Sunday, December 16, 2012


A woman awakens with amnesia after a suicide attempt, and her quest to find life's meaning anew introduces her to the great spiritual philosophies. Her fictional tale becomes a real-life primer in new age consciousness in this unique documentary.

Story Behind the Movie – Declaration of Consciousness & Nandhi the Yogi

Posted on October 2, 2012 by Dolores Cannon

From the spiritual truth we encounter in our inner journeys of the past, often, certain awe inspiring moments stand as three dimensional- as in one of the pilgrimages where Nandhi was meditating in intensity. It was day fourteen of having gone through fasting on water and fruit juices and meditation was now a smooth round the clock process. The objective of this meditation was to attain the consciousness beyond the mind as in the state of turiya. The state of Turiya is described by the Sages as the sleepless sleep state of meditation.

It was now approximately 2 a.m. in the morning when Nandhi felt drawn to come out of meditation as though the object of his meditation was standing outside himself. He opened his eyes, and yes! There was a Sage with eyes that felt like beams of light as though waiting for Nandhi to pay attention to what he said. Nandhi got up from his sitting posture and fell at this Sage’s feet. The Sage looked at Nandhi and said, “You will remember this essence mantra in all its beauty and wisdom when the time in your future matures as a reality. These are the words, “Tat VamAsi.”

Tat VamAsi is a Sanskrit word of the highest realization of Sages – “That thou art,” “Thou art that,” “You are that,” or “That you are”. Tat VamAsi means, the realization of “I Am God!”Saying these words, he placed his palms on Nandhi’s head, blessing Nandhi and he walked away. That moment felt like a three dimensional hologram- as the words “Tat VamAsi” stood as a teaching directive to enter into meditation with the mind understanding this “I am God” concept; as another reality on realization of “I am God” guiding the realization even further to awake even vaster truth; and the knowing that these words as seeds would awaken in future as a reality of the Sages.

For the rest of that moment, nearly twelve years ago, until last month, Sept 2012- this incident as thoughts lay as a random memory of the past with Nandhi. Last month, it was in a vivid dream that Nandhi felt the Sage visit him again saying, “The last time I told you “Tat VamAsi,” you were wondering what it had to do with you. Today you will understand it for yourself and for all of humanity you will share this most crucial corner stone of consciousness.”That day Nandhi realized that “Tat VamAsi” pertained to the movie, 3 Magic Words, that he was involved in!

There was a sudden awakening to understand a thread of past desire of Nandhi to give humanity the message of the realized- to awaken to the Oneness of all. This past desire sprang up as the idea as in words- Declaration of Consciousness as the innermost message of the movie 3 Magic Words.

Nandhi now understands that there is the critical moment of mass awakening as on the spring board of time with so many movies, books, music and documentaries pointing towards higher consciousness through the unified message- awaken to whom you really are- we are the Oneness of One. Awakening to understand our own divinity we are now angelic beings who can only do good for ourselves, for all others, as one humanity and for planet Earth.

The intent of all realized and higher conscious beings who lived on Earth had been to plant seeds of consciousness so humanity would slowly but surely realize. These mighty seeds of intent have multiplied as the prevailing consciousness of today as the idea in time that is before us.

Our Declaration of Consciousness now condenses the objective of the Declaration of Independence more than 200 years ago as the need for freedom for a nation to the need for individual real and true freedom- the freedom of consciousness.

Story by: Nandhi