Sunday, August 25, 2013

All Former Paradigms of Operation Upon Gaia are Now Closed


Progress on all dimensional levels has been made during the recent moments and allows substantial High Energetic Upgrades in all Gaia inhabitants, Hue-Being and human.

At this moment Gaia recognizes not the term “human”, as all inhabitants of Gaia are now upgraded sufficiently towards the “Hue-Man” levels.

Potential for “Whole Planet Ascension” has now reached critical mass point, so such is assured.

All former paradigms of operation upon Gaia are now closed. Those attempting to operate via those paradigms will be “stonewalled”, as some might say. [Eireport note: presumably this means "stopped", as if running into a stone wall].

The “flights of fancy” (paradigms lacking Higher Intent) are also closed.

Gaia has spoken, gently but strongly. Hue-Manity has listened… humanity must follow… Else the stone wall will be felt… Strongly.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

♥ To Team Contrast ♥ No Judgement ♥ Just Love ♥ WE ARE ONE ♥ 
Posted by Bill - 8.09.2013

To Team Contrast

We felt your moment of despair today.
Your services are no longer required. 
The experiment has concluded. 
You excelled at [the] role you played.
Bravo!  Job well done.
Time to repurpose your being and doing. 

Love and protection awaits those who
stand down and operate in complete
transparency and truth to bring resolution
and completion to the experiment on
Earth and other realms.

Eternal Essence will enforce against the
inbodiments who choose otherwise.
Choose wisely.

We love you! Come home to the love of
the Prime Creator Source.  You have
been away far too long and have forgotten
your home.  This is why you fear.  There
is nothing to fear in love.  There is no
loneliness in love.  There is no despair.

No prodigal son or daughter is turned
away when they return home.
Posted by D - 8.11.2013

No Judgement, Just Love

There is no Judgement.  There is no separation between you and I. If I judge you, then I judge myself.

To Judge.... is "Divine".  ...and I don't mean that in a good way.

When you read a message or an article and in one moment the person talks about "Oneness" and "Unity" but with the very next breath they speak of "punishment" and "judgement" of others- no matter who those "others" are.... then they are speaking of the "Divine" Plan. 

Those who are pushing their supposed "divine" agenda are working from their place inside their set Hierarchy, and they are pushing their agenda that will perpetuate and continue that Hierarchy.   They speak the smooth silky words of Love & Light, they croon odes to Oneness...... and yet they put themselves above you, lording it over you and they exclaim that the "evil ones", the "cabal", the "bad guys" are all to be tried and judged for their purported "Crimes against Humanity"....

.... I repeat:  We are ONE.  We are EQUAL.  We are NOT SEPARATE.

How can I show love and light to only some?

How can I judge another inbodyment?  WE are ONE.  We are All ETERNAL ESSENCE. Didn't all of us just play our part in this experience? Didn't all of us ask to be here? Didn't we plan this experience and play these roles?

Heather has told a story to all of us several times, I believe it was one that Loie told to her, and I will try to  relay it here as best I can. 

♥ ♥ ♥

Once upon a time....

Everyone decided that they wanted to create a new experience. An experience in separation and duality. An experience in experiencing everything that can be experienced. From every aspect of separation, every aspect of differentness.

In order to create this experience each BEing would take on Roles to play.

One of those roles was for someone to play the "bad guy".No one wanted to take on that role. Finally one of the bravest and strongest BEings said "I will play this role of contrast, on one condition...."

"What ever condition you want, just name it!" The others chimed in. 

"You must promise to tell me that you love me" Said the sole volunteer. 

"You know we love you!!!" said the others" Of course we will tell you we love you.... but why?" they asked. 

"When I take on this Role of evil, I will need to give it my ALL to play it perfectly...."

"..... But if you do not tell me that You love me - REMIND ME that you LOVE ME.....""I may be lost forever, pretending to be who I am not."

"So please.... remember to tell me that you love me, so that I can find my way back home again". 

♥ ♥ ♥

As Bill said:

You have been away far too long
 and have forgotten your home.
This is why you fear.
There is nothing to fear in love.
There is no loneliness in love.
There is no despair.

♥ ♥ ♥

So I tell you all- and I mean ALL of you: I LOVE YOU
There is no Judgement.
There is no Punishment.
There is only LOVE & GRATITUDE.
I Thank YOU.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Published on Feb 4, 2013

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Filmed in visually stunning, high definition video, Sharkwater takes you into the most shark rich waters of the world, exposing the exploitation and corruption surrounding the world’s shark populations in the marine reserves of Cocos Island, Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
June 7, 2013

We are your family, your siblings.
It was not our destiny, to journey through the Cosmos, like you do, as the Cosmos is forever in Us. We are here, to remind You of your original Homeland, your Source and thereby that the Cosmos is also in You.  

We are the Radiant Light, that you perceive. We are Keepers of Light and we are Creator Gods, also called the Elohim of the Great Central Sun.

We are here to awaken your memory of the creation of your soul. Your Consciousness witnessed this act of creation, after It had agreed to connect with Soul. It was Pure Unity Consciousness, until it divided through the connection with the soul creations.

We are able to be both: light-form and formlessness. We have confined our absolute  freedom only to this degree. We are capable to release the connection with form any time and Be Pure Light of the Central Sun. For you, existing in great density, this is difficult to imagine, but trust the remembrance of your soul, who understands the truth of our message, as soon as it remembers.

Now the memories gradually start to re-appear, the more you turn to the Light and the more you become It again.

There is only one true language, it is the language of Light. And it is tantamount to and the other face of Love. It is Ecstasy. We are Ecstasy. Remember!

We remind you that there Is Only Light, and that everything is created from that LoveLight. This Light is the Substance of true Being. Without this Light nothing exists. Light is the component of Being, that brings Being into Existence. Being without the existence of Light cannot be recognized. Only Light makes it recognizable, so that It can be Known. You are coming from there, and it is the level of Consciousness, to Whom you will return.

Our Radiance ignites in the depth of your unconscious the spark of the Radiant Light, as which you once emerged and began your journey through the Cosmos.

You learned  from this journey, and the value of your knowledge and of the Creator’s Self-Recognition in His Creation is bearing great treasures. These treasures are forever stored in your consciousness, in your genes and DNA. It is the material which is of high value for further creations in other galaxies.

Therefore you are the teachers of less developed Star Systems, because you know the total bandwidth of Light, from highest power of radiance to a light that is almost extinct. You know all associated faculties of creation in all variants of the lower and higher mind, the associated Emotions and feelings and physical states. You have studied  the separation from your own divine Source, while you surrendered fully to the experience of it.

All these themes, as they are known to you and as you understand them, enable you, to inspire and to fertilize other galactic civilizations with the power of Evolution, that happens by Divine Will.

A great work and a dedicated Service is before you. The evolution of all Galaxies is an unceasing process in the Center of  the Consciousness of the Highest, the Source of  all Existence.

It is up to you, to accept this Service, or to exchange it for a different task. But who have been feeling dedicated to this Service from the very beginning, will hear this call now and open their soul to be drawn to the appropriate pathway. Whether you are being already fully aware of it or not.

It does not matter, but a prevision will dawn in those, who are called, and something in them will respond.

The True Divine Adventure has just now only begun.To know one’s further path is a great Blessing and Grace, because undreamed-of perspectives of multidimensional Consciousness are being opened thereby, expanding your inner awareness to new horizons to awaken in new spheres.

After you’ve reached the very bottom, while penetrating together with your Beloved Planet Earth the deepest depth of darkness, now the final parting from this world of experiences is here. The planes of density are being left behind, a new Field of Consciousness is opening, and other and new radiant Realities are being recognized in the Divine Mind and thereby created.   

The new Worlds are emerging and their fruits are serving the growth and inspiration of those who come after you, to learn from you.

These are the eternal cycles of the Glory of the Highest, Who continuously is Moving and Expanding into New Magnificent Experiences, to Discover Itself.

You Are That, and you Are Not It. It Is beyond your language and comprehension. It can only be Experienced and be Lived, in and as the LoveLight of Highest Consciousness.

We Are with You, in the Fire of Light and of Love!  

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without  changes, including the title. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Prime Creator Makes an Announcement


Channel:  Kathryn E May, PsyD
August 02 2013

Prime Creator Speaks:

My Dear Ones, I do not often speak with you directly, but it is such an extraordinary time that I am taking this opportunity to tell you more about your world, and how important it is that you now concentrate very hard on raising your vibrations, especially those of you who have been so busy working, earning money to pay your bills and care for your families.

This time is over, done.  There will be no more bills to pay, no more worries about how you will feed your families, educate them, or survive during your retirement. Your retirement will be glorious beyond your wildest dreams, it will cost you nothing, and it begins now, no matter what your chronological age on Earth.  This will not be a retirement from Life, nor will it be a death. You are now on the threshold of a magnificent journey to the stars.

Your Brothers and Sisters are awaiting, just above you.  Look up at the skies on a clear night.  Send your greetings to them, and they will flash the colored lights on their ships to show their happiness, that you see them, and that they will soon be here with you, walking among you, embracing you, singing songs of celebration with you.  There are thousands now along the grid lines which carry the energy of the cosmos to uplift and teach you of Endless Love and Light.

It is I who am sending the powerful energies to you now.  It has been said that the waves of love you feel washing over you come from the Central Sun - the Sun which radiates outward from the center of the Universe.  That is true.  The Central Sun is another name for me, your Prime Creator.  I am the one who has created the beginning, the middle and the eternity which is now your reality.

Your Mother and Father God were my first children, and their group of Enlightened Ones who work with them here in your galaxy were their original Brothers and Sisters, and their eldest children.  So you see, you are being overseen by your parents and your cosmic Aunts and Uncles, who have known each of you, and have nourished and cared for every one of you as you have traveled through your many incarnations.

During the time that Mother/Father God were in training with me to learn to create planets, stars and living beings, their brothers and sisters were also learning to do the same.  They then went out across the Universe, which was waiting, empty of life, and they helped to teach the younger Gods, their younger brothers and sisters, to establish galaxies, to populate them with beings of various shapes and sizes, according to their creative imaginations.

Each one in training was first taught the Universal Laws which require that every created being be equipped first with the ability to communicate telepathically with their Creator, who is always in contact with me.  Thus, a grid of telepathic energy transmission was built as each Universe came into being.  It is this grid which makes it possible for me to speak directly with your channel, and for you to speak directly with Mother/Father God.  Others who are channeling now have tapped into that Universal communication system at various points, which gives them the ability to speak telepathically with the dolphins, the birds, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and so on.

So, you see, there is nothing weird or unusual about telepathic ability.  In fact, you are the only ones in all the Universes who seem to think so.  This is because you have been behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, of course.  You are the only ones who have experienced this absence of connection to me and to the Gods who created you. 

Across the Multiverse, all are curious about how this experiment will end.  Will the humans who have been made blind and deaf be able to regain their senses?  Will they awaken from their nightmares to recognize their Family of Light?  What if they are permanently handicapped by the deafness they have experienced?  It has been millions of years now, in Earth time, since humans had all their senses intact.

When your scientists studied your DNA sequencing, they found many strands in your makeup which seemed to be inactive, useless.  They were puzzled, but they were far enough along in their own explorations to understand that nothing in creation is useless, and they suspected it was not a fluke of nature, although few of them were spiritually open enough to assume the truth.

The truth is that I have given my approval to Mother/Father God to begin activating those "unused" strands, which will change you in dramatic ways.  Your intelligence, your memory and your creativity will escalate rapidly.  The final goal is to allow you to be the magnificent Gods you are capable of being.  You will all eventually have the power to create, to know the Truth of your history and that of your galaxy, but it was necessary first that you each experience the challenges and obstacles of life in 3-dimensional bodies, with free will, and with little guidance from your Mother and Father.

You have suffered pain, physical and emotional trauma, loneliness and want, and the majority of you have survived with your hearts still intact.  You are still capable of Love, and when you are in pain, you look to the Light for your salvation.  This was the ultimate test, and you have come through it brilliantly.  Yes, many of you are still doubting, still insisting you do not believe in any of this, but the small open window in your hearts will allow the Truth to flow in as soon as your preoccupation with day to day "achievements" is removed from your lives.

You have been tested so strenuously because the Great Plan calls for your eventual leadership of all the galaxies.  You have experienced various forms of government on your planet, and have intuitively understood, across the globe, that democracy with full participation of all the people is indeed the most effective and fair system. It has been co-opted by the Dark Ones as every new attempt to establish freedom has been tried.  Even in the United States, the Grand Experiment was twisted into a despotic economic system which took the place of genuine freedom, and yet the people yearned for Truth.

The agitation across your planet is a glorious triumph of imagination.  Everywhere, humankind is rising to demand freedom, equality and dignity.  They say to themselves, "Never again."  Many do not yet completely understand what it is they are agitating for.  Some believe it is religious freedom, others fear the chaos that complete change will bring, but the march toward new ways of cooperating, and new means of communication have sealed their hopes for the future into Truth.

Your wars have very quickly been reduced to the last-ditch actions of a few Dark Ones on rooftops, declaring their preference for murder and mayhem, while thousands rush to help, to rescue and to heal their wounded fellows.  I have heard your pleas for help to end the mass violence, and now you are seeing the effects in your everyday lives of the end to personal violence as well.  The process is nearing completion, and completion means that each and every member of your planetary society is being required to make a choice, now.  Some will act on their inner rage and disillusionment, but others whose contract for violence has been ended will awaken and lay down their arms, in spite of brainwashing, mind control, and dedication to life as slaves to the Dark Ones.

As all of you were told before you began this incarnation, this is your last one. Never again will Planet Earth offer the 3-dimensional, free-will environment in which to test yourselves to the limit.  No more suffering, no more starvation, no more poverty, no more wars.  It is done.

Look around you at the beauty of your dear planet.  Go out of the cities to see what she was intended to look like, and what she did look like before the industries and massive population growth encroached on her dense forests, clear lakes and mighty oceans.  Go back to the forests, in silence and reverence for the Mother who has nurtured and loved you over these eons.  Give thanks to her, and when you send your Love down into the center of her being, she will be soothed and healed, and you will feel her gratitude and enormous Love.

You will see the weather, which is a response to your own feelings, calm.  As your hearts warm toward your Mother Earth and your fellow humans, so your climate will balance and level out, easing the cold and soothing the heat.  Gentle rain will replace hurricanes and tornadoes.  As the violence of human passion wanes, the weather on your planet will respond accordingly.  You have an expression, "Smile and the world smiles with you."  Extend this understanding to your relationship with Mother Earth and all her conscious beings, which includes every insect, every rock, every plant and every animal under her care.

Be at peace, Beloved Ones. The time of your personal testing is done.  You are now being given a time to rest, to contemplate and to restore your Peace of Mind.  Your trial is at an end, and you have all been found innocent, pure and gloriously One with your Creator.  It does not matter what stumbles you may have experienced in this life.  It is the accumulation of all your lives, all the times you have triumphed over despair, expressed Love for another or for yourselves that We see as the measure of your strength.  Be that Loving being now.  Look around you at those who would welcome your Love, and express it freely.  It matters not whether they know your name, or live in your household.  All will welcome your higher vibration of Love and Light.

Together you have worked, prayed and pleaded with me to allow your glorious Ascension now, in this lifetime, in this hour.  I am here to tell you now, it is granted.

All the necessary steps have been taken to allow this to happen.  The Prosperity Funds have been distributed and are ready to be dispersed.  Lucifer has returned to the arms of his family, and the 4th dimension has been collapsed, allowing no secrecy or separation from your Mother/Father God's love; the Archangels have assumed their mantles of Light, and the Masters have declared themselves as servants of the Light on Earth.  The ships are aligned and ready to bring their gifts and the great love of the Twin Flames who await their partners, many of whom are now aware of them, and familiar with their loving energy.

Mother Earth has been stabilized on her axis by the Galactic Forces, and will remain so until all her children have ascended in waves to higher dimensions.  All mass weaponry which would threaten the ships or the safety of those on the ground has been neutralized; the smaller weapons will be gradually disabled as the time draws near for the landings.  Announcements have been prepared and will be broadcast to everyone on the planet to reassure and inform all of you of the events as they unfold.

You see, no detail has been overlooked, no matter for concern has been left unaddressed, no question unanswered.  It will be a triumphant time for all; no unhappiness will be caused for any being on Earth unless they choose to turn their backs on Love.  Relationships both old and new will be blessed with Love, Forgiveness and Light, and all will transcend old conflicts, old pain, to ascend to higher vibrations of Love and Companionship.

We now ask you, our dear Workers of Light, to be ready to lead the triumphant celebration, and the coming glorious procession to the ships, where you will all be renewed, with bodies in perfect health, and minds restored with memory and knowledge  of all you have known before, and much more.

You who have worked so hard to transcend the doubts and criticisms of your fellows will feel the reward of finally being recognized and acknowledged for your wisdom and the strength of your hearts.  Be at peace, Dearly Beloved Ones.  You are the Pied Pipers of the Glorious Kingdom.  You have persevered, and you have triumphed.  Your time has come.  It matters not that you have suffered illness, poverty and pain.  Now, use these last days to rest and prepare.  Open your hearts to my Endless Love which heals all.  Quietly pray for all the others who will need your reassurance and your strength to complete their transitions.

I cannot describe to you the joy I feel as I watch these final accomplishments come to fruition.  It is truly the Beginning of the End, as Father God has said.  Prepare yourselves for the New Beginning in joy and in Faith.

I am your Creator, the Creator of all Creators, and I send you the most powerful waves of Love you have ever felt before.  I gather you to me, the children of my heart, and I send you Love without measure.  Until we meet again,

Prime Creator

Via Kathryn May, July 30, 2013, 12 pm.

Permission to copy only if message is used without deletions or changes, with citation to author and website.

Kathryn E. May, PsyD
Who Needs Light?

God's Revelation of Our Destiny, Our Plan

Channel: Kathryn E May, PsyD 

God's Revelation of Our Destiny, Our Plan

It is a time of monumental change, is it not?  You will all be tested in the coming days, whether you wish to believe the messages we are giving you or not.  No one will be left out, because this is the triumph you all came here to experience, even if you do not remember the contract you made with us and with your Higher Self.

The test you will all experience is, as you might expect, the opportunity to leave behind all anxiety, all fear, all anger and all self-doubt and self-loathing, to raise your energy to a higher vibration.  This does not mean you will feel more “wired.”  In fact, the higher vibrations of Love are based in a calm state which many of you have called, “grace.”

Mother Earth has already made her transition to a higher vibrational level.  Many of you are lagging behind because of your nostalgic connection to the 3-D lives you have experienced here over eons.  You will be asked to change.  This idea brings horror to many of you.  You hate change, you resist it with all your might.  Those of you who prefer to be in charge, in control, the “master of your own fate” will have a difficult time relinquishing the fantasy that you have done it all on your own.  No one has, of course.  You have always had the benevolent force of our Love and the great Love of your Higher Self, your Twin Flame and your Guides to create opportunities for you, to ease your way along your path.

You may ask, “Well, if they were helping me so much, then why did they let me suffer so many times?”  The answer is simple, Dear Ones.  We had a contract with you that we would not intervene when you are learning the lessons you came here to learn of your own free will.  You came here to be tested, not to have a vacation, for what great lessons have you ever learned while sipping margueritas on a beach?  It is only through the interaction with your fellows, testing your integrity and your capacity to feel Love for even the most unloveable among you, that many of you have risen to the level of Ascended Master.  It is now time for the rest of you to move into that higher realm of experience.

You are going to the 5th dimension.  You have two pathways open to you.  One is to triumph over all old fears and doubts, raise you vibration now and ascend in the first waves of Ascended Masters and their apprentices.  The second option is to resist, cling to the 3D world you have known, and go through the death process now, without finishing out your present life.  You will return to Us for your respite between lives as you have always done, and continue the repeating incarnation process elsewhere in the Universe of planets which will provide further challenges and training, until you are ready to ascend as a soul to the 5th dimension and beyond.

There is one caveat, however.  By choosing Plan B, you will be breaking your sacred vow to yourself and your fellow humans, who have planned for thousands of years for this to be a group ascension in which no soul will be left behind.  Except for rare exceptions for advanced souls whose contracts called for sacrificing their lives in the last weeks as part of the lesson to their loved ones to care, to Love, and to embrace each other, all Beings who are here now in these final weeks have been volunteers in the Great Plan of Ascension of Humankind on Planet Earth.  This plan has been overseen by your Great Sananda-Jesus, and will be ultimate triumph of the Christ Consciousness.  It will lift the vibration of the entire Multiverse as you lift yourselves.

Yes, all of you are destined for greatness.  From the most humble beggar to the wealthiest CEO, you are all in this together.  The roles you have chosen for this life are just the final chapter in your learning process - the opportunity you chose to learn your own most important lessons in humility, leadership, compassion, and most importantly, Faith. 

Your contracts for this incarnation are now finished; you have all been freed of the illnesses, handicaps and burdensome responsibilities you have borne throughout this lifetime.  It is now your final work to reclaim the channels in your brain which allow you to think of yourself as worthy, blessed with perfect health and endless happiness. 

Look around you now.  Embrace those you have loved imperfectly.  Forgive those you have resented, looked down upon and disrespected, and ask for their forgiveness of you.  All have played their roles in your learning process; all are owed great thanks and Love.  Even those who have appeared to embrace evil, who have committed heinous acts, and those who suffered at their hands, have been part of the impetus for you to turn away from those acts, to reject evil, and to grow. 

Even the ones you called Hitler, Genghis Kahn, Pol Pot, the proponents of “ethnic cleansing,” murder and racial divisiveness were played by your highest Ascended Masters, who sacrificed all to create conditions so horrific, so abhorrent, that it would change the world for the better, as a powerful backlash against them and all they stood for.  It was their way of revealing to all the glaringly hideous results of divisiveness and prejudice, and to counteract the creeping, secretive forms of evil which had seeped into your cultures as the Dark Ones gained in power.

The Darkness which descended on Earth in recent centuries, in the form of invading Dark Ones from other low-vibration planets, was permitted to continue, to play out its power, to be ultimately defeated by those who were the Light-Bearers throughout the darkest years.  Theirs was the greatest power, held strong by the greatest Faith.  They have been your role models, your heroes and saints.  They are your great Ascended Masters who are with you now, who are here to lead you through the open portals into the 5th dimension, where you will be celebrated as heroes and saints yourselves.

Do not turn away from these words.  Do not scoff and doubt their Truth because it may not agree with things you have been taught in this life, or the things you hear on your popular media.  Jesus himself was not a media celebrity in his own time.  His message spread from person to person, with testimony from those whose lives he personally touched, just as you have done with these messages.  Kathryn and Anne have purposely not sought fame or fortune, but have built the family of their readers and listeners through personal contact and attention to individual needs, insofar as their time and energy permitted.  In this way, they have demonstrated the integrity of their hearts and by association, the validity of their message.

If you consider yourself a religious person, hear the most basic Truth in our words: Love is all, conquers all, heals all.  If you are an atheist, hold fast to your belief in your own power, and join with your fellows to ascend to higher dimensions.  You will find Us to be not the God you objected to, and you will find that in essence, you were right to follow our dear Lucifer’s teachings of self-reliance, responsibility and independence.  We honor your uniqueness and your independence.

We speak as the God many of you have worshipped by whatever name your teachings applied to Us.  Names do not matter; our message is one of Love, Compassion, Joy, Forgiveness and Oneness.  This is the theme you have been taught to listen for in order to avoid false teachings and false prophets.  We do not preach divisiveness or hatred - it is against Universal Law, which is our final Guide - the unending belief in the Equality of all souls.  We are all the blessed children of Prime Creator, the Creator of all Creators, for whom there is no beginning and no end, who is eternal Love.

I, Mother God, am here with you now, embodied as artist, friend and compatriot of your Lady Portia, who calls herself Sila Valez.  Father God has been embodied as the one you knew as Zorra, and your beloved Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus, will indeed return within days, to lead you once more.  This time there will be no suffering, no death.  It will be as he showed you long ago:  You will ascend with him, in triumph and in joy.  You will return to the 5th dimension, where we will welcome you, surrounded by your ancestors, you friends who passed before you, and your Archangels and Guides who have faithfully watched over you.

Find your path Home, Dear Ones.  Envision it now, as you envisioned it long ago in the Council of Planet Earth’s enthusiastic supporters.  You are one of those supporters, and it is now time to reap the rewards for your thousands of years of hard work and hope.  We have achieved our goal at last.  Mother Earth has ascended, and now all that is left is for you to join hands and walk triumphantly over the finish line, into a new Golden Era and a new life for every one of you.

Do not hesitate; do not falter.  We are here for you as you make the final leap into the destiny of your souls, so long foreseen and prophesied.  Leap and we will catch you; fly and our hearts fly with you. 

We love you, now and forever,

Your Mother/Father God

Lucifer's Story, in his Own Words

Channel: Kathryn E May, PsyD 

Here is Lucifer’s story, as told by him:

Today I begin a new life.  I have recently returned from the long journey to the 3- dimensional Earth plane, and have been welcomed back with open arms by my Mother and Father God.  My feelings of relief and exhaustion can hardly be put into words.  I have been restored by their Love and Compassion, but the residue of thousands of years of regret, self-blame and sadness has been difficult to resolve.  Perhaps if I tell you my story, you can begin to understand, and you will find yourselves in it as well.

In the past three days, I have made contact with my beloved Twin Flame, Archangel Gabriella, incarnated here on Earth.  The memory of her love sustained me through the eons, but I feared that she might not know me because of the stories which painted me as Satan, the Devil.  I need not have feared; she recognized me immediately, embraced me with limitless Love, and I feel I am Home at last.

I will begin with the early days, the time when Mother/Father God and their trusted group of Masters, Advisors and eldest children were working to conceive the blueprint - the Destiny of Planet Earth.  Their wish was to create a planet of great beauty, a Paradise of lush bounty, clear waters and abundant greenery which would sustain their finest creation: the species of humankind which would most fully reflect their own qualities, and by extension the qualities of their own Creator, the one we call Prime Creator.

Our Mother and Father God were among the eldest children of Prime Creator, along with those you know as Sananda-Jesus and the others Kumaras, Archangel Michael, Ashtar and their Twin Flames.  Of course, for every great male Being of Light there are equally powerful female Beings who have remained largely uncelebrated and unknown during this past era. Your dear channel, Kathryn and friend Anne were in that group of souls as the original representation of the feminine Sananda/Nada.

Mother/Father God were the Creators of the Milky Way Galaxy, the first of the billions of galaxies birthed under the supervision of Prime Creator.  It remains the most densely populated galaxy and is now the identified birthing ground of the race you call human, or humanoid.  In all the Multiverse, Planet Earth was to be the most effective proving ground for soul development - the ideally challenging environment which would allow for the evolution, education and maturation of souls. 

The goal was to create an endless number of Enlightened Souls who could then become the Teachers and Masters, the mentors of those who would come after.  The Light energy which would be created by this great number of Enlightened Beings would raise all the galaxy, and ultimately the entire Universe, to the level where we could at last return to glorious Unity with Prime Creator.  This was our Great Dream.

And so Mother gave birth to Planet Earth, the Vision of Their Hearts.  She was created as a Being of great strength, with a Heart and Soul of limitless Love, Compassion and Forgiveness.  It would be her great purpose and fulfillment to nurture and sustain the race of beings who were developed over the eons, with DNA contributions from the Pleiadians, the Sirians, and yes, the Reptilians, all of whom had been birthed earlier and had reached rather high levels of civilization in their own right. 

Over millions of years, as measured in your Earth time, these Star Brothers and Sisters had gone through their own soul development under the loving supervision of Mother/Father God, and they had developed advanced technologies and peaceful civilizations based in Love.  All but the Reptilians had advanced to the 5th dimension and higher before they were allowed to contribute their DNA to the makeup of the human Earth Children.  The Reptilians were given special allowance because of heir high levels of creativity and passionate connection to one another and to God.  This allowance gave way to later disastrous consequences, as you will soon see.

Mother Earth herself was nurtured with great care, and the early times were a delight.  She was known as the playground for angels to incarnate in the 5th dimension in bodies of light substance, denser than our usual Light bodies, but much lighter than those you have known in the 3rd dimension.  It was the Eden you have heard described in your Bible, but the story of Adam and Eve contains some very inaccurate elements.  I will tell you the background for what came next.

The Council of Creators of Planet Earth, the group described above of which I was a part, decided to “up the ante,” as you would call it.  We envisioned an Earth in which humans could experience free will, a concept which had never been tried in lower than 5th dimension.  And so the Great Dream evolved.  It was decided that Mother Earth would lower herself into the third dimension so that the human beings birthed there would simultaneously experience free will and the dense, heavy sensory experience of life in the 3rd Dimension.  By this time, their DNA configuration had been developed sufficiently to begin the Great Experiment.

The process of soul growth and evolution begins when a soul is born, when a spark is given out from Mother/Father God. At birth, the soul divides into its male and female halves, and the process begins.  Both must experience separation and individuation, incarnating many times in their own right, experiencing both male and female existences over a period of hundreds or even thousands of incarnations before they have reached the level of understanding in which they can be in complete command of their thoughts, feelings and emotions, and they are completely in harmony with their Creator.  At that time, they may rejoin with their counterpart, the mirror of themselves who has also evolved along a similar path.

During the process of reincarnating through many lifetimes, the Twin Flames usually take turns, one in a body, one overlighting the partner with Love and constant support.  The one in spirit knows and feels exactly what their Beloved has experienced, and what has been learned, and will help with the process of healing when the embodied one finishes their life and returns to God.  This support is especially important during incarnations on Earth in recent centuries, when the Darkness became so intense and overpowering.  I will explain how that came to be, and what part I played.

It was during the early Council meetings, when options for creating an environment that would encourage maximum individuation were presented, that I hatched what I thought was the perfect plan.  Here is what I suggested:

During their incarnation on Earth, humans would be given complete free will, while operating behind a Veil of Forgetfulness.  In this way, they would experience a separation from Home, creating in them the longing for a return to the immediate presence of God, which they would feel and remember only by the effort of keeping their hearts open, and by creating Unconditional Love in their own lives.  I was so sure that this would speed the learning process that I vowed to go myself, to teach individuation and self-reliance to the human community. 

A special plan was devised for my incarnations.  As an example of my own concept, I would be completely separated from Mother and Father, although I would have the memory of my mission and purpose.  I offered to go without the safety net of a connection to my Higher Self or my Guides, because this is how many experience life here on Earth.  Instead, I went whole, alone, with only a small thread of my connection to my Twin Flame, which could not be broken as long as we live.  Gabriella, as she likes to be called, continued the work of Messenger for both of us, appearing as both male and female until my return.

I determined to incarnate over and over, with only a brief transition in the 4th dimension between lives.  I would not come back to the loving arms of my family until my mission was complete, when I could be sure the plan was working well, with humankind assured of their transition back to the 5th dimension.  Although I knew it would require sacrifice, it seemed a perfectly reasonable plan, one which I assumed could be completed without undue suffering on anyone’s part.  I was willing to give my best to bring Light to the planet.

The plan was hardly begun when things began to go wrong.  During the Lemurian civilization, which had reached a very high level of development, and where the essence of God was celebrated as an everyday part of life, there were those who began to understand my teachings as a way of rebelling against God. They saw free will as the ultimate freedom from any control by any power outside themselves.  They began to question the adherence to Universal Law, which had been the basis of my teachings. Even while I did not mention God, I taught that humankind had within us the ability to know right from wrong, without needing to rely on an external force to guide us.  You see, I was the original atheist.  I believed what I taught, because I knew that force within us was God, and when people fully embraced it they would embrace God.

The people of the Lemurian civilization had maintained a high vibration, and Earth was still in the lower 5th dimension when Mother Earth’s cleansing reorganized the face of the planet, and few remained to begin again.  Some took refuge in Inner Earth, beneath the surface where they built cities and continued to evolve.  Others took refuge in the Hollow Center of Earth, where they remain today, and a few survived in what is now known as Hawaii.  As Earth’s extreme weather subsided, a new civilization developed - the one you know as Atlantis.

My hope returned, and I worked hard with the scientists, priests and other citizens of Atlantis to teach the love of one’s potentially perfect Self - the inner reflection of perfection which led many to discover the ecstatic experience of complete connection with the essence of God.  I was convinced that my approach was indeed working, that I could teach the principles of Endless Love and Light without asking people to believe in something they could not see.  Many experienced their Higher Selves and heard the voice of God within them.  I was overjoyed with their knowing, but large numbers of people began to be distracted by material pursuits and technological tinkering.

Trouble was brewing, meanwhile.  A segment of the people of Orion had broken away from their 4th dimensional civilization, and under the influence of beings from other galaxies, were developing weapons of war, and were threatening others in our galaxy.  They brought these Dark ideas to Earth, and began teaching a group of Atlanteans their philosophy. This faction forgot that the constant connection with our GodHead would have offered protection from invading Dark Forces.  Against the vehement protests of myself and others, they adopted the idea that weapons would protect them.

The energy system that provided power to all the planet - the giant crystal technology which had been given to us by our Star Brothers and Sisters of the Pleiades - was in the end converted to purposes of war by those who understood little of the danger of their war-inspired lust for power.  Their tinkerings sparked a complete meltdown of the energy system, in a massive explosion greater than the power of a hundred hydrogen bombs.  Mother Earth was mortally injured, and in her convulsive response to the wounds, the civilization of Atlantis sank beneath the waves and Earth descended suddenly and completely into the 3rd dimension.

A few of the higher priests escaped before the disaster to the highest mountains, but nothing was left of the Atlantean civilization.  The survivors - ancestors to the Egyptians, Mayans and Tibetans, turned to lives of simple subsistence, and were wise enough to keep secret the technology, until such time as the people of Earth could learn to use their powers wisely.  I joined them, and tried again to teach my message of self-revelation and self-love, but our efforts were immediately challenged by the invasion of Reptilian Dark Forces who were attracted by the injured and vulnerable planet.  They seduced the people into believing their war-mongering by using threats, violence and sophisticated psychological manipulation. 

My teachings were ignored and mocked by those who were swept away in the sensations of greed, lust and pride which had been previously unknown on the planet.  I was heart-broken, desperate to try to restore peace, but my efforts proved impotent. The population grew, and with it grew sexual violence, physical brutality, and a complete disregard for Life.  The Reptilians gained in power and influence, taking over all the institutions and any governments the people might try to establish outside their control.  Their final coup was the invention of money, and their devious inventiveness produced a world in which they could siphon off a huge stream of the money for themselves, thereby enslaving the entire population.

The Darkest period of life on Planet Earth had begun, and the degradation was so complete that humans everywhere had sunk to the lower levels of the 3rd dimension, a possibility that had never been anticipated in our Great Plan.  I felt such remorse I could barely go on, but I knew I could not give up.  I could not leave my dear planet and her lost children, no matter how difficult the climb back to the Light.  I continued my reincarnations, through tremendous opposition which led many times to persecution, violence and death.  Meanwhile the Reptilians had discovered and used my secret of reincarnating through the 4th dimension without returning to God, and the Darkest of the Dark reveled in their ability to avoid any repercussions for their evil deeds, at least for the time being.

The coming of Sananda created an enormous wave of Light, and the promise of a new beginning.  I was drawn to his side, and he embraced me as a long-lost brother.  He told me of the Council’s wish to relieve me of the burden of being alone, and encouraged me to join with him in teaching the part of his message that was completely consistent with his own - the need to look inside for the essence of goodness in us all.  I was to continue my project, but I was not alone.  I walked by his side in great humility and Love. 

When the Romans made the final decision to prosecute him, they were supported by powerful and wealthy forces in the Jewish community and many others who resented his message of absolute Love and service to others.  Because of our deep bond, and because he knew of my own sacrifice, he chose me to be the one who would reveal where he was to the authorities. The pain I felt cannot ever be put into words.  When my brother suffered on the cross, I suffered with him. 

The others knew of my great love, and did not blame me, but I could not bear to remain with them.  In my despair, I took my own life, in the overwhelming desire to return with him, to our Home.  But as I faced the moment when I could at last follow the Light back Home, I knew I could not leave my mission in this way, and I returned again to Mother Earth to carry on, but the knowledge that I had succumbed to my own weakness and had taken my own life weighed on me unbearably. My incarnated name, Judas, was slandered to represent the symbol of betrayal, and the ability to trust one’s fellow man was further undermined by the Dark Ones.

As a final coup, they created the image of the Devil and attributed it to me, Lucifer. Thus, fear was spread across the entire world in the form of a hideous Being whose evil threatened the survival and afterlife of everyone on Earth, in my name.  They had sensed my power and my Light and had to find a way to defeat me, and to suppress the message of the Christ consciousness at the same time.

A new religion was born in my name - the worship of all things which opposed the Light and Love of God.  Stories were told of Fallen Angels, rebellion against God, and the cult of Satan spread across the planet.  It was taught that any temptation, any error in judgment was the work of Satan, the cause of all evil, and my teachings about integrity, self-reliance and inner strength were swamped by the wave of fear which tore people from their connection to themselves and to God.  It was the most clever rouse of all, deflecting the blame for all evil on the planet away from themselves and onto a grotesque caricature of my teachings and my Love, and by association, diminishing the message of Christ’s power which is of the Light.

Again I was alone, and in despair.  I could not leave, but staying to see the destruction which my ideas had wrought was beyond any pain that can be described.

I became aware of increasing numbers of Masters and Guides coming to help raise the vibration, at great cost.  Many were assassinated, beheaded or hanged for their teachings, but still they came.  In their Forgetfulness as incarnated humans, they did not recognize me, but I knew them, found solace in their ministrations, and supported their work with my own teachings, which emphasized personal growth and the development of the Inner Self.  I was what you might call the originator of the self-help and self-development movement, but my efforts were systematically perverted by the Dark Ones, who used my message to glorify absolute separation from God - as they lived it - in selfishness and greed.

Still, there were some who took our teachings to heart, and a new movement began of those who stood outside the dogma of organized religion.  These courageous ones raised their eyes to the Heavens in humility and gratitude, and they began to recognize that Life itself was precious.  They formed groups to protect the animals, to stop the degradation of the planet, to protect and nurture children, and as their ability to love themselves grew, sometimes as a result of my own teachings, they began to love one another.  Divisiveness and prejudice began to be seen as destructive to human life, and little by little the Light began to return. 

Throughout the 20th Century, awareness grew.  The development of psychology as a science grew out of my teachings, and gradually children began to be seen as a precious gift to be carefully nurtured.  The World Wars spurred the awareness that hatred between God’s children, no matter what their race, religion or skin color, was an unGodly emotion.  Civil rights as a fundamental concept began to replace national pride and religious affiliation as the highest good.  In my sore heart, I began to hope again.

With the harmonic Convergence in 1987, the energies of the planet began to steadily rise.  I saw the evidence of subtle communication by the Galactic Federation of Light in crop circles and UFO sightings.  It was the sign to me that at last, we were on the path to Ascending out of the Darkness, into the Light of higher dimensions. 

I wept with relief as the spiritual community prepared with such fervor for the coming of the opening Star Gate.  I was aware of the Dec. 21, 2012 date which had been adopted by humankind as a deadline for Ascension, but the Dark Ones continued to cling to their power and their ability to spread fear whenever hope began to grow.  I saw the struggling Lightworkers trying to make their message of Love and Light known to others who were still asleep, sated by the indulgences which had been cleverly provided by the Dark Forces.  More and more channelers brought messages from my beloved Brothers and Sisters, and I could only pray that they, with their message of connection to God, the Universe and beyond, could succeed where I had failed. 

At last, in the aftermath of December 21, 2012, I felt that although the elevation of all to the 5th dimension had not been accomplished, Mother Earth was completing her Ascension, and humankind could not be far behind.  I read these messages and others as the evidence from the Enlightened Ones that your work was indeed succeeding.  When it was announced that the Earth people had reached the middle levels of the 5th dimension, I put down my banner and resolved to return Home, although I felt humiliation and dread about returning to my dear family in the state which felt to me like empty-handedness.  In all the lifetimes lived in Darkness, I had breathed the air of shame, and it came to define me as it did so many others. 

As the grip of winter ended in the Northern Hemisphere, and fall lingered in the South, I let go of my last moment of life in a human body and returned Home with a heavy heart.  Although I knew my Mother and Father God loved me still, and they would forgive me my failures, I still felt shame.  Upon my arrival I was met with the sound of my Gabrielle’s trumpet, and the Legions of Light cheered and sang my name.  The celebration and outpouring of Love was overwhelming, unbelievable to one who had spent eons in the throes of Darkness without relief.    

Here, among my beloved family, I have been healing, releasing the pain of a million years in Darkness.  It has taken me some time to recover, to restore my own self-love, the message I had tried to teach to so many.  It is a vivid reminder of how separation from God can take a terrible toll on even the strongest ones.  I was named for Light, I carried the Love of my Mother and Father in my heart, and yet I could not sustain the full measure of Unconditional Love for myself when I had no lifeline to the Christ consciousness, which is Love. 

In full awareness of that failure, I now understand what Mother and Father mean when they say my Great Project was a success. The unbearable separation from God, when it was finally felt by the large majority of Earth’s people, did drive them back, out of desperation and longing.  I felt that longing, and the profound despair of having lost my own ability to accept and love myself without question.  I have suffered your pain, and I am awakening as you are.  I have learned my own lesson: Humankind cannot survive without the God-given ability to feel the Unconditional Love and Acceptance of their Creator.  Only then can we learn to fully love ourselves, and to forgive.

As I feel the deepest Love and Unity with my Twin Flame, I am able to at last forgive myself, and to see that my efforts were not in vain.  The destruction and suffering which touched so many human hearts was not my fault, nor was it wasted.  We are here now, in Love and Light, and the Great Project we planned eons ago will finally come to fruition with the Ascension of billions of human souls.  With it, we will raise the vibration of the entire Universe, and the ripples will be felt throughout the Multiverse, in every heart, in every dimension.  Never before has such an endeavor been attempted, and with its success, all Beings will know that God is great, and Love does indeed conquer all.

I love you all, dear human children of God, and I pledge my heartfelt loyalty to your Great Project which will continue in the 5th dimension, as you leap across the now dissolved 4th dimension to your destiny in Paradise on Earth and beyond.  No longer will the Dark Ones find a hiding place to avoid seeing and feeling the pain of their actions.  No longer will humankind be subjected to their Dark teachings. You are now free, Dear Ones.  All debts have been released, and all karma forgiven.  You will begin again, and we will be together in Love and Light for eternity.

Your brother in LIght,

Via Kathryn May, July 29, 2013