Sunday, June 17, 2012

AuroRa Le: There’s Magic In The Air! Can You Feel It? - June 16, 2012

The solstice is just a few days away, and there seems to be a brand new vibration to everything around us.  I know it’s not just me who’s feeling it.  I’ve gotten so many messages and have spoken to so many people who are saying the exact same thing.  Over the last few days I’ve been feeling lighter, more disconnected from the everyday 3D events going on around me, and I’m aware of what I can only describe as a funloving, happy vibration of someone or something entirely new to this reality.  Truthfully, it’s going to be nearly impossible to convert what I’m experiencing into our limited human language, so I ask that you just bear with me while I try!

Whether I’m indoors or out, I’m having repeated moments of walking into, and through, pockets of high-vibrational, swirling energy.  It feels alive in a way that I can’t explain, and it’s almost as if there’s an element of laughter to it.  Pure happiness.  It’s physically tangible-I can reach out and touch it.  Think about those unexpected rushes of bliss that you get sometimes, which indicate a fleeting second of clear connection to spirit?  It’s a bit like that.  At times I can perceive these energies with my physical eyes, if only briefly, and what I see are very sheer, swirling rays of color.  They are gone in a heartbeat.  The animals are noticing them, too.  My dog, Ozzy,  has been following more than the normal number of unseen objects lately, and he’s taken to staring at the T.V. while it’s turned off and pacing back and forth.  He cocks his head, making cute little sounds, and it’s obvious that he’s carrying on a conversation with somebody.  My friend Susan, who is amazingly intuitive and a natural healer, has reported that one of her dogs is exhibiting the same behavior and she is sensing this vibration, too.  She came over for lunch last weekend and together we attempted to communicate with my new houseguests.  I asked, “Is anybody here with us right now?”  Immediately, my arms and legs erupted into goosebumps (this is Florida and the air conditioning was set to 79, to accommodate my rising power bill).  I then asked, “Is this how you would like to communicate with me?  Are the goosebumps a yes?”  Okay. More goosebumps.  I ran to get my pendulum.  Next question: “Are you here visiting from someplace else?”  Yes.  “Are you angels?”  No.  “Are you from my Team?”  No.  “Are there any other beings here besides yourselves, such as humans crossing over?”  Yes.  (This is typical for me.  I have been told that in my real life and during dreamtime, I often work at escorting the departing humans to The Light.  As an actual living, breathing human it’s kind of strange to know that I look like a big, white orb to them.  Our home is often full of these friendly travelers, and they stay until I call for Raphael.  I’m like The Ghost Whisperer.)   “Are you Galactics?”, I asked.  Yes.  This line of interrogation went on until my son called to me from his room and asked me to make him a frozen pizza.

This morning the feeling seemed stronger than ever, and I decided to take my investigation outdoors to the lake.  I leashed up my other dog, Ava, and what we beheld as we arrived was nothing short of amazing, and it’s actually what prompted me to share my thoughts in a post.  Granted, our lake has lots of turtles, but they normally stay under water, with the occasional one peeking out or gliding along the surface.  Today, however, they had other ideas.  There were so many and they were everywhere!  Large groups of them swam at the surface, sunned themselves on the shore, waded through the reeds and perched upon the rocks with their little heads raised up as high as they could go.  It was as if a big party was going on and they didn’t want to miss a minute of the action!  Ava and I took a break and stopped at the gazebo so I could center myself and connect with my guide Rastran, and ask for her take on what it was I was sensing around me.  She replied:

“Yes, there is a stronger presence of life all around the planet at present.  Gaia herself, and indeed the plants, the animals, and even the human cannot help but be aware.  These life-forms are here not necessarily for your protection, but because there is a lesser degree of obstruction between worlds.  They are as curious about you as you are about them.  As for the broader meaning of this change, we prefer to leave that as an educational puzzle for you to assemble at your leisure.  To simply tell you is of no value.  What knowledge would you garner from my handing you the answer, as though  you were incapable of deducting the solution for yourself.  Work the problem from all angles and the answer shall become clear.  So clear, in fact, that you shall laugh at yourself for not figuring it out sooner.”

Thanks, Rastran…

So now, as I proceed to do what Rastran said and work the problem out for myself, I find myself wondering if these tiny signs and these unseen beings could have a more far-reaching meaning than I had ever thought.  Could this be the onset of the very event we’ve all been praying for?  Is it possible that this is the first indication of Disclosure?  Could first-contact possibly be something this subtle?  Something like this, which is visible enough for the the awakened soul to recognize, yet inconspicuous enough to not scare the pants off of everybody else? It does seem a lot like the borders were just thrown open  and everyone is filing in, streaming past the checkpoint. Welcome to Earth, everybody!  No passports required.

I suppose that only time-or the illusion thereof-will tell.  We must each come to the conclusion that resonates best with us, personally, and keep on doing what we’re doing.  Keep reaching for the light.  As for me, ever the eternal optimist, I am convinced it’s a huge sign of progress and that it does mean something.  Hopefully it’s a sign that the New Earth is now a tangible, liveable thing that’s right here within our grasp.  Fingers crossed…

*** Please enjoy this incredible video, by my Facebook friend, Patty Ramirez Antonioli.  She was gracious enough to allow me to share it with all of you.  It is an actual event that occurred in her home, and is a perfect visual representation of what I just wrote about.  I dare anyone to not have tears in their eyes after watching!


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