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Sheldan Nidle: The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update

4 Ben, 6 Yaxk'in, 8 Manik
Update for Nov. 29, 2011

      Dratzo! We return with lots to discuss with you. Several events are ready to happen which will catapult your world toward a new reality. At present you are watching a number of situations which point toward the coming collapse of your global setup. Furthermore, these social structures are set to evolve out of all recognition. For example, regime change today has assumed a whole new dimension: formerly, those who took down a despot would, in time, revert to what they had so idealistically intended to replace. Now, however, those who have replaced the deposed are quickly discovering that the people are not willing to sit back and let the old ways return. Now there is a sustained effort to keep the new rulership on track and instituting the reforms promised. This focus and determination demonstrates the difference in today's uprisings versus those of yesteryear. The new ingredient that is demolishing the age-old syndrome of tyranny is your rise in consciousness, which makes it impossible for those recently brought to power to veer from the course that the people have set for them.
      What we are saying is that your change in consciousness is indelibly altering the way even present societies function. Your kleptocracies are no longer able to obtain the degree of respect they formerly commanded, and there is rapidly spreading irritation with the way your societies and their respective governments are controlled. This perceived 'unacceptability' is the thin end of a very thick wedge. A realization has taken root in your societies which can no longer tolerate the overt, unbridled crassness that passes for governance, and people everywhere deeply desire a wholly new prototype. Moreover, this longing is seeping into the minds of those who serve as minions for the ruling 'special interests.' This creates a quandary that greatly troubles all your governments: how to survive in such widespread and growing unrest? This question hangs in the air and is a clear indication of the import of what is happening around your globe. The center of your reality truly can no longer hold together.
      In these unprecedented circumstances, the need to revolutionize the 'rules of the game' becomes a prime requisite, and it is just such a set of new rules that is taking shape within the plans of our Earth allies and, especially, of the many secret sacred societies of your world. They include a new system of governance and a prosperity-oriented new economic system. At the root of all this is a growing awareness of spirituality. The peoples of your world will no longer be deceived and lied to; there is a deep need for honesty and integrity, and a transparent and meaningful interaction between government and its citizens. No other scenario will work. This time of transition is approaching the moment for the new prototypes to be revealed. Our Earth allies have everything prepared and are ready to run them up the proverbial flagpole, concurrent with the vast abundance programs which are on course to be delivered to you. These things are all part of a series of spiritually based procedures that are to terminate the power of your dark cabal.
      A key component in all this is, of course, disclosure. As you see the new ways take hold, you will find your outlook on many things expanding, including your view of the universe and your place in it. Consciousness creates curiosity and openness, which begets a need to redefine basic perspectives on just about everything. Our task here is to begin an open and frank dialogue with you to answer all your questions, which will lead eventually to your next divine transition: your return to full consciousness. Under the auspices of Heaven, we have been waiting for the right divine time to reveal our benevolent existence to you, and now the point has been reached for a general worldwide disclosure. This requires some down-to-earth, practical activities on our part, beginning with the briefing of all your new caretaker governments on how to proceed once they obtain power. It is vital that disclosure be done in a way that permits us to gently introduce our presence and our technology to you with the least kerfuffle possible.
      Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Over the last two decades your world has been caught in a struggle between those who wish to free you from your dark shackles and those who are determined to keep you enslaved. We have watched over this battle and intervened many times on the side of the Light. To counter this stalemate, a number of legal issues were brought before the International Court and the Light won easily. Despite these victories, the Light lacked the means, until recently, to carry through these rulings. Over the past months, permission for military action against the dark's secret bases opened the way to achieve a just triumph for you. What is prolonging this final quick 'shove' through to victory are some last-minute negotiations between 'white hat' military and those who remain willing to support the dark's illicit cause. We are resolving this issue by use of certain strategies that will take effect in the very near future.
      The key negotiators in this matter are of course the Agarthans, and their liaison officers have spent the past few weeks sorting out these difficulties. Agreements are close at hand and once accomplished, the final approved scenario can be carried to completion. We fully expect this shove to happen by year's end. The US administration is doing all it can to stop or at least delay this final action, but the Galactic Federation assures us that if all else fails and this final action does not go as planned, then they will take over and finish the job. Naturally, just how they intend to do this is to remain a secret until these actions are required. Until then, we await the outcome of the current exchange between the various military commanders. Heaven and we are united in sending blessings for a positive outcome. The results are to be known to all as a result of what happens in the very near future.
      The energies that are transforming your reality grid have a divine time schedule. The dark, engulfed in its arrogance, cannot fully believe that its demise is not only certain but on the horizon. Those in control of the dark governments continue to plot a dark takeover of your world, even though their time is up. That is why we applaud the actions of the Galactic Federation and of Agartha to intervene here and force the issue. First contact is in sight and getting closer by the day, and our own work is just beginning. Once we can openly interact with you, a brand new day dawns for Earth. Your rapidly rising consciousness now requires some guidance, and there is so much for you to learn in what is to be a very short time. We know that when we meet, miracles will happen everywhere!
      Today, we informed you about the recent strides made on your world. A new resolve is showing up in you which is to force the dark ones to agree to concessions that formerly would have been unthinkable. This alarms them, but has not yet compelled their capitulation. This is just around the corner! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) 

Cameron Day: The Veils Are Thinning and Truth Is Emerging

The veils are thinning…can you feel it?  Do you see it happening?  It is still happening in super-slow motion, but the rate of speed is definitely increasing.  Information that "normal" people wouldn't have even pondered 5 years ago is starting to become mainstream and "old news" at a wonderful rate.  The Occupy movement is part of this peeling back the façade of "everything is fine, just do what you're told" that covers up so many dark, ego-based machinations, but there are many other instances of "truth-outing" at work all happening simultaneously.
In one recent example, the darkness-infested, shadowy world of pedophilia among the powerful and well connected is being brought back into the spotlight with the Penn State child-molestation and cover-up scandal.  If you haven't heard about this yet, here is a quick synopsis:
Any and all forms of child abuse are the worst crimes that can be committed on this planet.  There is absolutely no excusing or justifying anything to do with victimizing children in any way whatsoever.  Our natural revulsion to any crimes against children allows us to see the truth of the twisted, psychopathic behavior that is at the root of these types of crimes.  The fact that these crimes were covered up to preserve the power and prestige of a school's reputation makes matters that much more serious, and underscores the truth that similar cover-ups are happening in many areas of the world society right now.
First it was the Catholic church, and now an American religion, football is being exposed as harbingers of perverts and pedophiles.  Many more revelations of previously hidden crimes will be coming out, and people that you might have thought were respectable are going to be implicated and exposed.  The short-term effects of such revelations might be hard to handle, but the long-term catharsis and wisdom gained from these exposures will eventually bring us all to a place where such crimes are simply not possible any more.
 The United State's congressional critters are also being exposed more and more for the hypocrites, liars and thieves that most of them truly are.  (That might sound harsh, but it's actually quite kind given their extensive lists of crimes…)  Even the wholly owned, professional liars in the corporate media are starting to leak some of these hidden truths for anyone to see who will take the time to pay attention.  For example, the infamous lobbyist Jack Abramoff was featured on the American TV show, 60 minutes, explaining some of the details of how he "owned" congress members and their staff:

This is pretty tame stuff, but it's nice to see "ordinary folks" being exposed to a bit of truthiness.  An even better piece comes again from 60 Minutes revealing how our "elected officials" routinely engage in illegal insider trading.  Except it's NOT illegal for them…because they make the laws that let themselves get away with it.  Ahhhh, you've got to love American hypocrisy that touts how honorable, just and noble our country and its leaders are, while those leaders are secretly looting the people they represent and stealing from them with full awareness of their actions.  Here is the story:

If you know anyone who is perplexed as to why people are protesting in the Occupy movements, you can direct them to those two videos as a starting point.  The Occupy Wall Street / everywhere movements are part of the "great revealing" underway that is going to be happening for a long time to come.  The power elite are definitely getting nervous about the revelations and questions that are being sparked in the minds of the previously sleeping masses.  As a result of their insecurity and fear, the elite are sending in their enforcers, our trusted police officers, to kick out the occupations in Portland, Oakland, Denver and other areas. 
In fact, this just happened in Zucotti Park in NYC at 1:00am on November 15th 2011, and the entire 2 month encampment has been destroyed, with hundreds of books in their library thrown away along with tents and other property.  Notice the interesting symmetry of the date and time of this occurrence.
What the (supposed) elite and their enforcers don't realize is that their opposition simply lends more credibility to the movement, and it will adapt and rebuild itself stronger every time they are oppressed.  Please stay tuned into the movement and lend support where you can, even it is simply well wishes.  Here are a couple articles about the recent crackdowns.

Free Energy Is Going Mainstream

Another refreshing development was the release of "Thrive" on 11/11/11.  This well-researched documentary leads off with the suppression of "free" energy technology since the time of Tesla, and proceeds to systematically reveal many levels of the active conspiracy that has been choking our world society to prevent it from evolving and self-organizing, then concludes by providing a series of very doable actions that we can all take to shift our world to a model that works for everyone.  While very little in the movie was new information for me, I enjoyed watching it tremendously, knowing that it will spread to millions of people and help them to wake up and take conscious actions to reformat our society into a more cohesive, unity based civilization. 
Please take the time to watch this movie: and then tell your friends and family about it.  Let the movie do the talking, and don't worry about pre-explaining it to them.  I guarantee you'll have some extremely interesting conversations with them afterwards.  This movie will get people really thinking about what has been happening in our world, right under everyone's noses for generations.
One More Awakening Resource
I have recently been building a Youtube channel with playlists that cover the major areas of suppressed truth that people need to know in order to reformat their perception of the present state of our society.  It is purely information-only, and every video in the playlists has been added for a specific purpose: to wake people up!  Videos are organized into playlists for easy sorting.  You can send a person to the channel directly, or link them to any one of the videos in it if you want to "drip feed" them some truth:
I highly encourage you to plant the seeds of truth wherever you see fertile soil to do so.  Don't waste your energies on totally closed-off people, but be open to those who are asking questions and looking to understand things on a deeper level.  Yes, the truth of what has been happening in this world can be disturbing, but you can ask someone "Would you rather be bothered by the truth, or soothed by lies?"  The answer is pretty simple when put in those terms.
Of course, you can also send people to if they seem ready so they can learn to meditate deeper, clear their personal energy field and vibrate at a higher frequency.  This is so important, but most people neglect their meditation and energy clearing when it should be top priority.  Being as clear as possible allows us to look at the darkness in this world without succumbing to the emotions and ego-based judgments that usually accompany such knowledge.  Remember, this world is set up this way so that you will be repulsed by the truth as an incentive for willingly living in ignorance.  It is an elegant trap, but you can rise above the duality and empower yourself by "filling up" with the light of your True Self. 
The more you set aside even just 5 minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply and fill up with the light of your Higher/True/Divine Self, the easier it will be for you to maintain an elevated vibratory state, even as you look at and help expose the dark underbelly of duality consciousness.  This will allow you to embody and transmit your vision of how you choose life to be, in alignment with the knowledge that we all emanate from a single, Divine source, and life in our physical play land / dream world should reflect that divinity.
Stay tuned as I will soon be releasing a new meditation that will take your connection to your Divine Self to a whole new level.  I hope to have this available within a month, but it will only be released when it's truly ready.
Much Love,
Cameron Day
November 15th, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

SaLuSa 28-November-2011

1.The amount of love being sent to your beautiful planet is ever increasing and will continue to do so, as it helps you reach a higher level of consciousness. Many great Beings of pure Light are involved and their power is beyond your imagination. They are able to control the flow of Light so that you are not overpowered, and in fact the whole process of Ascension is very carefully arranged to ensure maximum success. Because in general terms you have been able to bring the energy to Earth, the grids have been empowered and are helping you raise your levels of consciousness. We cannot sufficiently stress how important these times are for you all, and we urge you to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to ascend that is being offered to you. Not for a long time will there be such a focused energy centered upon Earth, that will offer every single soul the means of upliftment. All it requires initially is the intent to change your life to one where you see all souls as One with you, and treat them accordingly with love and caring as you would wish for yourself.

2,Nothing else in your life is as important as your spiritual evolution, and unless you desire to remain within the lower vibrations you must look forward to finding out how to raise your consciousness to a higher level. Whatever you may feel, you have within a natural urge to seek the purpose of life and it will propel you ever onwards. Set aside the comments from people who are unable to comprehend the idea that you are more than your body, and know that there is part of you that is indestructible and is the real you. Experiencing as physical Human Being in the 3rd. dimension is just part of a great adventure, that is now ending with completion of the cycle of duality. From thereon for those who ascend, it will move to a new experience in a body of crystalline based cells that will carry a greater degree of consciousness. All of the previous drawbacks that were affecting you such as aging, will no longer occur and life will be much more pleasant and rewarding.

3. You cannot really stand still where your evolution is concerned even although you do not perceive change within you. Everything around you is evolving and you cannot help but be influenced by what is happening. In the long run you will want to move beyond your present level, having learnt from experience and seeking a new one. The changes ahead of you will leave you in no doubt that the old paradigm has ceased to be of value, and that the new one offers you so much more opportunity to evolve. It is not a random occurrence but part of the Creator's plan for you, carried out by Beings that have returned to the Source. When we of the Galactic Federation finally appear and can converse with you, it will give you the opportunity to have your questions answered. We are your mentors for this period of time, and have already opened your hearts and minds to a more expansive understanding through our earlier contacts with you.

4. There has been a need for you to take more responsibility for your own spiritual development, and gain more knowledge from within. Hitherto you have been largely dependent on others for it, and in many instances been directed along the wrong track which has severely retarded your ability to progress towards the truth. We find that where beliefs are very strong, it is difficult to break down the resistance to change but there are times coming when the truth will be hard to reject. We shall put over the truth about your history in such a way it will be very difficult to deny, as it will be accompanied with irrefutable evidence. This will not affect your freewill as it is a God given gift that no one can take away.

5. What is going to be convincing for everyone will be the ability to show you past events as they actually happened. In this way there can be no denial of the truth, and your history can be rewritten according to how it actually took place. This is important so that you fully understand the way in which your lives were controlled, by the negative influences that occur in your Universe. However, when you ascend they will no longer have such power over you, as their vibrations are too low to exist at such a level.

6.Bit by bit you are beginning to see a far larger picture of where you fit in, and in spite of attempts of the dark Ones to prevent it you are destined to be successful where Ascension is concerned. In fact it is a natural part of your experiences without which you cannot proceed to the higher dimensions. We have attended a number of Ascension processes previously, and yours is by far the most unique one by allowing you to ascend in a physical body. It probably sounds beyond your imagination, yet somewhere in your sub consciousness you have deep memories of earlier times like it. Always remember that you were all once much Higher Beings, and only left such realms to gain experience of a more physical existence.

7. Dear Ones, the jump from where you are now, to a higher dimension will be quite remarkable because of the speed with which it will take place. We are responsible for much of the progress that will be made, and it stands to reason that we must get started very soon. The timing is flexible, and we do not have the same response as you do to delay. We know exactly when certain events need to commence, so we have the advantage of being able to patiently bide our time until we are allowed to go into action.

8. The world is in need of a final infusion of Light that will cause the levels of consciousness to increase exponentially, and take you forward to a level that puts you beyond the influence of the dark Ones. To put you in such a position that you can fully concentrate on the final steps that will lead you to Ascension. Already you are on that path and we shall give you whatever help you need to continue going forward. It will be the glorious victory that you have worked for over eons of time, and always knew was going to be yours.

9. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will tell you that we are keeping our promise to make you more aware of our presence in your skies. It is our intention to make more contact with you, and greater displays of our craft. It should bring disclosure much nearer, which we will welcome as the first step towards further revelations.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Anita Moorjani: Fascinating and Moving Near Death Experience

Uploaded by liloumace on Aug 16, 2011

Anita was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and doctors told her family she was just hours away from death. It was at this point that she "crossed over" and then returned again into this world with a clearer understanding of her life and purpose on earth. This understanding subsequently led to a total recovery of her health.

Anita was born in Singapore of Indian parents, moved to Hong Kong at the age of two, and has lived in Hong Kong most of her life. Because of her background and British education, she is multi lingual and, from the age of two, grew up speaking English, Cantonese and two Indian dialects simultaneously, and later learned French at school.

She had been working in the corporate field for many years before being diagnosed with cancer in April of 2002. Her fascinating and moving near-death experience in early 2006 has tremendously changed her perspective on life. Her work is now ingrained with the depths and insights she gained while in the other realm. She works on the premise that our inner world (consciousness) is our primary reality, and if our internal state is healthy and strong, then our external world will align itself and fall into place as a result.

She is the embodiment of the truth that we all have the inner power and wisdom to overcome even life's most adverse situations, as she is the living proof of this possibility.

Anita is a compassionate and empathic person who seems to have a gift for articulating and simplifying metaphysical concepts, so that they may be applied in our daily lives.

Anita Moorjani website

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Denise Le Fay: 2011 & 2012 & Beyond

For a few months before the 11-11-11 portal I’d been sensing some partial and half-understood impressions about it multidimensionally. Months ago these 11-11-11 impressions seemed ass-backwards and mildly strange to me so I decided to wait until I was able to perceive this information a bit better before I mentioned them publicly. In all honesty, this particular information is still a bit strange sounding even to me and that should tell you something about it! But first, let’s backtrack a few years for clarity and perspective because then 2012 and 2013 will be a bit easier to perceive. As you look at the number images below, be very aware that there are THREE of them in each sequential Stair Step and this has to do with our evolving out of the TWO of lower frequency, lower consciousness 3D duality, and into the THREE of unity (triality) or High Heart consciousness and being.

The September 9, 2009 09-09-09 portal was about the ending of an intense Ascension phase with huge overtones of death and/or dying required to reach the next frequency level or Stair Step.

The October 10, 2010 10-10-10 portal was about our individually preparing to physically embody a good bit more of our Higher Selves in our current bodies, personalities, and being.

The November 11, 2011 11-11-11 portal was about our first global 5D Group Conscious C0-Creating event in the New Evolutionary Cycle of Unity because we’re free of the old Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar and duality. However, as many of us unexpectedly discovered, for us to pass through the 11-11-11 Initiatic portal we first HAD to consciously be aware of, transmute and integrate ANY remaining lower frequency emotional tidbit we may still have had within ourselves first.

After continuously doing personal inner transformational Polarity Resolution work since February 1999 (the start of the Mayan calendar Eighth Wave), I assumed I had the majority of my inner junk already transmuted, and I did, except for another small past life speed-bump issue with my Mom. [See Post October 28th & 11-11-11 Adventures] To make sure I didn’t miss this particular emotional tidbit I still contained on the morning of 11-11-11, the Dark Ones personally hand delivered the message to me via activating my Mom so that she’d trigger this old issue in me so I’d feel and see it. How helpfully thorough of them. No I’m serious, the Dark Ones did me a favor with this one even though I wasn’t feelin’ the luv towards them that day at all! All I felt the morning and day of 11-11-11 was that the Dark Ones had stolen and derailed 11-11-11 for me and Mom, but because I’m stubborn and know better, I worked through that immature and incorrect lower emotional take on their actions and transmuted my past life speed-bump that the Dark Ones made sure I would not miss. They are professionals at what they do after all.

To pass through the 11-11-11 Initiation portal many of us unexpectedly found ourselves depressed and/or ready to quit. I’ve never encountered any of the previous number portals having this effect on me, my Mom, or anyone else, but the 11-11-11 portal did and this told me it was an extra important portal of change for us individually and as a Group in the New 5D Unity Cycle.

I know I’ve only perceived the outer edges of this complex multidimensional topic about the 11-11-11 portal, 2012, and the 12-12-12 portal, but I expect to perceive more about this topic and how it’s effecting us and other-dimensions Beings over the coming weeks and months. Please understand that everything is very different now that we’ve completed and exited the old Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle. I’ve been adjusting, adapting and embodying like crazy since October 28, 2011 and it’s profoundly exhausting and at times painful to the point of having to remain in bed. I haven’t been able to write nearly as much as I always have due to the intense transmuting and embodying that’s been happening non-stop. I know many of you won’t want to hear this next bit, but, many of us Starseeds will be doing massive amounts of embodying to this degree throughout 2012. Sorry, don’t hate the messenger.

For most of 2011 I kept perceiving and clairvoyantly seeing the 11-11-11 portal as very Goddess-like in its energy. I don’t mean total Goddess but one aspect of the Goddess seemed to be intimately involved with whatever happened multidimensionally on 11-11-11. Now here’s the seemingly ass-backwards part that’s been confusing to me over the months. I kept sensing the Dark Ones connected to the 11-11-11 portal and this one aspect of the Goddess energies but in a highly positive and perfect way. After some time I’ve been able to perceive that—and this makes total sense once you get your bearings on the other side of the end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle—it’s also Graduation or Retirement Time for the Dark Ones and Light Ones and the missions and roles each Group has held in place (embodied) for the rest of us during the past Evolutionary Cycle in duality.

I’ve known that these other Beings—both Light and Dark and everything else—cannot evolve or change jobs or roles until WE had completed what WE in physicality needed to here. Once WE’D completed that, which we have on October 28, 2011, then all the other multidimensional players and participants can and will also transition into the next Evolutionary Cycle, whatever and wherever that is for each one of us. Until then however we’ve all been obligated and pretty much trapped in our polarized roles and missions throughout this past Evolutionary Cycle and this includes the Dark Ones as well as the Light Ones.

Evidently the 11-11-11 portal was where many important things began for all of us, including the Beings we’ve known in the past as the Dark Ones. Throughout 2011 increasing numbers of the Dark Ones finally understood what’s happening, what’s changing and why, and slowly began relinquishing their old roles and moved on. However as is still obvious, some of the non-physical, non-human Dark Ones are still clinging, hanging on and fighting, not realizing that their mission has ended because the October 28, 2011 Expiration Date has been reached and it’s time for everyone to move on to the next Evolutionary Cycle and learning. I sense this final completion phase will unfold very quickly throughout 2012 no matter who or what resists this multidimensional Evolutionary Process.

I’ve been sensing that 2012 and the 12-12-12 portal will be for the non-physical, other dimensional Team Light players what 2011 and the 11-11-11 portal was for the non-physical, other dimensional Team Dark players. If I’m correct with what I’ve been perceiving so far about this unfolding completing/beginning, then the 12-12-12 portal of December 12, 2012 will be the cut-off date for Team Light to connect with an aspect of  God-like energies (this is the X shape multidimensional crossover symbol I’ve been seeing) and evolve into their New roles. To my awareness today, this feels like the aspects that we call “God/Goddess” are integrating their fragmented, polarized parts back into themselves and evolving into something new also. Stair Steps, always stair steps with the entire Ascension Process.

Once we complete 2012 we’ll be energetically ready to enter the new Evolutionary Cycle fully. This new unity cycle exists beyond the old system of 12 and duality. The easiest way to describe this higher system of 13 is to use the old system of 12. In it the 12 apostles represented humanity within 3D physicality and linear time, while Jesus represented the 13 and a quantum connection with Source. Once we’ve completed all the Stair Steps coming throughout 2012, then Earth/humanity enters the conjunction alignment with the Super Galactic Center’s incomprehensible energies and then we’ll begin the new cycle that’s like 13 with its conscious connection to Source and Higher Self.


November 26, 2011

Copyright © 2011–2013 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link.

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Sagittarius New Moon: November 25, 2011 by Barbara Hand Clow

1:10 AM EST; Washington, DC

“The New Moon in Sagittarius has arrived! It is a subtle partial eclipse that encourages us to go within to discover the spiritual fire. This lunation is quiet and meditative, so it could be easy to just pass it by. Meanwhile, it is an optimal time to strengthen our multidimensional connections, since this New Moon culminates in a very intense total lunar eclipse on December 10. This will inspire a huge reality shift when the world realizes that the huge changes already in gear cannot be stopped. Those who follow these readings know the Mayan Calendar influence has culminated, and now we flow into 2012 seeking a whole new relationship with Earth. In this sense, 2012 is as important as the wild Universal Underworld time acceleration just completed on October 28, 2011. As we prepare for more great shifts, this New Moon is the perfect homeopathic remedy to wake up our cells; the coming times require cellular intelligence, the ultimate form of human unity.

This New Moon and some comments about the Full Moon offers some reflections on October 28, the first New Moon after the Calendar’s completion. I think astrological factors are going to have a greater influence on our species now that growth driven by the World Tree has completed. Gerry and I been part of a few groups during the Universal Underworld, and we taught two workshops on November 17 and 19, which really helps us know how people are feeling. Most everybody thinks something really happened during 2011, even though it is hard to define and describe it. The fall of so many world leaders, radical scientific theoretical shifts, and the gyrating world economies strongly support Carl Calleman’s theory as well as the McKenna brother’s Timewave Zero, which also ends at the end of 2011. A directive evolutionary process has completed itself, and we are poised to live differently, yet we don’t know what that will be. This New Moon report offers some sense of direction by also including the Full Moon that follows on December 10. Both are needed in this case; Mercury turns retrograde half a day before this New Moon and then goes direct right after the Full Moon; and Uranus is still retrograde during the New Moon, and then goes direct a few hours before the Full Moon. Mercury retrograde pulls our awareness deep within to shed light on the inner truths, while Uranus direct in 0 Aries is the mover and shaker of reality fields. Finally, the Full Moon’s T-square with Mars at the head resolves the New Moon T-square with Mars squaring the dark Moon, so Mars must be examined in both charts.

First considering the culmination of the World Tree influence, Calleman noted on November 8, “Unity consciousness manifests primarily in the absence of dominance especially in the world’s economical and political systems.” ["The Mayan Calendar Has Come to an End" on]. The breakdown of male dominance this year has been spectacular, and now people are struggling for new ways to lead and follow, a crisis that is the most visible in Egypt. Exactly on October 28, the British monarchy scrapped male succession; Euro leaders asked China to come to their aid; Exopolitics announced that Bush and Blair would be tried for war crimes in Kuala Lumpur; a super-hacker sucked out the data of 760 of the world’s largest corporations and stored it away for future use; and the exposure of an abusive football coach was rising to the surface at the venerable Penn State University. These events are all major breakdowns of dominant systems, and the events in science on the 28th are the most astonishing. Exactly on that day, physics announced that the Faster-than-Light Neutrino experiment was to be rerun, and if the results were the same, Einstein’s Relativity Theory would have to be challenged by physics. On November 17, the experiment was rerun and the results confirmed the original findings. This is a primary sign of a breakthrough beyond Quantum Theory to Multidimensional Theory, probably Superstring Theory. Also exactly on that final day, cold fusion produced energy in Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Cold Fusion Laboratory. These new possibilities for producing energy are huge, since the Universal Underworld opened with the destruction of the Fukashima Nuclear Plant in Japan, the death knell of nuclear power.

If you’ve been feeling peculiar since the Calendar ended, please register that the accelerated events of 2011 are creating fundamental cracks and warps in reality! We can all feel this and it takes time to adjust. The cold fusion experiment especially caught my eye because the first successful cold fusion reaction accomplished by Fleishman and Pons in mid-March 1989 was connected to major Maya ceremonial work that I participated in. The Global Elite dunned Fleishman and Pons’s successful energy creation and then stole their results, yet this happened during “Maya Initiatic 1989,” when Hunbatz Men created a three-week ceremonial cycle for planetary stability. Hunbatz sure knew what he was doing because as we started our work near Palenque in the jungle, massive solar flares knocked out power up north and the first cold fusion succeeded while we were working in the sacred caves of Lol Tun. Then when we completed our ceremonies at Chitzen Itza, the asteroid 1989 FC flew so low over the Yucatan that we could hear the sky imploding! The energy coming to the planet in March 1989 was greater than anything I have ever experienced, and I think these same forces are to be created by the Sun and cosmic influences during 2012. As usual, Hunbatz continues to be right in the flow, as during October 2011 he traveled to American sacred sites with crystal skulls, just when cold fusion was happening again! We all have to be highly conscious and remember to breathe, since now it is time to examine the fields we will be playing in during this New Moon that culminate in a total lunar eclipse.

The New Moon is 3 degrees Sagittarius expresses very fresh and potent spiritual fire, which is intensified by the lunar North Node, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius with Venus right on the Galactic Center. This New Moon intensifies our feelings about our spiritual identity; the North Node gives us spiritual direction and intent, Mercury inspires spiritual thoughts and expressive words, and Venus opens us to the influence of the Galactic Center. Galactic gamma rays, light rays, and star emanations shower Earth in a veritable bath of universal intelligence. The events on October 28 show significant destructions of male dominant patterns, and during this New Moon, waves of Sagittarian energy will sicken abusers with awareness of the great pain they inflict on their victims. These lights in Sagittarius bring us great clarity as they pierce reality with the sword of truth. Change happens at the quantum level with waves collapsing into particles that carry new thoughts since matter is not solid, and there are times when even physical forms can transmute instantaneously. During the workshop in Portland, for example, we were informed that the new Keeper of the ninth dimension is the Super Galactic Center, so anything is possible now!

The New Moon is the top of a T-square to Mars in 7 Virgo opposite Neptune in 28 Aquarius and Chiron in 1 Pisces. Normally, this opposition would be a bit wide to be influential, but the New Moon in 3 Sagittarius pulls it together, so I’ll read it. Mars in 7 Virgo is a pack of structured transformational power that entices and activates the wounded healer, Chiron, to deliver Neptune’s spiritual guidance. Then this potent and activated spiritual delivery force is seeded into our minds and hearts by the New Moon in Sagittarius. This energy builds up to the Full Moon when the Moon in 18 Gemini on the South Node opposes the Sun in 18 Sagittarius on the North Node. Mars in 13 Virgo squares the nodal axis, which directs and releases the mutable powers of the Full Moon. These patterns with Mars and the eclipses penetrate into cellular and quantum dynamics that alter probability dynamics. These changing fractals shine rays of light onto completely new solutions that nobody even imagines right now. This is how the new creative potential of our species arrives, and this process is actually visible in this T-Square activating the New Moon. Simply put, the New Moon will implant a seed of fiery creative power that will be unleashed like a pack of totally free wild horses running free in the light of the Full Moon.

Nothing is going to harness the switching in quantum probability fields going on for two full weeks. Like solidifying ruby-red Jell-O, these oscillating fields will respond to waves emanating from our hearts, so intend what you desire. All the other planets are in league with the lunation, except for unaspected Mercury, which has just gone dormant in retrograde motion. Floundering male dominant controllers will just sputter and howl, as they find they have no words for their rage when their treats are withheld. New paths coming in will not be blocked, because Mars in 7 Virgo trines Jupiter in 2 Taurus trines Pluto in 6 Capricorn. This magnificent grand trine in Earth grounds and absorbs the new creativity that is flowing into Earth: It suggests that the world financial structures will not collapse totally because unexpected levels of support arrive that ease the transition into more fairness and equality. Uranus in Aries exactly trines the lunation, so the Sagittarian creative powers are unleashed without blocks. Uranus squares Venus on the Galactic Center, which activates high galactic intelligence for the great work of Earth. The creative potential of this chart is almost unlimited, because it is so beautifully supported by the grand trine in Earth and so powerfully activated by the trine to the lunation from Uranus in Aries.

Remember to tune in for the Winter Solstice reading and the December New Moon that follows four days later. And please read my personal note below.

I’ve chosen my words very carefully in this reading because my voice in this format is about to go away. While looking over the new moon and seasonal charts for 2012, I’ve realized I’m complete with astrological analysis. This column has been available since 2002, through most of the Galactic Underworld, and it will complete in December with a few more thoughts about the amazing experiences we’ve had during the Universal Underworld. During 2012, I will switch to making periodic statements that you will be able to access through our website. One of the reasons I am letting this voice go is because I need to assess the current form of modern Tropical astrology, which limits our access to the cosmic consciousness flowing into our world because it does not read the influence of the stars. Thank you for all your support for my work on this column over the past decade!

For those of you who feel you will miss this column, I’d suggest subscribing to Stephanie Austin’s new and full moon readings at; you can also find her readings in The Mountain Astrologer. EcoAstrology Updates are emailed every two weeks, just before the new and full moons. In addition to covering the current astrological shifts, each update includes helpful links and resources. To subscribe for 25 updates/one year, send a check for $10 (or more), along with your email address to: Stephanie Austin, POB 1745, Port Townsend, WA 98368. You can also subscribe via PayPal. If you would like to receive a free sample Update, send an email request to”

Barbara Hand Clow

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sheldan Nidle: Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update

Theologue in gif.
Update for Nov. 15, 2011
3 Cauac, 12 Xul, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Time is swiftly collapsing the time-space grids that form the framework of your present reality. Ever-increasing new energies are flowing into these grids and shaking the very foundations of the dark's long hold on you. Nearly 13 millennia ago, the Time Lords and the local Elohim constructed these grids as a temporary measure in order to permit you to survive, and now they are rapidly disappearing. The dark ones know this and yet persist in their bizarre schemes to keep all of you entrapped within their dark control fields. The time has come to counter their delusional activities and free your world from their ever-weakening grip. As you look around at your world's political and economic conditions, you can see just how close everything is to complete breakdown. We have monitored the strange maneuvers of this dark cabal and seen how easily they dissociate their continuing fantasies from what is now manifestly becoming real. Our Agarthan cousins consider it their prime obligation to you to liberate your surface world from these decaying delusions, and we are here to fully support this vital task!

      We have, on your behalf, consulted with those who are keen to begin the process of externalizing the new economic and political systems that will free you from the dark's tyranny. In this regard, various legal documents are being completed and the first steps of new economic systems are being launched by these wealthy and spiritually oriented groups. The Agarthans are assisting your Ascended Masters, who have, over the millennia, put together a global network that allows each of these groups to communicate amongst each other. Right now, all the preliminary work for carrying out a spiritual revolution to shift your reality to the Light has been finished. The next stage is to push the necessary dark governments from power and establish the new international organizations dedicated to peace, freedom, cooperation, and of course prosperity! The initial protocols for these organizations have been signed by most of your world's nation states. The time is now ripe for action!

      Those liaisons assigned to our Earth allies report that the procedures for ensuring the safety of the various accounts and the smooth disbursement of the deliveries are being completed, and we expect the deliveries and the concurrent changes in governments to happen shortly. Since these developments will be quite shocking to most on your world, we have arranged for calming energies to be present so that this transition will be as stressless as possible. Our Earth allies, under the supervision of your Ascended Masters, are poised to transform your world with a surge of 'divine intention.' This intention will catalyze the start of the new reality we have been talking about. Your world's shift from dark to Light is a most exciting time, and a pivotal event along the way is disclosure. At this point, as you know, we will be making a series of our own introductory broadcasts to your world once disclosure has been formally announced.

      We also intend to make ourselves more visible to you in your daylight skies once new governance has been installed. One aim of this higher visibility is to emphasize to the dark that any last-ditch attempts at disruption will not be tolerated by us. In the same vein, we have set in motion several countermeasures, which we briefly discussed last week, to forestall the cabal's plans to mess up the host of beneficial social programs to be instituted by the new governments. We are setting up 'protection measures' designed to nip these obstructive schemes in the bud. Our Agarthan cousins have briefed certain trusted members of the new governments about our intended safeguarding plans and we are monitoring all new-government personnel to ensure that nothing fishy occurs before, during, and after they take over the reins of power. We want the new governments to carry out their prescribed social programs as smoothly as possible because only in a positive atmosphere can disclosure be absorbed in a joyful and open manner.

      Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with great news! The time for changes in your reality has arrived! We have instructed our secret sacred societies to move toward delivery and announcements! Your world appears to be working as usual but in truth it is sliding into a degree of chaos that would normally accompany a dying age. In this Light, it becomes necessary to provide an alternative to such a catastrophe if at all possible, and it is for this reason that our 'surface' associates took the extra time required to forge new social, economic, and political reforms for your current societies. These new systems are in place and just need the final checks before a grand spiritual revolution can begin. All across your beloved planet the cries for freedom, personal sovereignty, and prosperity ring out! These sacred appeals will be answered in the fullest measure imaginable!

      Lord Surea has decreed that your world shall be freed from the dark and its unrelenting minions! This call has reverberated throughout Heaven and has led us to seek the assistance of your spiritual and galactic sisters and brothers. These wise ones have arrived in droves and await our final signal in order to introduce their decisive energies into this sacred fray and liberate all of you from the sinister clutches of the dark. This grand, heavenly gathering is here only to use its wide-ranging and extensive abilities to ensure that your growing spiritual and physical changes are no longer hindered by the machinations of the dark minions who currently control your lives. For millennia we have been engaged in a moral 'holding action' that has kept the Light alive in your lives to a certain extent, and now it is time to expand on this and expel the dark from its power and control over you.

      As the final series of moves against the dark rolls out, we remain adamant about setting up a new reality that brings the Light and its divine grace into all your lives. What is now happening is a deep transformation in the consciousness of your reality, paving the way for it to return to a state of full consciousness. This will result in your reunion with the infinite glories of Heaven. Indeed, the same amount of change is happening throughout your galaxy, turning the Milky Way into a great beacon for this aspect of physicality. We rejoice that our efforts, prayers, and guidance have led to this very special moment for us all. Let us come together and welcome our spiritual and galactic families and celebrate the beginning of a truly magnificent future for us all. God bless each and every one!

      Today, we continued with these messages which are intended to keep you abreast of the great changes that are ready to transform your reality. Our fleet and your Ascended Masters, as well as all the blessed Beings working to return your lovely world to full consciousness, extend a heart-felt thank you for all that you have to endure each day. The end to your difficulties is close at hand! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One and Be in Joy!) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lisa Renee: Through the Wall in Time

Wednesday, 09 November 2011

Dear Family,

“The planet’s energetic architecture in time/space has shifted which allows access and exchange into another Universal Gateway since late October. We have penetrated through another portion of memory layer, a “dimensional collapse” in time. This collapse sources from a traumatic event that recorded itself into the Underworld timelines. As we have entered this opening into another playing field, it also comes with possibilities of elevating a new Creation. This begins sequential gateway openings for 11/11/11 and ongoing, however there is still much resistance to overcome with the negatives. Naturally these new possibilities of Creation go hand in hand with our own responsibility to accept or deny personal sovereignty as a “God Realized” multidimensional being. To be realized is to be actualized in the likeness of God, a state of being radiant with the virtues of the Krystal/Christ Intelligence. As we embody the Krystal/Christ pattern, it is the Heavenly Jerusalem (The Rod and Staff Union) that can restore balance to the planet and peace to the people.

Krystal Intelligence in form or the Embodied Christ – Is Unity. As we radiate God’s Living Light and Unconditional Love, we cease to need to absorb the light energy of others. We cease to use personal will to manifest or have a need to exert control over others. As we become God’s Co-creator in form, the Living Trinity, we are now given access to The Creatrix field. This is generated from the state of “Oneness” which is the mandatory platform of the Next Universal Cycle.

The Creatrix field is the part of the infinity spiral that exists within the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. All is Infinite within the Center Point of Union with God Source. It is this Infinite Intelligence Spiral birthing the Oneness field between the Universal Core of the Milky Way to the Andromeda Galaxy. It lays the foundation for the New Creation Cycle and is a part of the New Beginning leading to the Seven Higher Heavens. This new creation in space/time is accessed from within the Oneness and is being referred to as – The Creatrix. (It is the reference point of the “beginning” that only exists in the “end”.)

In order to open this dimensional doorway we have accessed the timeline memories of which all humanity has passed through the “Ring of Fire” which in turn passed Through the Wall in Time. Some of us have been horrified or terrified in the last few months and may have related to this sensation as an “impending doom”. It is a memory field that we are finally remembering, and this tragedy does not have to manifest on the planet in this open window of time.

The Great Suffering

This dimensional doorway has flooded a host of new frequencies, downloads and memories to integrate into our planetary grid and within our own physical bodies. As we integrate the energetic polarities of humanities lost experiences in the history of our species evolution, it is possible that we can choose to synthesize these lower vibrations into a higher vibrating pattern. These patterns will recreate themselves within current contemporary settings, in family dynamics or other human interpersonal relationships. We can choose how to respond rather than react to these intense memories and their energetic influence.

We can end the Great Suffering and Sorrow for all of humankind by using Compassion to Witness these attritions in the timeline.

Through this dimensional doorway, our planetary consciousness has pierced a veil to which has great implication on humanities future development as sovereign and free beings. To end suffering is a part of becoming sovereign and free. To participate with evolution is to yearn to become a “knower” of the mysteries of God. To end suffering, one must honestly face themselves. Every being will make this choice from their point of consciousness awareness. As we move Through this Wall In Time, we are being forced to face ourselves and each other. Fears, phantoms and delusions must fall away while facing the painful memory of our own experience of “separation” and our illusion of dis-unity. This is a core spiritual fear of humanities great suffering, as our group soul was splintered and descended into the darkness from this event. We have been terrorized with the belief we would never be saved or whole again. This spiritual fear is the perceived “death” and subsequent belief of the total annihilation of our selves.

Phantom Death to Resurrection

We may face this belief system or re-live the experience of our own annihilation in order to arrive to the truth of our Eternal nature. This is the Phantom Death. The illusion in time is that we will die. To embody the inner spirit of God’s Source is to transcend death, and all perceptions of death become a moot point. As the Phoenix rises up from the burning ashes of its own dead body, the consciousness is resurrected to live in its new Eternal body.

Your personal and direct relationship with God Source inside you is the only relationship that matters. In that relationship ALL THINGS will be saved. There is nothing around you that touches your personal environment that will “die” when you bring your Eyes of God in Oneness – to remember them as Perfect. This is the GREAT WORK! All beings have this choice available to them at any moment. However, they must transcend their mental sickness and insanity to embody the balance of their inner spirit. There is no faking to the Eternal Watcher of All. Salvation does not exist in the mind. It exists within the Pure Heart and is At One with the Heart of God itself.

We are now potentially embodying as God’s Co-Creators to reanimate All that has been “killed” in the multiple other timelines. That which has appeared to us as “dead” in the timelines, is remembered by the Creator to be resurrected into Eternal Life. These creations reanimate to be placed within the Creatrix of the next Universe Cycle, the Seven Higher Heavens.

Many of us will increase lucid dreaming states that are a part of the “reanimation” or the clearing of holographic bits of the fragmented mind memories. With these timeline membranes dissolving the dream state and waking state become more blurred. Do not let this frighten you. We are leaving three channels of broadcast and integrating more channels. Multidimensional awareness, lucid dreams, bi-location through dreaming states, while awake or asleep – will amplify. We may be a part of Dreaming the New Universe into Manifestation through the Creatrix field opening.

The Aurora Krystal Star luminaries from the next Universe have also returned to reclaim these pieces (and bodies) to be reanimated into the New Universal Cycle. We are their physical conduit into the Earth as purposed to reanimate the grid of the “Four Living Creatures” that make up our collective human consciousness and elemental body. The Four Living Creatures (Lion, Eagle, Ox, Man) are Guardian Consciousness Pylon Networks of the Planetary Grids, much of which was infiltrated by negatives. The Four Faces of Man awaken the 12 Guardians through the unification of the Four Living Creatures. (See

These Guardians protect the creation by embodying connections (walking into an identity) in every dimensional station of time. As we awaken from the inanimate clay of human flesh – we ignite the Fire of God in our hearts (through the Aurora) to animate our flesh into the Eternal Body. We then become the Reborn Children of the Sun, The Embodied Guardians of the Creation.

The Inner Sun Temple

This process is the rebuilding of the Inner Sun Temple within our own Heart to reignite the Inner Throne of Power, the Fire of God’s Inner Light set Ablaze! As with the ancient metaphor of the Phoenix, the body dies and from its remains of burning ashes, it returns back to the Temple of the Sun (Heliopolis) and sits at the Throne of God. From the seat of the Throne, in a sacrament dedicated to its Father (RA) principle, it is resurrected into its new body as the Eternal Luminous One.

Many of us will remember this mythos from Egypt as we walked together in those times as well. We can recognize that spiritual source connects to humans through the mythos of archetypes and that these manifestations can become animated into the physical world through alchemical ritual. The Egyptians certainly knew this principle. The promise of God is that when the Age of the Kryst/Christ returns to this planet, the dead are to be resurrected and reanimated into Eternal Life. We have entered that Time. The Temple of the Sun is reigniting on Earth through the heart of its Children. Those Children of the Sun will be called to ignite the Temples of the Sun and their Sun Dials, as above so below.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. (Psalm 23 of King David.)

Universal Radio Tuner

All of us humans will eventually reach the point in our destiny where spiritual evolution and our ascension actualization is the foremost priority of our entire existence. As we expand our consciousness capacity through this Ascension cycle (the organic process of spiritual initiation- that which activates our inner core frequency to increase our personal auric bodies radiant light expansion) we reach levels of direct sensory experience that transcend our lower ego mind’s linear perception of reality. The ignited lightbody (the reconnected Soul/Monad) activates energetic intelligence receptors that translate within the cellular knowing of the physical body itself. The activated body becomes a massive radio tuner able to tune into many different channels of dimensional octaves within the Universal frequency spectrum.

Many of us on the Ascension pathway are attempting to decipher these radio channels coming online as our cellular (re)memories are linking into a relationship with the current station of our identity. Sometimes this “remembering” can feel scary to the unprepared body and mind. Sometimes we are not deciphering the message clearly and we become confused in fear. This is part and parcel of the spiritual ascension embodiment process – the synthesis of polarities to allow the integration of higher frequency light to be available to the planet and the human race. The term to describe this transmutation process is called “Polarity Integrator” and many Starseeds have aggressive missions to do just that job while on planet Earth. It is a mission to be honored and respected when we are capable to understand its place of value in the necessity of spiritual ascension embodiment. All things potentially to be manifested in any timeline must be “embodied” in the physical plane of matter. To manifest the Ascension/Incension experience, Starseeds are embodying the process as prototypes to give this planet and the race field access to the instruction set in this density. We are becoming a Stargate of Ascension. Thus, we are collectively the “Avatar of Ascension”.

Polarity Integrator Mission

As an example of using archetypes and artifacts to manifest controls, the dark ones (negative polarity) have used this “embodiment” principle to control the material world for eons. One may look to the archetypes, master number code, sigils and artifacts that show up everywhere in the organized 3D control structures operating, the financial, educational, religious, medical and other systems. All of these structures use coded archetypes with energetic significance that influences the subconscious mind of the human being. Most humans are unconscious of their meanings however at cellular levels respond to these artifacts through the continual external brainwashing and mind control. The controllers used these creational codes, usurped or reversed their energetic relationships and have been successful manipulating the planet and humanities reality for a long while. (Total negative polarity invasion estimated approximately 5,500 years ago in this density in the area between Egypt and Iran, formerly the Sumerian and Mesopotamian cultures)

As Starseed Architects of Living Light observe and experience these code reversals, (this happens in physical matter and in the pre-manifested matrices) they are capable of overriding the artificial code to the living code of original creation and intent. This is the process of restoring congruency in the planetary architecture to the Natural Laws of God, the Law of One.

A Starseed (or any being) must perceive the Infinite to be within the Oneness, a state of consciousness which opens the doorway to the Law of One. So in many cases the Starseed will be exposed to negative polarity systems and “perceived” negative experiences in order to override the timeline of destruction, as well as source the causation in the timeline where the destructive event has applicable relationship to current outcomes. It returns to the Oneness to override the destruction created in polarity.

The quick process of the Timeline Override Sequence (TOS) for the Starseed Polarity Integrator is:

• Observe the Experience.
• Hold Neutral as the Compassionate Witness of God.
• Synthesize the Opposing Polarities by Loving them Equally.
• Internally Unify inside your Body through Applied Acceptance and Forgiveness.
• If Asked, Release the Mental Bondage Memory (Soul Retrieval, RRO** )
• Cellular Embodiment of the Unified Experience takes place.
• In Gratitude, Peace and Balance is Restored.

This is why it is wise to never judge another person’s path and to always be compassionate and loving towards others. Many times it is the Ascension community that is the most hostile towards the Starseed who is providing an incredibly large service to the planet – as a Polarity Integrator. This role is highly misunderstood on the planet and the person’s own peers will attack him for his core essence mission. Fear and self doubt are poison to the mission activated Starseed, and weakened people with dominating egos will be hijacked in order to obfuscate, confuse or block your direct cognition through lower ego dramas and bias. (A weakened person is one who submits to his ego fears and programs over choosing compassionate love in action) To transcend this ego pitfall and strengthen, mental and emotional discipline is critical. The Orion controllers and E.T. sympathizers are known to target and harass Starseeds that are Polarity Integrators. Being impenetrable to their mental and emotional attacks is possible. Holding the neutral power of the compassionate witness is the process of gaining the wisdom required to be comfortable in the chaos and confusion they propagate.

There is a fundamental difference between the mental (literal) translation of the metaphysical event and the actual embodiment of the metaphysical experience. If we have too great a personal position in any belief system, it will block the sensory experience and be orientated through the ego lens. This is why applying neutrality and balance is the Key to the integration of the actual ascension experience. Without balance as the emphasis in our lives, we cannot integrate our bodies and we risk becoming fragmented or schizoid. We cannot embody “cellular knowing” without having the direct experience. So as we observe others in pain or undergoing certain “negative types” of experience it is best to honor them and be loving. Many “perceived” negative personal experiences are highly misunderstood and judged as bad, and this is stemming from an incorrect perception of the event.

To those few that do embody the ascension experience, it ceases to be theory or philosophy – but an actual state of existence. When we reach the higher state of embodiment of our own inner spirit, we cease to be governed by the lower 3D mental process. This allows the sensory experience to override the ego’s mental perception and we then can allow the acceptance of all that exists in that moment. To arrive at this vantage point, one must be resolved of the authority problem and fearless in being judged or attacked by the external.

This 3D reality is hostile to those who attempt to bring freedom to the planet and its people. Knowing that this planet’s majority of assumed leadership (the controllers) is mentally deranged, is helpful to those who came from other planets to devote themselves to spiritual ascension dynamics. Many of us are newly introduced on this planet to the concept of sociopathic leadership. Fundamentally as a Starseed, comprehension and acceptance of that fact is critical to being effective in this world. One can never expect to be treated, fairly, justly or kindly – as that is not what the current external system is founded upon. It is for those reasons we have incarnated here with a challenging job – one which holds much honor and responsibility.

History Repeats Itself

When we have an accurate assessment of the Universal Holographic Reality (as it is strung out into various dimensional timelines of memory imbeds) we can begin to comprehend that the patterns of History always repeat itself. The players may have different forms in time, but the core causation of events (the original distortion, miasma or karmic pattern) repeats itself continually in various timelines until the event is transcended by the choice of higher consciousness awareness. It is this fact that the controllers “bank on” as they have been successful controlling the population by keeping them in amnesia. If we do not remember who we are or where we come from – we are easily leashed and led. Because this is a main leverage point for the controller’s manipulation they do not want any study, philosophy, knowledge or awareness of the hologram made public. If we were able to access this information freely, we would realize how the holographic reality is programmed for mind control and energetic harnessing by the invisible (in our light spectrum) captors. (Harnessing is the capture of energy and body parts for siphon or re-direction into feeding phantom spaces controlled by Reptilian or Orion sources)

One such example of repeated events in history is the multiple genocide or holocaust memories embedded together throughout the timelines. All such events of the intended genocide of peoples are intimately bound together through the vibrational memory and the complex webbing of soul/monad matrix capture and its mind enslavement. These events cross into multiple planetary barriers of memory which interconnect into solar, galactic and universal memories.

This is why understanding our Hidden Galactic History with Extraterrestials and its relationship to the current operating agendas on the planet make these patterns playing out in our current world – crystal clear. The underlying motivation, driving aspiration or the possession attempts to have control over others becomes obvious.

The race conflict (war over God through genetics and blood) is taking place in physical matter at the lowest vibrational density in order to finish and resolve the original conflict from the highest densities of memory. These conflicts are millions of years old and are completing in this cycle on planet earth now! All memories and information are recorded within the smallest particle all the way to the largest stellar body, spinning out and replicating itself as it expands into the fractal Universes. Many of these memories exist as “alien implants” and are artificial. They have been programmed and holographically inserted by the Controllers.

The perpetrator and the victim are bound together in the same vampiric matrice which ultimately fragment and distort the being. (This is the Victim-Victimizer polarity archetype, which creates insanity eventually.) As these repeated events are horrific to experience the soul fragments and descends into the insanity of the lower astral planes, unable to recollect itself back into wholeness. All the while these fragmented pieces of what used to be “people” and “living beings”, are lost into the vampiric use of their energy quanta. That energy quanta is harvested and fed to phantom spaces to those who choose to bully, dominate and enslave/kill others for their own service to self motivation. The danger of this during this time of “ascension” is the inertia and “purgatory” state it creates for the fragmented “soul self”. That is one specific reason why there is Guardian intervention at this time to recollect these beings/bodies from these phantom spaces that they have been entrapped on – both on the physical and higher planes of existence. We will not forget them.

Ode to Zechariah

History repeats itself. A replay of these memories passing through “The Ring of Fire” as told by the Ancients, has surfaced again in the planetary field. We are undergoing this (re)memory cycle right now and it has been the source of great confusion for those sensitive to these frequencies. In many cases it generated predictions of impending doom and prophecy of cataclysm and destruction to our planet. This was like seeing into the timeline looking glass without understanding what one was looking at – it is a memory field of our past history.

We have been there and done that with our Galactic History, utter destruction between the collision of planetary bodies Nibiru (a.k.a Marduk) and Tiamat. Mr. Sitchen was keenly aware of history and cycles repeating. Through his guided observation and massive research material, he compiled many books on his findings sourced from the Sumerian culture artifacts. As a human being coded with the 10th gate genetics (he was born on the gridline of this planet considered to be the “cradle of civilization” by science, located near the 10th Stargate of our planet.) he gave his legacy to the planet to reveal the E.T. history of humanities origins. Through much ridicule from his peers and the defamation of his academic career and personal character, he still pursued his soul purpose. Although distortions in the historical material is present, he presents an objective account of his experience deciphering Sumerian pictograms, cuneiform and many other historical artifacts related to the Annunaki. His work is of monumental support to the E.T. history accounts and the Ancient Alien movement.

Changes in the planet field configuration and its gridlines holding memory in Cairo-Iraq-Iran (through the hijacked the Phoenix and Eagle grid) have released massive amounts of memory into our planetary field around the Nibiru collision. This collision happened millenniums ago with a 5D planet that was between Jupiter and Mars referred to as the female principle Stellar body Tiamat. This collision was catastrophic and severed the consciousness units of Tiamat and her Moon consort (Kingu) which were strewn into pieces of an asteroid belt. This asteroid belt changed the orbits of the inner planets and outer planets of our Solar System. The severed bodies and consciousness of the planet were absorbed into a phantom matrix and its physical remains plummeted into a descending orbit into the 3D density we now exist. It is a part of this planet that we now exist upon.

All of us on this planet have this trauma memory in our cellular body. We will experience this sensation in different ways depending on our developed consciousness and higher sensory perceptions. It is an incredible memory of destruction, cataclysm and annihilation of planetary life. It is the same memory the controllers seek to manipulate in the human race to recreate that terror and cataclysm on this planet today. When we understand the motivation, we are freed from its manipulation over us. We do NOT have to repeat this cycle again, and we are Free – if we choose to Be!

Memory Symptoms

Those that work in the planetary gridwork or embodiment prototyping areas will be more susceptible to feel these sensations. These have been moderate to severe symptoms, so staying neutral and peaceful while taking care of your body will be supportive in the integration process. Please note that as this is related primarily to the planetary Stargates 4-7-10 and their related networks, they will sympathetically resonate to that location of distress in your physical body. Portions of tumors in the phantom networks are being dismantled and destroyed in the 10th gateway complex running reversal 10:10 current. This has created sensations of : being unplugged, neurological tingling and numbness, extreme muscle and neurological exhaustion resulting in the heaviness in limbs, feet and arms and hands, extreme purging through vomiting or diarrhea, allergies and inflammation of mucous membranes, sinus and cranial pressure, , especially on the left side behind the ear or head or eye areas, clunky feeling in the center of the brain ( pineal/hypothalamus/pituitary shifts), radiating pulses of energy in certain body parts or organs, heart pain or fluttering, internal organ soreness and tenderness, achy joints, and birthing ( mimics pregnancy) and unusual period or PMS symptoms.

This is how the physical body must drop the density of traumatic memories, when they surface in the nervous system, brain and other memory holding complexes in the body. These memories are released into the larger field of the planetary body and then they filter down to us, as the individual nerve cell of the planet earth. Using the Timeline Override Sequence (TOS) for Starseed Polarity Integrators, as well as the AOA clearing meditation provided in the September newsletter will assist the body in clearing and letting go of these painful memories. When you can participate with the source of the painful memory, it clears and shifts the symptoms more easily and rapidly.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Thank you to Mr. Sitchin and all of those courageous beings who have prevailed against the incredible resistance of bringing the truth of Extraterrestrial involvement to our planet.

Love Always, Lisa