Sunday, July 8, 2012

TREES are the Record Keepers living on Land


Channeled by Dianna Robins

Just as the Cetaceans are the Earth's Record Keepers living in the Oceans. TREES are the Record Keepers living on Land.

The Trees comprise a “vast underground communication network” system that transmits information so that all Trees, everywhere on Earth, know instantly all that occurs. They are Living Libraries embodied in bark that we, as humans, can easily “tap” into. Their “line” is always open to us, so tap into it – they are eagerly awaiting our call. They are waiting for us to acknowledge them as the Tree People.

Foreword from the Tree People

Greetings, Dear People of Earth. We are the Tree People, and we thank you for reading our book of messages, dictated from us to you, for the purpose of acquainting you with our world and seeing the world around you through our eyes. For our eyes encompass all realms, including yours. As you read our messages of love, know that our love for humanity is deep and profound, for you are the Caretakers of the Earth, and this is your domain. So cherish the Earth, feel the sacredness of all life, and walk in harmony as your feet touch the Earth and your heart intertwines with ours. We thank you for reading our book, and through our messages may you understand the Great Laws of Life, and act to bring peace and harmony back to our planet. We stand with you as ONE... Click for a free excerpt.