Sunday, June 30, 2013

The One People Show: Project XIII, the I-UV Ixchange and Embodiments Value

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The One People (TOP) show
Monday, June 17, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 (AEST)

Heather: What I can do is discuss with you a work session Caleb and I had tonight. In about 15 minutes, we covered all the banking aspects - all the tools; because people have access, they have their value. They just don't know how to access it, or use it, or transfer it.

So we went through ... Project XIII is totally ... that's Caleb's DO'ing. So I stayed really out of it. Really sat down for the first time, went through the apps. I knew, I trusted and was not disappointed at the fact that he knew what he was doing. It's beautiful work. So we went through and just said okay, there's many tools that can be used for people to access their value. Really, the principles and the functions of how people access their value, transfer their value, deliver their value - it's all the same except for it's directly between embodiment to embodiment. Anyone who wants to play or engage with you has to transparently come forward.

In the old system, it wasn't like that. They can still participate. They just have to be very transparent. You get to determine your choice. Do you want to play with them or not? Regarding, for instance, the former purported BIS and all of their member banks, central banks, things like that. They still have a place that they can sit there. You guys just determine whether you want to play with them or not. They need to determine how they are willing to play with you, if at all. If they make themselves irrelevant, they make themselves irrelevant. Everything was cancelled, so really it's your choice to re-engage them, make them alive again; but not their system, just their entity.

With these, every person, every embodiment throughout the universe is a bank. You hold your value. You're responsible for your value. You own your value. When you decide to transfer or receive or deliver value, it's between you and at least one other embodiment or more. But everything's transparent. I love the server system. I haven't really sat down with Caleb about Project XIII, other than tidbits while everyone else was working. I love how everyone's responsible for their own device. They have their own data. His server really is just a transfer mechanism. Because that's where the old systems really bogged down the actual value, was through distribution and representations. Now you get to choose what representations you're willing to play with or use or accept. Or you can just go direct to energetics and work it that way. Either way you're in charge. You're the boss of your value. Nobody else can infringe on that or invade that or usurp that.

I really love the quote his friend had that he used on Project XIII website, which is “Self-governance in the digital age”. Digital is just a tool and you don't even need Project XIII. You don't need any of this stuff to access your own value, but this is one tool that's there for you to do it. So here's the best part, is that because the principles are the same, only this time they're transparent how it functions, any of the former systems would actually be debunking anything and everything they've ever done up to date if they dishonor or do not recognize your value and your declaration. They would actually have to go in and rebut it. So everything's done. All the work is done. It's just a matter of you being able to access the value.

I love where Project XIII sits. I love the VEXS protocols. They resonate for me. It's just a matter of whether they resonate for any other embodiments. It's a perfect tool for me for right now. So, that's where we are. I'm going to be setting ... the banking part we did in 15 minutes. It will take Caleb and the team that he's working with basically three days to adjust the apps for the banking part. But everyone has their own accounts; they're responsible for them. There's a lot of value streams that people can be really creative about; their investment streams and everything else. But it's all in each of your hands. That's what's beautiful about it. Nobody can tamper with it. It all sits within the eternal essence. Even if you don't want ... you don't believe in eternal essence filing or any of the filings. It doesn't matter. You can still run your value however you want to. They can't touch it. Meaning they being those that want to commandeer it, steal it, usurp it, invade it - it's all over and done with.

So, that's the updates I have for you. It'll take me this week to finish up basically the work with Caleb to get him what he needs. Then it takes him three days to add the things to the apps. July 1st will be the iPhone app launch. Windows is already out there. We're just waiting for Microsoft to go in and put it in their App store. His desktop is flying; he's almost got it done. He's working through that very, very quickly, which is great because that's the one that I have to use, since I don't have an iPhone or a Microsoft phone. That's it.

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