Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Interesting News from Zorra of the Hollow Earth and Zaraya (Billie Faye Woodard)

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Dale's Blog Talk Radio Show with Zorra and Zaraya 
JUNE 23, 2012

A rare opportunity to, probably for the last time, hear Zorra through his son, Zaraya (Billie).

Any doubts about how 2012 will end? Listen up!

Zorra's Last Call Through his Son, Zaraya Billie Faye Woodard

2 Hours   20 Minutes
JUNE 6 2012

This call was especially called by Zorra after advisement from ArchAngel Michael, ArchAngel Gabrial, ArchAngel Raphael, ArchAngel Arial, Adama and his High Council of 12 in Telos.  The purpose of this call is to dispel the barage of disinformation abounding on the Internet.  Zorra's Message:  "To set the record straight: all that I have told you, all that has been recorded and posted on our website from April 2011 to April 2012, remains true.  Other channeled messages suggesting facts other than what I have told you many times on our recorded calls is disinformation. Terra is on her way to 5th Dimension and will not be stopped.  As I have said before: Wait and see what happens!

Neptune is on High Alert and will become visible as a vessel, not a cloud, in locations throughout the world.  2012 will end as I have told you. The next year will be known as Year 1.  How are Inner Earth and Hollow Earth preparing for arrivals from the surface?  Where will you live?  How about families?  What can you do to release the prosperity programs?  What percentage is ready for 5th Dimension?  What can you do to raise your own vibrations?