Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cameron Day: The Veils Are Thinning and Truth Is Emerging

The veils are thinning…can you feel it?  Do you see it happening?  It is still happening in super-slow motion, but the rate of speed is definitely increasing.  Information that "normal" people wouldn't have even pondered 5 years ago is starting to become mainstream and "old news" at a wonderful rate.  The Occupy movement is part of this peeling back the façade of "everything is fine, just do what you're told" that covers up so many dark, ego-based machinations, but there are many other instances of "truth-outing" at work all happening simultaneously.
In one recent example, the darkness-infested, shadowy world of pedophilia among the powerful and well connected is being brought back into the spotlight with the Penn State child-molestation and cover-up scandal.  If you haven't heard about this yet, here is a quick synopsis:
Any and all forms of child abuse are the worst crimes that can be committed on this planet.  There is absolutely no excusing or justifying anything to do with victimizing children in any way whatsoever.  Our natural revulsion to any crimes against children allows us to see the truth of the twisted, psychopathic behavior that is at the root of these types of crimes.  The fact that these crimes were covered up to preserve the power and prestige of a school's reputation makes matters that much more serious, and underscores the truth that similar cover-ups are happening in many areas of the world society right now.
First it was the Catholic church, and now an American religion, football is being exposed as harbingers of perverts and pedophiles.  Many more revelations of previously hidden crimes will be coming out, and people that you might have thought were respectable are going to be implicated and exposed.  The short-term effects of such revelations might be hard to handle, but the long-term catharsis and wisdom gained from these exposures will eventually bring us all to a place where such crimes are simply not possible any more.
 The United State's congressional critters are also being exposed more and more for the hypocrites, liars and thieves that most of them truly are.  (That might sound harsh, but it's actually quite kind given their extensive lists of crimes…)  Even the wholly owned, professional liars in the corporate media are starting to leak some of these hidden truths for anyone to see who will take the time to pay attention.  For example, the infamous lobbyist Jack Abramoff was featured on the American TV show, 60 minutes, explaining some of the details of how he "owned" congress members and their staff:

This is pretty tame stuff, but it's nice to see "ordinary folks" being exposed to a bit of truthiness.  An even better piece comes again from 60 Minutes revealing how our "elected officials" routinely engage in illegal insider trading.  Except it's NOT illegal for them…because they make the laws that let themselves get away with it.  Ahhhh, you've got to love American hypocrisy that touts how honorable, just and noble our country and its leaders are, while those leaders are secretly looting the people they represent and stealing from them with full awareness of their actions.  Here is the story:

If you know anyone who is perplexed as to why people are protesting in the Occupy movements, you can direct them to those two videos as a starting point.  The Occupy Wall Street / everywhere movements are part of the "great revealing" underway that is going to be happening for a long time to come.  The power elite are definitely getting nervous about the revelations and questions that are being sparked in the minds of the previously sleeping masses.  As a result of their insecurity and fear, the elite are sending in their enforcers, our trusted police officers, to kick out the occupations in Portland, Oakland, Denver and other areas. 
In fact, this just happened in Zucotti Park in NYC at 1:00am on November 15th 2011, and the entire 2 month encampment has been destroyed, with hundreds of books in their library thrown away along with tents and other property.  Notice the interesting symmetry of the date and time of this occurrence.
What the (supposed) elite and their enforcers don't realize is that their opposition simply lends more credibility to the movement, and it will adapt and rebuild itself stronger every time they are oppressed.  Please stay tuned into the movement and lend support where you can, even it is simply well wishes.  Here are a couple articles about the recent crackdowns.

Free Energy Is Going Mainstream

Another refreshing development was the release of "Thrive" on 11/11/11.  This well-researched documentary leads off with the suppression of "free" energy technology since the time of Tesla, and proceeds to systematically reveal many levels of the active conspiracy that has been choking our world society to prevent it from evolving and self-organizing, then concludes by providing a series of very doable actions that we can all take to shift our world to a model that works for everyone.  While very little in the movie was new information for me, I enjoyed watching it tremendously, knowing that it will spread to millions of people and help them to wake up and take conscious actions to reformat our society into a more cohesive, unity based civilization. 
Please take the time to watch this movie: and then tell your friends and family about it.  Let the movie do the talking, and don't worry about pre-explaining it to them.  I guarantee you'll have some extremely interesting conversations with them afterwards.  This movie will get people really thinking about what has been happening in our world, right under everyone's noses for generations.
One More Awakening Resource
I have recently been building a Youtube channel with playlists that cover the major areas of suppressed truth that people need to know in order to reformat their perception of the present state of our society.  It is purely information-only, and every video in the playlists has been added for a specific purpose: to wake people up!  Videos are organized into playlists for easy sorting.  You can send a person to the channel directly, or link them to any one of the videos in it if you want to "drip feed" them some truth:
I highly encourage you to plant the seeds of truth wherever you see fertile soil to do so.  Don't waste your energies on totally closed-off people, but be open to those who are asking questions and looking to understand things on a deeper level.  Yes, the truth of what has been happening in this world can be disturbing, but you can ask someone "Would you rather be bothered by the truth, or soothed by lies?"  The answer is pretty simple when put in those terms.
Of course, you can also send people to if they seem ready so they can learn to meditate deeper, clear their personal energy field and vibrate at a higher frequency.  This is so important, but most people neglect their meditation and energy clearing when it should be top priority.  Being as clear as possible allows us to look at the darkness in this world without succumbing to the emotions and ego-based judgments that usually accompany such knowledge.  Remember, this world is set up this way so that you will be repulsed by the truth as an incentive for willingly living in ignorance.  It is an elegant trap, but you can rise above the duality and empower yourself by "filling up" with the light of your True Self. 
The more you set aside even just 5 minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply and fill up with the light of your Higher/True/Divine Self, the easier it will be for you to maintain an elevated vibratory state, even as you look at and help expose the dark underbelly of duality consciousness.  This will allow you to embody and transmit your vision of how you choose life to be, in alignment with the knowledge that we all emanate from a single, Divine source, and life in our physical play land / dream world should reflect that divinity.
Stay tuned as I will soon be releasing a new meditation that will take your connection to your Divine Self to a whole new level.  I hope to have this available within a month, but it will only be released when it's truly ready.
Much Love,
Cameron Day
November 15th, 2011