Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Shift: Global Sounds and Cosmic Alignments

Uploaded by ASCENSIONPIONEERS on Jan 19, 2012

Dear Pioneering Spirits!

Lately there have been reports on strange sounds all over the world. Our Beloved Gaia is going through a massive shift, and we are flowing with it as well, because we are eternally linked with all of Creation.

Here are some interesting links about this phenomenon, although we can hardly call it as such, because all that is happening in Creation is natural and a part of the organic shifting process. It is only Humans who can attribute it as such, through the lack of their understanding.

2012 Theories web page:

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. The Center of our Milky Way Galaxy and Gaia are aligning. We are aligning with our Source (The Great Central Sun, Alcyone) more than ever this year. This is the galactic alignment that all the ancients knew and spoke about. The matching frequencies of Gaia and the Central Sun are producing new waves of energy. Basically, Gaia and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy are coming into their resonance and alignment. Everything is shifting!