Sunday, December 11, 2011

Margaret McElroy: Maitreya ~ Photon Energy to Peak in 2012

Message from Maitreya thru Margaret McElroy
Have you noticed lately that you don’t have enough hours in the day, that you are feeling restless, frustrated and unhappy with your life? If this is you then blame it on the Photon Energy. Since 1980 a new band of energy has been entering our solar system and it is having the most incredible effect on people’s lives. Margaret, my channel, discovered the Photon Energy only a few years ago when her then-husband (an engineer) was reading about it in a book. Very little information was given about it and, knowing Margaret’s ability to get higher knowledge from Spirit on any subject, he asked her to communicate with me and find out what it was all about. I informed her that it was band of energy higher in frequency than had ever been experienced on the earth plane.

I told her that the Photon Energy is an incredible ribbon of energy that has the ability to compact time. You used to be able to do so much with time. Now each day you are finding it taking longer to do things. Think back as few as fifteen years ago to the time that you had – what you did with it, and compare it to now. You will see what I am talking about.

The Photon Energy is not only compacting time but it is also changing your concept of linear time. In the last fifteen years some of you have created flexi time which enables you to work when you want to. More people are creating their own time and changing the way they look at time. It is also helping to change humanity spiritually as more and more people look for the spiritual part of themselves. It has already changed many and will continue to do so. This band of energy has even been tracked by scientists who have never seen any energy like it. Some scientists have said it is a star falling inward. But those who have been aware of this band of energy since its inception know that it is designed to change the face of humanity on a major scale. It is bringing the energy that you need to transform the earth plane for the better.

This band of energy is enabling each of you to bring in the higher part of yourselves. In the last fifteen years people have started searching for the spiritual, for a better way of life. Why? Blame it on the Photon Energy. It is becoming a mirror for you, allowing you to see that what you had is no longer viable. In every facet of life it is bringing change. For things to change they sometimes have to get worse before they get better, and this what the Photon Energy is doing. It is increasing your sensitivity, and many people are experiencing breakdowns and unexpected changes in their lives. Executives who have been in a job for 30 years suddenly find themselves out of work – you can blame it all on the Photon Energy.

If mankind continues on its existing path there will soon be no mankind. Greed, anger, fear, doubt – all of these negatives and more are being brought to the surface by the Photon Energy. It is becoming a mirror for all the things that you have buried inside of you, and it will not and cannot go away!

What can you do to work with this energy? Well you can start to go with the flow. Those who are positive and have done clearing work on themselves in the past and who have cleared their blockages to receive new ideas and situations have nothing to worry about. The Photon Energy cannot harm them. It can only enhance their natural abilities and make them more aware and intuitive. They will become filled with light as the band gets closer and closer to the earth plane.

The estimated time of arrival of the full energy blast is the date that Nostradamus prophesied as being a special day in the history of the earth. This is the reason why there are so many people working in the new age of healing. Past-life therapy and spiritual counseling can help all those searching to clear their blocks. It also prepares them to receive this new energy which will re-energize and help raise their vibration. The genuine light workers in this area have mostly been unaware of who and what they are working with and the reason for it.

For those who are negative, who will not look toward the light, and who want nothing to do with the spiritual within them, the Photon Energy will create more problems in their lives. Like attracts like, and the Photon Energy is designed to bring the light to the earth plane, to bring in the new age. All those attached to the old in any way – all those who do not want to look at the light and change – will find themselves becoming more and more negative. More and more they will create dis-ease for themselves and bring about their own demise from this earth plane. It will be the cleansing of the planet that has been foretold for so long. Forget being taken away by the space brotherhood and the earth being cleansed; the space brotherhood is the Photon Energy and it means business!

This special message is not meant to be a prophecy of doom, neither is it a warning. Catastrophes and unexpected happenings have already started around the world. People are changing, and so is life. Blame it on the Photon Energy. One thing is for sure and that is, when its effects peak in the year 2012, the earth plane will never be the same again. All of the old fashioned dogma will be gone. Mankind will be more understanding, loving and creative. The earth plane will be renewed and the new age will be upon us. What a wonderful time that will be! Meanwhile, do not complain that there are not enough hours in the day.

Go to that workshop on healing that you always wanted to. Prepare yourself for change and, when it comes, go with it. Most of all learn to be who you really are because one of the things that the Photon Energy will do will be to create individual people, not sheep. Welcome the angel of change into your life and use the energy to transform your life in every way. That is the purpose of it being on the earth plane.


December 8, 2009