Thursday, May 24, 2012


Channeled by Dr Suzan Caroll 

Beloved Ones,

I am Mytria from the Violet Temple of Transmutation on Alycone, Pleiades.

I AM a higher expression of the one who is writing. I am here to remind all of you that you ALL have many higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond. I encourage you all to allow your higher expression to communicate with you in whatever fashion best suits the personality of your present incarnation. Some of you will best communicate with words. Others will be guided by another creative expression such as music, dance, art, athletics, working with nature, prayer and myriad other expressions of your innate creative force.

You will know when you are connected to your higher expression by the shift in your consciousness and the release of the constant demands of your ego. We, your expressions of SELF in higher frequencies of reality, are reaching out to you to assist you during your return to your true Multidimensional SELF. We remind you to trust that your imagination, your love-filled thoughts and emotions, sudden creative ideas, and fulfilling dreams are direct messages from your SELF. Since you all have myriad higher expressions of SELF, you my feel communications from many of us. Do not be confused by these many voices, as we are all connected in the ONE to draw you into your greater experience of SELF.

The Pleiadians and the Arcturians have been aligned in like-minded service for millions of your years. We also serve on Star Ships together. Therefore, as you look into your vast history of higher dimensional realities, if you find the Arcturians, you will likely find the Pleiadians, as well. The Arcturians remind you of the great power of your unconditional love and multidimensional light, whereas as we Pleiadians may remind you of your joy of living, dancing, singing, being with friends and experiencing inter-personal love relationships.

The Arcturians represents your tenacity to “stay the Path of Ascension,” and we remind you to dance, sing, create and love throughout your entire process. The Arcturians remind you of your deepest spiritual love, whereas we remind you to love life within every moment. Of course, both of our civilizations contain all the qualities that we have mentioned, but even Galactics have specialties. Furthermore, Arcturian realities resonate to the mid-fifth dimension and beyond where all thoughts, emotions and desires are instantly fulfilled. Since our Pleiadian world has ascended much more recently than Arcturus, we have taken on the honor of assisting you in creating your fifth-dimensional threshold society of New Earth.

Just as the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians and members of the Ashtar Command are assisting you form the Galactic realms, the Lamurians are assisting from the core of Gaia, as well as from the core of your ancient memories. In order words, we have you covered from “above” and “below.”  Of course, above and below are metaphorical terms, as we are both resonating to the fifth dimension and beyond. However, some of you will feel the need to align yourselves with the Lamurians, others with the Arcturians and others with the Pleiadians or the Sirians.

When you fully regain your multidimensional consciousness, you will no longer need to choose between your myriad Expressions of SELF, as you will be able to easily align yourself with ALL of us. Since we are aligned with each other, when you connect with any of us, you bonds with all of us. Furthermore, as you experience the first “recognition of your multidimensional nature, you will merge with as many higher dimensional expressions of your SELF as your consciousness can accept.

You see, dear ascending ones, there is NO end of you. Also, there is NO beginning of you. You are timeless energy signatures of multidimensional light and unconditional love that adheres to whichever versions of reality attracts you within the NOW of the ONE. Some realities are a short visit, but others are a commitment that encompasses many eons of experience. Some realities have “time,” in which you age and go through different cycles of life. On the other hand, some worlds are timeless, and you can “live” there until you decide to detach your consciousness from that matrix. Polarities are only known in the worlds ruled by time, as time creates separation, limitations and the extremes of polarity.

However, realities that resonate to the mid-fifth dimension and beyond function in no-time. Hence, there is no aging, separations, limitation or extremes. Time-worlds are useful for learning many lessons quickly, but it is easy to forget your SELF and become trapped in that reality. Conversely, life in the mid-fifth dimension and beyond allows you to maintain the same form or signature frequency until you feel complete with that experience and decide to move on to your next adventure.

After many higher dimensional realities, you may want to have the challenge of a polarized world. On the other hand, after a long run in the polarized spectrum of the lower frequency adventures, you may wish to rest, rejuvenate, love, expand and spiritually expand in the higher worlds. What we are saying is that there is no GOOD worlds or BAD worlds. These judgments are confined to the time-based worlds of polarity. There are only choices of experience. Fortunately, since you are a multidimensional being, you can make many choices all within the same “time.” However, you will not be able to recognize this fact from a time-bound world.

Time-bound worlds force you to grow, whereas timeless worlds allow you to expand. Now, our dear returning ones, you are feeling complete with growing for a while and are ready to return to the more expansive versions of your SELF. When you have done so, the constant self-judgment, fear and struggle will be no more. Once you have chosen to return to your higher expressions of SELF, you will regain a freedom that was lost with your first physical incarnation.

However, in order to fully “return to SELF,” you must completely and unconditionally love, forgive and accept the YOU that you have chosen to express in your present incarnation. Please do not judge yourself that you have done some thing wrong or another thing right. These judgmental concepts only arise from the limitations of third dimensional thinking and are riddled with conditional love. Third dimensional thinking and love based on conditions bind you to the third dimension. In order to return to the timeless expressions of your SELF, you need to master your thoughts and emotions.

Many of our returning ones are asking, “What can I do to ascend.” To this question we respond, “Our dear returning ones, to break through the final illusions of your physical containment, think beyond time and love without condition. Once you can do that for yourself, you are FREE to truly assist others.

Mytria from Alycone

Channeled by Dr Suzan Caroll

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I am Mytria, Keeper of the Violet Flame on Alycone, Pleiades,
and I am Mytre, Commander in the Ashtar Command

We are Divine Complements and are one of the higher expressions of this writer. We come to you as ONE being to speak with you of the joining of many Divine Complements as our beloved Earth comes into Her fifth dimensional expression. As you all know, Gaia and all Her inhabitants, is expanding Her frequency back into the fifth dimension and beyond. Hence, you, the ascending ones of Earth, will be re-connecting with the completeness of your male and female expressions by reuniting with your Divine Complements.

When you first entered the third dimension, you had to choose a gender, for Earth was a polarized reality. Therefore, it was necessary for your innate androgynous expression to choose a form of gender. Then, as you continued your many incarnations of physical Earth, you expressed yourself as either a man or a woman. Your Divine Complement has gone through the same process. Hence, both of you have had myriad incarnations of both male and female earth vessels. However, as you ascend into the fifth dimension, your polarity of form will no longer be necessary. Therefore, you can, if you choose, unite with the completeness of your androgynous, Multidimensional SELF.

In order for you to fully understand what we are about to say we ask that you read with your multidimensional thinking. We introduced our SELF as our two extremes of feminine and masculine expression. It is true that you have perceived higher dimensional beings in male or female forms, as some of us, especially Pleiadians, still enjoy holding a masculine or feminine form. However, we are always intimately connected with our Divine Complement. Since time and space do not exist in the fifth dimension in the same manner as in the physical world, one of us can be on our Homeworld and the other in a Starship traveling the Universe without feeling any sense of separation.

We can do so because we returned to our true, multidimensional nature when we ascended back to the fifth dimension. Thus, we can experience two or more realities within the same moment of the NOW. In other words, we experience our life as ONE being who is experiencing two, in fact many more than two, realities at once. It is because of this last sentence that we asked you to think multidimensionally.  In fact, we have come to you at this time to assist you in thinking multidimensionally so that you can more easily understand and fully participate in your ever-ascending reality.

We will BE telling you some of our experiences of ascension when we Pleiadians returned to our fifth dimensional expression. Unlike our dear friends the Arcturians, we are a civilization that very much enjoys the expression of a form. The Arcturians ascended long before us, but we remained in continual contact, as our civilizations have been inter-twined for longer than your time could count. In fact, many of our ascending ones on Earth have higher expressions, and ongoing lives/experiences, in both the Pleiadian and Arcturian worlds.

The concepts of life and expression have the same meaning to a multidimensional being, as we do not need to “be born” and “die,” as you do on a physical reality. Instead, we choose to engage in a certain form/reality until we feel complete with that experience. Then, we merely exit that reality, but remember every experience of every reality in which we have participated. We know that this extent of memory seems impossible to your third dimensional thinking, but we assure you that is consistent with all life forms of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Those of you who are awakening to your higher expressions, which are only “higher” to the perception of your earth vessel, understand what we are saying. For those who have not—yet—had that experience, what we are saying likely seems impossible. However, we want to encourage you to release the concept of “impossible” from your thinking patterns, as you are about to enter into a new life in which impossible is probable. For example, many of you are meeting a grounded one, or a higher dimensional one, whom you believe to be your Divine Complement or Twin Flame.

In some cases, you are realizing that your Divine Complement is one whom you have been close to for many years. In other cases, you may have a chance meeting with some one that you know within your heart is you Complement. Sometimes you are able to enter into an intimate and lasting relationship with that person, but sometimes that person must leave your life for a reason that is difficult for you to accept. If the second example is the case, it is often because it is important that both of continue your Reason for Incarnation alone.

In this case, you are both creating a pyramid of ascension by maintaining your physical connection via your consciousness while you both focus on your already united SELF in the fifth dimension. If this is the case, it is because you both made that choice before you took your present form. From your timeless state in the fifth dimension, a mere lifetime of separation was insignificant in comparison to the contribution that you would give to Gaia by anchoring your joint consciousness with each other and with your fifth dimensional unified expressions.

In fact, most of the sacrifices that our ascending ones have had to make were chosen before birth to either awaken you to your SELF and/or to assist with Planetary Ascension. As you continue to return to your timeless, multidimensional thinking, the hardships of your life so far will be erased from your memory. Only that which you have learned from these hardships is of importance to your ascension process. Hence, as a benefit of participating in Gaia’s ascension, you will find that fear-based experiences will begin to disappear from your memory.

These fear-based experiences will become similar to a bad tasting medicine you had to take. You did not enjoy the medicine, but you are happy that it made you well. In the same manner, your past hardships where chosen by your Multidimensional SELF to assure that unfinished business that had lowered your consciousness for myriad lifetimes, be resolved and released. Now that you have become the Victor of many of your past experiences of victimization, you can understand what we are saying.

To become trapped in the past is to become trapped in time. And, to become trapped in time is to become trapped in the third/fourth dimension. Therefore, you have chosen to write in some unpleasant experiences into your Birth Contract to force yourself to forget the pain and suffering and move on to create a new, better life. You see, dear ascending ones, what you are doing within your personal release of time and all its problems, is vital to assist Gaia to free Her from Her myriad fear-based experiences of “raising” humanity.

Of all Her children, humanity was the most challenging. Her plants and animals never forgot that they were a component of Her form. However, humanity was so intent on gaining power-over others that they even chose to conquer the very form which allowed them to experience incarnation. We wish to tell you that Gaia is so happy that so many of Her humans have found their power-within and no longer need to experience power-over. In fact, as the darkness/fear is being released by Humanity, Her frequency is rising beyond the resonance of a fear-based realty.

We, along with Gaia, remind you again that the most important contribution you can give to Planetary Ascension is to REFUSE to participate in any form of fear. This includes all forms of anger and sorrow. This request is one that we could not ask of our ascending ones until your moment of the NOW. With the Eclipse, the return of dear Venus to our Pleiades, Venus’s journey between Sun and Earth and the myriad other Solar and Universal energy patterns entering Earth, our ascending ones MUST release that which is over in order to embrace that which is commencing.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, are HERE to assist your NOW!
Blessings from,
Mytria/Mytre of the Pleiades

Channeled by Dr Suzan Caroll

Greetings from Mytria/Mytre and our Arcturian friends,

We would like to take you on a multidimensional journey. Please, just relax and enjoy the ride while we guide you in an exercise to assist you to remember your true, multidimensional nature…

Begin by seeing yourself aboard our Starship, Athena. There are many Pleiadians and Arcturians on this Ship working as ONE to assist humanity and Gaia with the great transition. Imagine yourself in a Corridor of the Ship. Now, walk over to the wall and touch it to connect with the life force of the Ship. You can feel that the Ship is happy to assist and guide you on your journey. Yes, the Ship itself will guide you, for it is a living being.

As you connect with the Ship, many memories flash into your awareness. These memories are multidimensional in that they are of experiences you have had as your fifth dimensional SELF. Close you eyes so that you can more easily allow these memories to enter into your physical brain.

Imagine these memories as pictures and feelings as you:
Look down to your feet and see what you have on them…
Look at your legs. What do they look like and what is covering them…
Look at what you are wearing…
Look at your hands and your arms…

Now that you have grounded your Essence in this reality:
See yourself embracing old comrades from your many visits to this ship…
Feel how their greeting warms your heart…
Notice how they encircle you and welcome you back from your “away mission”…
Hear their voices and look into their eyes…
Reach out to touch them and feel their touch on you…

Most of them have also extended their consciousness into one of their earth-bound expressions and are eager for that component of their beingness to return. It is well known that your Mission on Earth is not yet complete and that this meeting is only a visit. However, in-between visits you spend much of your leisure time imagining a reality that seems so distant from your earth life, yet it will not totally leave your memory. This memory is a blessing, and feels like letters from home when you are far away. In fact, your Earth life is quite similar to a “tour of duty.” However, this tour of duty will last for the duration of your Mission.

When you first began to awaken, you could only long for that which was missing. Gradually, that longing forced you to go deep within to find the answers that were invisible to your physical world. Now you have found many answers and are sharing them with others. Fortunately, there are more and more “others” with whom you can be open. In fact, openly being your SELF is an important part of your Mission. However, you do not wish to think about Earth right now, for you are temporarily Home.

When the time-bound thought of “temporarily” enters your mind, your vision of being on the Ship fades. Instantly, you close your eyes to regain your connection with your higher expressions of reality. You focus intently on the feeling of the Ship’s wall. It feels almost like skin, not in texture, but because it feels alive. The memory of “things” being without life in your 3D world floods into your awareness and the hall begins to fade again. You focus intently on the feeling of the living wall and slowly maintain your connection to this higher dimensional reality.

While holding that image firmly in your awareness, you ponder how your physical form will ever contain this multidimensional awareness. Fortunately, you refuse to participate in doubt. You focus on the FACT that different frequencies of reality feel different. Your physical world has stark contrasts. “Things” have edges and hard boundaries and walls are hard and without life. However, as you take a moment to partially open your eyes, you can see a faint emanation from every “thing” that you once thought of as non-living. In fact, as you look across the room, you see a vague emanation form the wall. Your eyes drift to a plant, a person or an animal to see how their emanation is much stronger.

As you look at the wall of your physical room, you see the overlay of the wall in the Starship, and you gradually return your awareness to the Starship. However, instead of trying to ignore your physical world while you travel inter-dimensionally, you hold BOTH worlds in your ever-expanding multidimensional consciousness. First, with your eyes partially open, you look around your area to see the many auras and/or electrical emanations. You “SAVE” that image to your mind, and close your eyes, maintaining the image.

Now, see the Starship again. You are still alone in the corridor with your hand on the wall, and you hold that image as well. Now, close your physical eyes to block out your physical world and open your Third-eye to perceive your fifth dimensional world…

Next, maintaining the image of your hand on the Starship’s wall, open your eyes to your 3D world—BUT keep your awareness of the Starship active in your consciousness by keeping your Third Eye open…

Finally, with your physical eyes open to your physical world, maintain an opened Third Eye in your fifth dimensional world…

This exercise is how we, the Pleiadians, began our ascension into the fifth dimension. We had Starship travel before our ascension, but we also had many wars and conflicts. However, we began to tire of conflicts and battle. We are by nature a gentle people and would much prefer to dance, sing, create art, enjoy our friends and engage in amorous activities. The harshness of competition, battle and conflict hurt our Souls and lowered our frequency.

Then we found our home in the Pleiadian System. The Pleiades, also known as the "Seven Sisters," is a cluster of young stars. Barely 100 million years ago, during the age of dinosaurs on Earth, the Pleiadian System was formed from a collapsing cloud of interstellar gas. The biggest and brightest members of our System are blue-white and even the faintest stars in our cluster are about 40 times more luminous than your Sun. The star Alcyone is about 100 times brighter than your Sun.

Finding our new home was the first real safety we had experienced since we had left Lyra. As soon as we arrived here, we knew that we could develop a life that was akin to the callings of our Soul. Therefore, our dear ascending ones, we know how extremely difficult it has been for you to begin and go through your ascension process while you are living in a war zone. In fact, we literally understand your feelings, for many of us have taken an Earthly incarnation to assist the ascension from the body of Gaia.

We Pleiadians have enjoyed many incarnations/visits on Earth. We say “incarnations/visits” for we only experienced our lives there as incarnations before we ascended into the higher frequencies. Now we perceive our earthly forms as visits, log-ins, or choices to experience being on third dimensional Earth. Also, many of us have volunteered to share our emanation with our grounded expression to over-light their choice to incarnate on ascending Gaia. Now that we resonate to multidimensional consciousness, we can constantly experience our life in our home world, on our Starship and in a physical form within the same NOW of the ONE. Except, of course, our grounded expressions are often unaware of the other realities that are running parallel to their physical self.

It is the return of your multidimensional perceptions that marks your conscious return Home to your higher expressions of SELF. Therefore, we encourage our beloved human brothers and sisters to remember that they are NOT and have NEVER been trapped on Earth. Only a very small segment of your Multidimensional SELF is living the experience of your physical earth vessel. However, that earth vessel has been closed to all multidimensional input until very recently in your “time.” As you return to your SELF, you will find great comfort in returning to your home world, your Starship and your higher dimensional Temples. These visits will gradually become similar to “going home” after a long day of work.

When you go to work, you do not expect that your house will leave while you are away. In the same manner, your higher expression of SELF does not disappear because you are placing your primary attention on your physical reality. Learning to simultaneously contain more than one experience of reality in your consciousness is the basis of returning to your Multidimensional SELF. At first, you will only be able to have one “primary” reality at a “time,” but as you release your attachment to time, you will find that you can hold more than one reality as an on-going experience. Begin by living two realities at once and have your “other” reality be of one of your fifth dimensional expressions of SELF.

As you practice this skill in your daily life, it will become easier and easier. Also, the 97% of your DNA that has been turned off since the fall of Atlantis or before is constantly being turned on by the higher light. As you consciously remember to connect the experiences of your Multidimensional SELF with your daily, physical reality, you will merge your Third Dimensional Operating System with your Multidimensional Operating System. Once these two systems are merged, you can allow your third dimensional perceptions to expand into multidimensional perceptions.

Remember, the reality that you perceive, is the reality that you live.

We shall return, for we are always with you in a higher frequency,
Alycone and Ashtar Command

Beginnings of Ascension
Channeled by Dr Suzan Caroll


Dear Mytria and Mytre,

We speak with you now about the beginnings of our ascension.

Once we arrived at our new home in the Pleiades, we were finally free of war and fighting. With this freedom from fear, we could hope for a better life. We Pleiadians are so involved with our Earth Family because we totally understand the state of mind of many of you. We know how it feels to be offered hope of a new life and not be totally sure that we could trust this possibility. How could we take the risk that life could be filled with peace and calm when there had been so much war and disruption?

In fact, it took us several generations, which are longer than yours as we live much longer, to settle into the concept of the freedom to choose peace, love, happiness and joy. We understand how our dear Earth Family must decide to choose to live the hope that appears to be before you. After all, you have lived in illusion for myriad incarnation, so what if you believe in yet another illusion? At least this possible illusion is filled with multidimensional light and unconditional love. After living many years, and many lives, in darkness and fear, how can you turn away from hope?

It was the same for us. Also, we were very busy building a new life for ourselves, just as you will soon be doing. The building of our new world kept us occupied, however, the challenges of creating a new society were an ongoing challenge. For generations, we had traveled from place to place and lived entire lifetimes on Starships. Hence, our society was based on a smaller world. On the other hand, we did have long periods in which we were planet bound, but we kept running into the same issue, again and again. We would find peace, then “they”—usually the Dracs—would find us, and the fighting would begin again.

Even though we appeared to be hidden away, there was little security as we had found “safe havens” before, only to be invaded again. Because of our many dashed hopes, we had become attached to a sense of victimization. We felt as if we had little control over the outcome of our lives, our homes and our society. Do you see why we are coming to assist our Earth Family? We are your ancestors, and we know that we are responsible for the example that we set for those who we left behind. Yes, we did abandon many of you in our constant search to find security.

Somehow, through the process of creating a new reality and having freedom from fear and victimization, we realized that what we had accused others of doing to us, we ourselves had done to others. In other words, in order to change our reality we had to change our self. Specifically, we had to change our state of consciousness. We had felt like “prey” for so long that we had forgotten the damage that we had done to beloved Gaia, who had offered us a safe home. If we did not change, and we had to do so very quickly, we would do to our new world what we had once done to Earth.

We had left our home world of Lyra to find peace, but we did not have peace within. We had fear. Finally, we were learning that we could only create in our reality what we held in our hearts and minds. This information was very difficult for us to accept. When a society is based on war and victimization for a very long time, it becomes very difficult to find the enemy within. Only those of us who had a spiritual connection could begin to look into our own darkness. Fortunately, that was enough to turn the tide of our creations.

Those of us who had remembered our connection to Spirit, began to go inside ourselves to ask for forgiveness for what we had done to others. Amazingly, we all got the same answer, but in different words. The message that we got was, “You must forgive your self in order to accept forgiveness from another.” It was one thing to ask forgiveness of our Spirit, but another thing to ask our selves for forgiveness. First, we had to decide exactly what we needed to forgive ourselves for. We began to gather in small groups to find the answer to this question.

Fortunately, our group energy allowed us to go back into the history of our civilization in a detached fashion. Once we realized what we had done to others, we sought the answers as to why we had done these things. We realized that our sense of feeling victimized give us permission to perceive others as an enemy without adequate proof. Because of this decision making process, we had attacked without trying to talk and abandoned without trying to heal.

This realization was a vital realization, as it became a basis of our society. Once we found that our actions were based on fear, we saw that we had gone against the very core of nature, which we had thought has been based on love and acceptance. Therefore, now we needed to go back into our history and re-do our mistakes within our consciousness so that our new, habitual responses could be changed. Therefore, we reviewed our past to discern what decisions were made from a fearful stance and which decisions were based on correct perceptions of our “enemies.” After we determined which were our fearful decisions, we re-considered how we could have used communication and healing instead.

We were able to discern situations with the Service-to-Self enemies in which we responded with powerful tactics and the situations in which we became afraid and ran or attached without adequate thought. Going over our past, allowed us to gain the lessons that were hidden in our “mistakes” and the wisdom that we gained from our effective choices. Once we brought this information back to our people, it became easier for them to uncover their own guilt, anger and fear. Once others experienced and released their emotions, they, too, felt a need to go inside and confer with their Spirit.

First our communications with Spirit were mostly individual, but gradually small groups began to gather to release the old and feel the blessings of Spirit. The groups felt so full of Spirit that they wanted to show their joy by dancing, singing, painting, writing and many other creative expressions. The joy of expressing our creativity released a dark cloud from our consciousness that we forgotten was there.

Suddenly, our fear and sense of victimization was gone. We were too busy creating a new life to think about fear. Since more and more of us were developing an intimate relationship with Spirit, we could surrender protection of our world and society to Spirit. We also released that service to those who discovered that protecting others was their greatest expression of creativity.

We were finally settling into our new home and expanding our Galactic Duties when we began to discover a small voice within. We had started the next phase of our ascension without ever knowing that our process had even begun.

We are with you always, for we share your Spirit,

Channeled by Dr Suzan Caroll

Beloveds, we, Mytria/Mytre, have returned to continue our story.

We left off with the call of a small inner voice tickling our consciousness. After such a long time of moving, establishing, fighting and leaving we had lost most of desire for deep inner contemplation that had once been our keynote. Now, with peace and calm entering our lives again, we were returning to our SELF.

But, who was that voice that so many of us were hearing? Was it our Spirit in a more tangible manner, or was it a version of the SELF to whom we were returning? Some of us were too busy with their daily lives to place too much attention on these questions. On the other hand, those of a feminine, introspective expression, such as Mytria, could not ignore the questions or the inner voice. Therefore, Mytria will tell her story, as we were two people then. In fact, we had not even met.


I was among the ones who first banned together to connect with our Spirit, so the inner voice was not small to me. In fact, my inner voice constantly haunted me and would give me no rest. I could not sleep and ate only for survival. Therefore, I became increasingly tired and, eventually, sick. However, none of the healers could determine the cause of my inability to sleep, extreme sensitivity to food, aching joints, dizziness and confusion. They assumed it was because I was exhausted and recommended that I return home to rest.

However, sleep would not come. I tossed and turned and kept my housemates awake with my constant shuffling around and groaning. Finally, they came to me as one unit and suggested that I spend some time in one of the new Temples that were being created. Their suggestion brought the first inner peace I had felt since the inner voice began giving me instructions, which seemed impossible to understand. In fact, it was not until the moment of my beloved friend’s suggestion that I realized that I had actually been receiving instructions.

Unfortunately, these instructions were in a language that I could only receive in pictures, metaphors, emotions and disassociated thoughts. Perhaps one of the Elders who were establishing the Temples could assist me. I was barely an adult, only about 70 of your years. (As I said, we live much longer than you.) I had spent most of my life on a Star Ship, as I was born in-between our different planetary homes. Nonetheless, since I grew up with all the stories and was naturally VERY empathic, I felt as though I had lived through each planetary experience.

In fact, I was told that I had been with them then, as my life seemed to run in a sequence of constant birth, death, birth, death and birth again. As a child, I remembered these lives as clearly as I remembered what I had done the day before. However, when I became an adolescent I wanted to create a NEW version of myself rather than live what appeared to be a long sequence of the same version of life over and over again.

Perhaps, my confusion and dizziness was because all my other lives were coming back to me, and all at once. Every life seemed to be telling me the same thing and leading me to the same destination. However, I could not understand what I was being told or where I was being led. I desperately needed guidance.

Unfortunately, because our Temples were still under construction, we had to set an appointment to talk with someone and wait for an opening. I will not use segments of years, months or days, as we counted time very differently than you do. I will just say that I was forced to wait—and suffer—for what appeared to me to be a very long time.

However, my housemates had made it quite clear that I was being a disruptive influence to our unit. They had all found their positions in creating our new life and worked day and night towards that end. I, on the other hand, had not found that which my inner voice was guiding me towards and was riddled with fearful emotions because of my inner confusion. I decided that I should go into Nature and spend my time alone in the beautiful surroundings of our new, planetary home.

Consequently, the next morning before dawn, I grabbed a small “portable dwelling,” which was similar to your “tents,” packed some staples and simple cookware and took off into the woods. I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do, but as I left my message for my housemates as to my destination, I felt a brief, very brief, moment of peace. Then I quietly left, closing the door on my first experience of a planetary home.

Since I had grown up visiting new planets, moons and asteroids, my survival skills in an unknown terrain were excellent. I never thought for a moment that I would be in any danger. Besides that, I had always had an attachment to the land of any area that we visited. In fact, it was my guidance, along with others, that assisted us to find this beautiful world of abundance and peace. Now, I had no idea where I was going, by I was a born navigator and knew I could return to our small village when it was time for my appointment.

I walked all day before I found a sheltered place where I could put up my dwelling. With my dwelling constructed, I sat down to eat some of the simple food that I had quietly packed. I only brought enough food for a few meals, as I did not want to take from my dear friends. Besides, I was quite confident that I could live off the land. As I ate, looking out into the ever-darkening sky, I felt calmer than I had been since my inner voice had started screaming in my mind. The food actually tasted good, and I enjoyed every bite. Surely, this was a sign that I had made the right choice…

To the contrary, I woke up to the first storm we had experienced since we landed on this planet. I awoke clutching a small blanket and realized that my dwelling had blown away and my eating utensils where scattered all over the area. Some of them I never found. I had wanted an adventure, but I got a bit more than I had counted on. I knew better than to walk around in a storm, so I took what I could gather and huddled under the lip of an overhanging rock.

As I sat against the rock I mused. I had walked since before dawn and only stopped when it grew dark. Then, I stayed up until late watching the new star systems in the night sky. I can only imagine it was because I was so tired that I did not see any of the warning signs for this huge storm. And, why did I not wake up sooner? Perhaps I had lived in a village too long, and I had lost touch with nature. It definitely appeared that I had lost touch with my self.

Since the stars were now invisible, and they were the form of navigation that I had learned on the Star Ship, I had to stay put until storm ended and the skies had cleared. Only the great fatigue that I had been suffering for many rotations of our moons, could allow me to fall asleep in the midst of a huge storm. I do not know how long I slept, if it was actually sleep, as my mind was seeing that which had up until now evaded me. I remember repeatedly saying in my night body, “I must remember this dream.”

I awoke to a beautifully clear day with that thought in my mind. However, I could not remember the dream. I only had the same flitting images that had been haunting me since the voice began. However, the dream seemed to place these images in a sequence, which—of course—I could not remember. A great light that was shinning on my body, drying my clothes and warming the rock had awakened me. I was lying back against the rock that had offered me shelter from the storm when something caught my attention. When I looked more closely, I saw that the rock glistened as if a million small stars were embedded within it.

I had been to many planets and seen many landscapes, but I had never seen a rock like this before. I decided that since the storm had brought me here, I would stay here, against this rock for as long as necessary. However, what was left of my food was gone, so I had to remember my empathic skills of finding water and “knowing” what was edible. It was these innate abilities that had brought me purpose on the Star Ship, a purpose that I had lost since we had settled into our new world. The water was found, the food was located, the night skies were mapped and I was—useless.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I had been having so much difficulty. I had not found my place within our society. I was too young to serve in the Temples and too old to sit around, which is what I had been doing. No wonder my housemates had tired of my presence. With the thought of my inability to find my “place” I drifted off into sleep—or was it a deep meditation?

We shall return and Mytria will continue her story,

Channeled by Dr Suzan Caroll


I appeared to awake, only to see my physical form hunched against a huge rock, clutching a few possessions. As I looked at my physical self I could see how her inner conflict had robbed her of her beauty and made her body overly thin and pale. In fact, I could see how she was very sick and in great need of healing. However, it was not her body that was ill, it was her mind. I went over to her sleeping form and touched her head. Instantly, the look on her face relaxed and her breathing became long and rhythmic. Now, it was safe for me to leave her.

I, the part of her SELF with whom she has not, yet, connected, recognized the rock immediately. The rock was a Sacred Rock, a Portal into the realms of the higher frequencies of reality within the planet. I stood before the rock and allowed my spiritual essence to breathe into it, as a toned with my etheric voice. Slowly the Sacred Rock began to glow brighter and brighter. Gradually, a circular pattern began to glow inside the small area that served as a roof for my physical form.

The circular pattern pulled in my breath and beckoned me to tone louder and louder. My voice did not awaken my sleeping form as it was unheard by her physical ears. However, the Rock heard me, and the Portal responded by opening. My etheric essence flowed into the Portal, which transported me into the Heart of the planet. Within this Heart were many other etheric forms that also had physical forms on the surface.

One of these etheric ones was of a male essence. We were instantly drawn to each other, and when we touched it was as though we merged. We were quite happy with this degree of intimacy. In fact, without words, we let each other know that our joining felt natural and extremely nurturing. Then, our attention was drawn away from each other as a huge being of Light entered the Circle, which we had not realized we had formed. We both recognized him/her as an Arcturian.

The Arcturian stepped into the Center of our Circle and reached out an arm of light to introduce a beaming Light of somewhat humanoid form. This Being was of a feminine energy pattern, and she introduced herself as the Elohim for Alcyone. Even though I had never heard that word, Alcyone, I instantly knew it was the name of the planet. I will endeavor to repeat what she expressed. I did not know that my physical self could not have understood these words, as they were in the Light Language that has evaded her so far.


“Beloved etheric representations of my new human family,
I welcome you to enjoy the beauty and fertility of my planetary form. The Arcturian and I have been sending messages into the consciousness of those who could hear us. You are now here in your etheric form, as your dense bodies cannot make this journey. The one whose form is known as Mytria has discovered my “front door,” and the rest of you are here while your physical forms are meditating or sleeping.

The Arcturian and I wish to tell you that you are on the cusp of a great opportunity, for my planet is about to become a Sun. If you can maintain a deep heart connection to me while I make my transition, you can join me in your multidimensional expression of form. Once, you have gained that form you can wear whatever frequency of body that suits your needs. You will loose nothing by this alteration and will gain a great deal.

However, the process of this transmutation is not for the weak of heart, the lazy or those who lack the quality of deep commitment. It was no accident that you have arrived on my physical body, as I have chosen you to be my Keepers. The Arcturians and I have watched you for many of your generations and have constantly been within your consciousness since you first landed here.

We have sent an open call to those who are willing to assist me in my transition. In return, I will assist you. The Arcturians will assist us both, as passing through the Corridor of physicality and into the higher realms is their Cosmic Service. We wish you to look around at the etheric form of those in this meeting, for YOU are the ones who have shown the greatest dedication and commitment to creating a new reality based on multidimensional light and unconditional love.

You will likely forget whom you see here now, as that is by design. We want you all to connect as ONE Light-force within your etheric body and to ground your personal and group commitment into my body when you return to your daily life. When you meet each other in your physical realm, you will feel a certain twinge in your heart and recognition in your mind. However, you will not know each other as you see each other now until the transformation of my body has been completed.

I thank you for finding your way here. I deeply appreciate it, as I have seen the difficult initiations that you have all completed in order to find your way to this gathering. You are my Protectors and the Keepers of my Flame. I KNOW that you shall find your way to next gathering, and we will meet again at the completion of our ascension.

Until then, know that I AM forever within and about you. I AM the planet upon which you stand, from which you eat, drink and bathe. I AM the land that gives you a home, the water that is vital for your life force and the fire that warms your homes and ignites your passion for life. I AM the air that you breathe and the skies through which you will fly your ever-transforming Star Ships.

I welcome you to my Planet, soon to be a Sun.
I welcome you to MY body and Soul.

We, the Arcturians, and myself are in constant communication with you. As I leave this Circle, the Arcturians will give a personal message to each of you. Therefore, line up one-by-one to accept your personal message.

I will not leave you, for I AM within you!”

As the Elohim Alcyone said the last sentence, her light disbursed in every direction. It went into the ceiling of our Inner Cave, into the walls, the floor, the many alcoves and into the etheric form of each of us. For a moment, I felt in complete unity with the Planet, and complete unity with the stranger with whom I has mysteriously connected. However, the light of the Elohim told us, “not yet,” and our connection was severed.

We were almost embarrassed as we lined up for our personal message. He allowed me to stand before him, and I felt as if my heart was broken. What was that connection? Who was that person? Last, but not least, would I ever meet him again?