Friday, September 23, 2011

What Exactly Had We Volunteered For? Excerpt from Unplugging The Patriarchy

“Welcome to the adventures of a female mystic, an inner-world agent of collective change. In this page-turning read, meet the mystics, meet yourself, meet the future. In unplugging ourselves from patriarchal energies and all that is polarized against them, we change our frequencies, our assemblage points, and thus our world”. ~ Mary MacNab aka "Jackie"

Egypt Revisited

Years before, my teacher had said something in the desert: “We always form a circle at the end of desert trips because a long time ago, at the end of the Atlantean cycle, we made a circle and tried to change our field of attention. We attempted to go home, to jump to
another world. You don’t have to die to leave this world. This world is a dream, and there are other dreams. We tried to change dreams. But some people in the circle saw that not everyone would be able to make the jump, so they stepped back. They volunteered to wait until this lifetime, so everyone could.”

At the time, my teacher’s words had made me feel strange, as though someone was telling me something I already knew. I knew I was one who had stepped back from the circle. Alexandria and Jackie felt the same.

So what had really happened at the end of Atlantis? What exactly had we volunteered for? I plumbed the depths of my psyche. I had to remember.

I remembered the circle. I remembered stepping back. I traced the feeling of that event through time. Over the next few weeks, I painstakingly followed it forward and back until the key moments emerged.

It began in my past life that predated my incarnations on Earth. It began in that long line I stood in with seventy others, members of my lineage. We had volunteered to travel to Earth and use our spiritual skills to orchestrate an experiment in consciousness. We had done it in exchange for evolution. We had been told it was a difficult assignment, that many would fall by the wayside but that, in the end, everyone would come home.

We had planned to return home—wherever home was in the galaxy—at the end of Atlantis, but our exit strategy had failed. Some had been able to make the jump and had gone ahead, but some were unable to…and some had volunteered to stay on and help my teacher,
an army general who refused to leave troops behind.

In Atlantis my teacher met with those who had volunteered. The remaining members of the Lineage on Earth would now have their contracts extended, so to speak. We would stay on Earth for another age. Then, at the end of the age, everyone would congregate.

In the late Kali Yuga, we would incarnate as a soul group. My teacher would find everyone and give them additional mystical training. At that point we would be moving from a global configuration based on power to one based on the heart. Changing dreams would be easier. Everyone would be able to make the jump. That was the plan, and those who had  volunteered to help implement it would receive the gift of additional evolution.

But what were the specifics of this plan? What was supposed to happen between Atlantis and the Kali Yuga? How had Egypt figured into it? I forced myself to go deeper.

In Atlantis we had strategy meetings. We did seeing exercises. We mapped the course we would take. We knew that, at the beginning of the age, light would prevail on the planet then gradually give way to darkness. We saw the pivotal moment when the shift from light to dark would occur. It would happen in ancient Egypt. The volunteers would incarnate as a soul group. My teacher would give us specific mystical training. Then, at some point, we would take a spiritual fall.

My heart throbbed in my chest. We had seen our spiritual fall in advance. No, that wasn’t quite right. We had planned our spiritual fall! The group of volunteers—those who had stepped back from the circle in Atlantis, the group of women who had incarnated in Egypt—had agreed to take a fall in consciousness. At that pivotal moment in history, we had aligned with the darkness and facilitated the shift—on purpose!

It had all been part of the plan! The Patriarchy was supposed to take birth…and we had provided the birth canal. Celeste had nailed it during our global seeing exercise when she said that women signed up to play out the third-chakra-based society, with its focus on power, for the evolution of the masculine and, thus, humankind. This was the part we signed up for.

Relief flooded my being, washing away the guilt I had carried for years. I didn’t take the fall in Egypt because I made a spiritual mistake. I agreed, in advance, to take it.

The beggar woman…. Oh, my God! The beggar woman hadn’t been the man in the South Pacific. It had been my teacher! My teacher had pulled me aside, said he wanted my help with something, then left on business the next morning. My teacher, the master mystic, had
changed his form and appeared as a beggar woman. My teacher, the embodiment of the dragon energy of enlightenment, had reared up as a giant cobra of male power and wrapped a snake around my heart, shutting down my ability to wield feminine power in a balanced way. He had anesthetized my heart so I wouldn’t feel the pain of the coming incarnations. Out of compassion. He had done it to help me. And he had given me a dream of one hundred incarnations—a reminder of the plan we had agreed to. He had been trying to tell me, “This is what will transpire. These are your future lives. This is the lifetime at the end of the cycle where we will meet again. Don’t forget! It’s all a dream. We will meet at the end and wake up from the dream. We will change realities. We will make the jump. And then we will finally be able to go home.” What a plan! What a revelation!

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How to Unplug Overview

1. Unplug your energies from the Patriarchy
The first step is to unplug your energies. The old paradigm is unraveling. If you hang onto the paradigm of the Patriarchy—control, oppression, and fear—you run the risk of unraveling with it. Unplugging doesn’t mean getting off of the grid. It means withdrawing your energies from the system by reconciling whatever polarities you hold in your awareness field that keep you plugged into that system.

2. Unplug your ego
As the patriarchal system unravels, it is crucial that you have a way to process your emotional baggage and egoic structure. The Patriarchy is inside of us. The only way out of the Patriarchy is to go directly into the patriarchal energies inside of you--to meet, honor, embrace, and merge with the fear at the root of every process. Your fears are your buy-ins to the patriarchal system. The physical Patriarchy only exists because we give it permission to exist. And we give it permission because we are afraid of change—afraid to move into the new paradigm of consciousness that is more open and free and universal.

3. Align yourself with the new paradigm
As soon as you can, get the Ancient Templates of Wisdom. You don’t have to wait until you’ve read the book or mastered a processing technique. The templates are exquisite snowflake-like structures in the astral planes that are encoded with light—information about every aspect of awakened embodiment. They were placed on earth at the beginning of this grand experiment in consciousness so humans would have a template for how to embody universality. Having the templates is our divine right—a right that the ruling elite has attempted to keep hidden.

4. Align yourself with others of like-mind
If there is anyone in your life who is not inclined to ascend into the new paradigm, that person is probably holding you back. You are not responsible for anyone else (unless you are raising a young child). If someone’s energy is blocking you, it’s time to consider moving on.

Seek out people who are aligned with the new paradigm and collaborate with them. If you are still struggling with the patriarchal polarity of male superiority / female worthlessness, perhaps it is best to collaborate with an all-female or all-male group. If you are well on your way to balancing your masculine/feminine energies, then collaborating with a mixed group may be more appropriate. The important thing is to affiliate with those who are like-minded, those who are aligned with the new paradigm in consciousness.

5. Reclaim the Divine Feminine
Our internal masculine/feminine energies are out of balance. And that imbalance is reflected in the outer world. It is the root problem on which all of our other problems in the male-dominated, fear-based patriarchal system are predicated. Women have been conditioned to feel they are worthless and weak. Men have been programmed to feel superior and entitled. This schooling is inside-out and upside-down. A woman’s spiritual essence is her power and a man’s spiritual essence is his heart. And until we embrace the sacred feminine within ourselves, in all of her feminine/masculine, solar/lunar glory, we cannot hope to move fully into the new paradigm.

6. Take full advantage of the transition
At present, the energies on the planet are in flux. Anything is possible. Conditions are optimal for speeding up your evolution. At the end of 2012, the energies will lock into place and that will be the energetic foundation on which we will start to build a new world. So use this time for optimal growth. Unplug from old patterns. Clear your ego and your emotional baggage. Align with the new paradigm in consciousness. Focus on raising your vibration as high as you can before the energies lock down.