Monday, October 24, 2011

Leslie Temple-Thurston: Inspiring Interview with Zany Mystic

Uploaded by ZanyMysticRadio on Sep 11, 2011

My guest is LESLIE TEMPLE-THURSTON. Leslie is a teacher of enlightenment, vision holder/founder of the non-profit organization, CoreLight and Seeds of Life whose mission is the awakening of the Global Heart. She is also the author of two books: "The Marriage of Spirit-Enlightened Living in Today's World", and "Returning to Oneness-The Seven Keys of Ascension". In this inspiring interview, Leslie speaks about her own experience of enlightenment and talks about what it means to her. We go into the process of Ascension, the soul's journey and how best to prepare ourselves for the present shifts to higher energies. This is truly a magical interview, and Leslie is enchanting!

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