Sunday, October 13, 2013

BASHAR: The Apprentice, The Adept and The Alchemist 2013 Event

The Alchemist (Part I) A Story of Transformation *The 3 Principals & Valuing Yourself*

Questions to BASHAR: What are your thoughts on when humanity will implement free energy methods? When will we be off our present monetary system? ? I was recently pregnant and had an abortion did I make the right decision? Why do I keep experiencing a long string of injuries? Will you speak on the ancient history of the deck of playing Cards? When I meditate, I get peaceful and still, I get to a point where I exhale and it's more comfortable to not inhale again, is this harmful? What is the 6" alien body that was recently found?  

Questions to BASHAR: I get confused about different teachings, which is the ultimate truth? Why does life eat life? Why is it healthier to eat animals than to not eat animals for me?  

The 9 Powers of your Physical Reality Experience from the Apprentice, the Adept to the Alchemist.