… to work out the details of making all of this BWWEE happen for those who want to play in accessing a representation of their value.

I will not give all the details of what I know because the timing is not yet right for them to be shared. I can share this with you:

It is very important to the energetics of all that is happening right now that people play and move forward with the new docs in the way that resonates with them.

It is very important for people to be active and Play now rather than waiting for someone else to do something for you. What your heart nudges you to do, then that is what is good for all, for you to do now.

This bank behind the scenes is working to have things fall into place and work with the one people to open up their accounts and if I was to say a window of about 2 weeks for that to all unfold would be fair to estimate.

There will need to be more than one bank so going in NOW to other banks and asking them to play and if they don’t want to, contacting the secret service to carry out your will and the word on what happens if they don’t want to play is very important to the energetics at this moment.

The time of waiting is over, the time of Tuning into You for your guideance and what and how you want to play is Now. Energetics are the leaders in this dance partnership.

What I would like to say is that its almost time for me to have puppy kisses… and for each of you to have that special thing for you that means the same thing to your heart!

So if you want to play with the banks PLAY ! starting Monday… stand in your power…. Know You are the Value and pick a bank to play with.

Know that we are working behind the scenes for things to be smooth and unfold with 1 bank who already Knows it wants to Play and repurpose… other bank partners will be needed and You could be the one that invites them to come play!

As soon as I have more to share I will. Please don’t wait on me or anyone else, You have the power to play. You’ve only to step onto the field.

(sun) (heart) (sun) …. One last thought polish up your Happy Dance Moves and Shoes ! (heart) (music) (heart) (party) (heart)