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ARKANSAS: Temple Crystal Locations & Sun Disc-Pyramids


What's Up in Arkansas ?

Transition in the Crystal Vortex

Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! We encompass each of you in a vector and
field of Unconditional Love within coded light. We nurture you, we honor each of
you. We know you by heart, by tone, by name. It has always been so !

Every life is a sacred opportunity to explore and discover what dwells within. Upon
the earth, the expanded dimensional overlays of the Crystalline Transition fulfills
this promise by the hallowed movement into Mer-Ka-Na. Awareness evolves therein
into wisdom, and wisdom into Conscious Mastery....and beckons the return home
into the honored crystalline light of Divinity.

And so we speak of the Crystalline Transition and its anchoring in the Crystalline
Vortex of the sacred ARK.

The Vortex is Completing

The activity of the Crystal Vortex is quickening. We have told you in previous channels
that the vortexial portal of Arkansas is emerging to be one of the most important
and powerful energies on the planet. It has grown logarithmically over the past
3 years, and many unusual phenomenon are beginning to be noticed in the Crystal

We tell you Masters, this is just the beginning, for the crystalline energy is amazingly
robust and effusively dynamic. This benevolent energy is indeed a force of omnipotent
ubiquity that has not been seen on the planet in many millennia. It is a powerful
combination of telluric, hyper-dimensional and cosmic forces that are capable of
shaking the earth and opening dimensions. It is also capable of up shifting your
frequency. All of these are in fact occurring, and exponentially so, as there are
dynamics of crysto-magnetic physics at play that are beyond your current scientific

Arkansas is the largest deposit of natural quartz crystal in the northern hemisphere,
and the second largest deposit in the world, second only to Brazil. But it is the
largest unsegmented, continuous deposit on the planet, and contains the most resonant
crystals, indeed programmed and coded crystals from the Law of One. The quartz deposits
in Arkansas begin in the area of Little Rock and extend in a massive western curve
for over 170 miles, with a width of 35-40 miles.

Arkansas also contains unique combinations of magnetic minerals, radium charged
aquifers and a diamond deposit, which work synergistically with the quartz. Because
of this blend of energies, the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas is the most powerful in
terms of the potency and utility of its vortexial-portal field. This is why the
Atlanteans were especially attracted to the area, and why the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance
still retain underground bases in the area. It is rapidly completing, and is on
path to soon become the Trigger of the Ascension.

Crystal Caves

Masters, beneath the surface of the central region of Arkansas rest enormous beds
of exquisite crystals the size and beauty of which are visually stunning. Some of
these quartz points are over 40 meters in length, seeded by the early Atlanteans.
There are crystal caves beneath Arkansas that are esthetically mesmerizing exuding
symmetry and inner light that is sublime. These 'Master Crystals' are beyond the
reach of your mining concerns, and that is purposed. These crystal entities are
very ancient and have been in a dormant mode for millennia. They were programmed
with specialized attributes by the Sirians & Atlanteans, and are now in joyous modes
of re-activation. These awakenings are releasing efficacious dynamics and energies
that spawn unusual phenomena as they reboot, none of which will be malevolent, quite
the contrary. Indeed they are a gift of immaculate proportion and intricate value.

Question to Metatron: On the 1-1-11 (Jan 1, 2011) 5,000 birds apparently fell from
the sky in Arkansas, and on the same day 100,000 fish died in the Arkansas River.
Can you explain what happened, and is it related in any way to the Crystal Activation?

Metatron: It was indeed an occurrence that raised quite a lot of attention. The
demise of the blackbirds was in truth an aspect of the crystalline energies of
Arkansas, the death of the fish was not. And although initially reported as occurring
the same day, the fish began dying several days earlier. The fish died as a result
of a bacterium in the river waters, which occurred as the result of residual traces
of an agricultural pollutant that drained into the river far upstream.

The referenced occurrence took place when an enormous flock of red-winged blackbirds,
hundreds of thousands of which nest in this area, flew into a piezo-electrical pulse
of crystalline energy in that portion of the Crystal Vortex. The birds flew into
an electrical vortexial emission that sadly temporarily stunned them and approximately
4500 of a flock of more than 15,000 experienced a loss of equilibrium. They died
as a result of blunt trauma from the crash to the ground. Now we will add that
this particular type of flocking bird operates in group-thought pattern, somewhat
similar to a school of fish. This type of life form is actually a unified concentric
beingness and one 'mind' pattern regulates their awareness. This is how they manage
to make such beautiful aerobatic swirls in mass, as if precisely choreographed.
In a manner of speaking these flocks are one entity with many units composing one
awareness . They are not individual beings, per se, in the usual sense. As such,
their composite beingness is still quite alive.

Now, let us add that what happened in Arkansas was not a result of HAARP or any
covert military, secret government activity, despite the conspiracy theorists speculations.
It was a natural occurrence that has taken place before in this area, albeit from
different tension source. All quartz is piezoelectric. This is a mineralogical
property of quartz well known to your science. Quartz is capable under certain pressurized
conditions of emitting an electrical charge. However, in this case the charge was
triggered from the quickening pulses of the enormous Atlantean Temple Crystals in
Arkansas. The pulsing activations of the Temple Crystals created a surface charge
across the face of the massive quartz deposits and this released a crysto-electrical
charge. The piezoelectric shock wave occurred briefly and at an elevation 2000 feet
above the ground.

Now, we tell you that other 'unusual' incidents of quartz properties have been occurring
as a result of the crystals activating and such events will continue to manifest.
Quartzitic energies have myriad properties when combined with magnetics that are
as yet unknown to your scientists. Magnetite is widespread and abundant on earth,
but magnetic minerals with properties exhibiting intrinsic polarity are quite rare.
One of the most potent concentrations of intrinsic polar lodestone is in the quartz
bearing center of the Crystal Vortex at Magnet Cove, Arkansas near Hot Springs.

Crystalline quartz when blended with certain magnetic properties are capable of
opening dimensional apertures to create what you term stargates and wormholes in
space. These are intermittently occurring, appearing and disappearing in random
apertures above the earth's surface in the crystal vortex at present. This activity
will be regulated after the alignment and recoding of the Crysto-Sun disc on the

Ionic Fog & Non-Faulted Earthquakes

Among the crystalline phenomenon that has recently been noted is the green magnetic
fog that permeated the area of Mount Magazine on the 9-9-9 and briefly shorted the
electrical grid. While the 'green' fog was reported by local media in Arkansas ,
it was not a water vapor, but rather an ionic emission that occurs typically within
worm holes. We tell you that it was visible for a brief period on your satellite
screenings and baffled scientists. It was the result of the activation of the Emerald
Crystal opening multidimensional corridor frequencies.

On the 10-10-10 earthquakes occurred in areas of Arkansas that are not fault zones.
These quakes were very unusual in other ways as well. They were not preceded by
the typical frequencial shift of the Schumann resonance and the high pitched sonance
that alerts animals and birds to the coming earthquake. Rather a tranquilizing 'white-noise
wave' was emitted, and the birds continued singing, and the animals were unafraid.
The quake was not a result of tectonic fault line pressure in the usual sense. Rather
it was a direct result of the crystalline surge pulse creating a dimensional integrational
expansion and a brief aperture in the membranes that define such parameters.

Crystals were indeed used inappropriately in military applications by the Aryans'
in Atlantis to trigger earthquakes. What took place on the 10-10-10 was a random
incident of their ability to manipulate light into hyper velocities that result
in an aftershock. Just as sound waves can create 'sonic booms' when exceeding certain
velocities of Mach speed, so can crystalline light create a velocity induced reverse
wave when it exceeds the 'normal' speed of light.

An Omnipotent & Benevolent Power Source

Dear Ones, we again tell you that Crystalline Energy is an omnipotent power source
that has implications far beyond humanities current understanding. Crystalline structure
is formed by an essence of frequencial light resonance that is multidimensional
and coherent, existing in matter and antimatter. It is the Metatronic divine template
that sources all creation manifestation, and forms the very matrixial composition
of every plane of existence. It is the enzyme of reality transduction and the vitality
spring of the Divine Thought that forms the Cosmos itself.

Crystals are great receivers and transmitters and a strong communication network
occurs between Master Crystals and indeed Crystal Vortex-Portals. The two most
powerful Crystal Vortexes on the planet are indeed Arkansas and Brazil. As such
the connection of the Arkansas vortexial portal to the Brazil vortexial portal
is extremely important in the Ascension and global crystal network. Two Master
Temple Crystals are located in Brazil, in Bahia and Minas Gerais. The former is
Atlantean seed, the latter LeMurian seed crystal. The energies of both are maintained
and reactivated in Brazil and connected to the 'Law of One' Crystals in Arkansas.
Keep in mind that while LeMuria is acknowledged as a civilization of great spirituality,
there were thousands of years in which Atlantis harbored far greater frequency and
enhanced levels of spiritual mastery that greatly exceeded that of LeMuria. Atlantis
fractured into a polarized society before its demise, but many of the most important
crystals were protected, uncontaminated and stored before they fell into misuse
and destruction. The greater of these are stored in Arkansas and Brazil.

The Platinum Crystal & the Golden Sun-Disc

The intricate rebooting of the Crystal Vortex is nearing consummate integration,
but will not be fully completed, fully networked in a global aspect until the 12-12-12.
What has taken place over the past 3 years and what will occur on the 11-11-11
will bring the Crystal Vortex-Portal of Arkansas in its final processes of regional
insular integrated function.

On the 11-11-11 the Platinum Crystal will be activated, it will set forth an enormous
crysto-wave pulse that will in intertwine with the energies of the Blue Crystal
of Knowledge and the Emerald Crystal of Healing. These energies will then trigger
the Crysto-Golden Sun Disc located beneath sacred Pinnacle Mountain near Little

The Sun Disc activation is a significant event that will be felt across the Earth
and Indeed the Cosmos. The Crysto Golden Sun Disc was put in place by the Sirians
in alignment with 11 other locations across the planet. It originally weaved the
energies of the areas of the Arkansas Crystal Vortex, the crystalline, the magnetic
and the radioactive living waters. In addition to the Sun-Disc, there were Pyramidal
Structures used to refine the energies of the vortex. The complexes of the Toltec
Pyramidal Mounds were the last constructs of these and still remain visible today.
The end result was a complex energy generator stream capable of myriad benevolent
function. The capabilities varied from energy feeds to the Atlantean hyper tunnel
system, the Crystalline Satellite (Second Moon of Atlantis) as well as feeding refined
energies to the crystal poser system that powered Atlantis. The vortex was essentially
de-energized in its true function after the demise of Atlantis.

It has in the past decade been prepared for its activation, or rather re-activation.
The sacred codes for the reprogramming are within the Akashic Field, the Crystalline
Paradigm, within the sacred conscious library of MAX, the 13th Crystal Skull of
the Pleiadean-Sirian Alliance. MAX will indeed be in the Crystal Vortex for the
re-programming on the 11-11-11.

The final completions of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas are extremely important
to the Crystalline Transition of the Earth. And the crystalline transition is key
to the Ascension.

That is one of several reasons why so many of you are drawn to Arkansas for the
Triple Date Portal gatherings, and why many are choosing to relocate their residence
to Arkansas. This will gain in momentum over the next few years. Many 'Crystal Children'
are incarnating into this special energy.

Spiritual Emergence in Crysto-Magnetics

The new emerging Crystal Vortex of Arkansas will be far more powerful and serve
a different function than it did in the Atlantean era. This is because the Atlanteans
placed the aforementioned three Temple-Crystals in Arkansas before the tsunamis
inundated Poseida. The purpose and potency of these Temple-Crystals have created
resonance that is far more 'spiritual' in aspect and effect. The addition of these
three to the huge natural crystals will add their succinctly specialized conscious
programming's of knowledge, wisdom, healing and multidimensional awareness. And
while their sheer natural attributes are quite capable of shaking the grounds and
bending the space- time continuum far more powerfully than the famed Fire Crystal
beneath the Sargasso Sea in the area of Bimini, their regulation into refinement
via the Sun Disc and Pyramidal controls will insure that they are kept in optimal
benevolent purpose and balance.

It is the magnetics of this location in Arkansas, in fact, that has held these
crystal energies in balance. That is why the Atla-Ra specifically selected this
area in Arkansas for their storage, and seeding. You have no idea of the energy
these are capable of generating. You see it is the use of magnetic energies along
with etheric light, light above and below the visible spectrum, light you refer
to as ultra violet & gamma that is used to both subdue and amplify crystals. An
etheric gateway has existed over this area for the past 20,000 years, and a gateway
of high frequency light is able to be focused into this area. This capability is

Tunnels & Electrum Gold

A vast network of hyper dimensional tunnels networks the areas below central and
NW Arkansas. These lead to enormous chasms and crystal caves. Some of these are
still in dynamic utility. The ability to detect these tunnels & chasms will not
be within your scientific capabilities for many more decades. And that is because
they exist in what may be termed intra-space within a frequency of parallel hyper-dimensionality.
Yet those humans of sufficient light quotient indeed can sense them, and indeed
their energies do intermingle with and code the natural beds of quartz in Arkansas.

But there is still more to the energy. A very rare form of the noble metal gold
is present at deeper levels within the beds of quartz crystals below Arkansas. It
is a form of unique, crystalline electrum. Much of this rare form of gold electrum
was mined and exported from your earth. The deposits in Arkansas were not. These
have been purposely guarded and protected in order to serve a great and greater
purpose in the unique properties of the Crystal Vortex. Your geologists are well
aware that gold often occurs in crystallized quartz, but have not as yet explored
the unique fields, uses and energy that octahedronal crystalline gold electrum

The Great Atlantean Temple Crystals placed below the lands of Arkansas are actually
an alloy conglomerate of quartz, silver and gold. These were manifested through
Arcturian technology. The frequency of crystalline electrum gold is capable of combining
with specific types of high frequency quartz to enable the 'bending & molding' of
dimensional fields through an electro-alchemical process that transforms atomic
structure. Dimensional access tunnels were often created in this methodology by
the Atlanteans to create wormholes or dimensional tunnels within the Earth's mantle
that could be accessed at a higher frequency.

Many of these hyper dimensional tunnels were laid into place along the flows of
existing leylines of natural telluric currents that flow on the Earth. Tectonic
shifts have damaged many, but not all of these. Some of these were simply deactivated.
There are higher dimensional beings, from the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance and the
benevolent Ashtar Command Legion that have been given the task of protecting, repairing
& recoding many of these currents, dimensional tunnels and crystals over the past
three decades. Some of you such as the channel, work with them, and is why you are
heavily drawn to be in this energy

Ley lines and great crystals were de-energized at periods when the people of Earth
went into the periods of consciousness decline, in the sad wake of Atlantis. This
was done without damage to the crystals. The reactivation process of portals, crystals
and hyper dimensional matrixes has been taking place since 1987, and will continue
over the next two years through 2012, when it will be completed.

The Law of One

You're very atomic structures are composed of perfectly aligned geometries, crystalline
geometries, knitted into place with the thread of electro-magnetics. Electricity
and magnetics are components of light. Your spectrum of visible light is but a
candle in comparison to the magnificent geometric light of the higher spectrum.
The crystalline aspect of Arkansas is not limited to the quartz. The energy of Arkansas
is on higher dimension that of a multidimensional octahedron that has formed itself
to the levels of the ninth through the twelfth dimensional fields. The energy is
transformed from the hexagonal of quartz to the octahedron of gold quartz and diamond.
Diamonds project both an octahedronal and dodecahedronal geometry, and the kimberlitic
volcanic pipes in Arkansas that yield the energy of diamond, transform the cube
to the octahedron. The hexahedron cubic is enclosed in the octahedron. The quartz
Crystals of Arkansas are imbedded with the energy and wisdom of what is referred
to as the Atlantean Law of One.

The Master Crystals placed there have frequencially transferred this vibration to
the quartz indigenous to the area, and as we have explained, the Masters Crystals
contained a higher dimensional alloy of gold conglomerate that has been received
energetically by some of the natural occurring beds. The crystals from the McEarl
mine carry this unique harmonic. These are especially potent. All crystals are alive,
in a real sense, and have an ordered consciousness, and self-awareness, but each
carries unique and specific blueprint patterns. This pattern is greatly varied
according to the geology and astrological energies of the vector. Therefore seemingly
identical gems and crystals can be quite different in their energetic projections
according to the location in which they occur.

Tri-Helix Vortex

The Arkansas vortex is quite unusual in its movement. Most vortexes in the northern
hemisphere of your planet spin in either ovaline or circular counter-clockwise flows.
The crystal vortex of Arkansas has a very unique, very specialized ' to and fro'
vortexial motion. Moving approximately one-third of its circumference counterclockwise,
and then rapidly reversing back in clockwise motion. This occurs in 3 separate arcs
of 120 degrees. The forward and backward shift of this vortex is most unique, and
is purposed in generating greater upward thrust of the crysto-magno-hydro energies.
The energy of Arkansas has three succinct telluric forces that contribute to its
tri-helixed field. These are the magnetic, centered in Talimena Ridge, Crystalline
apexed in Mount Ida and the radium Hydro- energy centered in Eureka Springs. These
make up the 3 discreet arc- gyros, which are regulated and tri-helixed through the
Pyramids below Toltec Mounds and coded in the Sun Disc below Pinnacle Mountain in
Little Rock. The unique pattern of the vortex generates the energy into incredible
thrusts with both a receiving and transmitting manifold.

The geology of the area is extremely unique, more so than even your geologists recognize,
and is precisely why the Atlanteans colonized and developed the area. It is why
there are underground bases of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance in the area. The
area is a rare mineralogical collation of natural quartz crystals, diamonds and
magnetic lode stone. Pyramids to coordinate the natural projections of these energies
and intricately intertwine their energies have existed in Arkansas for over 25,000
years. Remnants of the last 'surface' pyramid still exist in Toltec Mounds (State
Park) just south of Little Rock. The Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance have maintained an
enormous sub terranean Pyramid below the Toltec Mounds since Atlantean times. It
is among the reasons so many crafts are sensed over the Crystal Vortex. Three such
bases are in the Arkansas area.

On the Triple-Date-Portal of the 11-11-11 the last of the thee Atlantean Temple
Crystals, the Platinum Crystal of Interdimensional Communication will be activated
from its long dormancy and join with the Emerald Crystal and Blue Crystal of Knowledge
to finalize the combined components of the NEW ARK Crystal Vortex. The three Atlantean
Wisdom & Healing Crystals that once beamed magnificent light and celestial energy
in the Temple of Healing, the Temple of One and the Temple of Knowledge on Poseida
were placed in dimensional lock in the Atlantean Crystal Fields of Arkansas. The
first of these was awakened in 2008, the second in 2009. In 2011 these further
activate and align with the awakened Temple Crystals held in Brazil, Mount Shasta,
and Lake Titicaca.

We will speak in more detail about the Platinum Crystal in a future assay. But we
will tell you it is a nurturing (feminine) energy of the Platinum Ray and facilitates
balance between dimensions and energy sources. It provides an optimal communicative
reception between what may be termed inter and intra consciousness planes. It also
serves to form a cohesive interface between the duality planes and the integral
planes. It lessens the arc of duality.

Final Transition Process

The Platinum Crystal will be thrust into activation from long dormancy at precisely
11:11 a.m. on the 11-11-11 from its dimensional lock, in a chasm below Magnetic
Mountain in NW Arkansas. It will be triggered by a Cosmic Force generated through
the 144-Grid, initiating an activating pulse from the Emerald Crystal. The Platinum
Crystal will then instantaneously reboot into flow with the 3 telluric energies
and the two other Master Temple Crystals. This will immediately send a communicative
wave pulse to the Golden Crysto-Sun Disc and a recoding will occur that will be
fed to the Toltec Pyramid regulators. For the first time in 20,000 years, the vortex
will be regionally complete. Masters, truly all that remains in 2012 is the Globalization
of the Crystal Network with the 12-12-12 activations of the Bimini Fire Crystal,
and the Crystal of Thoth below Lake Titicaca. This will incur the final rebooting
of the 144-Crystalline Grid and the 12 Golden Sun Discs. The trigger will be the
12-12-12, the rebooting will finalize on the 12-21-12.


The graduation of your planet, that termed the Ascension, is in effect the critical-mass
that will allow for the conversion of this Earths receival capacity template from,
in your vernacular, analog to digital, from black & white to color. An incredible
transformation is only a breath away, literally. The Crystalline Conversion thru
the antennae of the 144-Crystalline Grid is about to vastly increase the earth's
dimensional reception from 3d to 12d and beyond. It is akin to your television changing
from the archaic antennae to satellite reception. It is the Crystalline Age, the
wind beneath the wings of the Ascension. The fulcrum apexial points are the Cosmic
Triggers and the Triple Date Portals.

But release the fear Dear Ones, this time of the Ascension, in this New Crystalline
Era, the mega power crystals will not be taken from you and misused as occurred
in the sad demise of Atlantis. Indeed they will never again be used for any purpose
other than the highest good. Be assured of this! It is a sacred oath that will indeed
be kept. For you are the family of the Law of One returning to keep this promise.
It is why so many of you are drawn to the completion in the Crystal Vortex, for
indeed many of you feeling the call were among the revered Scientist Priest of the
Law of One, the Atla-Ra, that relocated the Temple Crystals .

While many of you have carried guilt for the loss of control of the crystals, it
was indeed the deceptions of the Sons of Belial, the militaristic Aryans of Atlantis
that schemed and took the controls from Poseida that led to the destructive forces
and deluge. The guilt some of you carried for millennia, and yet carry today indeed
is misaligned. It is time to release this. The clarion call is beckoning.

You of the 'Law of One' took an oath that the Master Crystals would never again
be misused, that you would not allow them to fall into the wrong hands. Dear Ones,
it is a promise kept. Their sacredness and benevolent purpose has manifested. You
have waited a long, very long time for this completion. It is a contract nearing
fulfillment, and you are to be commended. Indeed you made this happen! The Crystalline
Transition, the heralded Ascension will occur. It is happening now!

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are beloved!

And so it is

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TZMOfficialChannel | January 25, 2011 |
This is the Official Online (Youtube) Release of "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" by Peter Joseph. [30 subtitles ADDED!]

On Jan. 15th, 2011, "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" was released theatrically to sold out crowds in 60 countries; 31 languages; 295 cities and 341 Venues. It has been noted as the largest non-profit independent film release in history.

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Release Map:


Truths & Myths Revealed: Q & A Session with Metatron

Metatron: Ah, this is a most complex area. But we will attempt to answer in simplicity. So as to the first question: Throughout the past 3500 years, especially peaking in medieval times, possession was thought to be a very real phenomena, and in fact , portions of your churches had specialists who were dedicated to the removal and casting out of demons and devils. Not only were Christians taught to be fearful of such 'evil entities' but certain indigenous groups and pagan groups also accepted this belief.
That you term 'evil' does indeed exist in duality, it is a function of free choice. Your history records many horrific wars and inhumane dictators and leaders who have enacted catastrophic atrocities. In your terms these men were evil.
The earth is a duality planet with the complete requisite electro-magnetic spectrum in 3d that contains by definition a positive and negative field.
But understand this, no real demons or devils exist other than the ones you create in your thoughts and  beliefs  in duality. But negative thought-forms are indeed created through your own fears and angers that can amass into varying degrees of independently aware negative energies. Such is the power of thought. Because your planet contains both spectrums there are indeed energy forms that amass in the 'negative' field and when encountered they feel quite imbalanced and quite opposed to ones optimal sense of well-being, but at its core this is electrical and not demonic.
Now, there are certain Devic energies that are within their electrical nature of the 'negative' end of the spectrum. There are also fields of electrically negative energies that naturally occur , and are part of the spectrum that  balances  what you would term 'positive electrical fields'.
But understand from the truer perspective and higher aspect, none of these are truly demons, none of these can truly 'possess' you. However these can and do attach to auric fields that are open due to human EMF (Auric) circuitry malfunction. Indeed in many cases it is the very fear of these that opens your field and allows these forms to attach. That is why it is vitally important to understand how to maintain your etheric electro-magnetic field or Aura.
It is unfortunate scenario of syntax that some well meaning healers and metaphysicians interpret  auric bleeding, auric mal-circuitry  and the resulting electro-magnetic attachments of parasitic energy fields and thought- forms that occasionally occur , as  possession  or demons. For although they may be correctly surmising an energetic malady, they are erroneous in the actual  diagnostic description  and treatment if and when they claim to be removing demons.
Such misaligned 'healings' , whilst they can offer some temporary relief,  can also lead to greater auric bleeding by exacerbating the core issue thru  further reinforcing the basic  fear in the client - with  terminology of demon exorcisms .  Healers can assist in offering energy, but to an extent even that is treating the symptom and not the cause. The cause is always an open auric field, and when that is explained by the savant healer it can assist the person to resolve the core issue themselves. When an auric field in integrally intact, you see,  no negative energy form can attach. Period.
Now, let us be clear, gifted healers are indeed able to assist in healing and in so doing offer a valuable assistance. And if the healer were to fully understand the true 'Auric Maintenance ' process, they would also seek to empower the client with the tools for the intact aura. But the person with the issue must then empower themselves  by talking appropraite action.
Anyone with an open aura is bleeding energy, and are vulnerable to attachments, fears  and delusion. They can become unconscious 'energy takers'. Likewise a healer who reinforces the idea that demons are possessing them further weakens the client, and inadvertently or purposely takes more energy from the client, and created a dependence. Some can become addicted to taking that power. This also can occur with 'gurus' who become energy takers of their followers when the ego becomes inflated.
You meet your own denied power....whenever you find yourself in a situation where you feel helpless or immersed in a situation that frightens you. And the fact is that many people have physical symptoms or suffer unpleasant situations because they are afraid to utilize their own power of action.
In the great majority of cases, the person that has attachments is dealing with and confronting the rebound of their own negative energy creations. And these negative forms attach and feed on energy due to Auric bleeding due to Auric mal- circuitry caused by any number of self induced conditions, varying from fear, self-denial, self-hatred, jealousy, depressions, anxieties, angers and any array of negative projections that short circuit and thus fissure-open the auric field to energy leakage.
In your system of three-dimensional reality you are learning about mental (thought creative wave) energy and how to responsibly use it. So please be aware that  learning the basics of auric maintenance is an essential tool that allows for self empowerment, and indeed, for lack of a better term, self protection.
And when people become dependent on others to heal them, that in itself can in some cases  lead to untoward dependence on others via self- disempowerment.
So it is important that each person take ownership of their power, and use discernment. Do not place the words of gurus, healers, psychologists, friends, or even my  words  above  your inner voice of discernment of your own Divine Self.  While you can learn much from others it must resonate... the deepest knowledge must ever come from within yourself.
Be aware that 'psychic attack' in your vernacular does occur, but is better described as as the confrontation of wills and learning via experimentation with the full spectrum of duality-polarity forces.
Very often when another seeks to control you, or vice-versa, a 3rd chakra attachment occurs that attempts to impose ones will over another. But this is easily prevented by an intact auric field, the mechanics of such optimal maintenance is taught in the Level One of the Metatronic Keys.
 ( Inserted Editors Note - See Metatron Channels "Auric Maintenance 101 and "13-20-33: Optimal Auric Circuitry". Both are available in "Metatron Speaks' and "Alchemy of Ascension" Additionally the comprehensive class on Auric Maintenance is taught in the course, 'Metatronic Keys Level -1' and is also available in DVD)
That you term 'Evil'  does not truly exist above the levels of duality. And indeed duality has a great design, a true purpose in this context.  It is cause and effect, and these are great teachers. You are here to learn how to create responsibly, and thus humanity can and does create negative energies and enact harm to one another in their path to learning how to utilize love. But all that is created in negativity must be resolved and inevitably each person each individual will face, confront and eventually resolve every whit of negative energy they create. It is the golden rule of the Law of Attraction, of "what goes around comes around".
And so in the learning process of creation, the electrically  "negative" subjective and objective events that you confront will absolutely  make you examine the contents of your own conscious mind and mental projections. From the higher perspective, even the  hateful or revengeful thoughts, through cause and effect, action and result, can be seen as one form of therapy,  for if one follows them,  the very misery they create will motivate you into resolution, albeit a hard modality for the learning path.  Does this answer yourt question ?
Channel : Yes, Thank you.
Question: Many have spoken of extra terrestrial beings having bases within inner dimensions of earth, and that these occur in hologramic dimensions. Many report seeing such craft, yet it seems to me that if they are in other dimensional planes, they would not be easily sensed or seen. Are their crafts visible to humankind? Please explain.

Metatron:  This is An interesting question. Now, let us explain in this manner; beings from other dimensions, other planes, other times and other worlds have absolutely manifested and appeared among humankind, both in the past and present. Their 'appearance', their ability to be perceived by the 'naked eye' is sometimes completely by accident, and in rare situations, quite deliberate. In the latter case, there are indeed lesser evolved extra terrestrials who seek to glimpse your planet, and understand biology here. Some have attempted to breed with humans to create a hybrid form that would allow them greater emotional expression.

  In the former, just as humans have quite accidentally blundered through the sequential time curtain between the fields of your present, past and future, so have 'extra terrestrial' life forms and beings materialized by happenstance into the divisional frequencial membrane between one parallel or dimensional plane and another. Usually when they have done so they were invisible on your plane, as the few of you who fell into the past, or the apparent past, were invisible to the people of that time era. This rare phenomenon triggers an immediate expansion of subconscious to conscious awareness that is catapulted into activation by the migration into different folds of time sequence. It is initiated straight from the multidimensional core of the entity, and is evidence, although quite disturbing to the one experiencing it at the time, that all such dimensional boundaries and paradigms are for practical purposes only. You see, there are differing sciences, different physics for each dimension, just as there are different approaches and paths of science and physics available to mankind in his current reality.

Sciences that would have led to very different concepts have been largely ignored by mankind thus far. There are alternative approaches to physics that reveal much more about transport, transmutation, bi-location and locomotion than your accepted mainstream science understands or wishes to understand. Had the human species gone into certain mental disciplines as thoroughly as it has explored exterior technological 'laws', your knowledge, means and resulting transportation system would be vastly different, and far more efficient than it is now. You have embraced the external and to some degree dismissed the capacities of your 'internal abilities' within divine consciousness.

Now , when mankind decides to devote mainstream study into what is termed the 'mental' science of transport and bi-location, and indeed it is a science with laws that can be learned, practiced and  fine tuned, then visitations into parallels and vectors within time and space will become less accidental and occur by design, by plan. Once mankind learns and masters 'mental physics' then he will be liberated, vastly liberated from the filtering illusion, the duality camouflage of physical pattern. Indeed you are just starting to understand how the Mer-Ka-Na when tuned by mind as the builder into the unified crystalline field, unlocks this key. This will be greatly enhanced as your 144 Grid and its networking of crystalline energy completes its unfolding. The grid will offer great opportunity of advancement to those of you willing to devote focus to this divine science of 'mental' manifestation and what you term astral travel. You see all science must include the divine, and it is grossly omitted by your mainstream academics in the present.

So back to your query, back to the topic, the interesting point about mankind's claimed sightings of extra terrestrial crafts or in your vernacular 'flying saucers' is not that they are there, but that so many claim to actually see them.

 Indeed some do, but few and very rarely. And those that do often are 'seeing ' them in what may be termed expanded lucid consciousness, not in normal eyesight.

The fact that most craft are traveling within a field of parallel dimension shields visibility, in your terms, by the very frequencial camouflage of its planar dimensional separation. So in real terms the vast majority of such craft do not and cannot physically manifest in your dimension, as such.

Now visual experiences do occur, but what is seen, in most cases are actually refracted images, an energetic photo-reflection that flashes into your dimension as the spacecrafts enter into the earthen dimensional spectrums. This occurs most often at the moment the craft slows from light velocities and enters space-hole folds. When this dimensional bleed -through occurs, the refracted image becomes visible.

 The atoms, plasma and molecules that structurally compose the 'spacecraft' are themselves formed by the physical pattern structurally bonded and physically aligned according to the succinct nature and pattern of its own dimensional turf, its original territorial reality. Now as the craft enters your plane a sharp distortion occurs. Its actual structure is caught in a dilemma of form between transforming itself completely into earth's particular reality texture, and retaining its original pattern.

 In many cases, the human observer attempts to correlate what is 'seen' within the belief system of what he accepts as credibly possible in the universe. As such many sightings are somewhat tailored to individual expectation and mass human belief. This does not imply that what is seen isn't occurring, rather that what is seen is a distorted by dimensional mirror play and expectancy.

Thus the end result of what the earthly viewer believes he sees is something between an oddly shaped craft and airplane, enshrouded in spinning lights, but in veracity is neither. The craft retains what it can of its original structure and changes what it must as it transmutes its structure to the laws of the new dimensional plane.

Because each  human observer registers the image and interprets it individually, many of the claims and reports as to shape, size, and color differ dramatically.

So even the appearances that seem undeniably 'real' in your terms, are at best distortions. Most crafts come from realities and planes of existence that are far more advanced in technological sciences than earth at this time.

The few times the craft shoots off at right angles, it has managed to retain functions ordinary to it in its particular habitat.

The ones that appear to you to be solid are not originating from what we would term the higher planes of pure thought manifestation, or a consciousness -science plane. You see the more advanced extra terrestrials enter your plane by utilizing 'energy cocoons' that are manifested by pure thought, and these are intellectively constructed and externalized by into what is termed bio plasma. Their 'Mother Ships' do not enter into your environ.

The crafts that do come deliberately into your dimensions do so only transiently for very brief periods because such inner space vehicles cannot stay on your plane for prolonged time. This is due to the tremendous tensile stresses that pressure the crafts structural integrity, and indeed these are imminently capable of creating catastrophic pressures that result in vaporizing dematerialization. The need to materially transform structural compliance with the physical laws of a differing dimensional plane is a practical necessity, and at this time the flying saucer craft simply cannot stay any indefinite period. A crude comparison is that of your submarines exceeding their depth limit, and struggling to remain intact before succumbing to the pressures. Do you understand?

So the fleeting shapes seen are wry isomorphic veneers of the true structure. Often what humans reportedly see is the saucer form or the oblong cigar shape, but in truth these are skewed perceptions that have virtually no relation to the actual crafts intricate design, as it would appear within its home base and planar architectural construct.

As we have stated there are lesser-evolved extra terrestrials that have delved into your physical realms to observe and study, and these account for the vast majority of sightings and evidence of landings. However, these have occurred far less frequently than you imagine. The infamous 'UFO Crash' that became so publicized, was quite by accident and led to devastating results. There have cases where your aircraft and nuclear sites were observed and studied but most of these were for very brief periods. 

Most authentic sightings are brief glimpses of light forms moving in impossible angles. These are generally dimensional bleed -throughs, and become visible at the moment the refracted images becomes visible.

Less than 5 percent of physical sightings are genuine. That may be hard for you to accept. We tell you that many humans are so convinced of these skyward appearances, that they oft create the image themselves. How many of you as children actually saw your Santa Clause in the skies leading his sleigh of reindeer. Indeed your Santa Clause does exist, does have awareness, because you fed that thought form life through your system of belief. Indeed do many of your 'fictional' characters have awareness and exist as thought forms created by mass though energy. Do you see how creative you are? Indeed it is an aspect of your 'mental science' abilities achieved, manifested in system of belief.

Yet do not misunderstand, extra terrestrial life is teeming in the Cosmos, and many exist indeed in and within your earth. Not just within multidimensionality, but some, especially your seeding ancestors work closely with you in the ascension and development of the earth. Among the most prominent of these benevolent beings are those of the Pleiades, Sirius A and B, Andromeda and Arcturius. Indeed many of you existed in Atlantis as these beings, and co exist in the NOW, in parallel as these beings. We have told you this before.

 Indeed these beings are capable of existing physically in your world, and have done so for eons of time, but this is more often than not done through the science of mental transformation, mental mastery. Their ships however, do not appear in your dimension as many of you imagine. In truth these beings utilize what is termed stargate technologies to assist them in materializing, somewhat as the 'beam' transport system in your 'Star-Trek' program. Most of the extra terrestrial bases on your planet are formed via hologramic frequencial inserts that are strategically placed within areas of stargate portals or infinity points geometrically and electro-magnetically occurring in specific vectors on and within the earth. Often highly technical complexes containing crystal amplifiers and relay beams are placed within these.

The more valid experiences and beneficial interface with extra terrestrials occur in advanced humans who are capable through Mer-Ka-Na interface to experience multidimensionality in expanded lucid states of astral travel. This multidimensionality experience will be more accessible to many of you within the Quantum Crystalline Field via the 144 grid. It requires work. Many of your ancients and savants achieved this ability through fasting, vision quests and certain plant modalities that accelerate the process of astral experience.

Now, interdimensional planes can and do intermix on many planets, such as but not limited to your Earth, and they do so often without the awareness or conscious knowledge of the inhabitants of the particular planes involved. Few humans are currently conscious of their multidimensional realities. The entire concept of your earth having internal civilizations, visitors with bases, and extraterrestrial inhabitants is quite alien to you, if you will forgive the pun!

You see dimensional parallel planes are often hologramic in nature. As such they can exist devoid of space. They are not truly a 'place' in your concept of location. A parallel hologramic plane may be inserted into a specific time as a mental reality. It can be a specific stand-alone reality that is capable of existing separately, but this does not lessen its validity by any means. In fact many of your Christos dramas are such purposeful hologramic inserts. Hologramic inserts may exist for a time and then disappear because it is not an actual Cosmic location per se.  A hologramic insert is formed for entities as gestalt patterns for emotional fulfillment and lessons on various levels.
Humans often discount the great importance and validity of emotion and imagination. Both are critical in mental science. In a real sense, emotional states and what you term imaginative dreams are dimensional planes. In fact, the comparative analogy of a dimensional plane with an emotional state is much more congruous and valid than that between a plane and a specific vector location or what you would term a place, because in truth neither emotional states nor dimensional planes occupy space as you define it.

Now, the Pleiadeans and Sirians who are your primary genetic source work very closely with humankind. These benevolent extraterrestrials have worked with you in the past, present and future, in your terms in many efforts to assist mankind regain their true mastery. These beings work with your gravitational fields, grids and ley, vortex and portal systems, especially in the ongoing revamping of earths dimensional access upgrade. Accordingly they have developed means of co existing with you to some extent, and are capable of manifesting forms to live within and on your earth. They often form bio plasmic spheres coded with information to assist you in myriad ways. Some of your symbolic geometric crop circles are one of these ways. These are emitted primarily through concentrated light-thought manifestations that combine with earth's electromagnetic fields to form programmed geometric symbols. These are highly electrical in nature, as any empath who has sat in a newly formed crop circle can attest to the tangible buzz of the energy within them.

Question: Much has been said about underground civilizations, do these exist, and if so where?
Metatron: Indeed these do exist, and have for a very long time.
You humans tend to  think of your planet as being a solid sphere, but Dear Ones, indeed, your planet is flattened at its poles due to centrifical axial rotation, and contains great chasms within it, that house what you term in your vernacular as lost civilizations.  Your planet has been determined by your geologist to be 4.56  billion years old, and we tell you that this is close to being accurate within the laws of your science in linear time aspect. What your scientist do not understand is that dimensionality influences the laws of your science. From a different dimensionality, your planet would be a conglomerate of many earths, concentrically juxtaposed with infinity of parallel probabilities, you see.
Now, there is a race of humanoid beings that originated at the time of LeMuria and at a later phase in Atlantis, who found means to enter into the hollow chasms of your earth. There are vast hollow expanses within your planet that were once connected by vast tunnel networks. Those beings that first entered were of the lighter body form, a physical form not as dense as those surface humans have since evolved into on the surface. Those of LeMuria first entered in these crevices initially to escape the rampage of what you term dinosaurs that over ran their continent for a long period of time. In time they discovered vast areas of great tranquility and profound beauty as they adapted to these inner worlds. As they ventured deeper, these beings discovered that an inner sun, in a manner of speaking, exists in the inner depths. The inner sun emits a form of blue light, and the ancient LeMurians, in semi physical etheric bodies developed a means to see within this light, and discovered an amazing beauty in the chasms. Some of you think that the LeMurians ascended, the truth is they descended into the earth, but are very close to what may be termed their cyclic completion, or Ascension.

There are literally dozens of inner earth caverns beneath the areas of Arkansas, Arizona, Nevada and California. Many of these have been stumbled upon by humans within your past century. These exist in the area of the Ozark and Ouachita mountains of Arkansas, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, the area you term Area 51 and Death Valley in California. The indigenous peoples now termed Hopi, Navajo and Havasupai still retain legends and indeed some knowledge of these caverns and tunnels.

Now it should be noted that within what is termed the inner earth, the increased pressures and magnetics of gravitational and tectonic forces create a unique and specific vector template that allows for greater tangibility, greater anchoring of what you would term dimensional parallels. Therefore, there are actually concentricities within the earth that allow for multiple overlays of inner dimensions. In truth these exist everywhere in the Universe as you know it, and exist on the surface of the planet, but are considerably less tangible on the surface, and fluctuate for the reasons of electromagnetic and pressure densities that we have given.

Let us say that within the earth the energetic template becomes far more contained, concentrated & focalized within the entrapped apertures and chasms within the planets mantles, and allow for many more dimensions to exist, more pixels of life force, of etherium are concentrated. In a crude comparison, it would be like comparing a television receiving an antennae signal compared to one receiving a cable or satellite signal, the former being the template of the surface of your planet, the latter the interior. So as such, more channels are available, and available in richer definition, but we are speaking of parallel dimensions when we use the term channels.

So accordingly, there are within the earth separate parallels, succinctly juxtaposed side by side, and in concentric overlay, that allow different life forms to co exist without truly interfacing per say. And just as many channels are available within your same television unit, so there are many planes of parallel dimension existing within the same earth or better said, Omni-Earths. In fact most of the extra terrestrials who maintain bases within the earth, do so within such parallel frequencial templates that can be termed as concentric hologramic fields. Do you understand?

So there are many life forms within the concentricities of the earth, many of whom have been here far longer than mankind, many of whom consider themselves entitled to earth as much as you do. But in truth the ones most closely aligned to humankind would be those of ancient LeMuria.

Question: Where do these beings live, and what are they like.

Metatron:  Indeed, these beings of LeMuria are far more highly evolved in spirit than you are at this time. Their bodies are, as I have said, less dense, but are indeed physical. Their skin has taken on the hue of green and in some cases a green blue, because the water they drink is highly mineral in content, containing oxidized copper and other metals in a higher concentration. These beings are peaceful, knowing no religion other than the love of source, and an understanding of what is termed great tranquility. They are quite aware of you, but have no desire to intermingle. Why you may ask? Because of several reasons, the most prevalent is that they are aware of your violent nature, your fear and your lack of mass spiritual development. They are aware of your physical diseases, some of which could potentially infect them, and are quite unable to sustain your solar rays. Let us say they have evolved into beings that have set a unique course, and are close to completing its sojourn. Their bodies are sustained by a crystalline magnetic force, and of a light source that is emitted from your planetary core. Their mental capacities have allowed them to harness these force fields and adapt them to their physical and spiritual sustenance. Although they are in physical biology, it is a more 4th dimensional biology and thus far less dense than your own. Many of them are quite adept in what you term teleportation.

There has indeed been contact between the inhabitants of the inner world and your governments, but not an intermingling. There have been messages of the need for the human race on the surface to be aware of the coming changes. As we have said, those of the inner world are on a different course, a different time cycle, and one that is close to completion.

You have asked where these inner chasms are located. Keeping in mind the dimensional
parallel aspect, we answer you that in your terms, the greater concentrations of these chasms are in lands below the seas, but there are pockets that exist below every landmass. The northwestern regions of the United States, the mountains of Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Mexico, Central America, Peru, Britain, Europe, the Himalayas, Chile, Argentina, Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, Central America, China, Siberia, Greenland, Iceland and Sri Lanka all contain sub surface colonies.
Question: How deep do they live within the Earth, and does the Earth have access points to these inner hollows?

: We have stated entry points occur at the poles, and in many apertures upon the planet's surface.  It is impossible to define how deep, as truly they are parallel, in dimensional terms and measurement in your physical terms is not truly valid. Some of the smaller chasms and communities are quite near the surface, but the major hollow chasms in your terms would be some 20 miles below the mantle surface and some as deep as one hundred miles. (Your geologist would find this hard to imagine because of the interpretation of pressure and heat, but we tell you these places exist, and life exists in them through regimenting force fields.)

But these distances are relative to parallel multidimensionality. If, for example, you were to enter one of the polar dimensional regions or one of your triangulated dimensional passages, into a parallel Earth, in a different space-time continuum, how far would you truly be from the point you entered it? The answer is in millimeters and eons, depending upon the stance you view it from. The closest science to accurately encompass the infinity of worlds is quantum physics, and that science is only beginning to be understood in academic communities on earth. The paradigm must change as well as the geometric and mathematical base before this science can be accurately deciphered on your plane.
The primary entrances to the inner hollows of the planet are through the Polar Regions. The expanded dimensional aspect of your multi dimensional earth(s) are quantumly connected at the poles. It is the magnetically flattened aspect of the Polar Regions that allows for the hollow chasms in the planetary sphere. Your Admiral Byrd wrote of flying over this region and seeing tropical lands of flowing rivers. We tell you that he did dimensionally pass for a brief timeless period into the parallel aspect of the hollow earth, and that he and others did so on several occasions.
At the Polar Regions dimensional hyper-transport can occur under a range of specific conditions. The polar aperture dimensional transport occurs somewhat like traversing a steep conical inclined field, and elliptically flipping. The sensation is that of suddenly being 'flat' again, or parallel to the surface. In fact one is then indeed in a parallel dimension. Those in the inner Earth exist in such space. Many races and beings exist in your 'multidimensional' earth. Including many that you term extra terrestrials, who would claim citizenry of your planet just as convincingly as you do. Indeed they have in most cases been on the earth longer than mankind.

Question: Does this include the beings we refer to as Yeti and Devic? 

Metatron: It does not. These beings also exist, but are not among the LeMurians and early Atlanteans that ventured into the inner earth.

Question: Can you tell us about the Yeti, and are these the same as the beings called Bigfoot?

Metatron: These you refer to as Yeti or those termed, Bigfoot, are earlier versions of the genetic experiment on Earth, primarily from the phase of Atlantis some 20 to 25 thousand years ago in linear aspect. At that time there were many genetic experiments on your planet. These beings are intelligent, but genetically impaired. These massive forms were genetically created using human DNA with that of the ape to create a laboring humanoid beast, a beast with greater intelligence, human like intelligence, but with imposed genetic wiring or implants that 'unplugged' certain areas of the brain.  These are survivors of what you term 'the others' of Atlantis. These are remnants of beings callously created for work force within mines, farms and forestry. The areas of their brains that allow for emotion, and expansive thinking has been artificially impaired within their genetic codes, yet it is the same source that inhabits these diminishing creatures that is within the dolphin, yet within their bodies it is unable to find expression or mentally evolve beyond certain limits. Yet they do possess that termed divine intelligence. Only within physical strength and survival instinct mechanisms, are they able to sustain and grow.

These beings do not live in the inner chasms of the Earth. They live in caves and remote mountains and within your deep forest and swamplands. They are nocturnal beings. They are a race that is dwindling, shall we say, and in time will no longer exist. These beings have great wariness of humans, and experience a great dismay and confusion as to their evolvement. They cautiously watch you, they know they are your brothers, and with baited anxiety want to be closer to you, but are intelligent enough to know they cannot. Their bodies have evolved to allow them through the massing of thick hair, and thick oily skins to live in extreme locations, and here they live out their final era of life. Their spirits no longer wish to complete, as their genetic limitations are such that they cannot evolve, yet they are entrapped in a cycle that is difficult to for them to emerge from because of the genetic limitations. The genetic filters or implants placed within their biology inhibits their ability to truly access their divine intelligence and so are sadly trapped in a recurring cycle.

If you were to look within the eyes of one of these beings, you would feel a great sadness.

Question: Are you saying that Yeti are the same spirit source as dolphins?

Metatron: Indeed. Originally the same source.  But be clear, whilst it is same source, not the same expression, in fact far from it. You see, these creatures do not express the same vivid emotion, intelligence and joy as do the dolphin, because the bodies in which they are entrapped, does not allow them to. You may wonder why such spirits would choose to inhabit such restricted physical vehicles, and the answer is that fewer and fewer choose to do so, and soon they will no longer exist as a species. The ones remaining desperately wish to be out, but have not as yet found the inner means to escape the entrapment. But they are diminishing in numbers, because they no longer have the desire to procreate or the biology to allow normal birthing.  In a few centuries they will be gone.
These beings are capable of expressing great strength & cunning in survival, and do have an undiffused loyalty and kinship to one another, but are quite aware in their greater aspects of their inability to expand in these corporeal expressions into their true nature and divinity. Very little of their true and greater nature can be brought forward. So in these bodies, they are not enlightened beings, and while some humans in metaphysics wish to think of them as evolved consciousness, with abilities of invisibility, they truly are not.
If man continues to soil the oceans, and slaughter the magnificent energies of whale and dolphin, so will these magnificent brothers vacate this role. You have no idea of the light energy that whales and dolphins exert into your seas.

Would it surprise you to know that many of you exist as dolphins, both in the present and past? You do so to perform a great service to the planet and mankind.

You see, the grid alignments, powernodes, and white holes that exist on your planet do not just exist on dry land, most of them exist, in fact on over and under waters. Dolphins, primarily, and in a few cases whales, align their energies to these sites in assisting to balance the energy of your planet. Certain whales are in essence biological ships inhabited by plural conscious beings of Sirius, whereas dolphins are singular expressions of highly evolved consciousness. Both are of Divine Intelligence.

That which is termed the Devic Kingdom, has far more life expressions with the oceans and lakes, than on rock, land plant and soil.

Question: What is the Devic Kingdom?

Metatron: That which we term the Devic Kingdom, are essentially fragmental aspects of the elemental, mineral and plant kingdom that find conscious dynamic expression through vehicles of electro magnetic energy. Some Devic forms are more advanced than others. Those of the Fae possess divine intelligence, whilst others of the Devic realm are more like your animals, in terms of thought patterns and group consciousness. Not all Devic forms are, what you may think of as positive or benevolent in nature. Some are consciousnesses sourced from electromagnetic fields and as such both positive and negative are required to balance the electrical spectrum you see. Some view mankind as brothers, others do not. Some are supremely loving, others are somewhat malicious, from your perspective. Yet both are electrical life forms in a manner of speaking.

Masters, all forms of life are sacred, and it is appropriate as you grow in consciousness to attempt to understand the myriad of the great mystery. Remember to grow in light requires eliminating fear, and breaking the paradigm of limiting systems of belief.


We close by saying to you that all life originates from light, and that light originates from consciousness. From thought! Your mission on the Earth is to experience duality, to grow, to learn, to seek light. Your purpose is to experience life and to seek understanding. To make known the mystery, you will find that love is the vibration of all creativity, and that seeking knowledge, true knowledge is a key element of growth.

Now, certain filters within your conscious mind are in place both by your genetic construction and your purpose within your space-time continuum. How could you truly focus on one experience within the chosen illusion of linear duality if you were at the same time aware of being in other dimensions, living parallel 'NOW' lives. You see it is not the purpose of the ego self to do so.

But these filters are surpassed by entering the back brain, the crystalline field! You now have the knowledge to be greater. But know that the greater knowledge is gained by seeking through the meditative mind, the God Brain, and feeding this knowledge into the computer you call the conscious mind. Learn to operate in both!

We have told you that Love is the key. Love is in truth a language of light, and it exist in many advanced formats. The apexial zenith of love exists in the frequency of the gamma ray, and is far too potent to be received within the earth plane. We have told you that Unconditional Love is the highest form of Love, and that it cannot truly be grasped in the third dimension. It can be imagined but not truly realized in 3d. This is not to say that Unconditional Love does not exist for you, or is not accessible on the earth plane, indeed it is, but it expresses itself in 5th dimension and higher. The concept may be confusing to you, because you think you have experienced Unconditional Love. That is accurate because you have, you can and you do. But you are not experiencing it in the duality of the third dimension. The third dimension is a conditional dimension, and it is deeply programmed, intricately designed in polarity. Love has its polar opposite in 3d, as does light, as does all within the electromagnetic spectrum. Unconditional Love is in effect experienced within the zero point field, and thus does not have polarity. The field of zero point is not one of duality or polarity. The 'lowest' dimensional template that allows for experiential aspects of Unconditional Love is 5d , and that (and above) is where you have always experienced it. Do you understand?

 Dear Ones, as you grow, we tell you on a higher level, you are indeed already fully aware of the intricate verities of all your soul's expansive expressions. It is through that which you call the subconscious that is the spark of God, and all of you can access it Mer-Ka-Nic-ally . Through effort ! Through intent ! Through achieving impeccability. It is a beautiful dream, and it is as complex as Metatron's 12 dimensional cube! Make known the mystery!

I am Metatron and You are Beloved!

And so it is.

Living On Love "The Messenger" by Klaus J. Joehle

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You ignore him!

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Your Immortal Body of Light by Mitchell Gibson

Psychiatrist and spiritual teacher Mitchell Gibson, M.D. shares the story of David Steindl-Rast and Father Tiso in their search for the Tibetan masters who have demonstrated a spiritual phenomenon known as the “rainbow body”. This remarkable story forms the introduction to Mitchell Gibson’s book Your Immortal Body of Light which cites many historical examples of humans who have manifested the “light body”.
Part 1
In 1999, David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk, proposed investigating the “rainbow body,” a phenomenon in which the corpses of highly developed spiritual individuals reputedly vanished within days of death. Brother David had been fascinated by the stories that he had heard about this remarkable phenomenon from several of his colleagues who lived in Tibet. He contacted Marilyn Schlitz, the Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, (IONS). She was very enthusiastic about the idea and invited him to discuss it with her further.
In a new joint initiative with the Esalen Institute, the IONS was expanding its research on “metanormal capacities”. These capacities encompassed behaviors, experiences, and bodily changes that challenge our understanding of ordinary human functioning. They also raise crucial questions about the developmental potential of human beings.
Brother David told her that he had taken this project to various institutions and foundations looking for support. His intention was to corroborate these claims, and accumulate data that would not only help us understand more about the rainbow body, but also look at its broader implications. He had been told that this type of research was unacceptable within mainstream science. As long as the research could be conceptualized within a rigorous critical frame, the IONS was open to examining any and all questions that can expand our idea of what is possible as humans.
Steindl-Rast’ s own curiosity about the rainbow body began when he heard various stories of Tibetan masters who had, through their practices, reached a high degree of wisdom and compassion. It was reported to him that when they died, rainbows suddenly appeared in the sky. Dozens of witnesses reported that after several days their bodies disappeared. Sometimes fingernails and hair were left. Sometimes nothing was left.
These stories made him reflect upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is central to his own faith. “We know that Jesus was a very compassionate, selfless person. When he died, according to the gospels, his body was no longer there.”
In today’s world, Steindl-Rast points out that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is interpreted differently, depending upon an individual’s spiritual beliefs. For fundamentalists, the resurrection- the act of rising from the dead- happened only to Jesus, and couldn’t happen to any other human. The minimalists focus on Jesus’ spirit living on and believe that the resurrection of Jesus had nothing to do with his body.
In 1999, he decided to explore the strange phenomenon of the rainbow body and a possible connection to the resurrection of Jesus. He sent a fax to a friend in Switzerland, who was a Zen Buddhist teacher. The phenomenon occurred frequently among certain Zen Buddhist sects and Steindl-Rast hoped that his friend might know of some practitioners who could provide more information.
Two days later, he received a fax stating that a Tibetan monk had unexpectedly approached him. When the rainbow body was mentioned, the Tibetan said, ‘It happened to one of my teachers just recently, and a famous lama who witnessed the events wrote an account about them.’ At this point, Steindl-Rast contacted Father Francis Tiso, an ordained Roman Catholic priest who has studied ten languages, including Tibetan. Francis Tiso holds the office of Canon in the Cathedral of St Peter and is a parochial vicar.
Steindl-Rast knew that Father Tiso occasionally went to Tibet and asked him if he was planning to travel there in the near future. As fortune would have it, Father Tiso was leaving for Tibet that day. Steindl-Rast asked if he would stop in Switzerland and interview the Tibetan. Despite the short notice, Tiso took a detour to Switzerland, and thus the research journey began. Through his Swiss contact, Tiso received the name of the monk whose body had vanished after his death. His name was Khenpo A-chos. He was a Gelugpa monk from Kham, Tibet who died in 1998.
Tiso was able to locate the village, situated in a remote area where Khenpo A-chos had his hermitage. He then went to the village and conducted taped interviews with eyewitnesses to Khenpo A-chos’ death. He also spoke to many people who had known him.
“This was a very interesting man, aside from the way he died,” observed Tiso. “Everyone mentioned his faithfulness to his vows, his purity of life, and how he often spoke of the importance of cultivating compassion. He had the ability to teach even the roughest and toughest of types how to be a little gentler, a little more mindful. To be in the man’s presence changed people.” Tiso interviewed Lama Norta, a nephew of Khenpo Achos; Lama Sonam Gyamtso, a young disciple; and Lama A-chos, a dharma friend of the late Khenpo Achos.
They described the following:
A few days before Khenpo A-chos died a rainbow appeared directly above his hut. After he died, there were dozens of rainbows in the sky. Khenpo A-chos died lying on his right side. He wasn’t sick; there appeared to be nothing wrong with him, and he was reciting the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM over and over. According to the eyewitnesses, after his breath stopped his flesh became kind of pinkish. One person said it turned brilliant white. All said it started to shine. Lama A-chos suggested wrapping his friend’s body in a yellow robe, the type all Gelug monks wear. As the days passed, they maintained that they could see, through the robe that his bones and his body were shrinking. They also heard beautiful, mysterious music coming from the sky, and they smelled perfume. After seven days, they removed the yellow cloth, and no body remained. These eye witnesses claim that the Khenpo A-chos had totally disappeared. Lama Norta and a few other individuals claimed that after his death Khenpo A-chos appeared to them in visions and dreams.
Francis Tiso remarked that one of his most intriguing interviews was with Lama A-chos. He told Tiso that when he died he too would manifest the rainbow body. “He showed us two photographs taken of him in the dark, and in these photographs his body radiated rays of light.”
Because Lama A-chos emphasized that it was possible to manifest the rainbow body while still alive, not just in death, Tiso plans to return to Tibet with professional camera equipment to try to photograph this radiating light. This is by no means an isolated incident. Francis Tiso is a graduate of the Harvard School of Divinity and holds a doctorate degree from Columbia University. His research is painstaking and meticulous. The results of this research are astounding. In my years of medical training and practice, I have never come across anything even remotely similar to the phenomenon that Steindl-Rast and Tiso had discovered. Medical science teaches that such things are not possible. According to modern medical science, when the body dies, it decays and that is it. There is nothing more.
I have read about the phenomenon of incorruptibility, a condition in which the bodies of saints and certain holy individuals fail to decay after their deaths. The most famous of which is the body of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. Despite having died over 100 years ago, her face and body are so well preserved that she looks as if she were merely sleeping. Her hair and skin are beautiful and radiant. There is no known explanation for this miracle, despite the numerous forensic medical examinations that have been performed upon her body. There are literally hundreds of cases of incorruptibility that have been documented all over the world. None of them were accompanied by a complete disappearance of the body, nor by the appearance of a Body of Light in its stead. The Human Body of Light is almost unheard of in the West.
This series of articles are designed to explore one question; is it possible for the human body to evolve into pure energy? In the articles that follow, I will share with you the results of a fascinating journey. By the time we reach the end of this journey, it is my hope that you will see that the human Body of Light is a real phenomenon. The realizations that accompanied this knowledge have the potential to change our understanding of what it means to be human. Furthermore, these realizations will change the way in which we all look at the phenomenon of death.
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