Monday, June 27, 2011

MASTER KUTHUMI: 7th Dimension Initiation

7D Initiations into the Quantum World of Magic, Miracles and Manifestation - part 2

Channelled through Michelle Eloff©
Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa 7.04.05

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of acknowledgement, of self-respect of self worth and support. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day to hold each of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we welcome you into the presence of the Christ light, into the presence of your Christed self and into the presence of the Christ of all that is, we bring you the opportunity to settle into the presence of divine love and in so doing, indulging in the healing and the revitalisation your Healing Angel brings to you today.

Our journey with you into 7D consciousness is one of the most important cycles of awakening your planet has faced to date. The reason for this is because it is the first time in the earth’s spiritual history that such a vast number of souls in human form have chosen to move into a higher state of awareness. The vibrations created as a result of this choice is manifesting countless opportunities of inner growth, of inner awakening, self awareness as well as the manifestation of what many consider to be miracles. One of the most important parts of the process currently unfolding is for humanity to realise that the spiritual way of living is in fact the science of God.

God is the greatest scientist to ever exist and everything you experience within his/her creation is a science. Understanding creative science brings all of you into a deeper understanding therefore, deeper awareness of the mechanisms that continue to create and make up the world you occupy. This awareness expands your consciousness into even greater realms of possibility. This is where mind and matter unite and the polarities you have come to see as enemies, become allies. No longer is it a matter of mind over matter, it is the process of the mind within matter. Therefore, your thoughts create your world - the matter, which is the physicality you experience as your human life.

Over the past weeks, much has been said about the base chakra and its function. The reason being it is at this time vital to address this area of your body, this area of the collective consciousness, for the base chakra is the home of the collective unconsciousness. The base chakra of the planet is Johannesburg, South Africa, however there are also many changes occurring within the root system of the entire planet, which requires close interaction with the self, as well as the scrutiny of those areas within the self, which reflect in the external reality.

In order to teach, you must be clear within yourself regarding the lessons you represent. The representation of an experience manifests in many different ways depending on the magnetic frequency within the energy itself. Collectively you are experiencing similar experiences of growth. It may be manifesting as different experiences but the underlying issue is very similar for humanity. Let us for a moment look at the base chakra in the sense of its ability to create. First of all, one must acknowledge it is the foundation, the basis for everything. It is upon the belief systems of your base chakra, that you create the structures that become your life. The structures that house what you attract to yourself. It is the foundation upon which your belief systems continue to create realities, internal as well as external. If the foundation is wounded or diseased the structure will become infected by the dis-ease. The wound will create a sense of weakness. The structure in itself too is weak.

The foundation upon which worldwide belief systems have been created are also on unstable ground and in foundation upon which you have built your life. In general, the majority of the world does not know this because the majority of your world is simply operating in a style of automated response. Every person within the consciousness of unconsciousness, is living a robot-like existence, not even beginning to understand where the root of their problems lie. Because the majority at this current time is made up of such people, the collective unconscious perpetuates the old paradigm you have stepped out of. This is the paradigm, you as lightworkers are continuously releasing from your energy field. This is the paradigm that you have chosen to step away from and shield your consciousness from. This has been the purpose for the 5D chakra activations as well as these 7D initiations, for each new level of energy you integrate, the stronger you become, as a being of consciousness inhabiting a world of great density.

The darkness within the world is its ignorance. You now stand at a different level viewing the world you have left behind. You observe people living their robotic existence. You are a light within a dark tunnel of their existence. This is what makes you teachers. This is what makers you leaders. The difference within you is what will make a difference in the world around you. The fact that you no longer are of the 3D limited consciousness creation means you have the skills necessary to continue bringing light into the presence of density and darkness, bearing in mind that the darkness that we refer to is the darkness of ignorance; a place all of you once stood in. Because of humanities ignorance regarding the value of knowing the chakric system, they are unaware of how important maintaining balance within the chakras are. They do not recognise how past trauma, abuse and shock, impact on their life as a result of the memories and belief systems coded within the chakric systems.

When a person is raised in an environment of lack and limitation, of deprivation, or abuse, they believe it to be the only reality. They may perceive it as unbearable at times, but very few actually know and/or find a way to get out of that environment. One of the reasons why poverty has reached the level it has, is because on a planetary scale, mother earth’s base chakra is still severely traumatised. The wounds have not been addressed on all levels. The base chakra is your right to be on earth, as well as your right to have all needs met. A child raised within an environment of scarcity and deprivation will not believe it to be their right to have their needs met. Anybody raised within an environment of great opulence and wealth is programmed to expect such abundance, even extravagance

Beloved ones, this is valuable information for you to integrate for your personal integration of life, for you to address how you have created your life, what you are lacking, where you feel limited and it is very important for you to address the belief systems upon which you have created your life. In order to live a life of integrity, one needs to be true to the self. One needs to be loyal to the self; therefore one needs to be able to acknowledge the needs of the self. When the base chakra is damaged to the degree it has been, one does not know how to do that. Because one does not know how to do that, one remains in a state of survival consciousness. This means the only thing one is truly in touch with is the need to preserve the self. Nothing else. That means all it is concerned with is feeding and sheltering the self. This often ends up in lifestyles that do not permit the individual time and space to nurture themselves, or it manifests in a sense of guilt and belief that one does not deserve such extravagant indulgence in as much as pampering the self, because you are then depriving yourself of other vital requirements to preserve the self. This is very important to change.

Survival is a reality. But your right to have all your needs met, your right to be on earth is just as important. If one does not believe they have a right to be on earth they will constantly find ways to disconnect from their body and this is how ones health is then influenced. Your base chakra determines your state of health. It is the beginning of all health problems. Yes, other chakras do certainly impact on your health, but it begins in the base chakra. Usually people who do not feel they have the right to be on earth or who feel they have earned the right to be on earth or who do not feel safe enough to be in their body or on earth, will manifest health issues because a part of them does not believe they should be on earth. Therefore if you have a constant issue with your health, go back to your roots. Go all the way back to the time you were conceived.

Your base chakra begins its development of consciousness in the second trimester, straight through to the first year of your life. That is when its consciousness is most influenced by the external world. From the point of conception, all the chakras begin their creation. The base chakra roots itself for the first time in a physical space when the fertilised egg buries itself in the lining of the mother’s womb to continue its process of gestation until it is a fully mature human infant. If at conception you had difficulty rooting yourself you will find it difficult for the rest of your life, to keep yourself grounded, and/or to believe it is safe to be in your body. It is also vital at this stage to bear in mind, that everyone is different. Therefore some people may have good health but still not feel that they deserve to be on earth. Therefore they manifest constant difficulties with their finance, or they feel isolated from society and their family because they do not feel that they fit in. Perhaps they have constant problems with their relationships with siblings, parents, or find it difficult to find a social group to fit into.

A person may in fact be very wealthy but still not feel that they have the ability to fulfil certain needs. In other words they may continue to make heaps of money, they may continue to acquire endless amounts of material wealth but the emptiness within is never fulfilled because they cannot find their place in the world. Then you can have someone also who has very good relationships with their children, with their partner, and their business might be doing well but then again their health may be their problem, or they may constantly find that they have difficulty associating with the material world or difficulty socialising with people. Therefore people who feel the need to become of a hermit nature or consciousness is having difficulty to relate to the groundedness of the earthly life.

Beloved ones, I give you this lesson for many reasons. Reasons you will come to recognise over the next few weeks. It is a vital part of the initiation we are taking you through at this time. It is meant to motivate you to address your personal issues around what we have discussed, but also for you to see how the macrocosm is being influenced as a result of poverty consciousness, consciousness that perpetuates itself as a result of ignorance and as a result of the consciousness of humanity being grounded in a state of survival rather than the acceptance of their divine right to be on earth and have their needs met.

I am sure many of you have heard on more than one occasion that there is sufficient for every human on the planet. This is a fact. And this is where quantum energy plays a role again. 7D, for those of you who do not know this yet, 7D is the dimension of magic, miracles and manifestation. It is now better known as the dimension of quantum consciousness. This is where you step into quantum reality. By recognising the science of spirit a whole new world opens. Then one can begin to understand another level of the teachings that Spirit and the Masters have presented to you all the years you have been studying this material. When you recognise that you have the ability to manifest absolutely everything and anything you will yourself to, you begin to realise the Power of Spirit, because it is a science in itself. You will then realise why Spirit tells you, you have the power to heal. You have the power to change. You see, up until now humanity has been trapped in the 3D density of limited consciousness within the collective unconsciousness stored within the base chakra. Now I have just explained to you the state of the base chakra, yours and the collective consciousness. Bearing this in mind you will better understand why it has been difficult for the majority of society to integrate the fact that what has been termed as supernatural, metaphysical, occult, and esoteric is all science.

Einstein was one of the great Masters of the Light who tried to show the world these facts. We must then acknowledge and thank Mr Newton and Mr Darwin for presenting an opportunity to see the power of limitation, so that now you can begin to explore the power of an expanded world. You have seen what limited experiences can do. As Newtonian Consciousness science begins to disintegrate, the science upon which it has been built upon, by the way, everything begins to change. Scientists do not work to prove theories right, they work to disprove old theories that were proved as right. And what has happened is many physicists are now disproving Newtonian theories. That in itself is cause for a very big party! (laughter) Because now one can experience Spirit, one can experience God, as a tangible reality. A reality that many people have not been able to accept and integrate because of its lack of solidity. It did not appear to have a foundation they could trust or rely upon – also a reflection on the state of their base chakra.

So now the Science of Mother-Father God is before you, you have walked into this world. Now every possibility available to you is there. Like a child in a candy store who can choose anything for nothing; where to begin, what to choose? Our suggestion to you is to begin with yourself. I will always suggest this, as will many of the other great teachers. You as a teacher will find this one of the most vital aspects of selfreflection in order to be able to teach others. What ever occurs in your reality, see it as being a direct manifestation of your projection. See it as the world reflecting back to you in answer to something you have asked, and sometimes the world showing you something you have been in denial about. At times it may be difficult because the harshness of the reality of what you are seeing may cause a sense of uneasiness or it may arise as a feeling of failure.

This is where the next lesson of quantum consciousness comes in; and one of the most important lessons of becoming a teacher and that is to see the lesson for what it is. The opportunities you attract to yourself, you attract for the purpose of changing what ever causes you discomfort or stress. The true teacher acknowledges the lesson as an opportunity to make a change. Instead of being manipulated and controlled (sneeze) Bless you. Sneezing on the truth, take note! (laughter) instead of giving into the lower ego who is trying to manipulate you and control you, through its fear-full emotional reactions that is, you own the experience.

Let us for the sake of demonstration create a fictitious figure. A gentleman finds himself in a situation where he feels perhaps unsupported, or disregarded by his life partner. This may manifest in conflict within the relationship. He may blame his life partner for making no effort to acknowledge him or spend time with him. That is the lower ego, or it can also be perceived as the inner child’s need for love in fact crying out. That is what we will call now, for the sake of this particular demonstration an immature reaction, yet a valid one. The teacher striving to attain self mastery would see the situation and say to himself; I have manifested this situation in my relationship where my life partner does not acknowledge my effort I put into our family, so much so that she does not create enough time to spend with me. How have I created this? How have I not acknowledged my effort, how have I not created time to spend with myself so that I feel fulfilled? This inner reflection brings the solution. The more he blames his life partner the more he will perpetuate that particular experience because that is the focus he is projecting toward that situation and that is what he will continue to create.

The moment you blame, you give power to the problem. The more you blame everything and everyone outside of you, the worse the problem gets because you feed it. When you stop and look at the source of the creation, you solve the problem in a quarter of the time because you are able to then begin understanding what the root of the problem is, or the core cause, and you can begin to acknowledge a belief system which is part of the fabric of your foundation upon which you have created a structure you call your relationship with your life partner. That is why you must look at yourself first. That is how a teacher understands his or her lesson. Having experienced the power of solving such a situation, you will teach others to do the same.

Therefore the moment you find yourself in a situation and either your life partner or a work colleague or a friend or a relative or whomever it may be projects something onto you, you can ask yourself, “how have I created this?” Have a look within yourself to see if there is truly something within you being reflected in the words the person has said. You can also then help the person to do the same. You can say to the person, “I acknowledge your feelings and the fact that you feel that I don’t give you enough time. I respect the fact that you feel that I don’t acknowledge your efforts and I will look at that. However I feel it would benefit our situation if we have deeper clarity as to why this is being created and perhaps it would be of great support for us to acknowledge how much effort we are putting into ourselves. It may also be very good for us to take some time to do the things we enjoy alone, rather than expecting one another to be there to enjoy everything. Perhaps by taking some timeout to enjoy time with ourselves we will have a lot more fun together.” So you are not disregarding the individuals need, you are acknowledging the problem but you are helping them to self reflect, as well as owning the opportunity for self-reflection too and together you solve the issue.

This is also vital in business. Business is part of the base chakra energy. It is the external manifestation of the base chakra; it is about money, survival. A weakened base chakra as you know, being in a state of survival, will do anything and everything it has to, to preserve itself, therefore the first thing that goes out the window is integrity. Understanding that integrity is the first thing that goes out the window in order to survive, changes the way one perceives business, because no longer is it a bunch of dogs fighting with dogs or sharks chasing sharks, one sees them as wounded manifestations of the collective base chakra energy. Yes there are many other levels, based on the other chakra influences, but remember we are looking at the foundation.

One of the reasons why your entire planet will experience massive change in the economy, in business and have already experienced great shifts within family relationships leading to divorce, are a clear indication of this. It is because the family structure (tribe), which is part of the base chakra, which is built on foundations of fear, survival, greed, and/or the abuse of power, will certainly crumble. There is absolutely no doubt about this. Those that have been created from the ethics of integrity, truth and trust will thrive. Another reason why Spirit has been preparing many of you, and also the reason why a number of people have battled through relationship issues and finance issues. These have been the 2 major issues of challenge over the past 5 or 6 years.

The next level you are being prepared for is the clearing of the sacral chakra. It is your water element, the base chakra being the earth element. The base chakra you could see as the male in energy, the sacral chakra you could see as the feminine energy. This is where your intuition lies, whereas your instinct is in your base chakra. Receptivity, creativity, your ability to feel and to sense is in your sacral chakra. How you emotionally feel about yourself and how external projections impact on the way you feel about yourself all occur within the sacral chakra. It is also connected to your sexuality as well as your ability to create and manifest. These are the 2 chakras that embody masculine and feminine energy, and a required to work together to create and manifest. The male creative organ, in other words the male reproductive organ is situated in the base chakra. The reproductive organ of the female is in the sacral chakra. A human cannot be created with out the seed of the male energy and the egg of the female energy. This is why in order to create life you need to have your masculine and female energy perfectly balanced.

You need to be able to ground (base) and you need to be able to feel (sacral). You need to be able to go with the flow (sacral) in order to take the action (base) necessary in order to manifest what you need (base). You are being prepared to bring into manifestation the creative energy of the feminine goddess so that the male aspect of self can be firmly grounded, and the root system can be nurtured by the water and flourish. See your base chakra as a field. You are going to seed this field. Your sacral chakra is the irrigation system to ensure sufficient water for your crop to bear an abundant and fruitful harvest. If your sacral chakra is frozen, you will experience a drought in your base chakra.

For the purpose of taking your 7D initiations through to completion, you need to step into a place of feeling and of sensing. Therefore the question you are to ask yourself is what on earth would you love to create? Take a moment to think about this. What prevents you from creating what you love?

For the purpose of the integration of this initiation please share with us what it is on earth you would love to create and what it is on earth that is preventing you from doing this.

If money or resources are the problem, then this is very important to bear in mind. And I may have to reiterate it on a number of occasions. Resources lie within the base chakra. The base chakra is reflected through the crown chakra, so it means pulling in and grounding resources from heaven and resources from earth. Energy in whichever form you require it. The only thing preventing you from manifesting this is your belief system and attitude toward it. That is all. Now before you throw something at us, let us carry on. To explain, (laughter), you need to forget everything you have believed as being a limitation. You need to coach yourself out of using phrases such as “I can’t,” “I don’t know”, “I forgot”, “I don’t remember”, and step into the moment. Therefore everything you do from this moment forward is for the purpose of manifesting what you have just said you would love to create. Because it is a possibility. Remember 7D is quantum consciousness, in which absolutely everything is possible. I will repeat: the only thing preventing you from manifesting the resources, the place and the space is your belief system. Your belief in limitation, your belief in the lack of resources. Again, plain and simple as that. As plain and simple as it is, we are fully aware of the difficulty in moving beyond it, this is why we say to you coach yourself daily. Become conscious, aware, get into your body and be conscious of what you are saying and what you are doing. Make every action in your day an action that contributes to the creation of what you love. Therefore, begin to believe that you are in the process of manifesting what you would love to do on earth.

This in itself will take you through many other processes of unravelling your past belief systems and the conditioning you were exposed to. This is part of your 7D initiation; the unravelling of everything that has resulted in a limited consciousness.

You may also be asking “How do I ground myself in order to manifest my needs as met?”. There are many different ways of grounding yourself. Walking, yoga, dancing, eating root vegetables and protein, and martial arts are all grounding exercises. Doing this on a daily basis, twice a day, if required will bring the feeling back to your body. It will get the electrical currents in your body flowing properly gain. Then you need to physically get in touch with your body. Therefore touch your body, feel it, acknowledge it, thank it for everything that it has done, up until this point. The moment you start loving your body, it will begin to feel safe enough to create life. The love for your body will move you into a state of awe, in fact, when you realise how powerful it is, how resilient and strong it is to have put up with so many years of abuse you will begin to see it with different eyes. All of your bodies put up with this, especially with what you put into your body; chemicals, preservatives, refined sugars, etc etc etc. You abuse your bodies with critical thoughts, rejecting your body, denying its needs, and depriving it of rest and sleep. All of these affirm to the body that it is not worth your attention, so the energy withdraws.

Having grounded yourself and gotten in touch with your body, you need to perform a ceremony in which ever way you feel inspired to, to reclaim your divine right to be on earth and to have your needs met. Doing this on your own may take a few tries, but remind yourself constantly, that you have a right to be on earth. There is space that has been created uniquely for you and you need to occupy that space, because you are a Divine Link in the Chain of Life, without you something will be missing. Having done this, you will begin to feel dramatically different, maybe even more solid, fuller, and energised. Then you can begin to tackle your fears of poverty by accepting your ability to co-create with Spirit. Therefore abundance is naturally the end result.

That is the irony - the more one fights the fear, the more one limits the experience! The moment one surrenders and acknowledges ones power to co-create with Spirit, one manifests the abundance.

In order to change the state of poverty on the planet, you must begin with yourself; this I have said already and through what you will heal within yourself, you will be able to teach others to do the same. Even if you only change the lives of 5 people with what you have learnt, and those 5 people change the belief systems of 5 people each, you will have created a radical change regarding poverty on your earth.

As we have said, the irony in the process of surrender is the fact that when you believe you have a right to be on earth and to have all your needs as met, they are automatically met. This is the dichotomy for many in overcoming the past belief systems of the past paradigm as one’s consciousness becomes more rooted within the new paradigm. This transition stage is in fact the most difficult of the entire phase because you are stepping out of one world and stepping into another world. You are for the first time beginning to experience the conscious aspect of multi dimensional living. You are physically manifested in the third dimension, but your consciousness is tapping into other dimensions. Therefore aspects of you are perceiving your world from more that one reality. The new reality is showing you why the old way was an illusion. However, the mechanisms within the self that have entertained the illusion for most of your life need to be reprogrammed. Therefore be patient with the process of change you are going through.

Fear is purely based upon a belief system. How much you deserve is based on your belief systems of what you have been conditioned to believe is enough. Also look at the belief systems that society has projected regarding wealth. Many people have bought into the belief system that money is dirty. That money is the root of all evil or the love of money is the root of all evil. There is the belief that people who have a lot of money obviously did not have to work very hard to get it. Scrap all of that and focus on your ability to co-create, in other words, your power as a co-creator. There is no need to be ashamed of your power. Do you know how many wealthy people are ashamed of their wealth/ simply because they are influenced and affected by the judgement that people in poverty consciousness project onto them, obviously reflecting an aspect of themselves that does not feel they deserve the wealth they have and they feel guilty about it. But you have the right to manifest as much wealth as you choose. You have the right to enjoy what you have created and to share that with whomever you choose and in so doing to help educate others to do exactly the same. It is through people such as yourselves, practically applying the principals we give you and manifesting a different reality that will certainly change the way the world is. So be the stone cast upon the water that will create the ripple effect.

The best way to reprogramme yourself if there are no other resources available, such as healing techniques or no time for meditation is to keep on bringing yourself into the moment. Keep on monitoring your reactions, your behaviour in situations, and your thoughts. If you catch yourself reacting rear-fully take a deep breath in and say to yourself, “I consciously choose to replace the fear programme with a programme of trusting in my ability and my power to co-create with Spirit”. So it comes back to acknowledging your ability to change the movie that you watched over and over, day in and day out for most of your life.

Remember, you are coming from the world of conditioning. A world of belief systems that created the difficulties that most of you face at this time. The first lesson in spirituality is to accept your human beingness and that you are a Being busy being human. Yes? And the human reality currently has certain laws. Some of those laws have been abused, some have been broken completely, some have been totally disregarded and a few have been honoured. Go with the ones that you have honoured. The ones that you wish to change, well, change them as you can, but don’t become complacent or procrastinate. It all comes back to being present, acknowledging what has happened in the moment. If one of your children pushes you to the brink of wanting to hang them upside down and rattle them till their brains fall out their ears (laughter) it is human because you have an emotional reaction, but you would not do it, we hope! (laughter)

This does not mean that you are behaving in an unspiritual manner. You are simply being a human being. Children need boundaries. Children will test your boundaries. They will reflect back to you what your inner child is testing within you. You children need to feel safe in your space, as does your inner child and if you have a child who is creating a war-like environment see it as a reflection of what is going on in their space and in your space. Get them to stop and draw what they are feeling. Use the creative tool of the sacral chakra to bring them back to earth. If you find the child/ren are getting out of hand and your own rage is building up, ground it. Shout to all of them “Stop!” And then get all of them, including you, to stomp your feet like elephants. Jump up and down. Let the electrical currents flow and get the energy out. Throw a tantrum together. This means the children feel a connection with you and this is a spiritual union taking place because the Spirit energy inside of them and the Spirit energy inside of you is the force of energy that keeps you in relationship with everyone around you. You will find that the children will begin to relate to you in a completely different way, as will you to them, including your inner child. There are many creative ways to bring children back to earth, including yourself, and you know, just like anybody else does, if you are feeling irritated the slightest little thing will push your buttons and the thermostat wild go to the top, not so? And what do you do when you feel the thermostat is about to blow?

It is vital that children are taught how to deal with anger and fear in a healthy manner. Therefore we suggest that you create a space in your home for this if possible. Each of must choose a cushion that will stay in this particular space. Begin to create the idea that whomever feels irritated or angry has the right to vent it. The only rule is nobody vents their anger at one another, they go to the pillow, put their face in it and scream as loud as they want to, or kick it or punch it as hard as they want to. Perhaps if you are feeling irritated at that point you can say to your children, “I am feeling very irritated right now, is there anyone else feeling the same way? Let’s go and scream!” All of you bury your faces in your pillows and scream as hard as you want to (laughter). This teaches the children that it is safe to externalise their anger in a safe space. One of the greatest causes of disease and depression is the internalisation of such emotion because it gets pushed to the base chakra. Even though you may have worked it out in your head, it has not been vented. Remember that fear is the underlying emotion resulting in feelings of anger and angry behaviour.

Let us add that at this point one of the greatest reasons why society sits in such dysfunction is because as children the tools to constructively deal with anger and fear were never taught.

Some of you often have difficulty with issues regarding selfishness and empowerment. Selfishness is a belief system created by people’s projections as a result of their lack of understanding in the belief of the deservability to use their full extent of power. This is one of the consequences of the dark ages. It was rooted within it. This goes back to the times when people were unable to think, feel or act for the self, resulting in situations where others needed to do it for them. This has resulted in present day generations of selfdeprivation and poverty because of guilt related to feelings of being selfish.

The fear of ones power is also a belief system. You have been taught that being unselfish and humble is to go without, not to be assertive, and entails continual sacrifice. Therefore in a nutshell, the conditioning about unselfishness and humility is to have no boundaries. Everything that prevents you from creating what you would love to is simply your belief system around it. Look at what selfishness in actual fact is. Define it for yourself. The moment you define it you will be able to acknowledge that the definition of selfishness is what you were conditioned to believe it is, and then ask yourself if your are truly being selfish in the full sense of the word.

Society is developing and changing at a rapid rate. Everything you change within yourself eventually becomes an external change in your life and within your world. The only way to show people a different way is by creating the way. You can take a horse to the water but you can’t make it to drink. And unless the soul is ready to integrate a new level of energy you might as well go and stand now and bang your forehead to a pulp against the wall because that is probably the greatest thing that you will manifest – a soft head. (Laughter) Don’t try so hard to change the system. Change the system within yourself. That will magnetically alter the magnetics within the system, which will automatically attract to you individuals of like mind and heart, of like consciousness, which will create a team, a community of equally empowered souls and that is how the change occurs. How do you think the Romans took power of humanities consciousness When the Piscean age came into power? They stood together as a force of like-minded people. It was a group of individuals who were so afraid of losing their power that they did everything in their power to ensure that it was never taken away. And because they stood together as a collective consciousness they succeeded.

That is all the light needs to do – is to attract other lights and as the lights come together, the more darkness is exposed to light and everything then comes to light. Rome was not built in one day. However, the world within you is the one that is most important and I guarantee you, those of like consciousness will come to you, and some are already in your space. You need to work together as a light team and the light will spread. Don’t worry too much about trying to “convert” those who are not ready to “convert”. When they are, they will find you. They will see the way you have lived and they will come to find out what the formula is.

I want you to remind yourself that everything is a projection, a conditioning, a creation of an illusion that was never based upon your truth. Your identities are not true. You are made up of a system of conditioned belief systems, opinions and perspectives of a hundred different people because not only were you influenced by your family and friends, all of you were influenced by the media as well. You were told what to wear, what to drive, how much to earn, where to work, how your body should look, what colour your hair should be, what the trendy makeup for the season is, what the trendy colours are, how high your heels should be, how smooth or hairy your legs or armpit should be (laughter). Do you see how everything is a conditioning?

Can you imagine chimpanzees being brought into society and female chimps beginning to shave their legs and their armpits? (laughter) According to Darwin, you come from monkeys. So this is exactly what you have done. Instead of worrying about those kinds of things, monkey around. Have some fun. Your self-doubt is there only because you have been lead to believe you cannot trust yourself. Trust is a base chakra challenge. So prove to yourself you can depend on yourself, you can trust that Mother-Father God will provide the resources to make it possible. Choose one day or one morning to simply go and have fun. Allow your child/ren, if you have any, the opportunity to be able to trust you to take that one morning to go and have fun. Therefore you are proving to yourself that you can rely on yourself to take the time out to have a little fun and the world will not fall apart. This is an exercise of surrender in itself. Playing releases tension and anxiety. It also a healthy way to release anger and other toxic emotions that sabotage ones efforts to implement long lasting positive change. To become and remain free, prosperous, healthy and wealthy in all areas of life you must PLAY.

Playing enables you to see Spirit as well as The Spirit within everything - animals, nature, in everything around you. Every person needs to see their connection to nature, their connection to animals, and their connection to other human beings. Another way to also describe the spirit within everything and how everything is connected is to remember that the body is made up largely of water. Mother earth as a body is also made up primarily of water. You need the water from mother earth’s body to keep alive; therefore her spirit nurtures your spirit, the spirit that keeps your physical body alive. Nature is connected to you because the trees that mother earth’s body nurtures, which bear fruit, which you need to nurture your physical body creates a connection. Do you see where I am going with this? This is what will reconnect the children with the earth. This will bring them back into their body. The moment that they can realise and remember the connection to earth, they will be able to earth themselves.

True spirituality cannot ever be manifested if one is separate from the physical body and separate from earth. So you have to bring them back to earth, you have to re-educate them about their connection to mother earth, how to respect the earth, how to nurture the earth, and how in so doing they learn to respect themselves and nurture themselves, and so a whole new world develops enabling them to truly integrate the meaning of spirituality because respecting the earth is a spiritual practice, as much as respecting the self is a spiritual practice. Nurturing the body is a spiritual practice because you are acknowledging the spirit within your body that animates the physical body, and through that acknowledgement you are feeding the physical body so it can continue to be animated by that spirit.

The key lies in understanding quantum consciousness, quantum psychology, and quantum energy because that is what you need to teach the children. When children are given the opportunity to utilise such an energy they will thrive on it because it is natural to their system. They have not been conditioned to the point that you all have, so they have a jump start ahead of all of you. Quantum consciousness or quantum energy is something that is very real. It is something that all you know. You just need to remember how to use it. So by remembering and relearning how to use this energy you will automatically tap into the information because you will know exactly how to do it. When you are in quantum consciousness, there is no forcing it because you are already hooked up to the collective quantum consciousness of creativity and you will easily extract the information from the Universal Mind that you require. And of course, you will be far more open to receiving transmissions from the Guides of other dimensions, who will be working directly through you. Let me add at this point when one becomes more interwoven in quantum consciousness one will have a far more tangible relationship with ones Guides. There will be far more sightings of such beings because ones vision will have changed as a result of ones belief systems. Is that clear?

So beloved ones, in conclusion of this initiation, let us tell you that everything that we have discussed with you in answer to inner questions, in suggestion to contributing to how you will work with what you have presented, will help you trust in your ability to bring it into being. The lesson of the initiation is exactly about what we have discussed. The opportunity as a result of participating in this energy is to bring into manifestation what you have presented to us this today. You have presented one of your deepest inner desires to Spirit today, the Spirit that is within you, that is within everything that responds to every intention you set, to every emotion that you project, and to every energy that you emit. It simply brings back to you what you have asked for, the Science of Creation.

Beloved ones, may the structures that you create upon your new foundation be abundant, full of light, joy, wisdom, love, peace and any other life giving experience you choose to create. It is through these experiences that you will teach and educate the world, that you will bring the practice of integrity into business, as you go about your business every day. You are the conduits of quantum energy being utilized to magnetically emit the vibrations of a new world order, in other words, an order of energy that shall recreate a world that you shall perceive as totally different and unique.

May you all be filled with the power of Spirit, your Spirit, the Spirit that animates all that feeds and nurtures you. May you come to embrace your ability to co-create with Mother-Father God, to bring into physical manifestation all your heart and soul desires. Command this and believe it to be the truth.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of love and wisdom and I greet and bless you in laughter. Adonai.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Forbidden Truth Hidden Knowledge - Steven Greer

Uploaded by on Jun 18, 2011

Steven M. Greer, MD is the Founder and Director of the Disclosure Project. Dr. Greer is an emergency physician and former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina.  In addition to heading the Disclosure Project, he has also been supervising a world-wide search for alternative energy sources, specifically those known as zero-point or over-unity devices with the plan to identify and develop systems which will eliminate the need for fossil fuels.

Dr. Greer is the author of several books including "Hidden Truth -- Forbidden Knowledge," in which he relates his own personal experiences with extraterrestrial peoples and the unfolding of cosmic awareness since his childhood - from his sighting of a UFO at an early age, to his amazing near-death experience at age 17, to his unraveling of the secret cabal running the illegal transnational energy and UFO -- related projects, to his meetings with a CIA Director, US Senators, heads of state and royalty.

As Director of The Disclosure Project, Dr. Greer presided over The Disclosure Project Press Conference from the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Over 20 military, government, intelligence, and corporate witnesses presented compelling testimony regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms visiting the planet, and the reverse engineering of the energy and propulsion systems of these craft. Over 1 billion people heard of the press conference through webcast and subsequent media coverage on BBC, CNN, CNN Worldwide, Voice of America, Pravda, Chinese media, and media outlets throughout Latin America. The webcast had 250,000 people waiting online - the largest webcast in the history of the National Press Club.

Dr. Greer has met with and provided briefings for senior members of government, military, and intelligence operations in the United States and around the world, including senior CIA officials, Joint Chiefs of Staff, White House staff, senior members of Congress and congressional committees, senior United Nations leadership, and diplomats and senior military officials in the United Kingdom and Europe. He has been seen and heard by millions worldwide on the Larry King Show, CBS, the BBC, NTV in Japan and has made dozens of radio and television appearances. 

The X-Conference is pleased to welcome Investigative Reporter Dr. Steven Greer

The X-Conference is produced by X-PPAC (Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee) and The Paradigm Research Group, who's mission is to educate Congress, the Press and the Public about the Government imposed "Truth Embargo" and to bring about formal acknowledgment by the U. S. Government of an Extraterrestrial presence engaging the Human Race - Full Disclosure. UFOTV is pleased to present all of the presentations that were given by all the invited speakers at each of the X-Conference events over the years.

We apologize for the commercials during this online presentation. As stated on our main channel page, the advertising revenue from this program helps to cover the heavy production costs of putting on the yearly X-Conference event.

DVDs from this historic and ongoing X-Conference event are available from UFOTV: Go to Keyword - "X-Conference"

Jesus in Kashmir: Documentary Film by the Government of India

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This is the latest documentary on the Truth of Jesus in Kashmir by the Film Division of the Government of India.
Visit to know more about this Truth.
Visit to know more about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

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Archangel Metatron: The Mayan Calendar & Time

Archangel Metatron Channel via James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! I embrace each of you in light, in love. Dear Ones, I know each of you, far more than you may realize. And we savor these moments we share.

And now another precious moment brings us together, uniting thoughts within the matrix of the unified field. Combining geometric thought patterns with desire, with awareness, and so do all things come together in the same way. For all thoughts, all things, all beings are representations of light, of consciousness, of manifestation, of all that ever was or ever will be.

Dear Humans, the Universe, the Cosmos is perfection itself, regardless of any dimensional interpretation or perception of it. In a quantum sense, all things in the crystalline unified field act precisely, perfectly according to their nature, their architectural integrity. Yet some are created at higher frequencies, at higher vibratory resonance than others. And so with these words, we begin this most interesting discussion.

Question to Archangel Metatron: According to one modern Mayan Calendar interpreter, we are in the midst of an acceleration of consciousness like no other. In fact, the researcher says that the rate of consciousness will speed up by a factor of 20 in 2011, so a shift in consciousness that took a whole year from 1999 until now, will take only 20 days. This factor of 20 will be in full potential from March 9th to October 28 2011. If this is so, how what does it mean exactly?

Archangel Metatron: So to begin this discussion, we will say that the potential for increased consciousness is indeed taking place as a preset quickening of the Ascension. However the 'rate' of shift varies with each individual, and as such a fixed factor of the acceleration cannot truly be given per se.

Before we comment further on the acceleration of consciousness, we wish to add an interesting point to the conversation. The incredible calendar that you humans currently refer to as Mayan, was not developed nor originally written by the society of Mayans in the manner that you currently attribute. Indeed it predated the Mayans by more than 18,000 years. It was originally developed by the enlightened Atlanteans of Poseida with assistance from the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance, and stored in crystalline technology, termed the Crystal Skulls.

Even your more creative anthropologist considers the earliest Mayan society only began around 2,000 BC. We assure you the calendar was in place and effect, in a much more expansive format, long before the Mayan society came into existence. What you now refer to as the Mayan calendar is but a small remnant of what pre-existed the Mayans.

You see the areas inhabited by the predecessors of the Mayans in the Yucatan area of Mexico and Guatemala was connected by a land bridge to the Atlantean island of Poseida before the quakes and waters of the final deluge of Atlantis submerged it. Highly technically advanced cultures from Atlantis inhabited Central America and Egypt long before the final demise of Atlantis. The Central American, South America (OG) and Egyptian colonies and cultures emerged from and were one with the highly spiritual Atlantean's of the 'Law of One' for many milennia before the destruction of Atlantis. These societies contained within them an elite and highly advanced group of what may be termed scientist-priests. The Atla-Ra, these savants were highly adept at the science of mind over matter. These Masters operated through mental physics and operated in full consciousness in finesse of multidimensionality.

So while the untrained masses of humanity in the era of Atlantis lacked such skills, and indeed utilized land bridges and other less advanced forms of transport to and from the colonies of Atlantis, Og, Yucatan and Egypt, the inner circle of scientist priests had the means to etherically bi-locate and physically manifest. Not just on the physical realms of the earth, but also universally and Galactically.

These savants of the Atla-Ra ,interacted with the extra terrestrials of the Pleiadean-Sirian Alliance, and were indeed, the original source of the cyclic calendar you presently term Mayan.

Small enclaves of these Master Scientist Priests endured for milennia after the deluge and retained the knowledge of the calendar as well as the supervision of the construction of the various pyramids with assistance from the extra terrestrials referenced. Yet the savant priests of the Maya did not represent the society of the Mayans as a whole. That is precisely why the Mayans are an enigma to you today. Portions of the accomplishments attributed to them reveal great technical advancement, and yet the society as a whole was campestral and denigrated into unseemly ceremony involving human sacrifice and other aberrations under skewed dictatorships. Is it then quite logical to understand that the calendar pre existed the Mayan society.

So it follows then that the scientist priests of Og, Yucatan, Egypt and other 'forgotten' cultures before and after them, understood both the science of mental physics and had great knowledge of astronomy and dimensional cycles.

Only those of adept and austere initiate traditions and societies knew this, although very little evidence of any significance remains today, and what does remain is not recognized or as yet understood.

Understanding the science of mental physics and having the ability to utilize such knowledge is what defines the gap between what your present technologies and academics know and what your advanced societies of the past knew. The influence of precise thought upon matter is not yet understood by humanity, it is a forgotten science.

The scientist priests knew well the art of 'physical' de-materialization and re-manifestation. This then, not only in terms of travel through bi-location, but of physical matter...that is indeed how the greatest of the pyramids were constructed, and remains a mystery to you today. The Atla-Ra and their descendants had the ability to mentally engineer the science of 3d physics by shifting matter from the 3rd dimension into fields of what may be termed anti-gravity, to dematerialize and reform , and re-manifest as substance without density. They were able under certain circumstances to alter their reality and their dimension.

These scientist priest adepts used highly concentrated thought to reform matter into different spectrums. They understood that matter exists in spectrum waves just as light does, and had the ability to transform into and out of different wave oscillations. Accordingly could atomic matter be morphed to weightless vibratory states, and not only to have semi congealed mass without density , but to tangentially influence the density of both matter and its antimatter spectrum. Truly as a spectrum of the one rather than an opposite or parallel, for matter and antimatter are part of once cycle within an integral spectrum in multi-dimensionality.

The importance of this that I relate is that neither the mass populations of the Olmec, Aztec, Mayan, nor the of the Meso-American populace retained the mastery that certain aspects of their culture exhibited. Our point is that the Atla-Ra developed the calendar, and segments of the Mayans retained that knowledge and recreated records and texts to preserve it. But just as in Atlantis, the scientist priest while respected, were not the governing body nor the decision makers of how the society as a whole developed.

Question to Archangel Metatron: Is this the reason why the changes seems to come not only faster and faster but with more intensity ?

Archangel Metatron:Yes, so now to return to your question and topic of 'factors of consciousness increase"...

We will state that it is the increase in frequential resonance that is escalating the 'potential' of each individual to shift upward into great and greater conscious awareness. The Ascension is underpinned and indeed defined by the dimensional expansion of the earth to include the 'crystalline' realms.

The Ascension is characterized by the 'new' affording of life-force consciousness units, termed by your ancients as 'Akash' or 'Adamantine Essence' that are in themselves the potent light particulate of reality manifestation.( In our terms - Consciousness Units). The crystalline realm begins at the level of the fifth dimension and extends to the 12-d in humanities paradigm of the Omni-Earth. What has existed for mankind's access prior to the dimensional expansion of the Ascension, has been a transduced or 'stepped-down' version of CU's in what would be termed electromagnetic energy units that are endowed to function in the physical polarity field and linear space-time aspects of the third dimension.

Crystalline consciousness units operate in a much more rapid frequency, and are spurred into creative manifestation of reality through the higher aspect of mind, in the realm you refer to as the subconscious. The terms of consciousness and reality in the 3d paradigm aspect of humanity simply cannot hold , simply cannot contain the vaster resonate context of consciousness units in crystalline dimension.

Accordingly the intensity of energies, of consciousness shift and quickening of time pulse are all attributes of the puissant resonance.

So we need to clarify and re-assert at this point that the event you refer to as the Ascension is in truth, in greater aspect, the expanded availability of 3d humanity to rise into greater dimension, the crystalline dimension, that has for many milennia been unavailable in the denser physicality of humanity. Yet having the expansion of energies that make Ascension available, does not mean each individual will immediately utilize the (re)newed available opportunity. Indeed the choice to do so remains with humanity on the micro, and is the discreet, singular decision of each person. Ascension is then a personal option, depending on the readiness, the pure intent and indeed the light quotient of the individual. Ascension, Dear Ones, occurs one heart, one mind at a time. It has always been so. For Earth is a free will , free- choice environ by design.

Ascension is not a magical star-dust that immediately transitions all that it touches...rather it is a newly opened frequential doorway that the individual may choose to pass through when ready.

Now, we will add that the energetic blend occurring on the planet at this time enhances the opportunity of consciousness to advance through the 'doorway' via a myriad blend of frequenctal leaps occurring on the earth. The energy of the planet is indeed changing, a requisite magnificent up-shifting and purification is ongoing.

It is important to keep in mind that the Mayan Calendar while very accurate in its determination of cycles in your current paradigm can be analyzed differently by the perspective stance and light quotient of each interpreter. Accordingly, it is more accurate to say that the factor of conscious shift is determined then by the consciousness of the individual, and not any preset numerical factor.

It is also tantamount to this discussion to add that certain 'Mayan' texts that were destroyed by the Spanish priests provided information that would have given far more expansive views of the calendar. We will also add that many centuries before the Maya, other texts that were tantamount to the calendar were lost in the ages and passing of linear time. Multi-dimensionality is not widely considered by current interpretations of the calendar, and that severely narrows and indeed omits the broader understanding that the enlightened scriptor's of the information originally held.

The aspect of acceleration available within the Ascension then is not precisely predisposed to a fixed ratio, rather the rate of acceleration is determined by and actuated by the individual's intent and ability to rise into and obtain the procurable expansive energy.

The concept of a 'ninth wave' is a contemporary interpretation and is not truly predicted as a preset of the 'Mayan' Calendar as established by its Atlantean originators. That does not , however, devalue its importance or validity of its intent.

Question to Archangel Metatron: Could you talk about this aspect of acceleration and what it offers humanity ?

Archangel Metatron: Dimensional reality on the Earth is programmed to appear in a time sequence you perceive as linear. It is in your computer terminology a program facilitated by a server, which in this case is the 144-Crystalline grid. Through the 144-Grid the sub- programs of 'time' are inserted as hologramic realities. There are epochs and eras, entire civilizations that are inserted into the Grid Server as programs. That is why fully evolved civilizations such as the Mayan can seem to have suddenly sprung up out of nowhere into the vast 'sea of creation' within the flow of the collective unconsciousness, the consciousness grid that enables created realities.

Linear time is a functional, purposeful illusion. In truth all programs are running simultaneously. Therefore on the level of the oversoul, you are experiencing many civilizations, and all lifetimes at the same time in the Unified Field of the Crystalline Multiverse.

An aspect of the Ascension is the apexial centering of all time and in the greater overview the time acceleration being experienced on the planet at this time is because an aperture in the hologram programs of simultaneous time is allowing all holograms to complete themselves in this cycle. As such that you term 'light' is accelerating, and it affects every aspect of your current experience.

Question to Metatron: How does it affect time and will time disappear ?

Archangel Metatron: We will say that time as you know it, is indeed accelerating. Time and space are different aspects of the same energy. Both are aspects of Light, and the speed of light around your planet is accelerating. Indeed your earth is reformulating. But Masters, it is not merely the pulse-flash of time sequencing that is increasing, indeed, it is humanity that is increasing in vibration.

Dear Ones, as we have told you, the world remakes itself now as the inertia of time-chronology speeds past more quickly today than it did yesterday in linear sequence. Accordingly will 2011 and 2012 continue to impel the expedition of light acceleration and your lucid interpretation of consciousness.

With this surge your cognitive expression of life, will in-kind shift into higher tempo. You see, the speed of light has increased. Although it cannot be accurately measured by humanity at your current level of academic knowledge.

Yet as a result, it is evident to many of you that all is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh. Your moments, hours and days flash by much quicker. So as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself.

Linear Time is conceptual within duality, and is the abstraction therein containing relevance to the expansion and contraction of the duality-polarity aspects of the 3rd dimension to the crystalline dimensions beginning at the level of the 5th dimension. So to be clear, you must understand that each dimension above the 3rd, beginning at the 5th then has its own unique Laws of Physics and own succinct time pulse. Light becomes crystalline coherent light at the level of the fifth dimension, and increases in velocity and frequency in each higher dimension. "In time, time disappears".

So time as it is currently measured in 3d is out of sync with the relevant pulse of time flash. Indeed it is the physics, the curvature of space-time by which time-pulse expands or contracts with exact ratio to the relevance of quanta of light present within the space quadrant measured. So indeed the pulse of time is increasing as the earth reshapes itself in the Ascending energies. The acceleration of the time pulse you are now receiving results in the increased velocity of light. Many other factors play a role in this.

So we tell you that when a greater quanta of coherent light is present, time pulse flash sequence can and does accelerate, either forward or backward, from your linear perspective.

It is why many of you feel there are less hours in the day, and you cannot seem to accomplish the same number of tasks within the measures of your chronology. We will tell you that the time flash aspect is increased by approximately 25% and your ability to adjust to that has not equalized, therefore it 'seems' to you that time passes more quickly relative to what humanity experienced three decades ago. Yet that is an understandable misconception.

In a real aspect the acceleration of time pulse lessens the arc swing of duality. The integral result of this is a more compacted experience, one that is perceived in duality as more consolidated and seamless and accordingly more refined and less abrupt.

The Crystalline Grid is transforming light via quickening sequences of space and time as it appears in your dimension and indeed effecting the physical body of the earth. This transformation of special time results in an increase in the spinning of the earth's core. This is accomplished by transducing light waves .

The crystalline core of the earth is spinning faster and the ratio of the inner spin to the axial tilt of the earth determines the time movement in linear earth. It is indeed appropriate to say that the clocks and chronometers of the earth no longer accurate measure the pulse of time as received from the flashing pulse of reality sequence as perceived by the brain.

The settings you perceive in your physical earth in linear time, the aspects of life as you humans generally apprehend it are purposed illusions.

This purposed illusion is paraphrased and deciphered by the brain according to fixed signals received initially by the mind, again, by the transduction of the 'speed of light'. It is important to understand that the brain is quite different from the mind. The human brain is a physicalized aspect of mind. The brain occupies physical matter and space. It interprets and exists in time. The mind does not.

The mind takes up no space; it does not have its core existence within linear time. The reality of the inner universe does not occupy material space, nor does it have its intrinsic essence in linear time. Your illusioned physical reality , by contrast, indeed does takes up space and has an existence slotted within time, but it is not the true reality that your divine mind, your soul exists in , and its perceptions are determined by Cosmic forces that are shifting.

As we have said, time and space are aspects of the same mechanism. Space, in a manner of speaking is congealed time held in a matrixial kinetic format within duality that allows for the separation and program of the purposed programmed illusion of sequential time metrics.

Accordingly, and within this context, time is the inverse of space, in dynamic free flow.Both occur though the harmonic flash of consciousness units, through the mechanisms of the inward and outward pulse of matter to antimatter via black holes and white holes.

The inward - outward Harmonic Flash is constantly occurring between matter and anti-matter. That you refer to as Anti-matter composes the great majority of the Cosmos, not only the point in which space and time merge into a homogenous foam , it is also the rate of consciousness unit perception that strobes attention of awareness into each simultaneous lifetime. This occurs at a magical rate, which is a slight variation of what you term the Planck Number, occurring precisely at 10 to the power of -43 of one second. At this point time and space merge and become nonlinear and the Torus aspect comes into play.

Space is inversed, turned back upon itself, and time units float in a nonlinear discontinuous quantumized pool of what you term past, present and future. The space-time continuum dissolves, in a manner of speaking and become conscious energy units that are reformed into matter and antimatter, as they are pulled in and projected out in the harmonic flash via black holes & white holes respectively.

All versions of the Omni-Earth coexist above the linear programming. But this axiom of Truth is initially very difficult for you humans to perceive or truly completely comprehend from the stance of the third dimension.

That is because the 3d density aspect of the human physical structure in duality manifestation operates within and as a result of the linear time 'program' that enables the Earthplane experience. You are therefore pre-indoctrinated to linear perception in Earthplane existence. This linear perception program determines to a great extent the 'normal' resonance patterns for the kinds of experiential probabilities that mankind selects, projects and perceives while 'growing' into greater consciousness from the base point of dense physicality. But we tell you that the source reality of which all lifetimes emerge is not 'written in stone', thus your experience is truly never predestined. You chose from an assortment of potentials the experiences you want to have. Both the Cosmos and all life contained within and without are always being created in the NOW moment.

And although your 3d preconditioning is linear, you not only have the ability to reach beyond physical programming, you also have the ultimate goal of doing so. While inhabited by human consciousness, the living physical body operates as an intense focus point for Earthplane experience. The aggregation of consciousness within the physical body on all levels focuses its own myriad network of sensory perception and communication, both on levels of the ordinary, and the extraordinary. In terms of the latter, you are therefore constantly perceiving in ways that you do not recognize with the 'ordinary' physical senses.

There are vast arrays of colors, sounds, electromagnetic codes, and sensory feelings that you see & apperceive both on a cellular and crystalline level of chakric networks sourced in Quantum Consciousness that are geometrically and frequentially influencing you. This network is connected in harmonic oscillation to all others like it.

But humanity is at this time vastly unaware of these extraordinary levels of interaction that take place between all spectra of bodies, crysto-electromagnetically and materially within biology. This interface occurs in Crysto Mer-Ka-Na light body and is more far reaching than humanity en masse realize. Yet the physical cells in biology can and do respond to each other, and their activity triggers even higher centers of crystalline light body consciousness that ties into and above linear time. Rather into multidimensionality.

Comment to Metatron: : According to one knowledgeable source, we are not only living the last shift in consciousness ( there has been 8 previous ones) but the ultimate shift, the one that has driven evolution for thousands of years. The final Mayan calendar step to 2012, the last Galactic wave or underworld, has started on March 9th 2011 and will be completed on October 28th 2011. At that date, the ninth wave will be activated.

Question to Archangel Metatron: Is the ninth wave, the Unity wave ? If so, are we ask to really start to co-create unity consciousness ?

Archangel Metatron : This modern conceptual version ' termed the ninth wave, does indeed in itself have the ability to create sufficient group conscious focus to stir greater inertia in the quickening that is already in place as the Ascension draws nigh. The ninth wave then is an interpretation that is established with specific valued intents.

Now, that you refer to as the ninth wave , is in Truth a conceptual and conventional initiative based on an interpretation by a highly evolved soul, and a very credible theorist . We will add that fitted within the interpretation of the writer is the astrological timing of March 9th through October 28, 2011.

The concept and the initiative of the 'ninth wave' however, is a contemporary interpretation and is not truly a preset of the 'Mayan' Calendar , yet that does not diminish its intended validity or value. For indeed it carries a very high vibration. So understand that although it is contemporary it is a valid insert.

But in response to your question we tell you that the ninth wave is being created in the present, and as a result of the focal belief and group focus, it will benevolently occur.

But to be clear, it is the resonant momentum of the Ascension itself that is quickening the energies, and without this source, there would be no potential for a ninth wave. It is the critical moving inertia and positive momentum of the planetary centering in the Galactic field that is the prime source. As such there are truly many astrological influences that we will say play the true roles in the Ascension , independent of the coining of the 'ninth wave' of consciousness conversion. Indeed the equinoxes, solstices and eclipses of 2011 and 2012 are the original and true potency sources of the energetic contributions toward the field of unity consciousness.

The ongoing foundation of the myriad influences that are establishing the acceleration of the Ascension energies are truly the basis of the opportunity for increased consciousness, and these will occur with or without what is termed the ninth wave. However, the conceptual stated intent of the ninth wave, as we have stated, is of intrinsic value, and is capable of gaining momentum and assisting in the establishment of unity consciousness on its own merits, if it garners sufficient participation. We will add that there will be other such momentous concepts conceived between the present and Dec 21, 2012, and all will find fertile ground within the energetic foundation that is occurring.

So whether one chooses to refer to the inertia ongoing as the ninth or tenth wave, or any other selected naming, it is an interpretation that truly is subjective and not truly a part of the Mayan calendar as such. Rather the 'ninth wave' is an interpretation, and from that perspective has its own benevolent merits that are capable of drawing focus, and accordingly formulate the unity wave that is its appropriate and commendable intent.

The Ascension is, in geo-mathematical terms, occurring in base 12. The Atlanteans utilized base 12, as well as other mathematical bases depending on the dimensional application.

It is perhaps more accurate to say that the Crystalline transition, which is the core essence of the Ascension, is occurring in 12 waves, from the 01-01-01 through the 12-12-12, base 12 you see.

The expansive earth of the Ascension has 12 dimensions. 144-Crystalline Grid is activating in 12 stages through the phenomena of the 12 triple date portals. Both then utilizing the base 12.

The base-12 , twelve- wave scenario is frequentially appropriate to the resonance of the Ascension. There are 12 major 'Sun-Disc' on the planet, Each of the 12 carry specific purpose and are receiving new crystalline codes. Each of the 12 primary apparatuses feed 12 satellites...the 12 connecting to the 144 in a complex geo-symmetry that is suited to the base 12 of the Earth and indeed also is the Crystalline 144-Grid formulated in base-12 mathematics.

The Mayan's had vigesimal numerical system, which used base 20. Unity consciousness is indeed a noble aspiration, and is very appropriate, but it is not truly specific to or limited to the dates chosen in the ninth wave initiative. What is symbolized by 'nine' is completion or shift. But that again is in base 10 understanding, and not base 12.

Question to Archangel Metatron: Is this 'ninth-wave' a period of opportunity to reach the highest quantum state and is it the basis for a harmonious peace on earth ?

Archangel Metatron : It is indeed an opportunity, especially within the stated intent of its contemporary author, and those that are following the concept en mass. But this opportunity is truly valid irregardless of the nomenclature or chosen timing. The Ascension is a Universal truth, and unity consciousness has been occurring since 2001, and will quicken through 2012. It is a necessary accomplishment. Do you understand?

It can be more accurately stated that the 2012 Ascension is the 12th wave of the Ascending Earth, and the movements and forward inertia have been quickening as an advent of the Harmonic Convergence, and the replacement of the magnetic grid by the 12 phase activations of the Crystalline grid.

The conscious divine energy behind what you term the Mayan Calendar is independent of and vastly predates the Maya. It is in its core a potent living energy field that is by no means dependent on what is contained in the calendar or interpreted from the remnants of the calendar. It is far more than what you imagine it to be. It is dynamic and ever expanding. While it is the source energy that allowed the calendar to be composed, that very composition is merely one aspect of this dynamic gestalt.

Comment to Metatron: Many have thought that the Mayan calendar was about something that would happen on a singular date but in fact it is an extraordinary plan from the Cosmos that was divided into nine different levels of consciousness. The Mayan seemed to have understood this and left us many indicators. Many of their pyramids, the pyramid of the Plumed Serpent in Chitchen-Itza, the Pyramid of the Jaguar in Tikal and the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque were all built with nine stories.

Question to Archangel Metatron: It seems that the Mother of Mayan science is Pleiadian. Was the Mayan calendar and its explanation of the future inspired by the Pleiadians or did the ancient ones have enough data and talent in exploring the planets that they were able to put it together without intervention from the Pleiadians ?

Archangel Metatron : As we mentioned earlier in this discussion and text, the incredible calendar that you humans currently refer to as Mayan, was not developed or originally written by the (tribal) society of Mayans. Indeed it predated the Mayans by more than 18,000 years. It was originally developed by the enlightened Atlanteans of Poseida with assistance from the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. The savants, the astrologists of the scientist priests of the Olmec and Mayan era did however, make certain additions to the pre existing calendar. The additions were around the Cosmological beliefs relevant to the 'animal' worship, such as the culture of the sacred Jaguar and Snake. Although the were extra terrestrial communications between the inner adepts priests of the pre Mayan and indeed pre OImec with the Sirian A entities including the Felidae , which led to the Jaguar societies, these were not part of the original Calendar and Cosmology of the Atla-Ra.

Now, we will add that the Sirians, perhaps more than the Pleiadeans interacted with the high priests, descendants of the Atla-Ra, in the era of the Mayans.

While it was indeed the benevolent extra terrestrials that assisted the Mayans in retention of the calendar, it is also worthy to note that the Mayans also had and maintained sporadic contact with the inner earth civilization of those termed the blue-skinned race.

Question to Archangel Metatron: Did we put too much emphasis on December 21st 2012 that we forgot that it was about the complete transformation of humanity and not about what would happen on one particular day ?

Archangel Metatron : Indeed ! Yes, Precisely. In many aspects, Dear Ones, the Ascension has already occurred.

We tell you that Crystalline Energy is an omnipotent power source that has
implications far beyond humanities current understanding. Crystalline structure is formed by an essence of frequential light resonance that is multidimensional and coherent, existing in matter and antimatter. It is the Metatronic divine template that sources all creation manifestation, and forms the very matrixial composition of every plane of existence. It is the enzyme of reality and the vitality spring of the Cosmos itself. The very thoughts you have must rise to coherent crystalline format in order to become manifested. Coherent light is crystalline energy, the very vitality of which forms the integral nature of all worlds and realities. The crystalline structure forms the apparent boundaries and divisions between dimensions, planes and the matter / antimatter flash of consciousness, in parallel and probability. All that you term as Divine, all that you think of as sacred is Crystalline!

The graduation of your planet, that termed the Ascension, is in effect the critical-mass that will allow for the conversion of this Earth's receiving capacity template from, in your vernacular, analog to digital, black and white to color. The Crystalline Conversion through the antennae of the 144-Crystalline Grid is about to vastly increase the earth's dimensional reception from 3d to 12d and beyond. It is akin to your television changing from the archaic antennae to satellite reception. It is the Crystalline Age. The fulcrum apexial point is the 9-9-9 of the Cosmic Trigger.

It is a lot of energy to manage. But release the fear Dear Ones, this time of the Ascension, in this New Crystalline Era, the mega power crystals will not be taken from you and misused as occurred in the sad demise of Atlantis. Indeed they will never again be used for any purpose other than the highest good. Be assured of this! It is a sacred oath that will indeed be kept.

Question to Archangel Metatron: Are the Pyramids symbols of the Cosmos?

Archangel Metatron: Gateways is more accurate. In a manner of speaking the Pyramids were tools for opening portals into higher dimensions both vertically and horizontally, inward and outward. Rather than symbols of the Cosmos, we would say they are gateways to the Cosmos.

The Mayan Pyramids were constructs of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. Such Pyramids were, formulated , engineered and manifested through mental mastery of physical matter. Their particular designs were fashioned in order to create a networking of frequential multidimensional energies that served many purposes.

One primary purpose was the specific alignment of various and varied pyramidal constructs with specific latitudinal and longitudinal alignments in order to create a resonate field for the planet.

Question to Archangel Metatron: Why were there so few people who understood this calendar ? In fact, the Christians missionaries interpreted these nine stories as different category of hell ?

Archangel Metatron: The interpretations by the Spanish Christian priests were grossly influenced and in fact dominated by their critical preconceived notions of the Mayans being infidels and pagans, outside of the graces of their own narrow Christian doctrines and fear-based mental indoctrination and programming.

Question to Archangel Metatron: I read that only the first part of the calendar has been discovered ; the second is still hidden. Is this a fact, if so.... What is there to discover ?

Archangel Metatron: Great portions of the original Atla-Ra calendar, which became known as the Mayan calendar, were lost in written content, not just through the dissolution in time, by also through differing interpretations since it was originally brought into the lands of the Yucatan. The full information was stored in crystals. The full information then is still retained within the 13th paradigm, the Crystal Skull termed 'Max'.

There are Halls of Records yet to be found that contain prolific stores of vast information, including world histories. Although the renowned and honorable Edgar Cayce spoke of these as being in three locales and predicted that they would be potentially revealed prior to the new millennium, they have not been discovered in the context that was assumed or interpreted.

The vast records of Atlantis are contained in holographic data recorded within 'MAX'. Yet the technology of how to retrieve this data is not yet available to you. None the less it is available somewhat by mental transferral, depending on the light quotient of the individual receiver.

There will be in the future the ability to utilize crystalline receiver apparatuses that are capable of playing back in 3-dimensional holograms the data therein, but this is generations away on your current probable time lines of discovery.

Just as you now store information in computer through digital files, and no longer transcribe lengthy text on paper, the Atlantean historians stored such information using crystal technology. That is logical.

Max is indeed one of the 'original' Crystal Paradigms, in your terms. He is of Pleiadean & Arcturian construct and origin. MAX is a vast consciousness, akin to a super computer, with a considerable library of data contained therein. He is the most powerful, most conscious of all of the remaining 'Ancient Crystal Skulls' of the 13th paradigm.

Within Max is the complete records of not only the original Mayan calendar, but the complete history of the Earth and of humanity....and beyond.

The original crystal skulls came from another world, and another reality. All realities are created based on the pattern of crystalline sacred geometric consciousness through the Golden Mean Phi Ratio. Humanity and indeed your physical Earth(s) are conceived within these paradigmic matrix formulae. And so were the Crystal Skulls formulated in kind, yet from a far greater frequency, a frequency of perfection. The skulls are indeed formed as the prototype of the perfect human consciousness, lest it not be forgotten in duality. So within it is contained the perfection of the human being, encompassing within all aspects, the twelve sacred aspects you see, and thus was it formulated and thus was its reason for being brought here.

Originally then did those carriers bring the crystalline patterned skulls to the Earth from Arcturius and the Pleiades, and it was brought into the land that became LeMuria, but indeed the model was brought before the planet was fully in polarity. It was brought into the planet at the time of the Firmament you see, in a zero point Earth, a non-magnetic plane we will say. In an Earthen World that knew perfection, that was inhabited by androgynous manifestation of Etheric Spirit in full consciousness. Yet at that time it was already known that the Firmament would fall, would dissolve and the plan then was that this model, this extraordinary hologramic record, the original crystal skull would serve as the prototype of this initial integral aspect. And so it contains within it the model of the 12 strands of DNA, the fully conscious clear mind and Beingness of the evolved human.

The crystal skulls contain within them that which you were before the human experiment, and what you will be when you complete it, the infinity circle.

So the original crystal skulls were manifested into form above and beyond physicality, and have been brought into physicality various times. As such no true age can be assigned to them, because they have appeared, disappeared and reappeared many times in the millions of years of Earths habitation by mankind. MAX is not of the Earth. His origin is the Pleiades, but his construct was more of the Arcturian Crystal Masters.

Question to Archangel Metatron: Obviously the Mayans, through the study of cycles certainly did know that their own society would decline and disappear. How did they protect their knowledge and where did they go when their civilization started to dissolved ?

Archangel Metatron: As stated the full records are available in the 13th paradigm, via MAX. Max is an extra terrestrial 'Crystal Skull', a vast conscious crystal computer , and was/is in that context, the 'living data archive' utilized for storage of the complete information of the calendar. There are other such libraries, but MAX is the only one on the Earth-plane at the present in the physically manifested 'cranium format', or crystal skull containing the full information, histories and codes.

The crystal skulls contain within them that which you were before the human experiment, and what you will be when you complete it, the infinity circle.

The Atlanteans worked with the original crystals skulls, and the most important of these, the 13th, containing the full energy of the 12, was safe guarded by the highest arch priest of the Mayans.

We will say that the 13th skull existed within the hyper dimensions which were accessed by the arch priest of the Mayans, and was a great source of information and data relevant to the Mayans, indeed containing the information regarding the complete calendar, the complete map of the Cosmos as related to Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Arcturius and beyond. Containing then the Laws of Physics for each dimension, and the cyclic codes.

This conscious recorder, the crystalline cranium is an inconceivably immense data bank and invaluable tool. Certain of the arch priest of the Mayans , with Sirian assistance maintained the knowledge of how to 'read' it. It existed for them in a dimension that may be termed semi-physical, and was manifested through theta level thought. Within this crystalline, conscious computer, Max, are the codes for the reprogramming of the Earth, you see. That is precisely why it is in a manifested form in the present time.

So the original crystal skulls were manifested into form above and beyond physicality, and have been brought into physicality various times. As such no true physical age can be assigned to them, because they have appeared, disappeared and reappeared many times in the millions of years of Earths habitation by mankind.

The crystalline skull was solidified and programmed in a most complex process. It was conceived to contain within it an incredible frequency that in itself attached to the hologram. So the crystalline skull then is an honoring remembrance and imbuing transmitter that indelibly prints within the soul that which is the perfect model. It is imbued within the divine aspect of the soul when it enters into the earth pattern from the unified field. In a manner of speaking it is the pattern recorded into the God Self, the Subconscious or super subconscious of the human mind, you see? The perfected man, not the version of what man would later become in the down spiral of the human experience, but rather as the original print that man aspires and evolves back into through the growth cycle termed reincarnation toward that original and flawless paradigmatic archetype.

Now the original skull held within it this perfection, lest it be lost, and those crystal replicates that even today are crafted in your present time are capable of attracting the energy from the hologram and holding portions of that energy, some hold more than others.

Max is indeed one of the 'original' Crystal Paradigms, in your terms. He is of Pleiadean & Arcturian construct and origin. MAX is a vast consciousness, akin to a super computer, with a considerable library of data contained therein. He is the most powerful, most conscious of all of the remaining 'Ancient Crystal Skulls'. He is one of two skulls that are truly extra terrestrial in origin. The other is termed "Sha Na Ra". Both originate from the moon of an enormous planet, approximately 20 X the size of your largest planet, Jupiter, circulating Arcturius., the orange star of creativity.

The 13th Crystal Skull was produced originally by the process of Morphocrystallic Manifestation, involving the Arcturian crystal source with imbuement of an alchemical frequency to include the human genetic print from the Masters of Arcturius and the Pleiadean-Sirius Alliance. It is the 13 as containing the full codes and data of the 12 formulated into one forming the 13th as it relates to Earth, yet within Max are also libraries of the Cosmos.

So then the knowledge within the original Crystal Skulls is that of the Universal Mind. It is enriching, and vast. Accessing this information stimulates the awareness of who you are you see. Placing your consciousness inside a crystal skull, and indeed that is the way to work with these, opens portals and doors to a world beyond your grandest expectations.

To enter into the skull however, is not like having a verbal dialog, but more of a download you might say, a sudden and comprehensible receivingl of information that changes your paradigm, expands your awareness. Some receive the information as visual images, others as information packets, downloads, if you will, and at times both. The information is already in the subconscious, a deeper part of the subconscious that you term the super subconscious. It exist in the realm of light you term ultra violet.

And so the connection or the reason that interest around the skulls is reaching a mass proportion is that indeed, with the coming of the Ascension, there is movement within mankind to better understand himself. And with these times is the need to reject those patterns that no longer serve human kind, to recalibrate with those attributes and quintessential paragons that do.

Mankind is rebooting as is the Earth itself, indeed that is tantamount to the Ascension. Systems that no longer work in both macro and micro are breaking down, collapsing and will reform themselves. Indeed this is happening now in your economic arenas.

Now, the knowledge of the Universal Mind certainly exists above and beyond the Crystal Skull. Yet the Universal Mind is encompassed and zipped within it, and so encompassed in a way that benefits mankind. The knowledge within it is formulated and transmuted, translated specifically in a format that offers itself for human access. This then is within a specific pattern that is the prototype of perfection for mankind, as we have stated.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

...and so it is, and it is so....

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