Saturday, March 31, 2012

David Wilcock: a String of Scandals Plagues the Vatican


Illuminati whistleblowers Svali and Leo Zagami have both said the Vatican is the "spiritual head" of the Illuminati. That's why this news is so significant within the insider world.
In her radio interview with Greg Szymanski, Svali revealed that all members are forced to endure human sacrifice rituals that are conducted in the Vatican -- in a secret subterranean chamber, accessed by a door hidden behind a giant painting.

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Any significant exposure and downfall of the Vatican will, therefore, reveal an incredible amount of sinister, hidden truth.

No one knew what Svali looked like until Ed Koni recently posted the new website -- and included the above picture, without revealing what program it came from, or when it aired. No footage of the program is available on the site.

After I posted this, our intrepid commenters discovered this footage. It is from a BBC Conspiracies program in 2001, entitled "Satanic Panic." 2000 was the year Svali was the most active in writing articles. You can skip ahead to 6:24 to see Svali. Either link works:

Svali has definitely not sought the limelight -- nor has she profited from her disclosures in any way. Instead, telling the truth got her tortured -- and she may have been killed.