Saturday, December 24, 2011

Steve Beckow: T’was the Night Before Christmas

2011 December 24
Posted by Steve Beckow

Here we are the night before the last Christmas we’ll experience in this setting, with these capabilities.

Next Christmas we’ll be in a setting so different, so unbelievable and yet so fulfilling that Christmas will be our experience year round.

This year we’ve watched the light bombard us and the energies rise on the planet, until the people of numerous countries said, “Enough is enough,” “the 99% must be heard,” and threw off their shackles.

This year we’ve watched the cabalistic machine that had determined to kill us off and enslave the survivors get taken apart piece by piece. Their weapons of mass destruction, pandemics, chemtrails scalar toys, and all other deadly plots and technologies were neutralized. Their financial schemes were defeated and their economic hit men dislodged.  Their command centers were blown up. Their national-security apparatus and congressional plots were more or less stymied at every turn.

They still exist and in many efforts they persist like a top which, though wobbly, still turns or a dog which, though winded, still chases its tail. But they’ve lost their ability to deliver on their intentions and are now being rounded up by the gentlest of adversaries who are themselves preparing for the new curtain to rise.

All of us are gradually being prepared to play our parts.  Programs that are so large that they stagger the imagination – like NESARA and Disclosure and accountability – are being geared up and moving forward on a global scale. We are being trained, groomed and allowed to move through the stages of our own emergence to take up positions and roles.
Yesterday, Dave and I had a taste of what that all means. We went to open a bank account.
But not just any bank account. A bank account that would be used to move large sums of money from Canada down to the States, and from there around the world, an account whose point of origin could not be disclosed, whose end was to give money away freely to those in need, and whose patron saints were … well … saints.

Can you imagine the cognitive dissonance that arose for me (I can’t speak for Dave) when I realized how outlandish what we were doing looked like? Where did you get this money? How much did you say was involved? Who do you report to?

How do those two bank officials (who are probably reading this now since they asked for the URL of the site) think about what transpired? They probably needed to go through their own cognitive dissonance, not having shared this conversation as we do.

Is their understandable amazement any different than that which every other person we deal with (not privy to this conversation) may have to go through?

Were they saying: Who are these two masked men? Are they for real? Is any of this legitimate? Or are they simply money launderers thinking they can bamboozle the system?

We are not money launderers. We are not crazy. We propose to do exactly what we say. But how do the bank employees know that and on what basis do they cooperate with us? I’m not sure if you can get how absolutely crazy what we proposed to do looks like. I certainly got it. How much more must it have flabbergasted them?

No money has yet arrived. Perhaps the people moving the money are dealing with the same things we are. Perhaps they too have to work within a system where what we’re proposing looks crazy. I don’t know. They do their work secretly and I don’t ask them to reveal it to me. I ask AAM instead.

We did not open an account. Dave came all the way up from Edmonds but the simple task proved not so simple. And in fact it seems only fair and proper to the bank that we approach people at the vice-presidential level and not ask branch personnel to put their jobs on the line for something so outlandish as what we’re proposing.

I honestly fantasize that no money has arrived yet because AAM wants us to go through our rude awakenings and find our ground of being. We need to make the adjustment first of dealing with life at this level before we’re actually thrust into dealing with … life at this level. That could be. I’ll ask him tomorrow night when, once again, I have a conversation with a being that most of the world does not believe exists.

Can you not see how outrageous all this is? I can and have to moult one layer of skin after another in consequence. I have to suffer mental anguish and confusion and self-questioning as each layer of belief falls away, exactly as SaLuSa said we would.

The shock to my system of leaving a world that has so far existed only on paper, taking these matters out into the “real” world and actually talking to bankers about it almost did me in.Dave had to talk me back into myself. I’m outta here, I say to myself. This looks too bizarre for even me to swallow.

After I spoke to Dave and regained my sanity, my poor wife had to listen for what seemed like hours before I was able to get my arms around all the pieces of the puzzle and feel that I could carry this heavy basket from point A to point B.

So whereas for many people the whole thing resolves itself into “why hasn’t the money arrived?” for us it exists as a huge puzzle, each piece of which has to be fit together with wisdom and prudence if we want the whole thing to go ahead and for you for receive the proof of the pudding without it all disappearing into smoke. I don’t want my forwarding address to be the Vancouver City Jail and I do want you to get what AAM promised you.

But the wider lesson here is that you who are sitting there chuckling at my antics need to know that within months you’ll be sitting in this hot seat too. You may be talking to a group of people about your friendly galactic neighbors. Or you may be hoovering the ocean of oil and plastic. Or be leading a group of meditators directing a shaft of powerful blue light into Mount Kilauea to soothe and calm Mother Earth. Who knows what mind-stretching, ego-shattering assignment may land on your plate? So perhaps don’t laugh me out of court. Who knows for whom the bell tolls? It tolls for you.

For others who are depending on us to bring this thing in, we will do it. If Dave, BZ, Karen, Vina and I don’t wake up tomorrow and find that we aren’t dreaming, but that Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara really did tell us to receive this money and get it out to their beloveds, then we will do this thing.

For now you have yourself a Merry last Christmas if that’s what’s before you, or a Happy last Chanukah, or however you celebrate this sacred pause in the round of life.  We’ll reconvene on the other side and put our shoulders to the wheel in a manner and with a zeal that we didn’t have before. And the next month, more. And the next month, more. Until we bring this ship home.

Thank you to all the editors, moderators, webmasters, transcribers, video makers, coordinators, Observer Corps, Bridge Fund members, donors, and most of all readers from everyone here. What a pleasure it has been working with you and serving you.


Steve on behalf of the entire Editorial, 2012 S discussion group, and Bridge Fund Teams