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A woman awakens with amnesia after a suicide attempt, and her quest to find life's meaning anew introduces her to the great spiritual philosophies. Her fictional tale becomes a real-life primer in new age consciousness in this unique documentary.

Story Behind the Movie – Declaration of Consciousness & Nandhi the Yogi

Posted on October 2, 2012 by Dolores Cannon

From the spiritual truth we encounter in our inner journeys of the past, often, certain awe inspiring moments stand as three dimensional- as in one of the pilgrimages where Nandhi was meditating in intensity. It was day fourteen of having gone through fasting on water and fruit juices and meditation was now a smooth round the clock process. The objective of this meditation was to attain the consciousness beyond the mind as in the state of turiya. The state of Turiya is described by the Sages as the sleepless sleep state of meditation.

It was now approximately 2 a.m. in the morning when Nandhi felt drawn to come out of meditation as though the object of his meditation was standing outside himself. He opened his eyes, and yes! There was a Sage with eyes that felt like beams of light as though waiting for Nandhi to pay attention to what he said. Nandhi got up from his sitting posture and fell at this Sage’s feet. The Sage looked at Nandhi and said, “You will remember this essence mantra in all its beauty and wisdom when the time in your future matures as a reality. These are the words, “Tat VamAsi.”

Tat VamAsi is a Sanskrit word of the highest realization of Sages – “That thou art,” “Thou art that,” “You are that,” or “That you are”. Tat VamAsi means, the realization of “I Am God!”Saying these words, he placed his palms on Nandhi’s head, blessing Nandhi and he walked away. That moment felt like a three dimensional hologram- as the words “Tat VamAsi” stood as a teaching directive to enter into meditation with the mind understanding this “I am God” concept; as another reality on realization of “I am God” guiding the realization even further to awake even vaster truth; and the knowing that these words as seeds would awaken in future as a reality of the Sages.

For the rest of that moment, nearly twelve years ago, until last month, Sept 2012- this incident as thoughts lay as a random memory of the past with Nandhi. Last month, it was in a vivid dream that Nandhi felt the Sage visit him again saying, “The last time I told you “Tat VamAsi,” you were wondering what it had to do with you. Today you will understand it for yourself and for all of humanity you will share this most crucial corner stone of consciousness.”That day Nandhi realized that “Tat VamAsi” pertained to the movie, 3 Magic Words, that he was involved in!

There was a sudden awakening to understand a thread of past desire of Nandhi to give humanity the message of the realized- to awaken to the Oneness of all. This past desire sprang up as the idea as in words- Declaration of Consciousness as the innermost message of the movie 3 Magic Words.

Nandhi now understands that there is the critical moment of mass awakening as on the spring board of time with so many movies, books, music and documentaries pointing towards higher consciousness through the unified message- awaken to whom you really are- we are the Oneness of One. Awakening to understand our own divinity we are now angelic beings who can only do good for ourselves, for all others, as one humanity and for planet Earth.

The intent of all realized and higher conscious beings who lived on Earth had been to plant seeds of consciousness so humanity would slowly but surely realize. These mighty seeds of intent have multiplied as the prevailing consciousness of today as the idea in time that is before us.

Our Declaration of Consciousness now condenses the objective of the Declaration of Independence more than 200 years ago as the need for freedom for a nation to the need for individual real and true freedom- the freedom of consciousness.

Story by: Nandhi

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Easter Island - Rapa Nui 144: Umbilical of the New Earth

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn - 11.17.12

In This New Metatron Channel:
The Beings of Hollow Earth
The LeMurians of Inner Earth
Rapa Nui 144- Mega Portal & Grid Point
The Nature & Physics of Dimensions
The Omni Earth
Hathor & Sacred Cetacean
The Giants of the Ancient World
Re-Emergence of the LeMurians

Greetings Masters! I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet each of you in a vector of unconditional love! We take a moment to bring in an entourage of Angels and the Spirit of Place of Rapa Nui. We are joined by the Hathors, and ancient ones of MU in a brilliantly shining spiraled vector. Close your eyes for one moment and feel our collective.....

Oh Dear Human Angel, we embrace you fondly, both individually and collectively. You wear duality filters which keep you from fully seeing what an exquisite energy you are. Many of you do not even recognize the magnificent accomplishment that the Ascension represents, and fewer still understand the fact that YOU created it. You are all on the cusp of an utterly astonishing graduation, and we honor you !

Dear Ones, the earth is part of a solar system that is vast, powerful and far more extensive than you may fathom There is one physical Earth, but it exists in more than one reality, and in many versions. The Earth has served many purposes and will continue to do so. There are specialized points and places above, upon and within the earth where dimensions merge and frequencial door-ways occur. There are numerous unique cavern-apertures that reach far into the earth and enter other realities, and into the realms of beings of differing experience & expression.

We have told you previously that other beings and races currently share the Omni-Earth
with you. There are numerous others that have come and gone in differing epochs of space & time. Most of them know a quite different earth than yours. The earth has since its beginning been home of myriad races that have chosen to live upon and within the earth and its moon. They have been aware and unaware of each other -- separated by space, time, dimension and purpose. The earth is uniquely symbiotic in that it is a camp-ground to some and proving-ground to humanity. But all who  enter above or below ground on the planet know Rapa Nui, for it is a Stargate of extreme potency with a unique alignment to Arcturus. All life that enters the Earthplane passes first to the gateway of Arcturus. 
And so we speak of Rapa Nui, Easter Island.

Mega Portal

Indeed it is one of the most powerful & unique portals on the planet, and has been recognized as such for millennia. It is absolutely a potent & benevolent 'Umbilical of the Earth'. It is a dynamic balancing and nurturing energy that supports the Earth, its Elemental Kingdoms and indeed Humanity.

It is a place that was once home to giants, to Hathors and walking Cetaceans of Sirius. It was the surface Temple of the LeMurians. Most of you know it far more than you realize. We tell you it houses a gateway of extraordinary proportion & importance. And it will play an extremely important role beginning in 2013. We have accordingly requested the channel to bring Keepers of the Earth to (re) experience Rapa Nui, and receive & anchor the codes. The clarion calls !

Now, Portals are normally considered to be a wormhole in space or a stargate that allows entry from above the Earth. The astonishing portal that exists on Easter Island is of a double octahedronal matrix. It is two octahedronal 'gates'. Both a vertical octahedron with entry above & Below the Earth, and a horizontal octahedronal portal that connects to other point in time.

Rapa Nui 144

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is also in the truest sense of the word a point of power generation. The Earth's axis receives and generates energy patterns that are similar in nature to that termed Scalar Waves It is one of 12 locations on the spherical globe that is a direct conduit of this incredible energy. Rapa Nui holds a very specialized relationship with Giza as well as the other 11 mega nodes. In terms of its function as a Vortexial Portal. We validate its location on the Planetary Grid as being a major node functioning in the Precession of the Equinoxes.

With Giza appropriately assigned the 'zero' longitude, Easter Island is in the important
progression of 144 degrees! That is very significant, both in the planetary grid and the frequencial keys of the numerics. This will indeed be even more important in the not too distant future, for reasons that are both known and unknown to your scientist and seers. Rapa Nui is awakening into a new role, and will be one of four major anchors in the Southern hemisphere for the New Firmament.

Balanced Field

Easter Island was formed from the lava of three triangulated volcanoes. The volcanoes
are embellished, much like Mt Shasta, & serve to lock in the vast dimensional overlay which occurs above and below the 144-Portal of Rapa Nui. The energy generated here is incredibly powerful, yet benevolently in balance.It exudes an almost musical serenity and opens each pilgrim and visitor to heightened awareness and spiritual merging with Divine Self. It is a remarkable place of 'thin veils' . One experiences Divinity in meditation here in xtraordinary lucid clarity.

The proximity to the Pacific Ocean waters literally make Rapa Nui an oasis of tranquility and nurturing heart. Because the island is presently quite small, the ocean wave effect on its shoreline easily encapsulates the entire area with a benevolent and soothing plasmic field of anionic charge. Being in this energy otherwise would be too intense, but because of the blend of telluric and comic energies, it is an area that can be termed a regeneration node. The numerous forces at play here homogenize extremely well, and provide an energetic induction field that is of great benefit to those that spend time on the island. Its energy is literally capable of balancing and aligning the human auric field, of healing infirmities and indeed extending longevity. This was well known by the LeMurians and Rapa Nui was utilized as a Center of Healing and Spiritual amplification.

In 2013, beginning in the March Equinox, energetic coded crystalline light will flow into this area. It is the light of a new era, and sustains and advances the emergence of enlightened humanity. It will be a beacon to many and will be heard above and below the Earth. It is seeding the New Firmament and preparing the way for a grand reunion.

Now specifically because of the enormous utility and complexity and extreme generation
of the Easter Island power-node and it is an extraordinary Mega Vortexial Portal. It was recognized initially at the time of LeMuria, and was in fact the entry gate that was used when many first experienced the Earthplane, before the planet was one of duality. This was in the time of the original firmament. Rapa Nui remains very active in its function as a major point of entry into the Earth-plane.

Easter Island served as a Utopian Mecca in the time of the Firmament. It was a much larger land mass at that phase of the planet, and was visited from throughout the Cosmos. Incredible Pyramids were constructed in the area, most of which are now submerged below waters, although several are located and are functioning in the vast city below it in what may be termed Hollow Earth.

Much later in linear terms, during the 'Golden Age' of Atlantis, when many extra terrestrials of Sirius A, Sirius B, the Pleiades and Arcturus manifested upon the Earth, and walked with humans in biology, the Earth was mapped and the location of such sites were embellished technically with transmitting and receiving Pyramids and circuited monoliths were placed in such locales and vectors.

Easter Island, Giza, Titicaca, Patagonia, Israel, Turkey, Arkansas and Newgrange were among these. Some of these were on the surface of the planet; many others were placed in frequencial chasms below the surface.

The circuitry and transmission stations enabled a more condensed concentric merging of dimensional fields and a means of stabilizing & controlling the energy flows within them. Yet understand the technology utilized responded to and was operated by high frequency thought. We tell you that the Earth is much different than you realize. To put it in an understandable 'computer' analogy, there is one primary Earth program, and within that program are many subprograms or files, that contain different versions, different epochs and different probabilities of time and space. So with this somewhat explanatory image, understand that within the Omni Earth are dimensions of time and space that are separated by frequency.

Dimensional Corridors of the Omni Earth

Masters, dimensions are not separated by distance and as such neither are other worlds, or other realms of Omni Earth. These cannot truly be accessed by physical travel in the manner you may think within the limited laws of your physical reality. Had mankind in his present era devoted as much thought to mental locomotion as physical locomotion an entirely different set of physics of movement would be understood. All dimensions of the Omni Earth take place in the same timeless moment and the same (spaceless) space, but not in the same frequency. In other words, dimensions border each other somewhat in the same way that a radio carries many different stations.

The Earth now and always contains specialized dimensional gateways; portals that are entry points to other frequencial worlds. To most of humanity that is a moot point, for a frequencial shift is requisite to recognizing and lucidly opening these astonishing portal door-ways.

Atlanteans of the Law of One, LeMurians, Ancient Egyptians, Tibetan Monks and certain indigenous cultures (before and after them) understood how to do this, and were able under certain shamanic disciplines to alter their reality and their dimensional resonance.

Rapa Nui- 144-The Original Entry Gate

As we have stated, Easter Island housed the Portal that souls used to initially enter the Earthplane during the early stages of humanities experiences in what is termed LeMuria or MU. It is equally as potent as the Stargate located in Giza, and was utilized prior to Giza, particularly by the Arcturians and Sirians.

In the manifold of Easter Island you are standing upon a gateway where time and frequency are capable of offering doorways in different dimensions and temporal holograms. 
The Rapa Nui land mass is also the location of a potent opening to what is termed the 'Hollow Earth'. It is the largest of several major entries which was used by the LeMurians to enter the subsurface realms of the Earth, at the time in which LeMuria was no longer sustainable.

Rapa Nui is a land that many code carriers are drawn to revisit, for it contains within it beautiful memories of MU that will be reactivated. As such those drawn to this land will recognize it immediately. The energy of Place of Rapa Nui will welcome you and will benefit by your presence, and indeed you will benefit by receiving an incredible activation. It remembers you. It knows you. You carry within a seed that will reactivate, anchor and align to a very special re-emergence that is coming in your future.

For within 3 centuries of your linear time, Rapa Nui will re-emerge as a Cosmic Mecca. Master Beings will journey from throughout the Multiverse and relish that the land is still hallowed. It will once again become a Pilgrimage site and Utopia, especially for the re appearance of Inner Earth LeMurians as well as the Golden Hathors and Sacred Cetaceans. In this phase, the seas levels will have declined considerably, and Rapa Nui will again be a much larger land mass. It will also be a refuge of rejuvenation and joy to all forms of life. It will harbor and nurture all who visit. It will be among the first areas in which Master Beings walk again among humanity in manifested form. Uniquely so as its energy field will offer quite clearly expression in hyper dimensions that are sustainable within its resonance. It will be an interface for the inner Earth populace, for just beneath its surface area, is one of the largest cities of the ancient LeMurians, as well as a base for the Hathors. Indeed the two are very connected.

Inner Earth

Many of you do not truly consider that the interior of the Omni Earth is inhabited, but we assure you that it is absolutely populated. In fact every planet in your solar system, as well as three of your planetary moons are inhabited internally, in chasms below the surfaces.

Those that dwell within the inner dimensions of the Earth are numerous. But we add that none of the extra terrestrials currently on the Earth are hostile or interfering. Indeed they are providing a protective shield for the planet. All are associated with the Ashtar group or the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. Some of the extra terrestrials have been here from the beginning, before humanity in fact. The most prominent of these include those from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturius, and other specific benevolent of the bi-nary star systems.

They have observation bases or what may be termed laboratories. Some have roles in maintaining aspects of planetary interface with other realms.

The LeMurians of Inner (Hollow) Earth

The greatest inner earth populace, however, are the humans of LeMuria. Many of you were originally among them before the earth entered a cataclysmic phase in which the surface lands could no longer sustain human life.

Keep in mind that LeMuria originally occurred on the planet before the Earth became a 'University of Duality', at the time of the Firmament. In this phase humanity was not truly physical, and the Earth was a utopian experience, in which semi physical forms were manifest and dissolved at will. After the Fall of the Firmament and polarity realms predominated, bodies became more dense, and filters were in place. Their vibrations moved into polarity stance as the life journeys became one of chosen growth and challenge. Their utopian existence was lost and replaced by greater mission.

The LeMurian society and energy embraced the nurturing and unconditional love aspect of the Golden Hathor and Golden Dolphin. Their vibrations were also very much attuned to the Faerie Kingdom and they expressed a deep love of all nature.

When the Earth's environment was no longer able to sustain human life, (as has several
times), approximately 65% of the LeMurians chose to enter into the hollows of earth. Others chose to reincarnate into Atlantis and others into the Sacred Cetacean (Dolphin) realms in order to be of service to humanity. We have told you previously that dolphins and whales regulate, joyously upshift and anchor the powernodes & energies of the oceans, which cover two-thirds of the present earth. They are the loving guardians of the waters.

Physiological Evolution

Adaptation into the hollow earth took many generations, and the LeMurian community
adapted accordingly, both to the inner Earth environ and to one another such that mind, spirit and body acknowledged the bond and through Divine will the shift did occur. We tell you that the human body will acclimate and quickly evolve its physiology to match the needs of its inner and outer environment. Within a few short generations, an environment that was previously toxic can become quite hospitable, and such was the experience of the gentle LeMurians. Indeed this remarkable physiological adaptation was the case long ago and it will be the case again in your probable future. As events upon the earth continue to progress in the centuries to come, experimental communities beneath the earth, above the earth, as well as on the moon and as far away as Jupiter and Saturn will be established, and in each case, human-kind bodies will adapt and in so doing make the new home compatible.

And so to continue, the LeMurians of inner Earth are now in bodies that are much less dense than that of humanity inhabiting the surface. They have the mental ability to adjust to their environ, somewhat chameleon like, in forms that can be frequencially transformed, in bodies that are far more resilient and malleable to their conditions. Their eye-sight has evolved to perceive accurate imagery of their environ in a much wider scope of visibility, reaching above and below that of what is termed the visible spectrum of light. They have developed capabilities similar to the dolphin's sonar. There is a skeletal framing to their forms but it is more elastic in nature. Their skin is a blue-grey tint, because of the rich mineral content of the water they drink. They derive nutrients that energize their bodies almost entirely from the enriched mineral-waters they drink. They cultivate a form of aqueous algae similar to spirulina. Their bodies produce very little solid waste. Their bodies are more capable of longevity. They have life spans triple to quadruple that of surface humans.

Life Sustenance in Inner Earth

The LeMurian humans live in a life-sustaining portion of the interior of the earth. It is far more stable than the surface. They have been there for a very long time, and are a civilization very close to completion. At present they have very little desire to intermingle with surface humanity, despite what others may tell you. Although there is a small contingency among their leaders who have interfaced with more advanced humans who were originally part of the LeMurian existence on the surface. This generally occurs in the human's subconscious realm or dream state. In several rare incidences a specialized core of what may be termed diplomatic advisors has met with some of your governments and leaders. This took place in the early years after your WWll in the times of the highest potential of a nuclear war.

Very very few of the LeMurians venture to the surface in physical form, for indeed their adapted bodies would not be able to sustain the present sunlight (UV levels) for very long periods. This will begin to change after the establishment of the New Firmament in 2038.

Many of the recent past accounts of LeMurians surfacing at Mt Shasta are somewhat
exaggerated or are remembrances from dreamscapes. (But there are indeed interactions
within the sub-conscious realms of dream horizons.)

The LeMurians simply do not presently physicalize on the planet surface because their physical bodies would be quite vulnerable to viruses, certain bacterial infections, and over exposure to sunlight. Their physical vision is adapted to a different form of light than what appears on the surface. The LeMurians are also quite aware of the aggressions and issues of the surface world masses, and are very content to complete where they are until humanity progresses over the next three centuries.

LeMurians were somewhat confounded by the shift of the planet into duality realms after the fall of the original Firmament. They have always been repulsed by violence and aggression, and as a society and culture had difficulty confronting it, or learning how to defend against it, even when it was appropriate to do so. That is the reason most moved into inner dimensions. We will tell you that all of the planets in your system have societies living in their interior, and as a general rule, societies that reside internally are more spiritually advanced.

The fact remains that strength is an attribute of Love, and Love without strength is incomplete. Yet the LeMurians have found a way to achieve strength of will, but have not resolved the duality issues of confronting & successfully resolving issues of violence. That remains an issue for several of your past civilizations. It is a difficult rubik, but is necessary for mastering duality. When resolved it carries expansive growth and tremendous leaps in creatorship, but it is a complex task.

We will add that some surface members of humanity are more resonate with the Inner
Earth LeMurians because they have dually incarnated in the inner earth as well as the surface, but these are few. These special souls are providing a unique & honorable emissary service to both realms, and will play an important role when the LeMurians begin to surface after the mass Ascension of humanity in approximately 15 generations. This surfacing will occur in the areas of Easter Island, Patagonia, Arkansas, Titicaca (Tiahuanaco), the San Francisco Peaks (Arizona) , Turkey, Guatemala, Yucatan and Mt Shasta to name some of the major exit points.


Much lies before you from 2013 forward, as timescapes and landscapes reveal their hidden layers. The corridors of space & time are beginning to open now, offering you the benefit of creating present, past and future.

Many of you feel that you are in your last earthen life experience. We tell you that beyond 2038 and into 2312 many of you will chose to return. Not for lesson, but for celebration, for joyous reunion.

For in this phase is the mass shift of humanity into enlightenment. You see 2012 is the Ascension of the Earth, the expansion of the crystal grid & matrix, and that 2012 expansion, allows for the enlightenment and Ascension of humanity in mass. You may feel it is a long time away, but it is but a flash of time from higher perspective.

As this phase draws nearer you will have the benefit of guides, teachers and visitors who have been residing in frequencies and inner spaces that most of you have not visited. It is through this rare corridor, Rapa Nui, that allow worlds that mirror your earth to be revealed in ways that are new, exciting & wonderful ... which is why the earth is so utterly fascinating.

The star system to which the Earth belongs is quickly pulsing into a magnificent graduation... into a stage of exquisite crystalline resonance. The Earth's Ascension is inspiring an evolutional leap that is affecting the entire Cosmos. It is a rare event within the great design of time in which duality experience moves higher, and all frequencies, all energies; all life within the Cosmos is elevated.

As we have told you 2013 is the true beginning, not an end. The New Earth in all of its grandeur is truly unfolding now. This is an extraordinary and wonderful  time of re-making that which you are, even as the earth continues to do the same. We honor you and shower you in blessings of Love. You are truly magnificent Beings...never forget that !

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

...And so it is...And it is so...

© 2012 James Tyberonn All Rights Reserved

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2013 - Year One of the New Earth

New Channel Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

The Magnificent Beginning

Greetings Masters !

We encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of Ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, practice discernment with this and any such 'channeled' message.

We will begin this message regarding 2013, a truly auspicious year, by addressing the fears some of you may yet have. We will first tell you the Ascension of the Planet will indeed occur. You have made it so. But we want to clarify it is the graduation of the Planet Earth, an expansion into 12 Dimensions that has taken place.

The Long Count Calendar

Many of your Mayan researchers have sought to understand what the long calendar date of Dec 21, 2012 implied. They have questioned if it might have been written not by Maya, but by their 'Star-Nation Gods'. Some were concerned it implied a cataclysmic end to the planet. Others felt it may be marking the date of the 'Return of the Star-Gods', as implied in some of the preserved Mayan texts.

We will tell you that the Ascension is a new beginning. And in 2013, the Earth is in the new format that will allow for the prophesized 'Return'. But the much talked about 'Contact' will not occur in the 3d way you may think. Rather will it be humanities ability to rise lucidly, ascend consciously into higher dimensions. That is how contact will occur. It is no longer a planet in which the benevolent teachers must physically manifest into 3d in order to assist. The New Earth now carriers a matrix through the Crystalline Grid that will enable humanity to be more aware of their true nature within multidimensionality. It will happen. And in so doing you will become aware of the fact that YOU are the ones you have been waiting for !!!

All in Time

It will take a few more years. But it begins in 2013.

As we have told you before, the Ascension of Humanity en masse occurs in some 300 years! And indeed this will also happen, but it is absolutely the Ascension of the Earth that enables the Ascension of Humanity. All in time, all will happen in due time. Do you understand?

Now accordingly, the vast majority of humanity will not see any immediate change on the Earth. They woke on December 22, 2012, and said "What was the big deal?"

Even those of you on the path, see that no immediate visible change has occurred. We gently ask all of you to look at the world around you for just a moment. What do you see?

Your media outlooks are still reporting war, famine, disasters and predicting economic collapse. And what is broadcast is what is seen in 3d. It is oft full of gloom and doom, is it not?

The doomsday prophets are especially in high gear on this topic? Many of the 3d-doom
speculators are on particularly fertile ground in this arena, generating fear followings around collisions of comets, asteroids, earthquakes, cataclysmic polar reversals and economic collapse. Whether these naysayers recognize it or not, they feed on the fear they generate.

Masters, there have always been , and will continue to be the naysayers on the planet, those who predict gloom and doom and warnings of fear. What is not recognized, is that even these who seem to be rooted in negativity, serve a purpose in duality, and certainly a quick glance around the globe would seem to justify their stance. But we tell you it is old energy. And it is not the role of Spirit to ever tell you to give up hope, or to let go of your free will. Our message is to tell you of your Divinity, and to tell you as a matter of fact, as a point of truth, that the planet is now on the cusp of 'Year ONE of the New Earth'. Indeed humanity will follow and in rapid time, will also Ascend. You are absolutely on track for that to happen.

So Dear Ones, we tell you again the Ascension of the Planet did occur, and humanity has made it so. Even if much of humanity does not recognize it in 3d consciousness, the earth has indeed changed, graduated into a new paradigm. So it is time to let go of old energy, of FEAR. The doom prophecy, the Global Cataclysmic disasters will NOT take place. The economy will not fall into chaos. What would that serve? It is not the path in the New Planet. We assure you that in 2013 a new sun dawning, and it is indeed the sun of change. It brings the light of the magnificent New Earth. And Dear Ones, we do mean magnificent. In this new era, it is incumbent upon the seekers to project joy, to project light, for in the expansion to Crystalline Harmonics, every photon of mental light you project is amplified. And this occurs more rapidly in the New Energy. So your roles take on a new benevolence, as your creation powers increase.

So we speak in specifics of 2013 !

2013: Year One of the New Earth

2013 is an incredibly important year, in many ways more so than 2012.

Many of you may have felt 2012 to be the apex, and that what follows is anti-climatic.

Dear Ones, your work is only now beginning! And we tell you that 2013 brings challenges and task that all of you agreed by soul contract to fulfill. 2013 is a new beginning, in every sense of the word. But it is not a time to rest on your laurels. The New Earth contains within its sequential linear flow, points of multidimensional intersection and time-gates. It is in fact the enhanced points of manifold time that allowed the Ascension to occur. These points are the gateways many of you that are envoys from the future, Sirian-Pleiadean-Arcturian Navigators and Code-Carriers entered through these portals to be here on the planet for the Ascension. And in many ways, your missions are just beginning.

2013 is a period then scheduled for the code-carriers to begin stitching these points together, in a hemispheric to global modality. Of particular importance is for the Code Carriers to blend the energies of that termed the northern hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Certain key apexes in the south such as Patagonia, Uluru, Easter island, and Kilimanjaro will be anchored to the New Firmament over the coming years.

Those of you who have served as Code Carriers of the pre-Ascension, will be called to take on a greater role of connecting key points to the spawning of the New Firmament.

The New Firmament Begins in 2013

The completion of the Crystalline Grid on the 12-12-12 will spawn the formation of the New Firmament. The New Firmament is vitally important to the Ascension of humanity and is indeed an extension of the completed grid.

Certain points on your planet have the rare energetics that enable them to be connecting
points. Newgrange is one of these, Easter island is another . Both are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional grid points. Both are octahedronal Portals that transcend dimensions and time. Both are being connected directly to the apexial points of the stellated double penta dodecahedron of the 144-Crystalline Grid.

These are being fashioned to connect directly to the New Firmament which begins spontaneous early formation after the completion of the 12-12-12 and rebirthing (rebooting) of December 21, 2012. It is important to note that the ascending processes of the Ascension occurs on the 12-12-12. The 12-12-12 allows for the Crystalline energy to manifest into the New Earth. It allows for the new DNA oif the planet to network within the Crystalline Field, connect to the New Grid and meld with the 'Human Grid'. This all occurs at 12:12 on the 12-12-12. A rebooting then takes place, and allows for the 'birth of the New Earth' to take place on December 21, 2012.

Then begins the new work.

The New Firmamant

We have spoken to you previously about the spawning of the new Planetary Firmament.
This will externalize as two elliptical bands of iridescent frequencial arches that  will encircle the earth as it did eons ago. One of these is a highly refined Electro-Magnetic in resonant synergy and emits a golden hue. The other is Crystalline, and emits a bright platinum coloration.

These will revolve above the 144 double-penta dodecahedron of the 144 Grid. In highly
technical terms, , the firmament will perform the function of transducing supra-crystalline frequency oscillations in a piezoelectric step-down to interface the grid, thus enabling full circuitry integration of the gamma-crystalline energies of the Unified Field from Tula, the Great Central Sun. In more understandable terms, the firmament will transform powerful celestial energy waves into a benevolent form that can be more easily received on the EarthPlane.

So in a manner of speaking, the firmament is an enormous transformer and surge protector ! It will energetically 'polish' and further format & refine celestial energies into application in the 12 dimension of the earth.

The two elliptical bands will create a frequencial field of OM. They will glow in the night skies in 2038 appearing somewhat similar to the Aurora Borealis.

Now, the initial phase of anchoring the new Firmament will begin on the March Equinox of 2013. There will be an opening occurring at several key vectors including Easter Island and Patagonia ( at the key 51st latitude).

Both will receive coded downloads of consciousness units termed Akash. These activating light-energy downloads will be received primarily through the major Phi Pyramidal octahedron energies and structures in the southern hemisphere in 2013. Many will be drawn to anchor them.

Envoys of the New Earth

As we have previously explained to you. There are a vast number of souls who have chosen to come to the Earth at this time, from dimensions beyond the fifth from both the future of Earth, and from the future ofhigher dimensional worlds with  purposes that will become better understood to you in 2013.

You are indeed Envoys of Crystalline Light, Ambassadors of Love. You have moved back from the future, in your terms, in linear Earth time, to assist mankind in navigating through the tumultuous times that have unfolded in the last forty years, and the times that will be presented in the next twenty six years leading to the key point of 2038.

You see many of you are only truly awakened from your future into past roles in 2011 and 2012. And that was by design. The time gates of those two years were trigger points for the work you take on from 2013 to 2038. You see the New Firmament complete in your year of 2038. Is it not written in the Pyramids? Indeed your Edgar Cayce alluded to this year of 2038. It is another major benchmark in the Ascension of mankind.

Some of you will not be physically present for 2038, but you will have key missions in assisting those being called for this duty. You will provide the pre assemblage in connecting anchor points and you will inspire the seekers of Crystal Children for the 2038 completion of the New Firmament.

You see, many of you have experienced the Ascension of other planets and other worlds,
several times; and you know the perils. You understand the mechanics. And what remains is the establishment of the new direction, the anchoring of the New Firmament.

But never forget, in addition to anchoring Codes, it is essential in 2013 to assist all by shining your light, and not succumbing to the last throes of Fear , the last grasping kicks of the Old Energy.

What Will Occur in 2013

What happens in 2013 is a new beginning. That new beginning is the New Template of the New Earth. The Ascension of the Earth has allowed for the dimensional revision and expansion of the planet. The Earth is expanded to a Crystalline Field, expanded from the 5th to the 12th dimensions.

Power Dates & Activation Phases of 2012

The energies of 2013 will be less intense than the obstacle course of increasing frequencies experienced by humanity in 2011 and 2012. And while 2013 will be easier to manage

There are certain key frequencies occurring on specific dates in 2013. The equinoxes, solstices, and eclipses are extremely powerful, each presenting unique portal opens of the New Earth. During the equinoxes, solstices, and especially the 5 eclipses of 2013, a resurgence of energies will flood the planet. It is absolutely a natural synergy that this would and will occur at these astronomical positions. For these three events (solstices, equinoxes and eclipses) truly open gateways, apertures that have always been unique events for such transfers.

In 2013 they are even more multifaceted than the potent ones that have taken place since 2009. Each of the below dates in 2013 offer the following:

1) Time for deep introspection toward self discovery in the New Earth
2) Enhanced energies within power nodes, enhanced visioning and lucid dreaming.
3) A window for recharging & balancing energies
4) March Equinox: Anchoring of the Firmament within specific points on the planet

These key dates of 2013 are as follows: 
  •  March 20, 2012 - Equinox
  •  June 21, 2013- Solstice
  •  September 22, 2013- Equinox
  •  December 21, 2013 - Solstice 

Now eclipses take on an even more unique quality, in terms of offering catalystic energy triggers of change both individually and for the planet. In 2013 these will be especially potent. It will be the perfect time to change course in your life, after mediating on the equinoxes and solstices toward self direction and calibration. 2013 is a new Planet, a new time, and many of you will discover a renewed purpose and take somewhat different paths, or remain on the same path with a new perspective or new group association. Many of you will discover a new purpose in 2013 or bring to the surface a prolific talent that was previously dormant. 
  •  Lunar Eclipse Apr 25 2013
  •  Solar Eclipse May 10 2013
  •  Lunar Eclipse May 25 2013
  •  Lunar Eclipse Oct 18 2013
  •  Solar Eclipse Nov 03 2013 

There will two specific phases of great importance in 2013.

The first is between May 10-June 22nd, in which a great Triad opening occurs, allowing for rebalance and contemplation of new direction. This period involves a solar and lunar eclipse, leading to the June Solstice. It is also a time enhanced for travel to powernodes for Code Carriers.

The second triad phase occurs between September 20 and November 4th. It is the action
completion of what has taken place in the first triad. It represents a time for individuals to manifest the new self, the new purpose, the new partnership, association or direction. It is a time of intense re-energizing, re-vitalizing lifer force.


We tell you that 2013 is a time to flow, a time to flower. It will be for many of you a year of change. There is a new energy on the planet. You have created it. There is much yet to do. Use this time to find your roles.

Those of you who have been sitting on the fence, considering taking more committed roles of leadership, writing your book, expressing your inner artistry...2013 is your year. The energy will support your highest good.

In 2013 you take your second wind. You take on new missions. For Code Carriers it is the new role of coding and anchoring the New Firmament, and it begins in 2013.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

...And so it is...and it is so.

© 2012 James Tyberonn All Rights Reserved

You may copy and distribute this message only with permissions from EK Admin at . With expressed authorization this message may be published online as long as you you do not charge for it, do not alter it any way, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice.

2013 - Planetary Retrogrades

Jupiter turns direct on 30 Jan 2013
Saturn turns retrograde on 18 Feb 2013
Mercury turns retrograde on 23 Feb 2013
Mercury turns direct on 17 Mar 2013
Pluto turns retrograde on 12 Apr 2013
Neptune turns retrograde on 7 Jun 2013
Mercury turns retrograde on 26 Jun 2013
Saturn turns direct on 8 Jul 2013
Uranus turns retrograde on 17 Jul 2013
Mercury turns direct on 20 Jul 2013
Pluto turns direct on 20 Sep 2013
Mercury turns retrograde on 21 Oct 2013
Jupiter turns retrograde on 7 Nov 2013
Mercury turns direct on 10 Nov 2013
Neptune turns direct on 13 Nov 2013
Uranus turns direct on 17 Dec 2013
Venus turns retrograde on 21 Dec 2013

2013 Power Dates - Comprehesive Astrological Events

January 3, 4 - Quadrantids Meteor Shower. The Quadrantids are an above average shower, with up to 40 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower usually peaks on January 3 & 4, but some meteors can be visible from January 1 - 5. The near last quarter moon will hide many of the fainter meteors with its glare. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Look for meteors radiating from the constellation Bootes.

January 11 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 19:44 UTC.

January 27 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 04:38 UTC.

February 10 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 07:20 UTC.

February 25 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 20:26 UTC.

March 11 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 19:51 UTC.

March 20 - March Equinox. The March equinox occurs at 11:02 UTC. The Sun will shine
directly on the equator and there will be nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world. This is also the first day of spring (vernal equinox) in the northern hemisphere and the first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the southern hemisphere.

March 27 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 09:27 UTC.

April 10 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 09:35 UTC.

April 21, 22 - Lyrids Meteor Shower. The Lyrids are an average shower, usually producing about 20 meteors per hour at their peak. These meteors can produce bright dust trails that last for several seconds. The shower usually peaks on April 21 & 22, although some meteors can be visible from April 16 - 25. The gibbous moon could be a problem this year, hiding many of the fainter meteors in its glare. It will set before sunrise, providing a short window of dark skies. Look for meteors radiating from the constellation of Lyra after midnight.

April 25 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 19:57 UTC.

April 25 - Partial Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

April 28 - Saturn at Opposition. The ringed planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to view and photograph Saturn and its moons.

May 5, 6 - Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower. The Eta Aquarids are a light shower, usually producing about 10 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower's peak usually occurs on May 5 & 6, however viewing should be good on any morning from May 4 - 7. The crescent moon will hang around for the show, but should not cause too many problems. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Aquarius. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight, far from city lights.

May 10 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 00:28 UTC.

May 10 - Annular Solar Eclipse. The path of annularity will begin in western Australia and move east across the central Pacific Ocean.

May 25 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 04:25 UTC.

May 28 - Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. The two bright planets will be within 1 degree of each other in the evening sky. The planet Mercury will also will also be visible nearby. Look to the west near sunset.

May 25 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of North America, South America, western Europe, and western Africa. (NASA Map and Eclipse Information [])

June 8 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 15:56 UTC.

June 21 - June Solstice. The June solstice occurs at 05:04 UTC. The North Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.44 degrees north latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the northern hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the southern hemisphere.

June 8 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 15:56 UTC.

June 23 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 11:32 UTC.

July 8 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 07:14 UTC.

July 22 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 18:15 UTC.

July 28, 29 - Southern Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower. The Delta Aquarids can produce about 20 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower usually peaks on July 28 & 29, but some meteors can also be seen from July 18 - August 18. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Aquarius. The last quarter moon will be around for the show and may hide some of the fainter meteors. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight.

August 6 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 21:51 UTC.

August 12, 13 - Perseids Meteor Shower. The Perseids is one of the best meteor showers to observe, producing up to 60 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower's peak usually  occurs on August 13 & 14, but you may be able to see some meteors any time from July 23 - August 22. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Perseus. The near first quarter moon will set before midnight, leaving optimal conditions and dark skies for what should be an awesome show. Find a location far from city lights and look to the northeast after midnight.

August 21 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 01:45 UTC.

August 27 - Neptune at Opposition. The blue planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to view Neptune. Due to its distance, it will only appear as a tiny blue dot in all but the most powerful telescopes.

September 5 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 11:36 UTC.

September 19 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 11:13 UTC.

September 22 - September Equinox. The September equinox occurs at 20:44 UTC. The Sun will shine directly on the equator and there will be nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world. This is also the first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the northern hemisphere and the first day of spring (vernal equinox) in the southern hemisphere.

October 3 - Uranus at Opposition. The blue-green planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to view Uranus. Due to its distance, it will only appear as a tiny blue-green dot in all but the most powerful telescopes.

October 5 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 00:34 UTC.

October 18 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 23:38 UTC.

October 18 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of the world except for Australia and extreme eastern Siberia. (NASA Map and Eclipse
Information [])

October 21, 22 - Orionids Meteor Shower. The Orionids is an average shower producing
about 20 meteors per hour at their peak. This shower usually peaks on the 21st, but it is highly irregular. A good show could be experienced on any morning from October 20 - 24, and some meteors may be seen any time from October 17 - 25. The gibbous moon will be a problem this year, hiding all but the brightest meteors with its glare. Best viewing will be to the east after midnight. Be sure to find a dark location far from city lights.

November 3 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 12:50 UTC.

November 3 - Hybrid Solar Eclipse. The eclipse path will begin in the Atlantic Ocean off the eastern coast of the United States and move east across the Atlantic and across central Africa.

November 17 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 15:16 UTC.

November 17, 18 - Leonids Meteor Shower. The Leonids is one of the better meteor
showers to observe, producing an average of 40 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower itself has a cyclic peak year every 33 years where hundreds of meteors can be seen each hour. The last of these occurred in 2001. The shower usually peaks on November 17 & 18, but you may see some meteors from November 13 - 20. The full moon will prevent this from being a great show this year, but with up to 40 meteors per hour possible, this could still be a good show. Look for the shower radiating from the constellation Leo after midnight.

December 3 - New Moon. The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth. This phase occurs at 00:22 UTC.

December 13, 15 - Geminids Meteor Shower. Considered by many to be the best meteor
shower in the heavens, the Geminids are known for producing up to 60 multicolored meteors per hour at their peak. The peak of the shower usually occurs around December 13 & 14, although some meteors should be visible from December 6 - 19. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Gemini. The gibbous moon could be a problem this year, hiding man of the fainter meteors. But with up to 60 meteors per hour predicted, this should still be a good show. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight from a dark location.

December 17 - Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 09:28 UTC.

December 21 - December Solstice. The December solstice occurs at 17:11 UTC. The South Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its southernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Capricorn at 23.44 degrees south latitude. This is the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the northern hemisphere and the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the  southern hemisphere.

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