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Alara on Militarized Remote Viewing

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Mar 7, 2012

We have been told the Project Stargate and other Remote Viewing projects have been abdandoned by the US military.

Nothing could be more wrong. In this detailed account of how Remote Viewing, nanoteck injections, and multiple Alien types are involved with the US Military.

Alara (Not her real name) describes how the US has fully militarized Remote Viewing, and how Alien Implant technology, is injected into their own troops, so RVrs can track and advise them in the modern theatre of war.

Alara is a natural RVr, who volunteered for the US Military in 2000, and was used up and exhausted in a short time, before crashing out of the program.

The viewer must understand that such tactics are very likely to be in use by the British Military, as refered to by John Urwin, (Bases 13) who referred to his special officer as nonhuman in the late 1950s!. Described in similar detail to some of Alaras "ETs"

Alara spends her time enjoying life driving her Triumph Motor bike around the western US.

We thank her for her invaluable contribution to the use of Remote Viewing in the modern age.

After we shot the main HDV Alara interview on Militarized Remote Viewing

As we got some refreshemnets on a very hot day, Alara describes strange crab - spider type constructs called Scuttlers.,First encountered in the Energy 106 FM Pirate station on the Irish Border (SeeBases 4 part 2).

In a very rare opportunity, Alara describes what these devices are, and why they are used on Data Network systems, or any systems that contain Information.

These are hyperspatial, or "Astral" constructs using alein technology, but made by Humans. They infest power stations, transmitters and computer systems and networks.

I was personally attacked by a very large version, of these. About 12ft wide at SKY News , on the BSKYB site in Osterley.

Black Energy Life Forms Scuttlers BASES 4 Part 2

The Radio NOVA 88FM transmnitter broadcast originally in Dublin witha "white light energy". However after it was then sold and used at the BBC's Sheriff's mountain site for Q102, Derry, something happend. Black "Shadow" energy was put into it.

We have discovered that Shadow life forms, or Scuttlers, infest the "licensed" broadcast system, as mentioned in Bases 4, when the Energy 106 transmitters would shut down when attacked by these creatures.

Refer to the Wind Farm UFO event, when a wind turbine blade was taken off, and witnesses saw a "Octopus" tentacles. Such life forms seem to feed on our thought consciousness. They can prooke sever negative actions, like anger and violent emotion. In this section we get a Signal, when doing the edit!

Belfast Radio Energy 106 Abductions

The Energy Tower Featured was destroyed by a viscious vandal in Oct 2010. We believe under instruction from certain agencies. They will know what the I.T.S can do.

He lives in Belfast, He will be hunted down.

Was veteran Belfast Radio Jock Lawrence John abducted by aliens, or a Government Mind Control (MILAB) operation Four times at the mysterious Saint Patricks Chair and well? Located near the KISS FM 103.7 and Energy 106.6 Transmitter site on the Irish border. Energy 106 was "allowed" to stay on for some reason. Aliens or Mind Control, or BOTH?

These questions and more still need answered. Even though the station's transmitters have been taken away, IT IS STILL RUNNING!

These stations shared UFO encounters and Highly Unusual circumstances that got them to air. This is an extract from the Irish era of Pirate radio, and connects these brilliant Free Thought Stations with ETs, or our other worldly civilisations. The question is was LJ abducted by some form of ETs, or hidden earth civilisations, or a Government MILAB operation. Extract from BASES 4 Part 2, available from Music by Nick Ashron at

Background to these stations:-

Energy 106.6 (Sister of KISS FM 103.7,the Belfast Superpirate border blaster from the late 80s) was a Belfast Pirate Radio Station that Kicked Dance Radio Ass into Belfast, set up by Miles Johnston, with Lawrence John or LJ the DJ, or John Friday (as he was on the KISS station out of Monaghan town in 1987 88, after years of continued frustration over Ulster's notoriously backward ultra conservative media.

Now even worse, as all the statuions are owned by 2 companies who have destroyed diversity and any vestage of entertaining informative real radio. Ofcom has a lot to answer for the ir criminal acts of destruction of creative radio, and diversity of choice which used to come from those border pirates. In this clip LJ describes his abductions and so called aliens.... or were they actually CIA or MI6 Mind Controllers using the station for nefarious purposes? Which is possibly why it was allowed to broadcast from 1996 until Feb 2005.

Is this an example on how the Secret Government Mind Control system work via broadcast Radio?