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May 4th, 2012:  Summary With Links

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1.   Liens Filed On International Banks And The Keenan Lawsuit.
Audio clip:  Keith Scott talking about Keenan lawsuit
Audio clip:  Paragraph from Sheldon Nidle’s weekly update
Audio clip:  Scenario of the new economy by Cobra - David Wilcock - End The Lie Radio - Fulford’s message. - Sheldon Nidle update message. -financial system from Cobra
Information about Sheldon Nidle and his webinars: - info about webinars

2.  The Turning Tide Against Benjamin Netanyahu
Audio clip:  Creator of “We Love You Iran” poster campaign (Israel)
Audio clip:  Movie THRIVE
Audio clip:  Saul, via John Smallman
Audio clip:  SaLuSa and Galactic Federation via Mike Quinsey (02MAY)
Audio clip:  Galactic Federation Via Greg Giles (02MAY) - THRIVE movie and information. “Iran, we love you”

3.  Central Banks As The Cause Of Wars
Audio clip:  Gamble/Perkins from movie THRIVE

4.  Follow Up On Technical Failure - Moscow Stock Exchange
Audio clip:  Drake comments on this event

5.  Ron Paul Update

6.  Canada Secret Bank Bailouts

7.  Bilderberg 2012 Meeting in Chantilly, Virginia 31MAY-02JUN

8.  White House Correspondents Dinner
Audio clip:  Obama (planted statement to secret agenda?)
Audio clip:  Highlights of Jimmy Kimmel and Obama speeches.

9.  Monthly Celestial Update Message – Matthew Ward
Audio clip:  Matthew Ward message “making universal history”

5.  Keshe Foundation Releasing Technology Free

Intro and extro music: short clips from the opening score to Back To The Future, Universal Pictures 1985.

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