Sunday, August 12, 2012

Barbara Hand Clow - The Nine Dimensions

Astrologer, author, and expert in the Mayan Calendar, Barbara Hand Clow talked about the nine dimensions of human consciousness, which she first learned about during her channeling of Pleiadian beings. According to her sources, each of the nine dimensions carries special information: 1st Dimension: an iron core crystal in the center of our planet that holds the Akashic Records. 2nd Dimension: the realm of consciousness between the iron core crystal and the crust of the planet, including magma, telluric realm, and volcanic forces. 3rd Dimension: linear space & time-- the dimension we are most familiar with. 4th Dimension: the canopy that forms over our body-- the collective mind, an aggregate of our thoughts & feelings, and also the realm in which the global elite's control patterns are operating. 5th Dimension: unconditional love, the opening of the heart-- must overcome duality of the 4th Dimension to access. 6th Dimension: sacred geometry and the world of forms; crop circles are an example. 7th Dimension: sound-- creates the geometry in the 6th Dimension. 8th Dimension: divine mind and consciousness. 9th Dimension: time codes of the Mayan calendar-- a calendar for evolution for everything that exists.

Around 12,000 years ago, humans lost access to these higher dimensions of consciousness due to the cataclysmic events that struck the Earth, she explained. When people are able to activate the nine dimensions of consciousness, they have "achieved an alchemical transmutation," she added.