Sunday, June 30, 2013

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Tidal Wave is Coming!

Posted by D - Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Tidal Wave is coming!

Fasten your seat belts everyone, because the ride is about to get really REALLY fun!

It's time to move forward and take the bull by the horns, put him in a head lock and give him a really funky hair cut.

.... the "Bull" being the financial system and the banks.

This is your official heads up, get your gear on, pull together the clans and organize your plan of action.   Stoke up the fires in your hearts, and get caffeinated because it's full steam ahead as of this moment.

Today Heather is writing up a written representation of the transference tool for people to be able to access their personal value.  This tool can then be used as a template for anyone to gain access to the their value and have the ability to exchange value for value with any other Being or Entity- Everything IS either Eternal Essence, or a representation of that.  Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yuan, Gold, Silver or any other coin, bill, or physical commodity is ONLY a REPRESENTATION of the value of ETERNAL ESSENCE. This IS all that it IS.

Simplification:  YOU are the Value, YOU are the Bank,  YOU are the Business.

This is the grand lie that all financial institutions, banks and governments have lied to you about since the beginning of history.  THEY know that YOU are the value. Your BODY is the TRANSMITTING UTILITY OR VEHICLE of VALUE.  Value is ENERGY- which only comes from each and every BEing- your body is the VEHICLE that energy moves through in every operation and DOing. The VALUE IS that ENERGY.

We will launch this Value Template on Monday.  Heather, Lisa and I will pre-record an interview to fully explain all aspects of the template, the I UV INchange and how we are moving forward, and this recording will be published at the same time as the template.  We are keeping the Template completely private until it's launch- nothing going over hard-lines and I will publish it directly from Heather's computer .... so the alphabet soup guys will not get any heads up in advance of what the template will look like (sucks to be them, eh?).

We are in the time of FULL TRANSPARENCY & ABSOLUTE DATA.  This is the time of truth and revealing all that has been and all that IS.  You have been lied to.  Now all the DATA is coming out.

.... side note: to all our "Anonymous" readers, if you feel like having some real fun, Heather gives permission with her full authority, responsibility and liability for anyone to access her email address.  This is the primary email account which she used for all bank, trade and finance and investigation activities and it holds ALL the emails, ALL the files, ALL the data..... Heather has been locked out of this account since the OPPT Trustees foreclosed on the BIS, Banks and all the perceived current systems.  The only condition attached to this FUN is that you MUST make every piece of data, information and communication  and attached files PUBLIC- in full transparency for every BEing to access.

Heather will be releasing many relevant files herself that she has stored on hard drives- in Full Transparency- in order to explain and make obvious the absolute truth of how the most recent financial system is actually a part of the Value System and when separated from the Value System it creates the allusion/illusion of only debts, limited resources, and damages.....when operating within the whole of the Value System it actually is the INforcement and accountability mechanism of abundant value absent limit.

(that was Heather typing the above paragraph.... full transparency, right? lol)

It's TIME.

The TIME for DOing is NOW NOW NOW!!!

It's TIME to move forward- every BEing.

Below is the Paradigm Report that Heather wrote on March 6th, 2011.  AK made this public back in December 2012, but I know that there are many many people reading this now that haven't read the original report when we launched it back then.  Please take the time to read and understand what it is that the current perceived (foreclosed) financial system has been doing.  Some of the information that Heather will be releasing is data that she couldn't include in the Paradigm Report when it was originally written.

see the original document at the link below - by American Kabuki